Journey and The Unfinished Swan Bundle on Sale Today for $14.99

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Journey and The Unfinished Swan Bundle on Sale Today for $14.99

Today, two beautiful games are going on sale together. Journey and The Unfinished Swan are both moving, deeply personal experiences. They evoke wonder and mystery, and chart new territory in the world of games. Together, they are amazing examples of what makes the PlayStation experience so special, and starting this week, you’ll be able to play them both for yourselves for one great price.

Journey for PS3 (PSN)

Read on for a few words from the creators of these uniquely personal titles.

Journey was a three year labor of love from thatgamecompany, but its true origins began considerably earlier. It started back in 2006 when I was still a student dreaming of making games professionally.

I was playing MMO games for a few years and began yearning for something more from the experience. The notion of an online game where players – actual strangers – would wish to stay close together, to care for and be cared for together, was taking shape. I was looking forward to one day creating an experience where anonymous players were able to develop a real human connection.

Even as Sony agreed to fund our studio to design and develop three PlayStation Network games of our own, this idea for an anonymous online game had to wait. Our entire team was relatively young and simply didn’t have the experience to successfully pull off something as large as an online multiplayer game.

Fast forward to 2009 when thatgamecompany had two PSN games – flOw and Flower – under its belt. It finally felt like the right time to make Journey. Not knowing the highs and low that would eventually lay ahead of us, we committed to this idea of an online game where players from all walks of life choose to stay together and care for one another. It’s ironic how our path to creating Journey is closely mimicked by the experience within the game itself. Despite our own road of trials, we firmly believe the experience was worth it and we couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished with Journey.

A year after launch we still continue to receive heartfelt letters from players sharing what Journey means to them. This response means the world to us. If you haven’t had a chance to experience either Journey or The Unfinished Swan, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to pick up both games and share in these two very personal visions of what games can be.

Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany president & creative director

After you finish Journey, head over to the Journey Stories Tumblr to submit your experience and read about other players travels through the world.

Both games have touched thousands of players. Recently, The Unfinished Swan inspired this lovely short film:

We’re incredibly happy to have The Unfinished Swan bundled with Journey because our game owes such a big debt to Journey and all the other games from thatgamecompany. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that our game wouldn’t exist without them. I think it was the warm reception for flOw and flower that gave Sony the courage to fund our game, made by another team of inexperienced folks with unusual and impractical ideas. Beyond just the financial success of thatgamecompany’s games I think Sony was excited by how strongly PlayStation players responded emotionally — it was encouraging to see that players were so willing to embrace games that were quite different from what they were used to playing. Which is great news for us, since our game is pretty strange.

Our goal with the Unfinished Swan was to create an experience that evoked a sense of wonder and reminded players of what it felt like to be a child. Basically, it’s a game about exploring the unknown. Which makes it hard to talk about, since the more we tell players about the game the less they’re going to be surprised by it.

Luckily, now that we’re bundled with Journey we can be a little more mysterious about our own game and just say that if you think you’ll like Journey, there’s a good chance you’ll like The Unfinished Swan. They’re very different games but deep down they’re both about what it feels like to walk out into the unknown. If you’re looking for new and wonderful experiences I think you’ll find both games are worth the trip.

Ian Dallas, Giant Sparrow president & creative director

If you already own one of both of these titles we thank you for your support. If not, now is the perfect time to bring these two fantastic games into your life.

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  • Two pretentious games for the overprice of one. I’ll pass.

  • Two of the best gaming experiences this generation . . . what a great bundle! My only complaint: I already own them both. XD

  • Eh tried both and didnt like either. Good deal for those that do though!

  • payed full price for each, no complaints here, love them =)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Ryumoau – “I’ll pass”

    Then why didn’t you just pass up the blog post? You wanted everyone to know what a #@& you are?

  • Two of the most touching games I’ve played recently, along with Walking Dead. But all the while Journey is special. Maybe now it will have a hard time surpassing expectations about it, but it is a beautiful game.
    And what does define the price a game should cost? Its length? You could have 20+ hours of generic, meaningless content. Graphics? Again, you could look at a blank wall with highest definition.
    They are short games, both of them, but is much more about the experience. You couldn’t go for a game like journey for hours. It would have lost its appeal. Nothing is more numbing than familiarity. I went about Journey three times in a row, the first time I’ve played. They are worth for what they are, more about an experience of silence and sensibility than the games we are used to. Not for everyone, of course, but no game is.

  • Journey is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.

  • @Ryumoau I don’t know if your stupid or joking, but $14.99 is not overpriced. It cost $29.99 in retailers. PrimeroIncognito is right, you should have passed this blog post. Your beginning to become a joke.

  • Id rather have a Awesome Animals Bundle
    Tokyo Jungle and Okami HD for $14.99

  • Just finished unfinished swan recently and Journey is a masterpiece. Definitely a great deal

  • When I first saw this post, I thought Journey was coming out for the vita. Too bad flower is going to be released for the vita while Journey will never make it to the vita. :(

  • @10 Same thing :(

  • Pass. But those games look like fun.

  • I have both of these games. They are the indie games that are the exception that proves the rule that indie games can be worthy gaming experiences. They are not your standard cheap indie fare: “action platformers”, “twin stick shooters” “arcade style..” blah, blah, blah, the same descriptions I read on this blog almost every day about new indie games. People who love those carbon-copy games are the same people who can’t appreciate Journey and Unfinished Swan. It’s ok, someday you’ll earn enough maturity to think beyond your comfort zone. Probably.

    Both are highly recommended, but Journey is in a rare class by itself, stacked against any and all games.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ lisatsunami

    “They are not your standard cheap indie fare: “action platformers”, “twin stick shooters” “arcade style..” blah, blah, blah”

    I think this is a case of, “I’m not good at these games, so they suck”. Those are some of the same genres that the industry was built upon. And back then, they were anything but cheap. There have been a lot of good games in those genres this generation. Some stinkers, yes, but also lots of gems.

    “People who love those carbon-copy games are the same people who can’t appreciate Journey and Unfinished Swan.”

    I like some of those games, but also appreciate Journey and Unfinished Swan. Although I haven’t played either one yet, I’ve never been against the idea, and have always been intrigued by them. I almost bought the Journey/flOw/Flower disc at Target not too long ago, but ultimately decided against it due to wanting something else a little more. I also hear that both games are short and way too easy, which is another point that forever keeps them in neutral ground with me. I’m always on the fence with those types of games, because, while I’d definitely like the unique experience, I also like a challenge…

  • Its pretty sad when I can predict a certain someone who you know probably hits the F5 key every 5 seconds just to be the first person to say “something-something pretentious” will post on a new blog post.

    like PrimeroIncognito said, if you are passing on this, why even bother posting? Your continuous postings about games being too pretentious for you just reeks of a form of cognitive dissonance. Go ahead and tell yourself how much games other people enjoy(and a ton of them do) if it helps your small ego. You obviously need to tell us how much you hate certain games every week.

    Give it a rest.

  • @Primero, yes, I suck at these games, but I didn’t say they suck. I think you have me confused with certain other people on this blog. I never go into a post and dump on some dev or Sony staffer.

    I only became a gamer 5 years ago, so I didn’t grow up playing those “genres the industry was built upon” so I don’t have that nostalgia-based appreciation of them. Probably in 10 years I’ll be going around telling all the kids how great the old days were, when we played Uncharted and Last of Us and Skyrim.

    I respect that you admitted you haven’t played these games yet and why you are on the fence. I think you’re admitting I’m right with my assessment. One time I was playing Journey, and this other wanderer showed up and was rushing through the game. You know you can’t talk in Journey. I was trying to help this “short scarf” guy learn the secrets, me and my very long white scarf, but nope, he left me in the dust, rushed to the next checkpoint and was undoubtedly one of the people here who say “I played it and it was way too short and boring.”

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ lisatsunami

    No! I wouldn’t ever confuse you with… you know who! Ha ha ha…

    I must say though, the appreciation that I, and other veteran gamers have for the classic genres such as platformers isn’t necessarily due to nostalgia. It’s the way the challenge was so intricately woven into the fabric of those games, the character they possessed, the abundance of heart and soul that went into every aspect creating the experience… the music! Oh my god… the music… absolutely incredible. I’m a musician, and believe me, many older musician/gamers agree, those classic 8-bit chiptunes are simply on another level of genius that hasn’t been reached since. Many other reasons, too many to list here… maybe another time…

    And yes, if I do play Journey one day (probably will) I can understand how having an uncooperative partner can be frustrating. I hate that in any game! People who rush through and never take the time to immerse themselves in the environment… they don’t realize what they’re missing out on.

  • Please come out for the vita!

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Uhmmmm yeah, comment #1 really wasn’t necessary. Especially when they are dead wrong.

    This is a sweet deal for both of these awesome PS3 exclusive games.

    And, i couldn’t agree more with #19! Id love to see these on the Vita. :)

  • Don’t miss out and let this be an unfinished journey these are wonderful games.

  • Glad I have both and both are fantastic games…but this does not look like a good deal since I got each separated in a sale as well and the total was $7.00….got each for $3.50.Anyway for all the people that dont have these games just buy them ASAP.

  • Ignore the HATER who wrote comment #1……. if you like ART and games that can MOVE you and tell you a story through VISUALS and CHARACTER / HEART and sometimes even without a word of dialogue…. BUY Journey and The Unfinished Swan.
    Look at the reviews for yourself… don’t be gullible and believe “reviews” from people like comment #1 who are obviously clueless to what MOST people understand + LOVE… Journey was one of THE HIGHEST RATED GAMES OF LAST YEAR, and actually won PS3 GAME OF THE YEAR………so take that haters ;) …or go back to your “other” games that can’t do HALF of what Journey does in 10x the time… ;)

    If you can’t tell.. it’s one of my top games of ALLLLLLLL time.

  • 1) Metal Gear Solid (the WHOLE series.. you HAVE to play them all or you won’t understand a thing about the amazing story, characters, themes…everything. BEAUTIFUL music, artistic cinematics, and of course the best sneaking gameplay in MGS as well).

    2) *Journey* + Ico

    3) The Last of Us + Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

    4) Super Mario Bros 3 + Little Big Planet

    5) Socom online + Unreal Tournament online + Counterstrike online.

    6) Portal 1 + Portal 2 (9999x better than Portal 1)

    7) Red Dead Redemption

    9) Bioshock + Half Life series

    9) God of War + Uncharted series

    10) Gran Turismo series

    Unfinished Swan is one of my 5 fav. indie games for sure… great game my nephews love to play as well, and anyone that loves paint / art / a unique little story :)

  • I was thinking of either getting Journey alone of the bundle that includes Flower and Flow and then i decided to wait for the game to get a bit cheaper. Journey is one of the very few games i really want to try before moving on to PS4.

  • I enjoyed Journey, it was a neat concept with beautiful artwork throughout the game. I still feel it’s overrated, especially from all of the “life changing experience” comments that the game got. The Unfinished Swan however, which seems to be the underdog of the two, I felt was a masterpiece. That is if you can compose yourself longer than 15 seconds to not paint everything black and get stuck in a box that you created. I watched a few friends do this, mind-boggling. IMO they both are on equal ground when it comes to greatness so this was a perfect bundle choice. Both of these games really changed my view on Indie titles and I’d recommend picking them up to anyone.

  • I literally just found out about this.. was this deal a one day only thing?

  • Games like arcade beat-em-ups and such are what the industry is built on because of former technological limitations. We’ve refined games like first person shooters to a point of diminishing returns. Innovation now requires unique ideas and storytelling. This is why games like Mass Effect and Uncharted are so successful. Wonderful storytelling. The kind of game you can enjoy with someone else playing.

    Journey & TUSwan represent a complete transition to those elements. They are built entirely on storytelling and an immersing experience. There is no fancy gameplay, only unique ideas that stimulate your sensibilities.

    Games like Journey & TUSwan are the obvious conclusion of developing video games as true pieces of entertainment art. Games like these push the video game industry into a public consciousness that can compete with the film industry. Hopefully one day video games can receive the recognition as an art form that films have. I know I’d love to see more politicians and authority figures stop treating video games as if they’re just for kids/teens. At this point, any generation can appreciate the unique experience that only video games can provide.

    I’d start by showing them Journey / TUSwan.

  • The Unfinished Swan & Journey Bundle looks really good but nothing beats a physical copy in my opinion.

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