PlayStation Home: Kick Back in the Diamond Beach Mansion

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PlayStation Home: Kick Back in the Diamond Beach Mansion

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the new definition of luxury in PS Home: The Diamond Beach Mansion!

It’s time to upgrade from your Harbor Studio and move to your own personal island paradise. The Diamond Beach Mansion is luxury; our designers have worked tirelessly creating the most opulent personal space available in Home.

Much like the exclusive Mansion #1, the Diamond Beach Mansion was designed in four distinct sections, all releasing in the coming months.

PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

First to release is the spacious First Floor. The First Floor contains a kitchen that would make any celebrity chef jealous, with more interactivity than any other personal space inside of Home. The ground floor also has a floor to ceiling aquarium, which you can maintain to help the aquatic life thrive. Because an empty mansion isn’t much of a mansion at all, the First Floor comes with 14 complementary furniture and decorative items as well as a gift machine with plenty of exclusive items to give your esteemed guests.

The fun isn’t limited to the interior of the Diamond Beach Mansion; the surrounding island has plenty to see and do. Go for a swim in the ocean on your private beach or catch big air behind your speed boat on your wakeboard in the new mini game. Ownership of the mansion even includes a membership to the Diamond Beach Marina and Yacht club where you can rub shoulders with Home’s most influential members. Hang out with Home’s most prestigious users in the bar, or catch up some rays with other beautiful people in an oceanside cabana.

PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

The movers and shakers inside of Home have been asking for control – the control of time. Since the Diamond Beach Mansion pulls out all the stops, the builders of the Mansion are happy to announce that they have listened. Dynamic control of time of day and night is included in the Mansion. Want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, or party all night long in your beach oasis? The choice is yours — change the time of day whenever you like and see what it feels like to be Father Time.

The First Floor is the first of four parts of the Mansion being released in the coming months; don’t forget that purchasing your first part of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to discounted prices on future portions of the Mansion as they are released. This makes it easy to go full baller status and own all four parts of the Mansion and discover all the secrets they hold… which of course unlocks the secret fifth portion!

If the life of beach luxury wasn’t enough we’re excited to announce that if you buy the First Floor of the Diamond Beach Mansion within the first ten days of release, a bonus exclusive First Floor item bundle will be included with your purchase. This bundle’s combination of clothing and decorative items will give your seaside mansion even more flare to show off.

So what are you waiting for? Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of today in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

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  • Looks awesome i might get it like i got all of the parts of the other mansion

  • This looks cool and sounds great, but worried about the price one, and is that all for the update?

  • this probably will cost even more expensive than the original mansion

  • I swear this space is totally amazing Loving the first level. (Way bigger than the first mansion) I think it will still be the same price of the first mansion I wonder if the second floor will be discounted. Like the previous space.

  • @3 $14.99

  • @2 & 3: $14.99 for the first section. Knowing so it’ll probably follow the same pricing as the original mansion.

    $14.99 first part
    $9.99 second part
    Then $4.99 for the third and forth parts

    So roughly $35 for the full space

    Don’t buy into this nonsense. I have the full original mansion and its by far not worth it, in the least. Can’t believe they’re trying to do this again.

  • I have the Gold Mansion, i bought into the “be the baller, mover and shaker crap ” now see all 4 parts of my mansion, Total Waste . For me the best Personal space in Home is LOOT Night Time estate, at least you get over 50 music stations, and you can hear the music all over your personal space , crackle, (full lenght movies ) swim in the pool , all the furniture, 1 locomotion and more,
    To think whoever came up with the idea of making this Mansion and have it priced at 14.99 is ridiculous, that time of over changing us for a personal space is OVER , people know better , I know better .
    If this Mansion came with a big TV , and it had Youtube , Facebook , a list of movies we bought fromt he PS STORE, Music we have in our Hard drive, maybe then 14.99 would be worth it .
    Just because you put Pre set Furniture doesnt mean anything, specially when i can put My Own furniture .

  • And now that we are talking about Mansions , when is the number of Furniture Slots gonna go up, 100 furniture items are not enough , just like 50 wasnt enough , 100 is not enough either, not when most of the furniture are Active items , It has to go up to 200 for us to be able to work it .
    When will we have a Color Customization for our Pop Op colors, it would be better than the 8 extra colors you gave us . Color Customization for our Pop Ops and Color Customization for our Skin.

  • @7 Legal restrictions.

  • Something else i dont get , why is this Mansion priced at 14.99 ? Shouldn`t it be at 6.99 for those of us that Already own the Gold Mansion . Do you people think you are Hot Shots , giving everybody the same price when other companies in Home are making discounts for those of us that already own something of theirs .
    This mansion will be a big Fail , word of mouth is powerful, and im here suggesting , bring the price down for those of us that already own the Gold mansion .

  • Ok fine , Legal Restrictions, what about having this place at a Discounted price for people that already own the Gold Mansion, or it`s there an excuse as to why is not at a lower price .

  • Yeah, well guess what, Ra? I just bought it, because I like it. I liked the Gold Mansion. Go ahead and post all day while I’m enjoying my new mansion.

  • This is good to see more content coming to PS Home.

  • @11 The Gold Mansion came out 2 years ago. This is not related to that.

  • I’m going to hop on into HOME & see what has changed since i last i was there…

  • The mansion is very nice. I like how they also give the home owner the extra bundle for free. The only thing that might be a concern is placing the furniture.

  • Found it not worth the money and they did not discount the second floor. I had to pay the full price..The upper patios do allow allow items to be put on balcony. The items you want to add as furnishing show up at other locations than the room you attempt to add them too. It’s every hard to add items and you quickly run out of space. Then the second floor is not like mansion with room for another 100 items but you use the 100 items for the whole place even though unlike the mansion they have less furnishing. Sure there are nice things about it but I am not that impressed with there effort compared to others.

  • Paris Apartment Has rugs and curtains that you add and don’t count toward the 100. The bathrooms are more impressive and you can put furnishings on the balcony. Avalon Keep has the adjustable time and was only $9.99 with the extra rooms much less. I can not believe Sony has ripped me for $50 for the 2 floors and the 2 bundles and has a no return policy even when it does not seem to work. Then they talk about how I will get the bonus for the first 10 days of purchase. Avalon had an impressive crown and I’ve yet to see anything. I can not even find but two items out of 14 needed for the metal detector game..The spaces and items I got with the Hollywoods Hills 20$ ultimate bundle was more impressive and they recently had to sell it at $9.99 for there sale price.

  • Seems like they are only offering a place to meet others that will not care about money. For the price it should have been much better. The mansion second rooms are only $4.99 and why have a diamond stopping you from moving around between the two floors and not have it set up like the mansion when you can add 100 items at each location. I like taking the boat or water taxi. home from the club, They just need to fix it some and they really need to do something to allow more than 100 items 500 could be put out when so many count as 25 or more. How can I set up a fireworks pod and not restrict some other area. The beach and outside should already have there own 100 items. I needed 33 items to setup my ultimate aquarium from digital leisure so I could feed them both at the same time period. That is also an aquarium with many more options than this one

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