Splinter Cell Blacklist: Three Ways to Play Detailed

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Splinter Cell Blacklist: Three Ways to Play Detailed
Splinter Cell Blacklist: Three Ways to Play Detailed

As you can see in the video above, we’ve got three very distinct playstyles in Splinter Cell Blacklist. The Ghost is someone who likes to get in and out of a mission, leaving absolutely no trace of their presence. You can either avoid contact with the enemy altogether (undisturbed hostiles give you the greatest challenge and reward), or knock them out. There are plenty of gadgets tailor-made for Ghosts; the proximity shocker is one of my favorites, especially when I feel like messing around with the AI. I’ll lay down mines, fire off a sticky cam for reconnaissance and/or distraction (you can play sounds from the sticky cam to serve as a decoy), and then lure the baddies into my playground.

There’s something completely satisfying about knocking out a terrorist, leaving his body out in the open, then watching one of his buddies take notice and race over to investigate… only to get zapped. I’ll clean up my mess after that, and hide those guys in the comfort of the darkness.

The Ghost is always non-lethal, though. That’s imperative to the playstyle. If you want to use your karambit (the Indonesian knife that Sam uses in Blacklist), you’re trudging into Panther territory.

Panthers remain hidden as well, but strike with lethal force from the shadows. The close-quarter kills are impressively quick and quiet. There’s also plenty of weaponry that either comes with built-in silencers or which can be equipped through the robust customization system. The Five-seveN isn’t your default handgun anymore, but earning cash to get it (or, dare I say, even better guns) is plenty of fun. In all, we’ve got nearly 40 weapons – each individually tuned – that feel distinctly different. As long as you’ve got a silencer, and you take guys out without being detected, you’re playing as a Panther.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Assault is a different beast altogether.

If you are detected and start eliminating threats – with or without a silencer – you’ll be earning cash under the Assault playstyle. You can obviously opt into it, by going loud from the get-go, but be warned: that this will not be easy. You’ve got to accept the consequences of alerting the enemies to your whereabouts and risk getting taken out quickly. Make sure you fire first, or have your explosions be bigger than theirs. Proximity mines, grenades of various flavours, and high-calibre weaponry will be your best friends, along with your “Last Known Position.” This is the best way to get a beat on the opposition if you’re out-numbered. Your LKP pops up as a ghostly silhouette and resides where the enemy last saw you. You can use this to your advantage by being quick, using cover, and repositioning yourself to get a strategic angle on your threat.

Ideally, your survival and success will be more probable with a hefty dose of tactics, but if you just want to let off some steam… this is a solid option for you.

There’s still a lot we’re not disclosing – we want to save some surprises for you! But keep in mind, there are many ways to play Splinter Cell Blacklist. Ghost, Panther, or Assault… you can basically make your own version of Sam Fisher, equip him however you like, and have fun.

You’ll be rewarded no matter how you play, but you’ll always do better mastering one of them (even if you switch it up in different missions).

What playstyle are you hoping to master?

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  • Panther for me!

  • How about showing us some real PS3 footage !?

    That trailer is from x360/pc version with button prompts censored !!!

    Spliter Cell Double Agent was really awful port :(
    And Conviction was absent from PS3…

    Stop making horrible console ports Ubisoft…..

  • And preview/review copies you’re sending to press are all x360 versions….

    First sign that something is wrong since you’re so afraid to show ps3 version !!

  • Even WiiU has gameplay videos of Splinter Cell Blacklist but nothing on ps3….

    Yeah you really care for PS3 fans…..

  • @GOJCcc agreed. hey zack cooper there will be a day 1 digital version on PSN?

  • I love splinter cell but I will have to agree with gojccc about showing us somePS3 footage.

  • That’s…. sadly, so true :(

    @Zack can you show us some ps3 gameplay ?

  • Well, what did you expect from Ubisoft ?

    After AssassinsCreed3, FarCry3…..I expect nothing more than a bad port with screen-tearing and framerate drops.

  • @GOJCcc: Unless you work for an outlet that has received preview/review copies of the game, your accusations are completely unfounded and rude. What they are showing may not be from the PS3 build of the game, but until you have actually seen that version or read a preview that states that the PS3 build is inferior, you don’t have the right to start rumors that something is wrong with the PS3 build. I hope that Ubisoft does make a PS3 version of the game that the PS Community can be proud of. But you can only pass judgment after you play the game…until then, you should keep your crude and disrespectful comments to yourself.

  • Panther all the way….stealth FTW……cant wait to play this game.Great details and informations…thanks for sharing with us…the posts of SC Blacklist here in the blog is what is pushing me towards to buy this game.I had chosen to abandon SC series since you guys really betrayed us PS playas by making conviction only on 360 but whatever it was bad anyway…but I’ll be buying Blacklist.

  • Agreed with #9. And as for the question, PANTHER ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s not going to be the same to me without the old Sam Fisher. Say what you will about me, but he had a special impact on me. He had a badass, father-like voice, nothing too special. Just gritty and human. This new voice sounds like he’s trying too hard to be badass, it doesnt come naturally, and just sounds like a poser.
    Idk, this 3 styles of gameplay just turns me off even more, it’s not DmC, it’s Splinter Cell, you shouldn’t have to tell the player how you can play and enjoy the game.

    Hopefully I’m surprised and its a really good game though. I played Conviction like a million times. Such a good game. I will definitely miss the old guy, that’s for sure.

  • This is going to be a original game compared to all the FPS games coming out.

  • I’ll try all the styles but once the price drops which will happen soon enough. UBISOFT (along with EA) games are never worth the whole price and they know so they drop really quick.

  • Ghost sounds awesome…but hate the non-lethal part. I’m going with Panther!!

  • Beattie_theBeast

    This game looks so lame nothing like original splinter cell or a good tactical game.
    Even dumb to make players have to play a certain way, there’s a difference between character classes and just straight up you can play this this or this way, Rediculous.

  • Yeah, this doesn’t feel like Splinter Cell to me. I hope I’m wrong as I LOVE the series but aside from the proverbial graphical upgrade, this whole choose your style mechanic, makes it pretty much another third person action game. It shouldn’t be what style will you employ, it should be you’re a Splinter Cell agent slipping in and out invisible. Sure if things hit the fan you obviously need to get to work but that should be the last resort or none at all as that will be mission over.

    If I wanted to roll in guns blazing kicking ass, I have quite a few alternatives I could choose for that, a game called Splinter Cell would be my last choice. I choose the Cell games to use my noggin more than my trigger finger.

  • cool gonna give this game a try!

  • I will play Panther :D anyone who’s getting Splinter Cell:BL add me!

  • Love the splinter cell series. This game looks awesome! Can’t wait to pick this one up. Will go ghost for the first playthrough. Panther and assault for subsequent plays. Also I am looking forward to the Co-op and multiplayer.

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