Twin-Stick Shooter Narco Terror Assaults PSN Today

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Twin-Stick Shooter Narco Terror Assaults PSN Today

Hey everybody! My name is Remy from Deep Silver, and I wanted to share with you some more information on our upcoming twin-stick shooter, Narco Terror, for PlayStation Network.

NT_AirSupport_01_ohne 720p-fin

Narco Terror follows the story of ex-special ops agent Rick Quinn, a one-man army that goes on a mission from the docks of Miami to the rivers of South America, to rescue his daughter. Quinn has been working on a secret technology to stop the drug cartels’ latest trafficking technique: Narco submarines. This has put him in the cross hairs of his ex-partner, Jay Delgado, who’s running the subs — and the cartel that took his daughter. This drug bust just got personal.

NT_Multi_03_ohne_720p NT_JungleAction_720p

Key inspirations for the development of Narco Terror were arcade classics such as Commando, MERCS, Ikari Warriors, and Space Invaders, and modern titles such as Assault Heroes, Renegade Ops, Geometry Wars, and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. With this approach, we’ve drawn inspiration from some of our favorite games of all time, while instilling modern sensibilities to create a fun mix for today’s arcade gamers.

As a result, you’ll see that Narco Terror consists of many different arcade elements typical to retro games, combined with the over-the-top story and style straight from 80’s action classics. We’ve also added seamless offline and online drop-in, drop-out cooperative multiplayer, so you can play with friends across the world!


Because you’ll be shooting a lot of guns, weapons can be upgraded with the money you get by exploding the world around you, or by finding hidden collectibles. That’s how heroes make money, right? On top of that, each weapon can use up to four different ammo types (At the same time!) that vary from armor piercing rounds to bullets that set enemies on fire. For those pesky groups of enemies, grenades are also available. To top it off, there are also special weapons with limited ammo to pick up for special celebratory occasions, like the Laser Rifle and screen-filling Flamethrower.

As you progress through the campaign, you’ll get access to better weapons suited for the next over-the-top scenario that you and your partner will be facing. In true arcade-style, your upgrades not only cause greater damage to your opponents, but make your bullets bigger. Yes, you read that right.

HoldYourGround ohne_720p-fin NT_Weapons_03_ohne_720p

To spice things up, we’ve also added some retro shoot ‘em up sections with aircraft and boats. And from time to time Quinn can go mad with power by turning enemy weaponry against them. They really shouldn’t have taken his daughter! You’ll face an enormous amount of artillery, massive tanks, armed helicopters, and fast planes as the story unravels and the true intentions of the drug cartel are revealed.

I hope that you have an appetite for some wanton destruction, and that you’re ready to be…

Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time!

Narco Terror is available from today onwards on PlayStation 3 for $9.99. Check out the demo and let us know what you think!

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5 Author Replies

  • No Vita Version…. Of Course not!

  • This looks fun, but why no video?

  • This game actually looks interesting. Yet, most games like this I reserve for my Vita. Does Deep Silver have any plans to port this to the Vita?

  • Hopefully they port it to Vita. Looks like it’d be perfect for those intermittent sessions on the bus.

    • Hey everyone! Remy here, feel free to ask me anything (about Narco Terror)!

      Almost all questions that I have seen so far are about a PlayStation Vita version: I can confirm that there are currently no plans for a PlayStation Vita version or remote play. I also would have loved to see a Vita version of the game but I do think that playing Narco Terror on the big screen gives it more of an ‘Arcade feel’ and makes it more fun. The game is really designed to be played like that. Sitting together on the couch playing CO-OP can be a blast too! Try the demo and see it for yourself. ;-)

      With that out of the way, I’m happy to answer any other questions about mechanics, offline and online co-op (drop in, drop out!) and whatever else you can think of :-)

  • When will you bloggers learn that PSN is not a classification! PS3, Vita, or both…that’s what matters.

  • PS3 only cause it is also coming to XBLA.

  • This looks like it would be pretty fun on Vita. Is the demo coming out today?

  • Vita support? This is the kind of game I’d want, not a stupid boxing game like that other article posted next to this one

  • After viewing, exclusive games being canceled and postponed for months;

    Vita getting ports of Android, IOs, and ALL overpriced.

    I bet and believed very much in PS Vita! Consecutive three years of promises from Sony!

    If you ask me today about the Vita, I would not recommend it and say the PSP is better, and 3Ds has more exclusive games, forget the Vita!

  • it makes no sense… Most if not all of the smaller PSN titles like this NEED to be made for the vita, probably first and foremost. Every …….. Single…. time the first few comments are always “why no Vita version?”

    It doesnt matter that the PS3 has a higher install base, the amount that these titles sell for PS3 only is dramatically decreased just because its only on PS3. Not to mention the titles are small to begin with and will be hidden away by the massive store that no one wants to shop in because its super slow and not that well organized where small titles get lost.

    Please.. developers, just make these vita games. Thats what your consumers want, thats what the vita is for. thats why we bought the $250+ device..

    what is wrong with people?

  • I’ll join along. Is this coming to Vita? Why no Vita? This would be a perfect game for Vita, along with every other game that’s ever made. Boy, I wish this was on my Vita. Hey, I’ll buy it if it works on Vita too.

    I do agree with 5 about the term PSN. That is a platform for which to deliver games on PS3 and Vita, and eventually PS4, and should be standardized as such: “Narc Terror is coming to PSN for PS3 (not Vita) today for just $9.99.”

  • Plenty games come to PS3 only.
    Vita is severely lacking games.
    Sony, how about some more Vita love?

    I’ll definitely pick this up on Vita….

  • Vita please.

  • at what time does the ps store updates ? it´s almost eleven o´clock in the morning and no update.

  • Looks interesting. No Vita, no buy, though. Sorry. I’ve said this a million times before, but I have a job and a wife, and very little time to play my PS3. Most of my gaming gets done on the long commute to work, so I do 95% of my gaming on the Vita (with the exceptions being The Last of Us recently).

    I currently have over 100 titles downloaded onto my PS3 that I’ve bought, but haven’t touched. I’m pretty much at the point where if there is no Vita version, then I’m not going to waste the money on a game I won’t play due to my schedule. I’ve bought pretty much every single cross buy game available (well, out of the games that interest me). I wish you luck with this game, Deep Silver, but the Vita is a great device that is worth taking the developmental risk on.

  • Now this would be an instabuy if it was released for psvita :)…. Ill wait for news on the psvita version hopefully

  • This looks like an interesting twin stick shooter. I’m glad to see co-op and a demo. I will definitely be giving this one a try. How many co-op players are supported offline and online? Thanks

  • This would be a perfect, game for vita.. Whats the reason this can’t happen?

  • Can’t imagine a Vita port of this particular game being as easy as everyone imagines, but if it’s possible then I would certainly not complain.

  • Thank you, Remy.

  • You never mentioned which platform this is coming out on a single time.

  • Vita Version please

  • Please, port this to Vita!

  • Really get tired of game announcements on this Blog that don’t include a video. Seriously, if you can’t take the time to include a video or link a video, then I am not going to take the time to look it up.

    No amount of words or screen grabs can replace the value of a video to promote your VIDEO GAME.


  • Like most other posters, I’d like this on Vita but understand why devs are reluctant. It’s like PSP all over again. Why do Sony have no plans for the handhelds they release?

    Does look fun though.

  • looks really cool but with the release of ps4 its a bad idea to not bring it to vita ppl are not wastein there money when p4 is around the corner n this includes me! Bring it to the vita n im sold!

  • I would be ok with it not having a direct Vita port IF at least it these games were compatible with Remote Play. That would be great if Sony did something to work on that feature as I’m sure it would help generate more funds for the dev’s. Cause I have no interest in playing this on ps3, but if I had Remote Play, yeah I’d reconsider for on the can/ in bed gaming.

  • 9.99 ? nicee every other article i been reading kept saying 14.99 so only 9.99 is even better. il def look into this.

  • why wouldn’t you put a twin stick shooter on vita? i would have bought it day one, like almost every vita game released.

  • I dont buy any game from deep silver. Everything they touch is pure bs and most of the time a buggy mess. Do yourself a favor. Dont buy this game.

  • Why so many PSN games releases for PS3 and almost nothing for vita? Come on guys give us PSN games for Vita. Please.

  • Might get this, but I to check this out 1st a demo version.

  • ” Narco Terror, for PlayStation Network.” Hey PlayStation people, I know your marketing people have different ideas, but PSN is a distribution channel, not a platform. It would really help if you actually communicated which PLATFORM the title is available for, as in PS3, PSVITA, PS4, rather than saying “hey this game is now out for Best Buy.” Educate your marketing people on this please, it helps when your customers have this information, and makes you look really stupid when you don’t provide it. That’s right, the consumers are calling you out on it so you better start addressing it.

  • the verdict is in – we want a vita version.

  • is co-op same screen?

    are we going to see 720p native rendering? with MLAA or FXAA?

    we love games with explosions when the SFX assets are really high quality. (Blast Factor is still one of our fav games to play as a result!) conversely, mobile ports that pack Wii-quality MP3 assets are non-buys for us. what’s the codec/bitrate of the audio in this game?

    are there any GLBT characters in the story?

    • Remy van Leeuwen

      Here are answers to your questions:

      Yes, Narco Terro is same screen Co-op and it renders at 720p natively using FXAA. There are no mobile audio assets in the game: All audio is from high quality 44K sources and compressed in hi bitrate mp3. Finally, I can confirm that there are no GLBT characters in the story.

  • Let me get in on this.

    I also thought this looked like something that should be on Vita. Not saying I wouldn’t play this on my console or PC. I have in the past, but this would be a great portable game.

    And yes, “PLEASE PEOPLE, post this game is coming to ‘PS3/PS4/PSP/PSV’ on the PSN somewhere in the write up.”

    @BlindsideDork, “PS3 only cause it is also coming to XBLA.” I know you’re helping, but isn’t Limbo, Alien Breed, GGXXACP, Jet Set Radio and Retro City Rampage on XBLA? Not that I’m looking at MS’s arcade titles, but we can’t just say, “Oh it’s on XBLA, so it must be on PS3.”

    Sony should take a moment to thank these guys for posting and let them know to say which of Sony’s platform we can buy it on.

  • @24 agreed. Stop being lazy and upload gameplay videos in your articles. Expecially when you are releasing the game the very same day.

  • I’m with the rest of you. My first thought when I read this was “perfect for Vita” and I find no Vita version. Come on people! If you sell it they will come!

  • Looks really fun!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I guess they’re saying “PSN” so nobody will think they can run down to the store and buy it on Blu-Ray.

    But yes, it should ALSO be mentioned what specific platform it’s available for.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Ryumoaner

    You must be the lazy one if it’s too much work for you to hop over to YouTube and find a video for yourself.

    Lazy is the last thing you could call this guy after he just spent months developing a game, promoting it, and typing up this very thorough, very well thought out and well written blog post… something YOU couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do.

    Funny thing is, your posts always come across as lazy, like you never really think about what you’re typing before you post it. Repeated occurrences of putting your foot in your mouth indicates… you guessed it… laziness. Intellectual laziness.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    IT DOESN’T F#$%ING MATTER if there are any LGBT characters. It makes not one bit of difference! That’s so stupid!

    The focus on the characters in any game should be centered around the adventures and experiences, relevant to the story, that brought them to the point at which we meet them, NOT their sexuality! How shallow, and utterly ridiculous! Whether they like to swing on a vine or jump in a bush is completely irrelevant!

    You have to use your imagination anyway when determining what makes a specific character the way he or she is, so you can just imagine they’re “LGBT” if that’s what you want! What a F#$%ING ridiculous question! It never has mattered, and never should!

    When’s the straight pride parade?!?!

    I want the spotlight on me because I’m sooooo special! But but… I’m all about equality, I swear!

  • I have both PS3 and Vita but would prefer to see this on the Vita. It would be perfect for my 1 hour train commute to work.

  • Im sure you guys have PLENTY of games to play on the Vita already since it seems that SONY continues to release ONLY Vita Games Free for PSN Plus week after week.

  • Will it have couch co-op?

  • Vita. Nuff said.

  • Just finished the game. Yes it have couch co-op. It is good, has some crazy difficulty spikes and the end boss is almost impossible to beat, but overall a good game.

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