DUST 514: Suit Up and Roll Out With New Battle Kits

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DUST 514: Suit Up and Roll Out With New Battle Kits

DUST 514 on PS3

In DUST 514, a massively multiplayer free-to-play first-person shooter exclusive to PlayStation 3, you can build an empire, wage war on a galactic scale and change the notorious sci-fi universe of EVE Online forever. But you can’t do it without the right gear.

As an immortal mercenary, you’ll want to outfit your battle clones with the best dropsuits, weapons, enhancements and equipment to suit your fighting style. The customization options are nearly endless and with a galactic battlefield that’s constantly shifting, you’ll need to experiment with the latest military tech to maximize your performance.

One of the best ways to test out new gear in DUST 514 is with a newly offered Featured Fit. These fully-fitted dropsuit and vehicle setups are custom-made by our designers to showcase the combat advantages of individual races, weapons, defensive strategies and more. Featured Fits are ready to go and don’t require any skill training to equip, so Mercs can use them without burning through hard-earned Skill Points. Just slot them onto your character of choice, and hop into battle.

DUST 514 on PS3

This week we have two Featured Fits available on the PlayStation Store in the form of the DUST 514 Battle Kit, which bundles 15 deadly Amarr dropsuit fits and 5 ultra-efficient Saga-II Light Assault Vehicles fits, for a deadly combination of shield-enhanced destruction.

In typical Amarr fashion, the Harbinger bristles with laser weapons, but this fit is also armed with augmented shields, allowing you to lay down the burn for longer as you take enemy fire. The LC-225 Saga-II Militia Light Assault Vehicle gets you into battle quicker, and its enhanced shielding helps you stay there.

The DUST 514 Battle Kit hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow for just $0.99. And if you want to make the most of your time with the Harbinger and Saga, pick up the DUST 514 Battle Kit with Active Booster ($1.99) to increase the rate of your skill point gain during combat.

If you’re not already building your own empire in New Eden, download and play DUST 514 today, completely free, and find out why it’s the deepest, most meaningful FPS you’ve ever played. And if you agree that the best empires are built with lasers and LAVs, start your mercenary career with the DUST 514 Battle Kit.

See you on the battlefield.

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