Retro City Rampage Update Adds RETRO+ Mode & Prototype Version

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Retro City Rampage Update Adds RETRO+ Mode & Prototype Version

A new Retro City Rampage update has just dropped, which takes things both forward and backward! To celebrate the update, Retro City Rampage is on sale for $4.99. Not only that, but it’s Cross Buy, so this means you’re getting both the PS3 and PS Vita versions together for only $2.50 each!

RETRO+ Enhanced Graphics Mode

Retro City Rampage on PS3 and PS Vita

The “RETRO+” Enhanced Graphics Mode gives RCR a neo-retro boost with dynamic shadows, doubling the colors on screen. The shadows and increased contrast help sprites pop like never before. For purists, the original 8-bit mode is still there in all its glory, but if you’re ready for a slight retro remix, RETRO+ is a great new way to enjoy the game.

Prototype Version

Retro City Rampage on PS3 and PS Vita

“ROM” City Rampage, an 8-bit hardware-accurate prototype has also been added. Drive around Theftropolis with the strict limitations of 1980s hardware, sprite flicker and all. Compare side by side how closely Retro City Rampage adheres to classic hardware and where it strays, and see what really was possible in 1989. See what actually could’ve been released on cartridge, had someone come up with the idea back then!

To access it, simply go to Nolan’s Arcade or Doc Choc’s house and find the in-game video game machine. Play the 8-bit game from within the psedudo-8-bit game! 8-bit-ception!

Watch the Making of “ROM” City Rampage, below. See what goes into making a real 8-bit game and what developers were faced with in the ‘80s!

More Updates!

A number of smaller additions have been added as well. There’s now a Gallery, which includes an animation viewer for character sprites, vehicles and color palettes.

The 3D racer has also been slightly updated. Previously, holding up (or accelerate) would speed your vehicle up, and holding down (or reverse) would slow you down. However, many players didn’t grasp this and ended up playing these levels at much slower speeds than they should have, making them feel longer and more tedious. As a result, the vehicle now always drives at max speed, but you can still hold down or reverse to slow down as before. Additionally, the player’s health points have been increased for those who still have trouble, but if you want a real challenge, try to beat those levels without getting hit! It’s very much possible; you just need to figure out your strategies! Retro City Rampage isn’t all run-n-gun, many missions are also think-n-plan! Some hints: use the lanes to your advantage, switching between them to dodge attacks and listen to the sounds for warning cues. Also, it’s often easier to shoot the vehicles and obstacles in your way than it is to avoid them.

Top 50 Character Styles

The top 50 character styles have also been posted, pulled from 215,382 players on the leaderboards. See how stylish your Player is in Retro City Rampage!

If you already have Retro City Rampage, update to the latest version! If you don’t, be sure to check it out. The update also extends the game demo, so you can experience more of the open world and slow-paced free roaming that RCR has to offer.

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  • That’s nice and all, but maybe someone over there can tell the people in charge of PSN that they forgot to include the new patch for the DD version of ZOE HD Collection? I just bought it expecting it to include the patch…

  • Nice, looking forward to trying out the new Enhanced mode. I imagine the colours will pop on the Vita’s screen.

    @1 Don’t think Brian Provinciano, developer of Retro City Rampage is in charge of Konami/Sony’s patching process.

  • How long is it on sale for?

  • quirowekjefhgekr

    for some reason i cant get the prototype version to work. am i missing something? btw, currently on the vita for it.

  • @2 Ugh, I hate social media. Is there like… an official place I can get a hold of someone even tangentially connected to PSN?

  • Funk, most digital download titles only include the base version of the game. If you try to launch it, you should be prompted to download the patch, once the base version is installed.

  • @6 No no, I did. I found out that the patch is only for the physical release at the moment. EU has the patch for their DD version, but no such luck for the US yet. I’m only even speaking up because I’m hoping it’ll drop before the weekend :(

  • Nice, I saw this update came out for the PC version, and I was wondering if we’d ever get it. Looking forward to jumping back into the game!

  • Thanks for the update. Love this game on my Vita.

  • You rock and thanks for the update

  • i just thought about it, why doesnt this game have an 8 bit zombie mode/ add-on, would love to be killing zombies on this with my vita

  • Great that you could finally release the ROM City Rampage on PS3/Vita and I’m eager to try that new retro+ graphics mode.

  • You are the man Brian! Awesome game! Thank you for this update!

  • Sequel! Sequel!

  • Brian Provinciano

    Thanks everyone for your cheers :)

  • Great support on the game, Awesome work Brian Provinciano!

  • Man designing this looks so difficulty hah, I can’t believe i overlooked this game. Fixed.

  • I have this for free thanks to being a PS Plus memmber, I have to try this out.

  • I love posts like this.
    I am a student programmer (in school for mobile development) looking to make my own game in the future.
    This post is like a golden needle in a haystack so thank you for taking the time to post it!

  • Wow, I thought the ROM version was exclusive to the Wii version. Nice surprise. How long is the ROM version?

    “See what actually could’ve been released on cartridge, had someone come up with the idea back then!”
    I don’t think anyone could have afforded to release or buy a game of that size back then. :/

  • i just want to know. can i get the vita version only on a discounted price? i dont have a ps3 and i want to play the vita version of RCR. i only got $3 left on my account at the moment and want to get the most out of it. :p

  • Great game! Wish there were more 8-bit games on the Vita.

  • Ah, so this must be what broke the game showing up as purchased for me in the Playstation Store. I bought it on release day though so at least it’s easy enough to find in my download list.

  • @22 me too I think they look great on the big and colorful screen of the vita

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