Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls

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Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls
Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls

Hi everyone, today we’re unveiling the second of our four-part Making Of series for BEYOND: Two Souls.

Hear from writer/director David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream on what BEYOND will be like to play, and how the team redesigned the user interface to provide a more intuitive and immersive gameplay experience than the studio’s previous title, Heavy Rain.

We’ll have the third part of the series next week, which will dive into more detail on the year-long motion capture shoot that was undertaken for BEYOND: Two Souls, and you’ll hear from lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe on what it was like to be involved in such an ambitious project.

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  • Can’t wait!

  • My expectations are high based on how much I liked Heavy Rain, so I am really hoping BEYOND manages to match and ideally exceed them :-)

  • Amazing, the game is as always looking very good, Quantic Dream is making one hell of game here, and the story does looks awasome. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Looks really cool, but IGN recently did a piece on this where they were a little doubtful. They admitted that they only played a small section at a noisy & crowded convention, and Quantic Dream games are meant to be played in a much different environment. This game is still definitely on my radar, but I’d really appreciate a demo before purchasing.

  • No offense to David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream but they need to play test this in the states. I’ve read from a major gaming website that the controls were horrible. Since Fahrenheit, control schemes were in my opinion, very French. Please give us an option to modify the controls. Other than that, looking superb and very compelling. I can’t wait!

  • Really liked Heavy Rain. If the story of Beyond is as immersive as HR, then I would consider it to be a rousing success!

  • Game looks great and i hope the storyline is really good. :) Keep up the great work Quantic Dream.

  • Already pre-order .But not at gamespot I dont have bonus content pre-order :(

  • i wasn’t a fan of Quantum Dream’s previous two pretentious $60 interactive movies. So i’ll be passing on this one.

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Can you guys put Heavy Rain on the PSStore already. I hope this game goes on the store as well. I’m so done with disk & GameStop.

    Please add your games to the PSN Store.

  • Wanna be movie game…yippee.
    This has gotta be my least favorite genre.

    LoL at all the people saying this ALPHA footage looks good too, did you see that pay phone receiver? It looked like nintendo 64! They better polish polish polish!

  • This game looks so god damn amazing. I love HR…. and with Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page I have a feeling my life is going to be consumed by this game. CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS GAME!!!

  • Ross you and your team at Quantic Dreams and awesome.. Love y’alls work I can not wait to get my hands on this game. Any word on a new story on a second heavy rain? Like a follow up. Sorry a fan can only dream right? But Dream Big!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guys

  • This isn for some reason a game that’s not on alot of peoples radar, don’t know why because this will be epic!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game is going to be awesome! It’s a shame that not that many people are talking about it. I hope Sony markets it well so more people check it out.

  • Day 1 Digital please and thank you!

  • Just chiming in saying I already paid off the game but I will not watch the video as I’m on a media blackout for this game. Don’t want anything spoiled.

  • Really Ryomoau?

    Pretentious? Is that the new “cool” thing to do? Label anything that goes too over your head as being pretentious?

    Your comment has to be the cringiest thing I’ve read this week.

    I keep noticing a repeating pattern anytime there is an update on Beyond: Two Souls. We get it, you think you are too good for this and other games by QUANTIC(not Quantum) Dream.

    Do you have a point you are trying to make, besides trying to desperately look as if you are too good for the game?

    Geeze, I’ll never understand people like you.

  • Looking forward to Beyond, any chance this and Heavy Rain will get a PSN release? Really want both games on my hard drive.

  • Wow, I wasn’t really expecting to see such polarization amongst PlayStation users for this title, but not everyone loves online shooters (can’t stand them on consoles) or games that are too Japanese-based (aka the titles I love) so it makes sense for this game to have that effect (although I honestly don’t know how controls can “feel French”, lol maybe I missed the “press baguette button” in the last two games =p).

    After watching that video though, I’m curious who did the voice acting as well as the mo-cap for child Jodie (is Ellen Page just *that awesome*? =).

  • You gotta love originality that’s the best way to describe this game!!!!!!!!

  • I hate having to wait.

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