Cloudberry Kingdom Lands on PSN Today

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Cloudberry Kingdom Lands on PSN Today

Take a second and watch the above video. I never watch videos in blog posts — it takes too long and I’ve been spoiled by GIFs. But seriously, just watch it. None of this post will make sense otherwise.

OK, fine. Here’s a GIF:

Cloudberry Kingdom

I needed you to see that before I continued. You see, we’ve made the hardest, most stupidly ridiculous hardcore game ever. And we’re sorry. Kind of. We even called it a happy name like Cloudberry Kingdom to help ease the pain. But before I actually try apologizing for real, let me take a step back and defend myself. I’ll be making use of the traditional Socratic Straw Man Method for my defense: below, you’ll find your unsound critiques highlighted in bold, with my impenetrable defense following. Afterward I may apologize.

Let’s start with the first reason for why you’re upset.

“Being hard for the sake of being hard is stupid, therefore this game is stupid.”

Woah. First of all, I Wanna Be The Guy has already proven in my mind that everyone wants a brutally unfair game with invisible spikes and hidden platforms that change location depending on whether you’re inhaling or exhaling.

But let’s assume for a second that your opinion isn’t wrong. Cloudberry Kingdom is actually not about being hard — it’s about being challenging. The first and foremost design principle we held to was that there should be a difficulty for everyone, and that the challenge should increase as your skill does. Here’s a view of the difficulty spread we cover:

Cloudberry Kingdom

If you look at some challenging old school platformers like Mario 3 or Lost Levels, you’ll see a lot of care taken in providing a great challenge for core players. But to the players that are real masters (or real noobs), they are left unsatisfied. The video we showed is of our highest difficulty level, reserved for the gosu elite that can beat Tetris blindfolded and who secretly cry afterward like Alexander the Great because they know they will never find a true challenge. Well, cry no more my gosu brother/sister.

“You can’t just throw a billion lasers on a screen and call it challenging. You’re a horrible level designer.”

Actually, I’m not the level designer. We designed and built an advanced artificial intelligence that designs all the levels in the game. What’s inter–

“The levels are randomly generated? Randomly generated levels suck!”

WOAH. Look, A.I.s are people too. How would you feel if I called levels you designed “randomly generated?” Doesn’t feel so good, does it? Now, granted, our AI doesn’t have “emotions,” so an apology isn’t necessary, but let me defend our AI anyway. We spent over two years teaching the A.I. how to design good levels. It understands flow, spacing, rhythm, and also how many bouncy blocks you can have before it just gets annoying. Every level it designs is possible to beat, and if you don’t believe it, you can ask the A.I. to play any level to show you how it’s done. But most importantly, we taught the A.I. how to make a level for the right difficulty, from easy up to stupidly masochistic.

If you’re not satisfied with the physics we programmed, you can use our physics editor to change gravity, friction, acceleration, and dozens of other parameters, and the A.I. will build new levels tailored specifically to your custom physics.

The A.I. was designed to serve up your every platforming need. Just ask.

“Well that does sound pretty sweet!”

Time to wrap up. I’ll allow you one more rhetorical accusation.

“Wait! Wait… um. Are there hats?”



Cloudberry Kingdom

Cloudberry Kingdom hits PlayStation Store today for $9.99. In case you forgot, Cloudberry Kingdom is part of PlayStation Store PLAY. If you pick up Cloudberry Kingdom and one more (or two more, or three more) PLAY games, you’ll get bonus PSN cash vouchers. Check out the original PLAY post for more details.

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11 Author Replies

  • Know that seizure warning most PS games display at boot?

    I think this game will give me my first seizure.

  • I really, really, really, really want to buy this…….. on the Vita. I don’t get a whole lot of time in front of the TV anymore, the wife and kids have use of it too, so having this on the Vita would allow me to actually play it. Since the Vita version won’t be out until later, any idea if the game will be Cross Buy and/or Cross Save? Cross Buy would make this an instant buy today, since I wouldn’t have to pay a second time to get the version of the game I’d be able to spend more time with.

    Oh, and the game looks awesome.

  • Disappointed you didn’t even mention the Vita version. We suddenly hear a couple weeks ago that it’s not coming along with the Vita version. And we hear that first and only from a post not even from you guys that says how the game is coming out soon (just on PS3 out of nowhere).

    Where’s the Vita version?

    Why didn’t you tell us that it would be later than the other versions?

    Is it Cross-Buy? I want to take part in the promotion but I want the game on Vita more than PS3. If I can buy the PS3 version knowing that I’ll get the Vita version along with it, I will.

  • I’ll wait for that Vita version.

  • Already sold, on the Vita! Not even a mention that it’s coming to Vita later? Any idea when we’ll be getting a release date?

  • Yeahhh… I Got Frustrated While Playing Guacamelee And Erased It From My PS Vita. I Really Do Not Think THat I Am The Type To Purchase And Play Cloudberry Kingdom.

    Seriously? People Would Buy It??? People Would PLAY IT???

    Pain Seekers Are Such Pains.

  • @1 you win internet comment of the day! :) sooooo freaking true though :)

  • Is this game supposed to be as hard as that trailer made it look?

    • It’s supposed to be as hard as it needs to be to keep you challenged. It is usually much easier when you just jump in, but people are usually surprised how high of a difficulty level they work up to and can handle.

  • Guess I should have read the article. Yup, supposed to be that hard.

  • Wish we had word on the Vita version. Hope that when that comes out we get a PS+ discount to make up for the lack of Play promotional discount and refund opportunity.

    Since there is no reason to risk buying the game now with no promise of Cross Buy.

  • First of all, good blog post. Game looks great, but like everyone else is saying I’ll be waiting on the vita version.

  • I’m also interested in the Vita version.

  • Getting this on Vita when it arrives there.

  • Oh and Guacamelee is awesome!!!!

  • These types of hardcore games aren’t for me, but GREAT POST! Very funny.

  • Welp, i was going to hold off buying any games until my next paycheck, but this looks awesome.

  • It’s been almost 12 hours into July 30th where I am and I want to know why it hasn’t been released yet.

  • looks very good. Please hurry with the vita version since I’m going to have to wait for that version as my ps3 will be put to the side once the ps4 comes out.

  • I channel all my gaming masochism into Demon’s and Dark Souls, but good luck with this.

    • Dark Souls was one the games we played in the office a lot while developing Cloudberry Kingdom. Awesome game. It inspired some of our difficulty curve =D It also inspired our fast respawn/restart system, because 90% of the time I rage quit playing Dark Souls it’s because of my impatience during the loading after death. RAAAAGE.

  • I’ll get this on ps3 and will get it for vita too if there’s a version

  • I don’t think I can handle this type of game. Not even sure why Real Boxing looked good for the Vita when I saw it last time I can to the blog either.
    Good luck.

  • Great blog post hahahaha, was a fun(ny) read.

    My thoughts on the game though, it looks………scary. Like scary difficult. And because I love my PS3, dualshock, and tv, and don’t want to risk destroying them in a fit of rage…….I’ll have to pass on this one. The game looks cool though, so if anything I may pick it up when it comes to vita (maybe).

  • @JimmyHACK you think this looks seizure-inducing, go check out Dyad lol

  • strawman argument not addressed
    I thought this was coming to vita, no news about that, therefore it sucks…
    Response needed…

    by the by bought it anyway

    • Blast, my impenetrable straw man defense was destroyed!

      The whole studio is working full time on the Vita version right now. We’re going to get it out as fast as we can, but at this point is probably a month away. The plan is take one night off celebrating the launch on PS3, then back to work tomorrow morning =D

  • I really like the art style in this game. and the hats are awesome, but it just looks way too hard. Seriously, just watching the video makes me want to smash my controller!

    • I know I just wrote an entire blog post on how hard this game is, but I swear it’s actually a really easy game.

      Uh.. ok, I’m lying. =D Seriously though we did work really hard to set the difficulty curve so that everyone can enjoy it. We hope you check it out =D

  • Pre-order for Cloudberry Kingdgom seems to have glitched and ended early before the update. Sorry guys :(

  • it makes no sense… Most if not all of the smaller PSN titles like this NEED to be made for the vita, probably first and foremost. Every …….. Single…. time the first few comments are always “why no Vita version?”
    It doesnt matter that the PS3 has a higher install base, the amount that these titles sell for PS3 only is dramatically decreased just because its only on PS3. Not to mention the titles are small to begin with and will be hidden away by the massive store that no one wants to shop in because its super slow and not that well organized where small titles get lost.
    Please.. developers, just make these vita games. Thats what your consumers want, thats what the vita is for. thats why we bought the $250+ device..

    • We love the Vita too, and are really looking forward to getting our own copy of Cloudberry Kingdom on Vita once it comes out. We’re working as fast as we can to get the Vita version done.

      I’m screaming obscenities at our programmers to get back to work (wait, I’m a programmer… hm)

  • Is there going to be a demo for Cloudberry Kingdom?

  • The store updated.. going to grab …

    Pixeljunk and Dokuro.

    Cause the Vita is the bomb and was overlooked by these guys.

  • The store says I can preorder this title, but when I try to do so it attempts to charge me full price. The store has not updated yet.

  • I have it on preorder. I like the idea of the randomly generated levels and the different game modes. I will be pleasantly surprised if this is as good as Stealth Bastard.
    I’m also looking forward to picking up Dokuro on Plus, and I’m still trying to decide weather or not to pick up Max Payne 3 on sale. I’ve heard good things, but never played it, and there is unfortunately no demo available.

  • i pre orderd this last night. was not interested at first but i luv platform games and generated levels brings a hugeee replay value for the money. hope i dont regret my purchase. i luv the Impossible game so this looks like its cousin. i also got stealth bastard and its great. cant wait to try this out later today aswell. A.I sounds like his IQ is high as mines.

  • definitely waiting for the vita release, just like terraria, rainbow moon, and that runner 2 game.if they ever release.

  • Why is Payday 2 out? Isn’t it coming out on the 16th of August? It’s not under pre-order but just THERE.

  • ALSOOO to let ppl know this game already has some reviews out for it. IGN is 7.4, not bad thats good and gamespot is 8.5 …. saw a few other 7 and up to. good sighnssss.

  • I’m with the people who waits for Vita version news. Because this looks good, and i need to say something to the A.I. personally.

  • This seems to be a quirky action platformer, but I like it !!!!!!!!!

  • Ugh I love/hate the way good games release dates stack together And i get swamped in a Literal Pile of games! time to Push the pile aside and play this game

  • I for one bought all the games for 24 dollars (minus ducktales) with my plus discount will get 6 back and this like stealth inc and ibb and obb all said will work on vita. Im sure it will not be too long and if it is like ratchet and clank will probably give us an extra like how they gave deadlocked on ps3. Id rather get now with plus discount and money back than wait for without.

  • LOL’d at work on the line: “reserved for the gosu elite that can beat Tetris blindfolded and who secretly cry afterward like Alexander the Great because they know they will never find a true challenge”.

    I pre-ordered all the games up front, and I’ll gladly be trying out the easier difficulties :) Will the Vita have any cross-controller support? It would be awesome for my husband to play co-op on the Vita when that version comes out.

    Some tech curiosities:
    1. is the game rendering 1080p native? are the assets 1080p native?

    2. who did the music?

    3. are the music/SFX assets 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? or at least 320k Ogg?

    4. any unique aspects to the Vita version like use of rear touch, discoverable Near hats, etc?

  • Music done by Blind Digital and Kari Sigurdsson Awesome guys over in the UK and Iceland, definitely check out some more of their work! We’ll be putting up a sound track soon. Not quite losslessly compressed, but we’re all very happy how well they sound on the PS3

    The game is rendered in 720p. We needed to keep our memory budget a bit lower (our backgrounds are pretty big 2D assets). Maybe we’ll do a PS4 version with full glorious 1080 =D

    We’re looking to get some more hats and beards into the Vita. Especially beards. We love beards. Hats are overdone =D

  • Between my Plus discount and Buy 4 get $10 Back . . . somewhere in there I think I basically got two of the Play games free, so I went for it.

    Definitely wanted DuckTales, and too many people were praising Ibb & Obb to NOT get it.

    That left this game and Stealth B-, er, Inc. as the one’s I wasn’t too sure about. And looking at those GIFs . . . I’m . . . I’m still not sure. XD

  • Impatiently downloading this now. Beards are nice but don’t forget your female fans who want female avatars!

    • We really, really wanted a playable Princess, but that will have to wait till the sequel =D

      We’ll probably be patching in more hats and hair styles, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see. (maybe some wigs? ^_^)

  • I already downloaded it, and after playing it for a while, I must admit that it is a lot of fun, well worth the money I paid for it. It has the feel of an old 8-bit platformer, only with way better graphics.
    I’m going to pass on IBB and Obb since it is a two-player game, but I can’t wait for DuckTales. I never watched the program but I had a lot of fun playing the game back in the day. It’s going to be great to play it with the updated graphics!

  • Playing it now! Wigs would be great. An option to go beardless. More feminine style hats would work too. Current character would be great with those options for myself and my gaming daughter. Plz Plz don’t make me pay for dlc just to enjoy a more identifiable character as a female. ;)

  • It would be great if there was also an option to restart the current level without backing completely out.

  • I just want to compliment your developers most of all. I enjoy games the most when there are multiplayer options like this one. My family is having loads of fun with this game so far. Great addition to my library.

  • Does the quick spawn option override the checkpoint to return me to the beginning of the level?

  • Looks ridiculously challenging. Or hard, or whatever you want to call it. Perhaps rather, frantic time based this button best get pressed and my character does what I tell him to gaming…. idk, maybe I’m just too old now but there’s often large gaps between when I play a game. Granted a great title I’ll sit down and beat w/in a week or two. Use to be a day or two. But a game like this I’d play so rarely I fear the increments in difficulty would leave me frustrated. Rusty and finally coming back to see masochistic levels might not sit well with me. Kind of like being a master @ Uncharted but putting the game down on Crushing and trying to come back 6 months later. Restart.

    thanks for all the feedback Jordan. some very helpful comments. I just don’t think I’d get the use on PS3 but I might have to check this out on the Vita when it’s available.

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