Doctor Who Wave 2, nDreams Blueprint Updates Come to PlayStation Home

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Doctor Who Wave 2, nDreams Blueprint Updates Come to PlayStation Home
BBC Doctor Who Item Update

Visit the Doctor Who TARDIS Open House and check out the brand new Dalek, Cyberman and K-9 Active Furniture items from BBC Worldwide Limited. Explore the entire space to locate the FREE Doctor Who reward items.

Granzella Tanabata

Thought to be separated by the Milky Way, they meet in the sky on the evening of Tanabata. Orihime and Hikoboshi costumes are here! For women who want to wear these beautiful transparent wings and angelic outfit, the Celestial Costume 4-piece Set is available and includes a hairstyle wound in a ribbon, bikini dress and stockings, hand accessories, and shoes. For men who wish to show a combination of a mysterious atmosphere and strength the Celestial Costume 5-piece Set is offered and includes a soft mohawk hairstyle, light jacket, bracelet, shorts and socks, and sandals.

Pottermore: Update 3

If it were up to you, if there was a single ‘something new’ to be built within the world of Pottermore at PlayStation Home, what would you choose? Would you like to read a book in the majestic Hogwarts library? Fly on a broomstick? Enter the treacherous Forbidden Forest? Brave an underground chessboard chamber for a giant game of wizard chess? Luckily, you won’t need to choose because we’ve gone ahead and built the lot!

nDreams Blueprint Update

When Blueprint Home launched a year ago it was the first time that Home users were given the chance to create their own apartments and have several different apartment layouts all for one price. The piece of feedback we received the most was that users wanted to ability to save different furniture layouts and unfortunately that wasn’t possible…Until Now!

Blueprint: Home 1.2 sees the best apartment creation tool in Home updated to include furniture layout saves and we are excited to see what creations the Home community can come up with.

As well as the new update we are also hosting a sale on all additional style packs and environments as well as a permanent priced reduction of Blueprint: Home itself. Now is the perfect time to dive back into Blueprint: Home

Granzella Tennis

Men, hit the court in a refreshing polo shirt, shorts, shoes, and sun visor with a ball and racket ready in your hands. In this 8-piece set, you’ll be ready for a game! Women, in addition to the same items seen in the men’s set, you’ll be able to dazzle on the court dressed in a skort or a one-piece dress with this 12-piece set. Available in 7 different variations; white, red, light blue, pink, black, green, and orange. A matching Tennis Bandana Hairstyle is also included for both men and women.

Granzella Kikai Battlesuits

The Kikai Machine Empire Invasion event began on July.24.2013 in the Neon Downtown lounge and has been held in many of Granzella’s lounges. Now that the halfway point of the event has been reached, the new Power-Up Battlesuit makes its debut! This black, valuable, battle suit boasts a high defensive power.

PlayStation Home Update 7-31-2013

Digital Leisure’s Evening Gowns

Be on the lookout for three new evening gowns from Digital Leisure; pink, blue and purple. Then add on their new Patriot Stilettos.

Konami Gogo Dancer Update

Konami’s Gogo Dancer update goes big, coming out of x7 and to the larger community this week. Check out the Gogo Cowgirl outfits today!

Konami Motocross

Konami is proud to bring you their new line up of Motocross dirt bikes and Motocross gear. The dirt bike comes with custom animations and moves faster than normal running. Perform wheelies and pose next to your new bike in your matching gear.

PlayStation Home Update 7-31-2013

VEEMEE 50s Diner

Also coming out of x7 is VEEMEE’s 50’s diner. This retro personal space and furniture set really captures the feel of an American classic, the 50’s diner. Entertain your friends with this release.

PlayStation Home Update 7-31-2013

VEEMEE’s Update

VEEMEE also releases their Billabong and Street Style updates for all to enjoy. Last week’s x7 exclusives are out, get yours now.

PlayStation Home Update 7-31-2013

X7 VIP Update

In x7 this week check out LOOT’s new lineup of EOD goodies, including Golden Jukebox and Pink Jambox! Also look for Premium RadioIO passes for two days, 30 days and one year!

Diamond Beach Mansion: Second Floor On Sale 8/7!

A quick announcement for those of you who would describe yourselves as opulent; the Second Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion launches next week on 8/7. With all the amenities necessary to have more intimate gatherings, the Second Floor doubles the space of the mansion and is just as luxurious as the First. If you already own the first floor the second floor will share the furniture allotment allowing you to be able to walk seamlessly between the first and second floors with no load screens. Owners of the first floor will also be able to purchase the Second Floor at a discount, and just like the first floor, anyone purchasing the Second Floor within the first ten days of release will gain access to an exclusive Second Floor Item Bundle with their purchase! Let the fun continue in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

PlayStation Home Update 7-31-2013

This week’s update offers some great updates to some fan favorites, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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