PlayStation Home Update: Diamond Beach Mansion and More

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PlayStation Home Update: Diamond Beach Mansion and More

The life of Luxury is calling, are you going to answer? The First Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion is officially for sale, only in PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

Live the life you deserve in this sprawling beach oasis. This giant beach mansion comes with 14 complementary furniture items, a gorgeous kitchen and bathroom with plenty of knobs to turn and buttons to push, a grand floor to ceiling fish tank, and many more surprises inside the space. Don’t worry, the fun isn’t limited to the interior of the Diamond Beach Mansion; make sure you get out and explore the island. Go for a swim on your private beach or even catch big air on your wakeboard. Ownership of the mansion even includes access to your own private water taxi which comes in handy with your new membership to the Diamond Beach Marina and Yacht club where you can rub shoulders with Home’s most influential members.

The builders of the luxury space have been listening to your requests as well. We are happy to announce that dynamic time of day is included at the Mansion. Want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean or party all night long in your beach oasis? The choice is yours, change the time of day whenever you like and see what it feels like to be Father Time.


The First Floor is the first of four parts of the Mansion being released in the coming months; don’t forget that purchasing your first part of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to discounted prices on future portions of the Mansion as they are released. This makes it easy to go full baller status and own all four parts of the Mansion… and unlock the secret fifth portion!

As a bonus, if you buy the First Floor of the Diamond Beach Mansion within the first ten days of release, an exclusive First Floor item bundle will be included with your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of today in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

Granzella Kikai Machine Empire

Defeat the Kikai Machine Empire! The Kikai Machine Empire Invasion event starts on July 25th 2013 at 9:00PM. In order to defend against the rush of Kikai soldiers, weapons developed by the mysterious Granzella Defense Force have arrived. Come on, warriors! Pick up a weapon and protect the future of the planet with your companions!

*The special abilities of these weapons are limited to the duration of the event. (From July 25th 2013 at 9:00PM to the beginning of maintenance on August 7th 2013).

Digital Leisure Pet Shop Update/Sale

The Pet Shop has a brand new pet to unconditionally love you. Münkë, the very fashionable monkey will follow you wherever you go. His favorite hobby is putting together easy to assemble European furniture, just hand him an Allen key or a wrench and he’ll be your best friend forever. As you might have already noticed, we wanted to celebrate this new sidekick by having a one week sale on the Deluxe Aquarium Bundle. For 7 days this bundle will be 50% off! In this collection of objects you’ll get the Deluxe Tank, the Animal Fish Pack, and the Riverbed Decoration Pack. What was once already a good value, is now a fantastic value! Stop by The Pet Shop today.


nDreams Hot Tub

This luxurious, beautifully sculpted hot tub is perfect for your apartment. Hang out with up to five other people and choose from a variety of colored lights to set the mood. This appliance uses six furniture slots.


Lockwood Update

Lockwood’s Beach Beauties are having a great time on the sunny sands of the Sunset Lounge. (There’s a tongue twister for you!) They’d love for everyone to be able to share their retro style, so they’ve made their bathing suits available in the Lockwood Store AND they’ll soon be adding them to the Gift Machine. There’s a matching headscarf hairstyle for each color and in the store you can buy a value pack of both store versions plus their respective hairstyles. Show off those curves without showing off too much skin – that’s the Beach Beauty way! Also, be sure to check out the new Heels from Lockwood, out now!



Check out the latest additions to the Wrangler collection this week. Celebrate the summer sun with the Pattern Shirt & Summer Spirit T-Shirt combo for men or let your skin breath with the Dolly Tank Top for women. This week also brings a new selection of stylish footwear from VEEMEE’s inVerse Sneakers collection. With the update is a collection of lace less shoes in a variety of colors for both men and women. Then, invite your friends over for a great meal with VEEMEE’s brand new Personal Dining Experience for PlayStation Home. Indulge on a number of courses with 2, 4, 6 or 10 friends and earn rewards for doing so!


Atom Republic K-pop Crazy Bundle

Be sure to look for this bundle of K-pop Crazy from Atom Republic!

Evil Tree Studios’ Wonderland Posters

Evil Tree updates their wall art line with four fairy tale themed posters for your personal space. They also come in a bundle!

X7 VIP Update

Make time to view this week’s VIP update at x7 with VEEMEE’s 50’s Diner, Billabong and Street Style items, and Konami’s Gogo Dancer items. The gogo update is pretty big, so be sure to check it out.

This week’s update has some very unique offerings, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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  • Kikai Event should be fun. We definitely need more events like this in the future.

  • “Münkë.” *snicker!* Nice one. How’d get get outta that IKEA? :)

  • someone knows if the emails for the killzone beta are out yet ??

  • @3 Next month.

  • Is there a reason I can’t enter PSN STORE

  • This all these updates making me want to hope back into HOME… It’s been so long since I’ve my house on the hills… I might have to hop on & upgrade a few things lol

  • HAHA! i see what you did there with that monkey! good one!

    also, i got a question for you guys. is home going to be on ps4? i know that question has been asked a lot, but i think that answer would bring justice to the many people who has invested in the software.

  • please do NOT bring home to ps4 and do us all a favor

  • We need men’s v-necks!

  • I’ve been with Sony for a while and there the best and I hope they stay better than Xbox

  • @ fathead170

    Shut it.

    Question: When will we get word on if PS Home will/will not come to PS4?

  • maybe gamescom2013 when they announce the release date but I honestly doubt it im sure they will announce it sometime before the ps4 releases

  • @3

    If you’re referring to the Killzone Mercenary Beta code you got from the virtual E32013 booth in Home, you should already have the code; in which, you can redeem it starting August 21, 2013.

  • This Mansion is noting but a Gimmick , big deal I can turn on the fan , big deal I can turn on the faucets , big deal I can turn on the stove or open the refrigerator , is not like my avatar would be able to feel anything, or me for that matter . The most annoying thing for me was the front Beach, which the texture looks Horrible, and you can’t even go into the water , then the annoying tv , non stop Sony Promo , I already own the Gold Mansion , why would I want 2 mansions with some lame lion wearing jewelry, are you people running out of ideas ? How convenient the Gold Mansion and the Diamond Mansion are not related but it just so happens that the 14.99 price tag is .
    Sony can put out crappy movies like John carter and the Longer Ranger , Pay Millions to actors but they can’t get a music license so that we can get music in Home. If you want 15 dollars out of my purse make places with more creativity , less gimmicks and more functionality .

  • I rather pay 14.99 for a place with no Tacky Rewards for my guests , less Gimmicks but instead a place that offers me functionality like a TV with apps for example , like Sony Internet TV , which comes equipped with YouTube, Skype, Facebook, etc etc etc. Your excuse for charging 14.99 is because it comes with Rewards, well , those Rewards are Tacky and the furniture you can save it , I got my own. Take away the Rewards and the furniture and you got an Overly priced personal space, full of Gimmicks , and please , whoever thought of having a lion , a really fake looking lion , walking around wearing jewelry should of been to,d that this was a Bad idea, you guys have a creative team, your Job is to create , not to paste and copy , Horrible , just Horrible .

  • I’m wondering if anyone knows information about where to find the treasure map i got one out of four rewards and also where is the mini game I’m supposed to play with the metal detector? I hope they update this place soon

  • I’ve found event rewards for kikai yeppie!

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