Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita: The World Unites in Battle

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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita: The World Unites in Battle

Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! In our last blog post, we provided an overview of Destiny of Spirits, a PS Vita game launching this year. Today, we’re back to share more details about its social aspects.

Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game. Players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits. The goal? Purify and save the world.

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

In Destiny of Spirits, friends will make your journey easier. Each day, The Destiny Engine — which is based on Western and Eastern astrology — will lead you to other players that the engine selects as compatible, based on a number of factors including birthday, name, and location. You’ll greet each day with new suggestions for allies across the world, and the more friends you have, the more benefits you can gain! The gameplay really opens up once you have friends. And working together with people across the world will affect how you strategically interact with Destiny of Spirits.

Trading Spirits

Spirits are unique to certain geographical locations around the globe. However, you can trade spirits with friends to grow and diversify your spirit collection, so the more friends you have increases the potential to gain more spirits — even those spirits you can’t obtain in your region. The distance between you and your friend on the map determines how long it will take to complete the trade.

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Renting Spirits

By renting spirits, you can borrow a friend’s spirit to join you in battle. Borrow the right spirit and gain from its unique “supporter skills,” which include important buffs like damage modifiers. Renting spirits costs Destiny Points, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat!

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Destiny Strike

During battle, a friend can trigger a “Destiny Strike,” a support attack for when you need it most. As you can see in the image below, a red dot will appear during battle to signal the Destiny Strike, which may be the final attack you need to take down a formidable opponent. The more friends you have, the better chance of it triggering. Do you see a pattern emerging? With Destiny of Spirits, working collaboratively with gamers around the globe will not only enhance the overall experience, but help you succeed in battle.

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

There’s a lot more to come from the Destiny of Spirits universe, so check back for more updates soon!

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3 Author Replies

  • Huzzah! Looking forward to this one.

  • Will there be micro transactions? Well atleast the type that make the game a pay to win? Cuz I dont think the world needs any more of those? If not I think I can enjoy this game

    • In Destiny of Spirits, you will have access to everything in the game for free. But you have options to purchase items to speed up your progress. You can work cooperatively with other users to support your progress too. So the pace of gameplay is up to you!

  • #2

    Well it is a free to play game. I’m sure there will be micro-transactions. Whether or not it will be too much of a grind is yet to be seen. Lots of people are using this model and I can be successful. Not sure how this model plays out with the hard-core gamer…one that typically has a Vita. The truth is…if its free…the install base is much higher. Hopefully if the game is good this model will work out for them.

  • This is an amazing new, this shows how sony is supporting Vita, i would like to know if there will be some kind of premium account features or micro transactions (wich i think theyre cool, if you like it good, if you dont, dont buy and thats it)

    Thanks Kumi !

  • day 1 thank you

  • …. I just don’t know but since it’s free i will give it a shot.

  • I hope this does better at uniting the PS Vita community than Toro did. It was an excellent idea except that you had to make real PSN friends and either delete anyone without a Vita or just forget about getting the 100 friend goal. Still a fun time passer though.

    Hopefully the friend making process for this game will not rely on the PSN friend’s list but an internal one. I get messages every so often about people clearing friends because they’re uninstalling Toro due to their list being overrun with spammers (tell 50 friends for $50 -_-) or trying to make room for “real” PSN friends.

    • Hello there. Destiny of Spirits has internal friend making process. Destiny Engine will find you the best matching friends for you every day!

  • 100 friends is nothing. I really hope they have an internal friend list engine because I’ll never have enough room to play this.

  • I saw this on the main page and started chanting “please be on vita, please be on vita!” and lo’ to my surprise it’s come to pass. I’m also part of the camp that wishes for an internal friends list. Mostly why I didn’t play toro, don’t want a friends list full of randoms I may hate. However I don’t believe that’ll be the case. Anyway, looks interesting enough. Can we invite existing friends?

  • Hope we aren’t gimped without spamming friends or adding randoms just for the game. Toro would have been better with an internal friends list instead. I liked the core concept there, but needing to add tons of “friends” to really use the dungeon and progress each area was lame.

    Hope this can be done solo.

  • Oh, and who did that amazing art?

  • I don’t really think this is my type of game, but if it’s free I may give it a shot. Although yeah, I agree an internal friends list is definitely needed for this game. To this day I’ve only added about 5 or so people from toro because I don’t really care for filling up my (already close to 100) friends list with random people and spammers.

  • I hope they announce something good for vita soon. Here’s hoping for a infamous vita or a god of war

  • This is a reason why SONy should expand Friendlist, I was playing Toro’s friend app and I couldn’t continue because I already have 99 friends when began to play it.. So I could only add friends in my list with the App, but not all my friends have Vita and much less the app, that was just annoying… So I delete it until the Friendlist is expanded, I read that for PS4 will be arround 500, but didn’t say anythiong about PS3 or PSVita’s friends list expanding…

    I suppouse that this Destiny of Spirits will work like Toro’s friend app and only could trade/ask and give help with friends of my list… So the Friendlist SHOULD BE EXPANDED NOW!

  • free to play…. thats never/rarely a good sign… sigh….
    anyways we need more rpgs on vita so bring it.

  • Not really my type of game, but I’m really happy to see a F2P Vita game! I hope it does well to pave the way for PSO2 to come West!

  • “Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game.” Well, none of that interests me. In particular, “free-to-play.”

  • Enough with the free to play social games! Way to ruin an otherwise great game. You can canceled Warrior’s Lair for this trash? I wanted an old school action RPG, not this pap.

  • Not totally sure about this game but if there’s a demo, I could be inclined to check this out.

  • Oh my bag I see there’s the free-to-play model, well I will check this out for sure DooD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im interested a bit :)

  • looking forward to this.

  • Really excited for this game, the art direction and overall aesthetic is superb. This is still on track for 2013, right?

    Additionally, I know it’s a fairly large request, but do you think we could see an “Art of Destiny of Spirits” PS Blog post, or something of the like? It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to see more of it and hear from the artists or art director if possible.

  • It’s FREE and for VITA?

    Sure I’ll try it. I hope it’s a good GAME.

    Example: ECOLIBRIUM is GREAT!!

  • Thanks for the replies. I’m excited for this game! Looks fun.

  • You know, there’s been a lot of cool games – like this one – announced for the vita and I’m just really ready to start seeing some release dates.

  • After Toro’s Friend Network, I can say with absolute certainty that these type of games do NOT interested me mainly due to the friend list limitation. Until that is increased, I am not going to bother with your product.

  • I have yet to meet a free-to-play game for a Sony device that is worth playing/isn’t horrible.

    And Micro-transaction games are ruining the Video Game industry as more and more Devs jump on the bandwagon and make mediocre-at-best games, you have to keep paying for to have any enjoyment/success.

    Now having stated my stance as quite anti F2P/microtrans… I do think this looks interesting and I’ll most likely give it a try when it comes out, so good job making this look like it’s worth a try.

  • Yet another game that focuses too much on co op has my interest level drop to 0%.

  • Thank you for your reply Kumi! You’ve just increased this game’s likability 100 fold. ^_^

  • when will this game be released

  • Day 2 this game might be the first cool free to play ^_^ toro made me get filled with spam of chain mail

  • Internal friends list? YAY!

  • crap.. still no good game in vita.. well.. wonder whats happen if killzone mercenary will be release and what? a whole year indie games will be announced? lol…

  • i wish japan would shed some light overseas, and give us the games they have

  • Looks cool. I’ll definitely play this when its available.

  • hopefully the critics review this game good when it came out on the future.

  • It looks blah in my opinion :/

  • when do this game come out i want it now.

  • I wish ps vita will die soon.. Too much indie games its not worth it in powerful handheld… A tegra 3 smartphone os have a burn zombie burn, but on vita we get a family computer graphics… Ahahaha what a waste sorry sony.. If you want a high profit please always reach the limit of ps vita! Peace all…

  • Will this game make you wait alot of time for certain commands to be done
    and can u make friend in the game that are not psn friends

  • @40, A good game is a good game, whether it’s a high profile game or an indie game. I play my Vita a lot more than my 3DS at the present time. It’s a really good system.

    Anyway, this game sounds awesome, and it has an INTERNAL friends list too! I don’t like adding people to my friends list that I am not familiar with, so I wasn’t too pleased with Toro’s Friend Network. I’ve always been interested in DoS, but now that I know DoS will have an internal friend list, I’m even more excited. When is it coming out?

  • @27, this game has an INTERNAL friend system, so you’ll have plenty of people to add before reaching the limit.

  • “Free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game”… as a lover of “paid for a complete single player game” this sounds like my worst nightmare.

  • Is there communication between players? If so how does language barriers come into play?

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