Ms. Germinator Defeats Disease on PSN Soon

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Ms. Germinator Defeats Disease on PSN Soon

When game sequels start with “Ms.,” you should generally expect a similar — but better — game than the original. And that’s absolutely the case with Ms. Germinator. She’ll be arriving on PS3 and PS Vita very soon, with more power-ups, more modes, and, well, more style than her gruff counterpart.

And, we should mention, this is our first cross-buy title. That’s more Ms. Germinator for your money!

Ms. Germinator takes antibacterial exploits to new extremes. You will inflate and pop vast colonies of colorful germs growing on your stuff, while skillfully using the new power-germs to devastating effect. Here, the level shapes synchronize closely with the lush, cartoony backdrops — disinfect your dog’s bowl, up close and personal.

Ms. Germinator on PS3 and PS Vita

There are literally hundreds of challenging levels in Campaign, Puzzle, Arcade, and Duel multiplayer all in need of disinfection. Have you got what it takes to 3-star them all? Frozen and contagious germs will muddy the waters, while teleporters (yes, they’ve finally been invented) and circular reflectors will make your brain hurt. Heck, we even threw in a Challenge Mode where brand new levels will be delivered regularly, free of charge, for your enjoyment! What else would you expect from one of PlayStation’s most stalwart devs?

Ms. Germinator on PS3 and PS Vita

Go grab your cleaning gear, folks — there’s a whole world of grime out there, and we need you to obliterate each and every last one of them germs… and have fun doing it!

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  • Loved the first game for free on PS+. Any discount planned for this one?

    • baldassbat, thanks for the kind comments. We’re still deciding on possible discounts at launch, watch this space!

  • i have been wondering if i should get the first i think i might………….

    • LordEleos, the truth is that you can only achieve true Germinator Nirvana by experiencing the rich tapestry of the series as a whole.

  • Looking forward to this. Really enjoyed Germinator when I got it with PS Plus. Will buy this for sure. But please no photo finish trophy this time :)

    • Nope, no photo-finish trophy. The tricky one here, actually, is in the ‘spirit’ of a certain 4 ghosts from another Ms. game from the distant past. Can you guess what it is?

  • great game i will definitionly buy part 2 .

  • I really like the first game, so I will buy this.

  • Loved the first game. Kinda wish you fixed my only problem with the first one and changed the art style to something that is easier on the eyes.

    • Thanks for all kind comments from everyone on the first game, we enjoyed making it too! On the art style: the Ms. Germinator character is a whole lot easier on the eyes than gnarly ol’ Germinator ever was…

  • I really wanted to play the first one and would love to play this one. I didn’t buy the first one because I had issues distinguishing the colors because of my colorblindness while I was trying out the demo. Does this game make accommodations for colorblind players?

    I usually don’t have issues with color-matching games but this one was one that I did.

    • Henrir, we couldn’t think of a good way to make our germ characters work for color-blindness very easily. You probably know that the usual method is to just have non-descript colored bubbles and then overlay different shapes, but the germ-faces are too detailed and will look messy with that. They do have different facial expressions, though these are hard to see at small sizes.
      So, sorry about that – we shall certainly bear this issue in mind for future games.

  • I really hope you guys fixed the leader board exploit that the previous game suffered from.
    1,999,999,999 in 5 seconds?

    • CatatonicAlex: No, the original game had no leader board bugs, and yes – they’ve been fixed in Ms. Germinator. Now, am I ready for that Bar Exam yet?

  • i bought the regular germinater day one. very fun game though i did not play more then a few good levels. il def probably pick this one up aswell.

  • I was really hoping Ms. Germinator would look just like Mr.Germinator but wearing a bow. :-(

    • Look closely, that hair-gizmo she’s wearing does have a bow-type thingy on it. Technically speaking.

  • Wow this looks great as well, I have to play the 1st game, but will get this for sure DooD!!!!!!!!

  • Germinator was an awesome game and a lot deeper than I thought it would be. Anyone who’s a fan of action-puzzlers should definitely check it out and/or this sequel.

    Now we just need you to create a sequel/spin-off/port of Labyrinth Legends for Vita!!!

    (Come on, you knew this blog post was going to go there eventually ;) ).

    • xClayMeow, now why did you think that Germinator would’ve lacked depth now, huh? Seriously, if the original could be compared to a catacomb, then Ms. Germinator is more like a gaping chasm descending endlessly into the inky depths of gameplay-ness.

      Oh, talking about catacombs – that Labyrinth Legends business on Vita is still TBD.

  • LOL, Jason. You should put that description on the game’s store page! ;)

  • This series looks like it could be fun, but honestly, I find the art style incredibly repulsive. Every time I find myself interested in it again, the videos/screenshots stop me. I really think you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot sticking to your guns like this. (How’s *that* for metaphors?)

  • FALLOUT 3 FOR PSN plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ms. Germinator is even more fun than Germinator, and different in so many ways it makes both games worth playing. Best bucks i’ve spent on puzzle / match games in a long time.

    Yet some issues might lower the satisfaction, and usability could have been improved.
    eg :
    puzzle unlocking requires x stars, yet it is easily scanned as a picture label and not a milestone.
    one of the first tutorial is quite hard.
    leader board issue displaying users with 7000000+ score with a playtime of 0 seconds.

    All in all, I’ll rate it 4.5 stars, a must buy in my book.

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