God of War: Ascension Co-op Weapons Unleashed

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God of War: Ascension Co-op Weapons Unleashed
God of War: Ascension Co-op Weapons Unleashed

The team at Sony Santa Monica has been working on an array of new Weapons, Armors, Maps, and more for your Champions. Today, we’re pleased to unveil a whole new set of Weapons made especially for executing brutal Co-op Moves. With more than 10 possible Co-op moves, these Mythological Heroes Weapons make an excellent addition to any arsenal. The new Co-op Weapons include:

  • Spear of Achilles
  • Hammer of Odysseus
  • Sword of Orion
  • Sword of Perseus

God of War: Ascension on PS3God of War: Ascension on PS3

We’ve also added Mythological Heroes Armors, previously reserved for those who pre-ordered God of War: Ascension. These include the Armor of Achilles, Odysseus, Orion, and Perseus.

The Mythological Heroes Weapons are available now on the PlayStation Network Store, simply search for “God of War”.

How do I use Co-op Weapons?

These weapons were designed to execute Co-op Moves easily to deliver heavy blows to your opponents. Here’s how they work:

  1. Equip one of the four Co-op Weapons
  2. Enter any Multiplayer Mode for God of War: Ascension
  3. Execute either your L1 Triangle or L1 Square special attacks
  4. Upon special attack execution, a Green Halo will appear over your Champion’s head
  5. Have a Teammate tether you when the Green Halo appears to begin the Co-op Move

God of War: Ascension on PS3

Only one player has to have a Co-op Weapon equipped to perform a special Co-op Move, but feel free to have as many teammates equipped with them as you like. The more mayhem, the better.

A new way to test out Co-op Weapons is coming soon… Until then, follow @SonySantaMonica on Twitter and stay tuned to www.godofwar.com for updates and more.

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  • Interesting! New GoW stuff! No wait,there’s too much,so make some new DLC for PS All-Stars

  • I love it thanks
    The gods are pleased

  • Awesome! Cant wait to try them!

  • Hey folks, the Mythological Heroes Weapons Pack will be available just as soon as the PSN Store updates today. We will also have a strategy article up on our site at http://www.godofwar.com

    PS All-Stars Fans – respectfully, please do not use this thread to voice concerns on an unrelated subject. Tweet to us @SonySantaMonica or hit the PlayStation All-Stars forums. That is where the conversation is happening.

    Please respect the PlayStation Blog policy (look to the right) and stay on-topic. We are more than happy to converse on topic on the appropriate channels and subject matter.

    Thank you for understanding and respecting the comments stream.

  • Well said, Aaron!

  • BTW…loved GOW: Ascension, but could never really get into the multiplayer. Looking forward to Santa Monica’s next project!

  • I hope you are hinting at an upcoming co-op mode. I am still sitting on the fence about getting this game and a co-op mode will seal the deal. I know you can’t tell us until you are ready to announce it, but am I getting warmer?

    • We do have a co-op mode in the game, it is called Trial of the Gods and we just updated it a few weeks ago with two new maps as well:


      The mode doesn’t support “couch play”, but via PSN Online you can party up with a friend and co-op at it.

      These co-op weapons can also be used in Trial of the Gods, that’s double the co-op fun.

  • This is not a PlayStation All-Stars article, it is off-topic, please respect that. There are other official ways (Twitter, Forums) to discuss this conversation among-st the community and us. Thanks

  • Please make the MP part of this game FREE for PLUS!!!

  • Hopefully the store updates soon so I can start using those new weapons.

  • I’ve got to get back into this multiplayer. I love it, but I’m just so terrible at anything competitive online. LoL!

  • I still have yet to get Ascension. I’ve never been a fan of God of War, and the only possible incentive for me would’ve been two free characters that nobody asked for, and which the poor sales of lead a company to ignore many fans and shut down the content they actually wanted.

    It’s going to take a lot for me to purchase any game with your title on it, Sony Santa Monica. I’m sick and tired of seeing the likes of StarHawk and Twisted Metal being shoved aside for God of War.

    • Starhawk and Twisted Metal have not been pushed aside and both are being maintained with online match-making and server support. Both also have extremely passionate communities keeping the playing fields active.

      Starhawk in particular received a considerable amount of DLC, patch support, and a companion app and is still running strong amongst the community.


      The passion is understood and heard on all fronts.

      We did not shut down any PLANNED content. The images and characters being discussed were concept art that did not make the cut. In game development, this happens frequently and is why the concept art process exists.

      We understand the passion and desire completely, and will continue doing our best to always listen and learn.

      Thanks again

  • Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK SMS!!

  • Will this God Of War come to the PS Store? I love downloading games from the PS Store now I have more digital games then I do on disk. I would love to download it. Thank you…

  • Awesome! Will the co-op weapons cost the same as previous dlc weapons?

  • Haha….

    2 shields one cup


    My back itches, can you stab it

    Those were my favorites.

    GoW: Ascension MP is completely bananas and I am heavily addicted to it. There is not a single game on current-gen systems that is anything like Ascension’s MP. Thanks for taking the GoW universe into a MP realm where fans of the series can battle with each other instead of just talking about the epic moments of SP.

    Very much looking forward to new 8-player objective maps. I know there is one coming soon, but I hope more will be released in the future. Even if that is not the case, the MP is fantastic and I will keep playing.

  • @KidCommando

    You should try out anarchy reigns. Although the online portion is pretty much dead. It is a toss up for me on brawlers on which one is better. I enjoy both Ascension MP and Anarchy Reigns MP. Both so much fun!

  • Great Community Strategy.

    Oh GOW MP is awesome, thanks so much for supporting this game. All I asked was SP dlc?

    Chill out

  • @sawao_yama

    Yeah, I watched a few gameplay videos of Anarchy Reigns. It looks pretty cool and I will have to check it out at some point. My backlog is ridiculously large and don’t think I will ever catch up before PS4 drops. I haven’t even finished the SP of GoW:A yet. Every time I get to the main title screen I just have to hit the MP option. Ascension is one hell of a drug!

    anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

  • Well then obviously you don’t care about anything but your precious God of War so let me talk about that. GoW:A was quite possibly the WORST game in the series and I am surprised…No APPALLED that it is getting DLC while other games are left in the dust with little to no support.

  • REALLY……Aaaaaron Coughman..REALLY??..lol @ 19…by the GOD of Zeus ..im SHOCKED you feel that way. Its the first GOD OF WAR GAME WITH ONLINE and they are going an AMAZING JOB supporting it. So what if they dont make new DLC for STARAWK or PSASBR ..this is not the place to HATE..so DONT BE A JERK!!..lol

  • Kratos has been in many cross-overs but needs his own. How about a MK challenge of the Gods. Small story, GOW arena match fighting and then bring those character to the MP.

    I am gonna give the game another try. mk shaolin monks style

  • @20 Yes I know they are doing a great job supporting it, but to be fair the story was terrible in GoW:A and he MP is completely meh. The point I was making is that SSM IS supporting it, and yet they ignore all the other games that were given to them. GoW:A most certainly does not deserve all the support it is getting I am disappointed in SSM.

  • Aaron Kaufman:
    “We did not shut down any PLANNED content. The images and characters being discussed were concept art that did not make the cut. In game development, this happens frequently and is why the concept art process exists.”

    So what about the Zeus and Isaac costumes?

  • Wow this is a really cool idea. Figured that after Ghost of Sparta you guys would keep rolling with this just seemed like the way to go :)

  • Nice. I also like the one on one match you guys added(wish you guys would have added the winner of the matches god that would give the thumbs down animation which would allow you to do some CRAZY fatality! But still cool mode!) I just wanted to know if a new weapon class was coming or was that rumor?

    • It’s not rumor, the 4th weapon class is coming, it is Gauntlets! Teased at the end of our recent 1v1 trailer

  • Hay Soondragon76 go get an XBOX so you can do some real complaining!

  • @Aaron Kaufman – I can’t believe I missed it when you announced the co-op mode. That sounds very cool and your game has just made its way onto my buy list.

  • @26 I don’t need another TV sorry, I already have one.

  • Sounds pretty cool. I haven’t played multiplayer in months because my backlog is huge but I liked it. Now I need to Google what the season pass gives you so I can download all that stuff. Unless you care to list everything?! :D

    • The Season Pass includes all paid DLC content except the XP Multipliers, it’s fairly substantial and will also include the upcoming Gauntlets

  • So… When will you guys bring the game to psn store?

  • Please make a offline or a couch playable version of the Trial of the Gods mode. It’d be great when a friend comes over we can fight side by side on one TV!!!

  • I haven’t played this in awhile, gotta get back into this.

  • If it isn’t GoW then it isn’t going to get support by SSM it seems.

  • @KidCommando

    You are welcomed and yes, ascension is one hell of a drug!

  • Will you guys add MP trophies? I have platinum’d the game for a while and haven’t been all that motivated to play the MP… it is fun but I’d like a goal.

  • C’mon guys. You’re really bugging SSM.

    Leave the All-Stars chat, in its respective area.

    I really, really (REALLY) wanted more DLC, and am upset that there are none coming, HOWEVER, I’m just happy they’re working on net-stability. SSM’s a good team, and right here, right now, this is GoW time.

    So please, leave the All-Stars chat out. Thanks.

    Moo <3

  • hey aaron would u guys kindly open up the region locks for online gaming? i stopped playing GoW A online thanks to the matchmaking being so poorly implemented. Always getting stock fighting the same ppl over and over again. I live in Puerto Rico and i can only fight puertorricans…. dude… it really gets annoying. same happens to PS AS BR. And same happened to Modnation racers but they opened the region matchmaking and it was awesome. hoping u do the same.

    also while i agree that this forum its all about GoW and we should not talk about All Stars…. tell me when Santa monica has come back to the ps blog to talk about All Stars to talk with the community about problems or updates? thats why ppl talk about it in here.

    Im a day one buyer of PSAS and GoWA. and I LOVE both games but for real show it some more love to PSAS HERE ON THE PS BLOG. The game while its awesome it could have been so much better in ur hands than in superbot, Santa Monica being one of the greatest on Sonys catalog in my opinion.

    Pls if theres someone in the development team who would be willing to chat with me about All Stars let me know where and when.

  • Are you guys making a Digital version of god of war: A any time soon? Also have you guys thought of a free to play Xplayer like uncharted 3? Might help boost sales and newcomers

  • Not trying to be rude but I CANT FIND THE $*@% SEASON PASS ANYWHERE! So does that mean if I want to play with all these new weapons & armor I have to buy each pack which would add up to $40 not including the new co-op weapons & armor plus the gauntlets that are coming. Dudes isn’t cool at all by the time you guys bring out all the DLC if I want to get it it would have cost me the price of the game itself. Why would you restrict the seasons pass to CE only that’s kind of a bad business move and well dumb!

  • I second @Caipling’s idea that sounds awesome! Also please make a digital version of this game. GOW:A and Space Marine are the greatest online hack n slash games

  • I much rather see Offline Co-op and some new added on trophies to earn on MP.

  • Support PSASBR.

  • So you delete my comments when you cannot find a way to prove me wrong, Sony Santa Monica? All you are doing is kindling a hatred in fans. Look at forums–People are growing to dislike God of War because of y’all. It seems as if all that you care about is milking it until finally people stop buying it, whereas the games that were handed to you (So you could SUPPORT them) are left to wither and die.

    SUPPORTING is not hosting online servers. SUPPORTING is nurturing the game and its community, and watching it grow. SUPPORTING is fixing something’s flaws, and expanding on what makes it great. SUPPORTING is talking to the fans, telling them what goes wrong so that they won’t have to resort to creating a petition and spamming a silent company if even just to TELL THEM why things went wrong.


  • (Continued)

    A DISCUSSION must be two-sided. So far all that y’all have done is tell a group of fans that love a game with flaws but a great potential that a certain highly requested character was no more than concept art, not why he didn’t make the cut.

    I am sorry to spell things out so bluntly for you all, but it appears that my previous comment must’ve not made a lasting impact, or else you could fabricate a lie to try and tell yourselves that we’re wrong. I am trying to be as respectful as I can, but every time you hide behind the delete button I find it harder and harder.

    Stop hiding from us behind God of War. Stand up and respond to the responsibilities handed to you. If you try and delete this comment, fret not, I have this one backed up. We WILL be heard.

  • essas espadas,martelo e lança podia vir gratuito para quem comprou o jogo na pre-venda

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