Zeno Clash II on PS3 Today, Inside the Wild World of Zenozoik

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Zeno Clash II on PS3 Today, Inside the Wild World of Zenozoik

Zeno Clash II on PS3

Zeno Clash II is a first-person brawler developed by ACE Team, a development studio founded by a trio of game-developing brothers from Chile. The world they created for Zeno Clash II is a wondrous, colorful world filled with some of the most outlandish and eye-catching creations in all of gaming.

To catch players up a bit of the game’s background – in the original Zeno Clash, the protagonist Ghat, a relatively normal looking humanoid, was one of many children of Father-Mother, a 12-foot tall bird-like creature of indeterminate gender who lead a very large and diverse family. Through circumstance, Ghat learns that Father-Mother created their unique family by abducting babies and then raising them, forcing him to fight his siblings escape alone with the dangerous secret. In the end, Ghat gains the aid of a cryptic, omniscient being known simply as the Golem, and Father-Mother is imprisoned after a final battle that reveals the truth and causes the family to disband. All this leaves the Golem to move forward with his mysterious agenda.

Still with me? Good.

The heart of Zeno Clash II’s gameplay is its intense first-person combat. L2 and R2 on DualShock 3 correspond to left and right punches respectively, and combinations will be essential to surviving the game’s melee brawls. While it’s easy to throw a quick flurry of punches, run away, regain stamina and run back in to throw more punches, combos add a flair of artistry to the wild combat. The simplest combo is using L2 and R2 at the same time to execute a hammer fist strike, a nice coup de grace that will knock enemies away. It’s also an effective finisher to alternating right and left attacks. Using dodge is essential for surviving, but dodge and attack turns into a deadly cross punch.

Zeno Clash II on PS3Zeno Clash II on PS3

The most important thing for combat is keeping an eye on the stamina bar. When the silver bar in the HUD runs out, you won’t be able to sprint for safety or even throw punches effectively (you’ll notice your screen getting a grayish cast to it). Stamina conservation is critical to surviving in Zeno Clash II.

The biggest departure between Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash II is the game’s new open-world focus. Zeno Clash II has tons of bizarre architecture, life-forms and characters. Exploration is encouraged as there are plenty of side quests, collectibles and areas to discover.

Zeno Clash II will be out later today for $14.99 on PSN!

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11 Author Replies

  • This game looks……..different. Any chance there’s a demo?

  • Dumb “first” clowns.

    And please Atlus, don’t get bought out by Nintendo or Microsoft!

  • This game be crazy YO!

  • I wanted to play this when it released earlier this year but my laptop can’t run it so I was about to YouTube it until I saw it was coming to PSN. To bad I’m broke!

  • Um does it have move support? if not no thanks I want to throw some punches

  • still have my copies of robopon will be giving atlus more money this friday. cAn not wait to pick this up

  • Is there Co op in this?

  • What about Europe ?

    Is Zeno Clash also getting released in Europe tommorow ?


  • is there a coop mode

  • Will be buying this as soon as possible. have enough currently for dragon’s crown (i hope there is a digital release…).
    This will come soon afterwards though, once i have the money. so can’t today but hopefully next month.

    LOVED the first one a lot on steam. i loved how unique the combat was, and how colorful and interesting the world seemed. it’s deff a hidden gem, and hope this one is the same way. can’t wait to finally be able to play the second.

    For those that are thinking about it. buy this. you won’t be disappointed if its anything like the first one, and it looks even better. It’s worth every penny, really unique combat etc. go for it!

  • Dragon’s Crown is indeed getting digital releases :)

    Glad you liked the first one! ZC2 upgrades a lot of things – graphics engine, real time lighting, etc. And lock-on for combat!

  • that’s awesome! i really can’t wait to play it. it seems like the first one came out forever ago. wasn’t even aware the sequel was coming to ps3, i was going to buy the pc version. but i prefer controllers.

    Would it be possible to see the first zeno clash on PSN eventually? i would double dip.

  • I have part one on Steam & never played it. Sad I know… LOL

  • I may check this out eventually.

  • @ MartB64: Despite what Mr. Hardin says, there does appear to be a demo available, at least from the web store, which should be able to push the game to your PS3. Not sure about the PS3 Storefront.


  • @ MartB64: Despite what Mr. Hardin says, there does appear to be a demo available, at least from the web store, which should be able to push the game to your PS3. Not sure about the PS3 Storefront.


    EDIT: forgive me if this double posts… forgot to edit the link so it wouldn’t get moderated. Hopefully they’ll delete the other comment rather than approve it.

  • I just wanted to let people know that while they said above that their wouldn’t be a demo there is. It’s on the Playstation Store now so go ahead and download it and check it out.

  • ………

  • ATLUS?


  • What about the original Zeno Clash?

    will that get a release on PS3?

  • Ooooo PLEASE ATLUS, DON’T SELL TO NINTENDO. All world need some atlus love u.u

  • I’m definitely glad to chime in my support for this game, the first is a crazy fun game built in the source engine on steam and I’ve been drooling over the thought of playing ZC2 CoOp with my girl, if I don’t buy it on the PS3, you can be assured I’ll get it on Steam :) I think my PC’d make it look better, but I bet there’s Vibration feedback on the PS3 controllers which makes the game feel better :)

  • wow…game looks good! very unusual, I love games like that. :)

  • I played the demo & I felt that the controls were difficult to use even though I spent at least 30 minutes in the tutorial before I went into the campaign.

    I did enjoy the art style & graphics though. It was refreshing to experience something different from the usual games that are available.

    I really wanted to like this game but maybe the controls will be a bit more polished in ZC3 perhaps.

  • First person brawler with a bit of adventure I would think? I mean judging by the trophies and synopsis I guess I could gather that much. It popped up on the store and I was immediately intrigued. I’m tight for cash, but I’d love to support the team and Atlus for throwing their hand in. I get paid this Thursday and I will pick this up, Albeit less than $20, no offense on that one. I gotta eat from time to time haha!

  • yeah this game looks crazy! Big fan by the way.

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