The Last of Us Multiplayer: 24 Survival Tips

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The Last of Us Multiplayer: 24 Survival Tips
The Last of Us Multiplayer: 24 Survival Tips

Two things. First, The Last of Us has a multiplayer mode called Supply Raid that is the freshest, most addictive mode I’ve experienced in years. Second, I apologize for not posting this guide weeks ago — I’ve been playing way, way too much TLOU!

The Last of Us differs from other multiplayer games in many ways. It’s stealthy, ammo and resources are scarce, and teamwork is absolutely vital. What’s more, your total kills take a backseat to Parts — a currency that you can spend on weapon upgrades, ammo, power weapons, and armor. All of which are capable of evening the odds in a match. You score Parts by downing and executing enemy players, but also reviving teammates, healing friends, and crafting and distributing items.

This tip guide will focus primarily on Supply Raid, which is TLOU’s answer to the venerable Team Deathmatch. Stick around for some tips we solicited from Twitter, and leave your own tips in the comments below!

  1. Upgrade melee ASAP. The upgraded two-by-four is the ultimate equalizer, and you’ll want it right away. It’s capable of downing an enemy with one hit, cuts through armor, and you even get to keep it if you die! At the start of each match, your priority should be to find and upgrade a two-by-four — you’ll usually find one in the second salvage box you open. The Brawler survival skill is also strongly recommended.
  2. Party hardly. When selecting your play mode, do yourself a favor and select the “no parties” matchmaking option. The toughest teams always roll in parties, and they’ll cut you down lickety-split. Taking them out of the equation will give you a fighting chance if you’re still learning the ropes.
  3. Slow and steady. Walking and crouchwalking (Circle) are essential because they keep you off the enemy’s radar so you can sneak in for a surprise kill. Then, when you spot an unsuspecting foe, don’t attack right away. Lull him into a false sense of security, then strike when he gets distracted or turns his back.
  4. Starter skills. Sharpshooter is a great choice for any build focusing on precision weapons like the semi-auto rifle or revolver. Brawler and Crafter are also extremely valuable, and Explosives Expert are no-brainers if you’re handy with a molotov or bomb. But be sure to experiment — the survival skills are complex and multilayered.
  5. Poison the well. Booby-trapping salvage boxes and health kits with bombs will keep enemy players off balance and paranoid. Salvage boxes make a particularly tempting target: they’re an essential resource for all players, and many players will drop their defenses when they spot one. Place your proximity mines cleverly, around key corners in inside grass clumps, and you’ll be racking up Parts in no time.
  6. Heal early, heal often. When your health dips by a third or more, stop, drop, and heal. TLOU’s cautious play style will afford you many opportunities to patch yourself up — even mid-firefight — if you’re bold. Equipping First Aid Training helps, too. And remember: you can heal and move at the same time.
  7. The Last of Us: MultiplayerThe Last of Us: Multiplayer

  8. Armor apprehension. Tapping Select and then R1 enables you to purchase armor and ammo from the in-game store. Armor is a constant temptation, but it rises in price with each purchase so it’s best saved for the final minutes of a particularly close match. Most times, it’s better to funnel your Parts towards a weapon upgrade or two early on — you’ll gain a noticeable advantage that lasts for the whole match.
  9. Smoke ‘em out. TLOU’s smoke bombs are ridiculously effective. Obviously, they produce clouds of smoke that obscure the battlefield and help route enemy movement. Better still, these stinky saviors will stun all nearby enemies. If you’ve got a Shiv, you’ll have a few seconds to score a one-hit kill from the front or the rear.
  10. Live to give. Being generous with your teammates is not only nice, it’s rewarding! Every time you revive, heal, or gift an item to a teammate, you gain Parts — and they add up fast. The Crafter 2 survival skill is especially useful, rewarding you with rapid crafting speed and the ability to stock your friends with health and munitions for bonus Parts.
  11. Lean in. Here’s a nuance many players miss: While aiming (L1), you can swap shoulders by tapping R2. With a little practice, you can use this to lean out from behind a corner to squeeze off a few shots from relative safety.
  12. Down but never out. Take too much punishment and you’ll go down, dropping to your hands and knees as you await death. But you’re not helpless: you can scuttle away to be revived by a teammate, or lead your pursuers into a nearby ambush or bomb.
  13. Pistol power. Lately, my favorite strategy has been to take the 9 millimeter or revolver and skip the larger primary weapons. This loadout brings a host of unique benefits: You’ll reclaim two Loadout Points for other use (say, a silencer); you’ll only need one type of ammo; and you’ll save buckets of Parts that you can invest elsewhere. If you go this route, fully upgrade your pistol early in the match (it’s only 800 Parts) to gain greatly increased accuracy, fire rate, clip size, and stability.

The Last of Us: Multiplayer

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  • OMG my heart dropped just for a second there because I thought this was news about the DLC. :(

  • I think TLOU MP is very good except for one thing: the matchmaking is terrible. I often find myself competing with players way leveled up than me. Feels so unfair sometimes. Otherwise, Naughty Dog really nailed it once again.

  • A co-op mode (like the co-op Uncharted missions) would be awesome. When will we learn more about the DLC?

  • for the love of god, put on a headset. communication and teamwork is CRUCIAL in this game.

  • and definitely stick together, don’t split into teams of 2 but at the same time don’t everyone stay so close to each other that one bomb will catch everyone. too many times one guy on my team will go in a different direction and he will be the first to die because of it.

  • Always spot the enemy when possible (Hold R3 when aiming at an enemy), unless you’re the only person left in your team.
    It gives you extra points and can help your team eliminate the opposing team.

  • Thank you for the advice Sid , This game deserves game of the year

  • Hey Sid this is Amanni from New York City. Thanks for reading off my tip on the blogcast. That really made my day and I downloaded the episode to show off to my friends.

  • Stick together! Oh, and don’t steal other people’s executions when you did not get the down.

  • Dont get butt hurt if you didnt get the execution. Especially if you weren’t the only one shooting the person. There have been a number of occasions where I have had mine taken taken, (or taken for myself) because someone was shooting my target when he went down. Or I’ll do 90% of the damage, and someone snakes the final hit for the down. Am I going to gladly hand over the execution when I did the majority of the work? No. Getting the down does not always mean you deserve the credit. Its a team based game. So work as a team and do what you can for the collective group. Dont leave someone to die or ignore a call for support just because you felt cheated on what couldve very well been an accident or something you didnt deserve credit for in the first place. You will have those guys who steal executions for the sake of it, but in my experience, that is largely not the case.

  • Oh, and marking is your friend. You should be doing this EVERY chance you get. :)

  • Ugh! I’m scared to jump into this MP…I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop!

  • I must confess that I steal “kills” but because, sometimes, my teammates die while doing them. And I tend to split-up a little because I’m careful enough.

  • Why do people like this interactive movie? So overrated. One of the worst “games” I have had the misfortune to play. Bad story, bad gameplay, etc.

  • @Neuropunk the only unforgivable things about the game are:

    1). The weapon control scheme. There’s no excuse for this level of bad.
    2). Ellie: a. she runs around like a spaz and won’t sit still in a threat situation
    b. you can’t outfit/arm her.
    3.) No map.

  • My Tips (although some are already up)

    1) don’t stay TOO close to teammates if someone throws a bomb or Molotov you and your team are screwed
    2) Sometimes there will be times when the other team is distracted with your team (all shooting each other) take this chance to go around and attack you opponents from behind!
    3) *Read Nicholas comment
    4)Bombs are really useful! drop them near corners or places where people tend to hide. *Also if trap “ganged up on” take cover and if someone is running up to you “trying to melee you” drop a bomb. You’ll die BUT this will cause the person to fall, Which will make his/her teammates try to heal him/her and allow your teammates to gang up on them while distracted
    5) If one of you teammates is down throw a smoke bomb at them. this will allow you partner to crawl to safely or allow you to heal your teammate while being hidden *Healer booster recommend*
    6) TAG TAG and TAG this is very useful and offers parts *Tag booster recommend “the one that highlights”

    well i have more but this should be helpful :)

  • ُMy favorite game ever.

  • I love the multi and will use these tips but when will there be a fix for the glitched trophies the 1.02 patch caused?

  • when can we expect multiplayer dlc or any dlc ?

  • i have a tip walk backwards while crouching to stop from getting shiv’d and when starting a match get your stuff from the closest box and then wait a while for enemy to move you’ll get 2 to 3 kills that fast and also you can mark them from a far without getting noticed. don’t hesitate to shoot if the time is right you can finish off a guy in two shots instead of three and don’t go for special executions they take way to much time just keep tapping square on a down opponent.

  • i LOVE the multiplayer BUT the missions just get near impossible!!! The missions were fun at first but now i just can’t do them! I do really well against the opposing team but the missions take the fun away because all of them are 10-20 executions or downs!! :(

  • Projects-Unknown

    Its funny that half of these tips i don’t do yet I surprised my teammates by doing a huge comeback at the end.
    I play online a lot by myself and still i am undefeatable! XD
    Most of the technique that use is a secret so you player better study hard on me.
    Just that I can’t wait for the new maps to be out when story DLC is release.

    P.S. If anyone of you run in to me tonight or whenever (NEVER EXECUTE ME!) It shows you want a challenge and ask to lose! Want proof ask anyone is they ran into Projects-Unknown and see why it was a huge mistake.
    At the end good tips… for now

  • There’s nothing more rewarding than a SHiV TO THA NECK of your opponent! Maybe a Molotov to BBQ a few noobs that are to close to each other! Jaja! this MP should get all the attention in the world! The Last of Us, #1 in my book! Thk u so much Sony and Naughty Dog! Now slap my with some DLC, pleeeease! xD

  • My tip: Healing, Giving Presents and Killing with a Shiv are very easy tasks early on, but leave them for 100% Hunter Attacks. Other missions (the ones that increase your clan), you can activate harder tasks like Execution with a certain weapon, etc.

  • Some of us traditionalist gamers hate these super linear scripted interactive movie QTE garbage interactive movies that are ruining the video game industry as a whole.

    The story to The Last of Us seemed like a very bad episode of The Walking Dead, which isn’t even a good TV show.

    The gameplay was better done in the Splinter Cell games, and they just mixed it with cover TPS Uncharted gunplay and melee. Gameplay was meh.

    It’s too freaking bad that western game developers put way more emphasis on graphics/presentation/flash over substance. You guys should realize that semi realistic rarely ever makes something more fun.

    The graphics were about the only thing that was good yet the artstyle sucked badly.

    What was special / good about The Last of Us? Anything? Having way more fun with Shadowrun Returns.

  • I’m sure there are many really good tips out there to grow your clan, but what I do is a combination of tasks that earn me a great amount of parts for my clan. I do allot of gifts, marking and grabbing parts from either downed or executed foes. Sometimes the parts that are dropped from your enemies make up for parts from tasks. Seems those are the best parts. Thing is, the combination of all these tasks make the difference. Also, there’s this little thing called Parts Bonus. Something you get from either losing or being the last guy on a match/round. Team work is key. For example, winning by sweeping the 4 rounds on Survival won’t earn you the same amount of parts that you would get if we say, you either win or lose a Survivors match of 7 rounds. Dig? ;P

  • Dear Naughty Dog,

    Please award more parts for Downs/Executes, and give a bonus for finishing a round/match depending on overall performance : K/D ratio + Revives – Deaths. Sometimes my team simply obliterates the opposing team and even if I have a 11-11-1 (downs, exec, deaths) game I barely make any parts enough to reach my supply quota. It doesn’t make for a balanced match forcing you to “play doctor” to meet the part requirements, sometimes you can’t be effective doing that if your team isn’t even taking that much damage or getting wounded. Please fix this, thanks.

  • nice tips!

  • Yes, tagging is a wonderful thing here in this game’s MP; however, I think Covert Training L2 and L3 are a bit overpowered. I hope ND patches this and nerfs it a bit in that when marking a CT L3 user, you can still do so by pressing the R3 button longer. The same radial heal wait time animation can be used here.

    I also would like CT L3 users to still be “hearable” but you may need to press the R2 button longer. Like you need at least 75% of your hear charge to have them appear through listen mode.

    Please ND, consider these things. Love you!

  • Hey sid, nice tips for new people. However, I’m sad to say I was very disappointed in the multiplayer. There are no infected and since infected revolves the game, I feel the lack of this makes the gameplay down. It would be nice to see this implemented in the future. I know I’m not the only one who would like to see this!

  • Don’t get hasty with special executions. Who cares about 25 extra parts. Survival is much more important in a survivor game. Down your enemies and shoot them for the execution 85% of the time. Only special execute if you’re 100% sure the enemy can’t kill you while you’re doing it or if its a mission and you fear your faction will die.

    Bombs make a “sound” when hitting enemies. Listen for the sound which means the enemies took chip damage/you got a hit marker. Even still this isn’t a 100% guarantee you’ll get a free shiv with smoke. Only go for the shiv if you hear your enemy coughing.

    Shiv enemies who are shiving or doing special executions. For more fun, start a Shivathon. I took place in a 3 shiv Shivathon before lol.

  • The only time you should ever RUN:
    1. Run when your teammate needs to be revived and you’re sure you can get them in time.
    2. Run in the beginning of a match to get your first box. You won’t be spotted on the map from that far.
    3. Run when your whole team got wiped out near you and is waiting to respawn. Getting away from the enemy and regrouping is important as well as safe.
    4. Run when your downed enemy is trying to get behind an object to get revived by their teammate. (As long as you know there’s only one person reviving them, they will be occupied with reviving and not with you rushing them down to kill both of them. Gun down the one doing the healing first of course.)
    5. Run at an enemies back when you have a shiv. (If you’re nearby they aren’t going to react in time to turn the camera 180 degrees. I do it all the time if I’m shiv hungry. Usually prefer shooting people though.)
    6. Run If you NEED to get special executions and you’re faction is in danger. It can be understood :/
    7. Run when 1 enemy is left and you need to pick up your drops/supplements/soup cans. Who’s honestly gonna stop you?

    • Great tips! I’d add another — run when you want to lure an enemy into a hidden bomb trap. Sometimes it’s helpful to let the enemy see where you are :)

  • Thanks Sid!
    Also anyone trying to complete the entire 12 week journey as a Hunter or Firefly should save the easier missions for the %100 population risk attacks.

  • The MP is a blast to play but the only thing that bothers me is that if you headshot another player they get downed. That’s pretty awful considering the amount of skill a player needs in order to headshot another player. Please fix this Naughty Dog! Whenever this happens to me I feel like I’m being cheated because the downed player can just crawl to cover and wait for his teammate to revive him. Oh and why is it that the only thing that kills a player instantly is a thrown molotov? Bombs and head shots with a sniper rifle should be able to kill a player instantly.

  • This once again from Naughty Dog compared to the rest of the FPS has to be the most original & greatest multiplayer ever. This is originality at it’s best DooDs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for choosing my advices! I’m a huge fan of all Naughty Dog games, and a really good player in Uncharted/Last of Us MPs. Looking forward to the DLCs!

  • Fantastic game, I’m playing the bleep outta the Single Player.

    Haven’t tried the multi player yet but whenever I jump in this should help.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • @neuropunk sucks at The Last Of Us……or he can’t play the game through all the tears in his eyes ;-)

  • @A_SubtleDagger – I finished this mediocre “game”. Sucks that video games these days forget that they are video games and they go for realism instead, which defeats the purpose of it being a video game. When you go for serious tone and realism, you suck all the fun out of your game.

    The Last of Us is baby’s first video game. Oh yeah, I can’t finish your stupid casual dudebro shooter game. So linear (because casuals are so stupid that they get lost if the entire game isn’t super linear), what, you nooblet mainstreamer casual gamers don’t know how to navigate maps or something?

    Also, why you gotta put all this fake gameplay in here (QTEs)? Why is it so linear? Why are there so many set pieces? Why is the game so scripted? Why is there much more focus on the presentation and graphics over everything else? Why does anyone think the story is good? (seriously, if you think the story is good you need to be smacked aside your head, go play Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, that will teach you what a good video game story is).

    You new gamers make me sick.

  • Easily the worst multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Here’s a tip, don’t play the MP! Once I got the plat, never touched it again. It’s complete trash and 100% tacked on. Keep telling yourselves that it’s great, plebs.

  • @neuropunk ok buddy we all know how cool you are. You’re on the wrong board…..You suck all the fun out of this blog. Troll.

  • @A_SubtleTroll

    You nooblet mainstreamers are the ones that changed video games from video games into interactive cinematic movie crap. We don’t want your QTEs, scripted events, linear levels, set pieces spammed everywhere, or your presentation/flash over substance. You mainstream casual gamers are the ones who ruined games for oldschool classic hardcore gamers like myself. All we get these days are your mediocre “games”.

    You crappy youngsters have ruined franchises such as Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, DMC, and you have also influenced the turn based JRPG genre to die.

    You new gamers are not welcome. Go away and stop ruining video games. So sick of your mediocre modern trashy “games”.

    @I_Montano_I, these casual gamers think every game that has guns is good. They wouldn’t know great quality if it smacked them aside the head. Their standards are very low, and their tastes very poor.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re in survivors or supply raid, your chances of living are doubled no quintupled if you have a buddy. He can guard you during executions, revive you if you’re downed, and give an enemy a second thought about shiv rushing you. Do your best to assist ( not steal ) their kills and they will return the favor.

  • Oh man, Neuropunk’s trolling level is OVER 9000!!!!

  • @Metalsonic

    You are the one supporting crappy video games that are ruining the industry.

    Therefore YOU GUYS, NOT I, are the trolls.

    I have been gaming since the late 80s, before games were reduced to crappy interactive movies that go for semi-realism and seriousness.


  • I am pro-video games and you guys are anti-video games. I want video games to thrive again with the eradication of both interactive movies and FPS. Both those genres suck so badly and they both play a big part in why modern video games suck so bad these days. They both need to go byebye.

    **** The Last of Us, it is a piece of crap game and you can look up my trophies and see that I have indeed finished it. Very awful experience. I prefer video games, which is probably why I like Nintendo the most, since their video games still tend to be video games.

    All you casuals care about is realism and grophfffikkkkkxsxxxss. I don’t give a **** about graphics. I want fun games again, and not your casual mediocre modern gen crap.

  • When will Naughty Dog release official and detailed info on the DLC for The Last of Us? As a Season Pass holder I have no idea what to expect or when. Anything?

  • I finally caved in and decided to quit waiting for a price drop and just downloaded the game on PS Store this weekend. Holy crap, I’m loving this multiplayer! It reminds me of back in the day when Gears actually used to be good.

    I’ve thrown some multiplayer gameplay videos up on my youtube channel, which is “whiskerstars” the same as my username, so far I have the maps High School, Checkpoint and The Dam, so check out those videos if you want a taste of the multiplayer. Oh and the single player campaign is really good too! I’m about 34% thru my first playthrough on Hard. Loving this game, thanks Sony/Naughty Dog :) – High School Multiplayer Map

  • This is one of the greatest MP games around.

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