DUST 514: Suit Up and Roll Out With New Battle Kits

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DUST 514: Suit Up and Roll Out With New Battle Kits

DUST 514 on PS3

In DUST 514, a massively multiplayer free-to-play first-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation 3, you can build an empire, wage war on a galactic scale and change the notorious sci-fi universe of EVE Online forever. But you can’t do it without the right gear.

As an immortal mercenary, you’ll want to outfit your battle clones with the best dropsuits, weapons, enhancements and equipment to suit your fighting style. The customization options are nearly endless and with a galactic battlefield that’s constantly shifting, you’ll need to experiment with the latest military tech to maximize your performance.

One of the best ways to test out new gear in DUST 514 is with a newly offered Featured Fit. These fully-fitted dropsuit and vehicle setups are custom-made by our designers to showcase the combat advantages of individual races, weapons, defensive strategies and more. Featured Fits are ready to go and don’t require any skill training to equip, so Mercs can use them without burning through hard-earned Skill Points. Just slot them onto your character of choice, and hop into battle.

DUST 514 on PS3

This week we have two Featured Fits available on the PlayStation Store in the form of the DUST 514 Battle Kit, which bundles 15 deadly Amarr dropsuit fits and 5 ultra-efficient Saga-II Light Assault Vehicles fits, for a deadly combination of shield-enhanced destruction.

In typical Amarr fashion, the Harbinger bristles with laser weapons, but this fit is also armed with augmented shields, allowing you to lay down the burn for longer as you take enemy fire. The LC-225 Saga-II Militia Light Assault Vehicle gets you into battle quicker, and its enhanced shielding helps you stay there.

The DUST 514 Battle Kit hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow for just $0.99. And if you want to make the most of your time with the Harbinger and Saga, pick up the DUST 514 Battle Kit with Active Booster ($1.99) to increase the rate of your skill point gain during combat.

If you’re not already building your own empire in New Eden, download and play DUST 514 today, completely free, and find out why it’s the deepest, most meaningful FPS you’ve ever played. And if you agree that the best empires are built with lasers and LAVs, start your mercenary career with the DUST 514 Battle Kit.

See you on the battlefield.

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  • When is dust 514 coming to PC ?

  • Please, I want Dust 514 on Vita!!!

  • Q: You know what would help this game immensely and get more people to play it?

    A: The implementation of trophies.

  • @3
    Bingo. I’d fire it back up for sure.

  • I really wanted to enjoy Dust 514, but the whole idea of losing your gear whenever you die turned me off forever. I got some gear for being a PS+ member, and I never got around to using it because I knew I would be dead a minute or two after joining the game (I’m not quite that good at FPS).

    Oh, well.

  • Can’t blame them for trying to make a buck, but please, before you spend a penny of real world money, go to the DUST 514 forums and simply choose a thread at random in general discussion.

    You have about a seventy percent chance of happening upon a topic about nerfs, a request for respecs, or a thread japing about the recent nerf of this or that. I fully expect them to change the game, after all, they are certainly neophytes with respect to first person shooters.

    But be advised: when they change a substantive element of the game, you may have spent more than a month of real world time earning the skill points to use that item. CCP has draconian and anachronistic policies about giving you those skill points back.

    Their typical policy is not to.

  • Are there going to be more game modes. I want more from dust 514. Fun game modes will bring all the people back.

  • DUST 514 is a pretty god game… that reminds me…Ima play some STARHAWK TONITE!! BEST SIFI 3RD PERSON MPO SHOOTER…IMO!!

  • yeah. yeah. yeah. just hurry up and fix the bug that keeps crashing my ps3 so i can play the game again.

  • PRETTY GOOD* sorry keyboard is kinda sticky – because my son spilled fruit juice on it – just to be clear and keep all the nerd pervs jokes at bay. Also i dont think its a good idea to lose your gear after you die..kinda takes out the fun in the game when you have to resuit up your character again :/

  • Too bad DUST514 is terrible. I gave it chance after chance after chance. The shooting mechanics are what kill that game. Too bad. I really wanted to like DUST514. Sadly,i can’t.

  • This is a terrible, terrible game. Even if it has a ‘five year plan’ as they keep touting, they should have not released it as a fully finished game. It’s so broken. Why has Sony continued advertising this garbage?

  • Hey guys, Use this link to start your Dust 514 account and you will get a Free Blueprint Original( Never runs out) Recruit Assault Rifle, and a 7-day Active Skill booster. ( Helps you level up faster) After find me in game and I can help you out, whether Making fits or just support on the battlefield. Good Luck Mercs o7


    Fly Safe Shoot Straight.
    Da Harbinger

  • This is great, good to see more content for this MMO.

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    Free Booster Pack! – Skill Points Earned FASTER

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    Use it to buy up to:

    50x Baloch Light Assault Vehicle
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  • good but had alot of issue with the beta they did. with a 27 mb line. and also the awful menus screen for weapons

  • I think worries over losing gear is overly done. A decent drop suit fitting for newer players will only run you about 14k ISK — and that’s for a heavy — and any decent player will probably make 180k per match. I don’t worry about the money, it’s the skill points that are more precious than gold. Mistakes on the skill tree can make you want to scrap a character altogether at times.

    Not a perfect game, not by a long shot, but enjoyable, and probably even more so for those with a regular corp & squad.

  • Free to play is awesome. Game looks cool and still haven’t been able to get to it. With my time spent on PlayStation Home and other great games hopefully I could get to this one soon.

  • I don’t think I would ever spend money on BPC (consumables). The packs that have BPO (unlimited use) items offer so much more bang for your buck. Those 15 suits would likely last most people 1-3 matches, which is really a waste of the 99 cents. That said, I really do have a lot of fun with DUST and I’m really happy I’ve invested my time into the game.

    Also, if you haven’t signed up for DUST 514 yet, you can score some BPO items and a 7-Day Active 1.5x Skill Point Booster if you sign up through my referral link: https://dust514.com/recruit/OMlkUQ/ (Note: You start with a BPO Recruit Assault Rifle that does more damage than the default starter weapon and you can earn a BPO of the Recruit SMG at 25,000 WarPoints and a BPO of the Recruit Dropsuit at 100,000 WP)

  • Nice, now just get them to give us some more BPOs


  • Not sure why folks are getting worked up about “losing your gear”. The game pays you in-game currency every match you play. Once you get a handle on the mechanics you will probably make more than enough to replenish your fittings and still make a profit. Besides you get a host of Starter Fits that don’t cost you anything to start with. They can even be upgraded and enhanced with some basic gear if you want to tweak them a little.

    The real grind in Dust 514 isn’t about the gear or the ISK. It is more about the Skill Points. Skill progression is the primary goal of most players. But even that isn’t so bad since you get both Active and Passive SP. So even when you are not logged on and playing you are still earning Skill Points.

    If you are even if you are only mildly interested in trying this title, download it, log in and get your character set up. That way you start earning Skill Points right away. Every day you wait are Skill Points lost. It’s free…you got nothing to lose except a little hard-drive space. :)

  • I would like the ability to run missions on installations at the Squad and Corp level since we don’t have anomaly’s. Each level mission would have Suit/Gear requirements (level 1 = militia gear Ect… Level 5 Prototype). The Higher the Level the more ISK earned. Also the Higher the Level the better the Salvage would be. If a TEAM ran with a high enough efficiency rating, they could receive Officer Gear. Let us Dust Players have the ability to run missions from NPC Agents to earn Faction Standings and help our Corporate Standings ( this could help our Eve Pilots as far as being able to drop a POS ect…).

    Is there anyone who see’s where im gong with this?????

  • I tried to like Dust 514, I really did. But the game just sucks. Even at free its still to much. Not as bad as Spartacus Legends, but its up there!

  • @9 I have the exact same problem. They didn’t ‘lose me’ as a player, so much as they ‘kicked me out’.

  • Is there any third person games like this? Starhawk kinda died :(

    I haven’t played this game but in general, first person shooters on Consoles have absolutly horrible Field of View (like Borderlands 2).

  • Dev’s have done a good job (in my opinion). I like PVP, but the rinse and repeat of PUB matches does get kinda old. I would run more Merc Battles if i didn’t have to sit in my quarters for 30 mins waiting to get my squad into a game. Im almost @ 18mil SP and honestly i would like to see a PVE side of the game come out. Some of those reasons i posted in a previous comment. CCP is one of my favorite game developers. I love EVE and Dust 514, but i guess ill just have to be patient to see what happens.

  • NICE! I love this game! Once you get enough SP and ISK to buy ubah suits, weapons, vehicles, mods and join a Corp it is pretty much best shooter out there. Also it is a game that will be around for 10+ years with EVE so it will carry over to PS4 with a new ubah build. Unlike other shooters that after 6 months it’s over and you wait for new game.

  • i agree with akaswava there needs to be a way for us corps who arent in PC to do something for our corp as well, right now the only thing we can do is public matches. that gets boring after a while. help out the smaller or less active corps!

  • I love this game! I can’t wait to see how it develops over the next couple years! No other shooter has captured my attention and occupied my mind with possibilities like this before. Keep up the good work CCP and thanks for a game worth my time!

  • hey well ive played this game many times and i just cant seem to get into this game, well more like i dont get it. i really want to play dust and get into it if anyone out there want to help me and get together and play id be happy to. add me if youd like.

  • I was an avid COD player… Owned everyone from MWF to Black Ops 2 and got epically bored of the non-challenge and constant need to spend money on maps!

    Then I discovered Dust a FREE FPS, sure it was rough around the edges during beta and before the Uprising update, but a game that’s more in depth, that rewards you for being more tactical than foolish and also lets you drive tanks, pilot drop ships or call in bombardments from space… all in the context of an ever changing galaxy with planets up for grabs by groups of players known as corporations.

    I know the idea of spending in game money frightens people but think about it this way: 1 game in a free starter suit, you might die 10 times and manage to kill 1 person but your 180k ISK (in game currency) better off than when you started – so after 6 games you’ve got 1 million to spend – with the average fit costing 16k you’re not running out any time soon!

    So take the plunge, follow this link and come join!


    Servius Claudius

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