Worms Revolution Extreme Explodes onto PS Vita This Year

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Worms Revolution Extreme Explodes onto PS Vita This Year

Hi PlayStation Blog readers!

Since the launch of PS Vita, fans have been vocal with their requests for a PS Vita version of Worms. We’re pleased to announce today that that version is Worms Revolution Extreme, and it is on its way!

Worms Revolution Extreme for PS Vita - logo

Worms Revolution Extreme features an extensive single player campaign spanning 47 missions and 25 puzzles to beat. Missions are set amongst a variety of different environment themes including: Sewer, Farmyard, Spooky, Beach, Mars, Funfair or Medieval.

Worms has always been great with friends — or enemies. With Worms Revolution Extreme that’s no different; you’ll be able to take part in local or online multiplayer battles for up to four players. Choose from one of three game modes: Deathmatch, Forts or Classic, and start firing those Bazookas!

Worms Revolution ExtremeWorms Revolution Extreme

New for PS Vita (and PS3) is the cool Cross-Gifting feature, Treasure Mode. This new mode lets you link up with your friends who have a PS3 system (or vice versa). You can help each other unlock 10 special gifts using a lock and key system. Meet the requirements in either offline Versus or online battles to receive a key and connect to a friend’s PS3 system with the corresponding chest to unlock the treasure!

We’ve also added the ability to use PS Vita’s front touch screen to select items and zoom the camera, and the back touch screen to aim your weapons!

Worms Revolution ExtremeWorms Revolution Extreme

With Cross-Platform Continuation Play, players can carry on their PS3 save game progress on their PS Vita, or vice versa!

Worms Revolution Extreme is due for a Q3 2013 release and will be available for PS Vita via PSN. Keep watching the blog for more news from us!

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5 Author Replies

  • Awesome! worms games are always welcome!! ^_^

  • Awesome news.

  • Nice! I’ve never actually played a Worms game, but have always wanted to, this looks like a good time to start. :)

  • Beautiful. I love the Worms series and it will be a great addition to the Vita. :)

  • Incredible news!
    Make this game awesome as I should be and it’s a must buy for me! I loved worms as a youngster!

  • YES!
    Team 17 rules!!!
    Offline/Online Multiplayer is the best feature for this game.
    My Worms > Your Worms.

  • This is awesome! Will definitely get this so I can get my Worms fix on the road!

  • Any chance of some Worms PSN avatars as well?

  • Wow, amazing news!

  • Fantastic news!!!

  • This makes me more excited than any Vita announcement in a while. This will be the first game I’m looking forward to other than Killzone and FFX this year on Vita

  • Ermmmm it was about time. I think people has been asking for vita worms from like an year or so

  • From_Concentrate

    Without a doubt a Day 1 buy for me.

  • :D

  • Thank you very much!

  • So does this mean they might actually fix the “Flawless Mission” trophy on the PS3’s list? I assume the trophy list we’ll be the same on the VITA. It’s been almost a year? Over a year? I forget. Talk about lack of support.

    • Hi DarkSeraphim666,

      Thanks for your post. Apologies for any inconvience caused with the issue with this trophy.

      This will be fixed later this year. We’ll be patching the PS3 version of Worms Revolution in order for all the new functionality (Cross-Gifting etc.) that we’re adding in Worms Revolution Extreme to work. This patch will also contain a fix for the Flawless Mission trophy.

      Thank you

  • will be*

  • Oh no, not 3d one, could you just port 2d PC version?

  • I love Worms, but I’ve only ever played them on PC. Please release a demo so I can see how it controls!

  • This series is dying for Asynchronous multiplayer. (words with friends, hot shots golf)

    Any chance that this will be implemented in the future?

  • exellent news waiting

  • @18, this is 2D Worms (or rather 2.5D), it’s not one of the 3D ones.

    @Team17, does this version support local multiplayer (one Vita, pass-and-play)?

    • Hi xClayMeow,

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes there will be local multiplayer for up to four players.

      Hope that helps!

  • Is the cross gifting referring to worms revolution on ps3 now, or is this a new game coming to ps3 also?

    • Hi Sicmay,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      It is referring to Worms Revolution for PlayStation 3, we’ll be releasing a patch to implement this functionality.

      Hope that helps!

  • Awesome new!
    Online and local MP?
    I’ll buy it! No doubt! *-*

  • Will this support cross-buy with the PS3 version?

  • I am buying it if it will be for reasonable price :) nice new game for vita :D :)

  • Outstanding, love worms games. Definite buy.

  • This is great news. Vita seems to be a perfect platform for a Worms title. Imagine the multiplayer. Sweet. :)

  • Bethany is there gonna be a multiplayer feature

    • Hi AdmiralCloud,

      Thanks for your question.

      There will indeed by multiplayer, both online and local, for up to four players.

      Hope that helps!

  • This is better than all the titles at e3 for vita except killzone and tearaway

  • Cool more games for the PS Vita, cool this is the best!!!!!!!!

  • Nice! The rear touch support sounds fantastic.

    Is there a platinum trophy? Are the trophies shared between PS3 and Vita?

    Would be great to see a Scorched Earth/Worms-type game that uses the AR cards.

  • Outstanding! Looking forward to picking this up!

  • Worms Revolution for PS3 was a HOT MESS of steaming glitchy broken laggy garbage. It was the last straw for me — will never buy another Team17 game again. If it’s not a retitled version of **literally** the same game they’ve been putting out for years, its rushed, broken trash. Not looking forward to more of that in the slightest.

  • Sold! ^o^/ I remember those good old days where I would get slapped in the face by my sister after I knock her favorite worm into the water while screaming HADOKEN and using the fireball move. Good times, good times… Of course, my vita is a little easier to throw. Better buy myself a cushier case xD.

  • I am so happy to hear that the Vita is getting what is IMO the best traditional style Worms game EVER!!! I bought Revolution on the PS3 along with a few DLC’s and for whatever reason only completed about 5% of the game. Now that I know it’s coming to the Vita, I won’t lay my hands on the PS3 version until this game releases. Although I do have a question about this DLC content for the PS3 version… will that add-on content be included in with the Vita version, or will it also be added later on in the form of DLC??

    But anyways, I absolutely cannot wait to see those beautiful 2.5D graphics on the Vita’s brilliant OLED display… that along with being able to zoom in so easily by simply using the touch screen (like w/ Rayman Origins).

    • Hi zepified,

      Thanks for your question.

      Worms Revolution Extreme for the PlayStation Vita will include the Mars, Funfair and Medieval DLC packs in with the main game.

      Hope that helps!

  • ^^^^Continued****

    Some people I know didn’t like Worms Revolution because it’s essentially the same game its always been, but I say it’s a good thing the formula has remained unchanged after all this time. Given how popular the Worms franchise has been after all these years, what does that say about its basic gameplay and how its never strayed too far from it? It’s like you hear all the time, “don’t fix what ain’t broke!” I know that for me the Worms formula by far and away has provided me with some of my funnest game experiences ever.

  • ^^^^continued^^^^

    I mean seriously, how much have the 2D Mario’s really changed since Mario first arrived on the NES? These games can stay fresh in the sense that while, for ex., the base Mario formula has remained the same, Nintendo has added various creative elements that add to and enhance the overall experience. The same is true with the Worms series… it’s not like literally NOTHING has changed or been improved upon since its inception. Revolution for ex., added & tweaked some of the mechanics to make a great game even better… there are new classes to choose from and play around with, which provides an entire new set of strategies. And the new water physics/mechanics add a whole new layer of “thinking before you move OR plan ahead” mentality.

    So yeah, I now realize how much I’m rambling on like a mad man. WOW it’s going to be hard to wait for this game. Thanx again Team 17 for not forgetting about us Vita fans and making this game happen!

  • Thanks a ton for the reply Bethany. I know there’s a small but persistent crowd of people who will sigh a big sigh of relief about the trophy fix.

  • Do want!
    Price estimate?

  • I love these games, and it sucks that the Vita has been so underrated. This should be a really good time. The touch screens should really help the gameplay.

  • Dream came true :D

  • Another game I’ve already bought on Steam and which I’ll have to repurchase on Vita.

    Do I mind? Not one bit, especially when they’re great games that work well on the go.

  • What the Vita version really NEEDS is an asynchronous online multiplayer option. I would like to be able to play like normal, or take turns at my leisure. It would be a big plus.

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