New Pottermore Content in PS Home

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New Pottermore Content in PS Home

We’ve brought the Sorting Ceremony to life before your eyes and provided a Hogwarts common room in which you can relax. We’ve challenged you with Charms and given you your very own Pottermore wand. The question is, ‘Where can Pottermore at PlayStation Home possibly go from here?’

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If it were up to you, if there was a single ‘something new’ to be built within the world of Pottermore at PlayStation Home, what would you choose? Would you like to read a book in the majestic Hogwarts library? Fly on a broomstick? Enter the treacherous Forbidden Forest? Brave an underground chessboard chamber for a giant game of wizard chess? Luckily, you won’t need to choose because we’ve gone ahead and built the lot!

Explore the vast shelves and dusty nooks of the Library for scattered fragments of text from the Harry Potter books. Test your knowledge and your memory by piecing them together in an all-new Reading game.

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Blaze a trail on your broomstick between the twisted oaks, broken beeches and ancient yews of the Forbidden Forest. Race against rivals, casting a range of spells to take and hold the lead. You can also play in Time Trial mode and challenge your opponents for a spot atop our highly competitive leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to become the fastest flier in Pottermore at PlayStation Home?

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In the depths of Hogwarts castle, pit your wits against fellow students in the Chessboard Chamber. The enchanted, giant chessmen will be keen to lend you their advice but that’s not to say that you should always take it. Play as a king, a rook or even a pawn; but remember, in the Chessboard Chamber it’s not just the king that your opponent will be after. Once you’ve been taken, the game will end as resolutely as if you had fallen for a fool’s mate! This is a truly fresh and magical take on the age-old game of kings.

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