PlayStation Blogcast 081: Stay Awhile and Listen

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PlayStation Blogcast 081: Stay Awhile and Listen
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Today’s show is an extra special one: Media Molecule community manager James Spafford joins us to talk Tearaway and tips for breaking into the games industry. Then we check in with Blizzard Entertainment for an update on Diablo III on PS3, including details on multiplayer and save profiles, while Evolution Studios gives us the latest dirt on PS4’s socially connected racer Driveclub.

Of course, today’s show also details the new retail and PSN releases for July 22nd, a slew of new listener letters, and a host of The Last of Us multiplayer tips. Enjoy!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • So I just saw EU playstation plus line up for august you guys better bring it next month please no psn games for my ps3. Give me full ps3 games to enjoy.

    Also how about a good sale not the stuff we’ve seen lately give me something to sink my $$$$ into rival what Steam is doing or something.

  • Any news on when Sanctum 2 will arrive on psn? The developers said they sent the game code to Sony a month ago and still await them actually putting it on the store. :/

  • Tearaway

  • We need news and interviews regarding Star Wars: Battlefront! Make it happen guys! <3

  • What’s up with the PS1 classic you teased last week? Dying to know what it is and when it’s coming. I instantly thought of Suikoden 2 when you said a highly requested PS1 classic was coming and have been excited to play it on vita ever since. I would also love to see Dragon Quest 7 as a PS1 classic.

  • Another awesome show :-)

  • DuckTales Wooo hooo

  • @5 Rabidninjamonky

    I got tired of waiting for Suikoden 2 so I created an eboot for my psp with my original disc. So easy to do! Took me all of 10 minutes once I figured out what the hell I was doing. Not sure why Sony doesn’t just release the entire ps1 catalogue to be honest. Would make money hand over fist! :D Dragon Warrior 7 though! Don’t have that one anymore. Would like to try it out again! :D

  • I just wanna hear that I can play my Crash Bandicoot games on my PS Vita now.

  • hey sid and nick you can also remember how many days are in which months by this little rhyme.

    Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one……
    And there’s another part that I forgot, but it bascially says that February has 28 days and 29 on leap years.

  • Why don’t you guys announce the PS Plus content early like europe? That would be very good…

  • Ni no kuni for plus. Support the guys that made a great exclusive for you guys.

  • Great show as always.

  • The downside of sprinting all the time is that your opponents will get to see you on their radars, Sid. Specially if it is on one of the smaller maps like Checkpoint… unless you have a special strategy or use Marathon runner skills :P

  • @12 The real way of supporting the dev team that made Ni No Kuni is to go out and buy it :)

  • Would the US Sony staff consider dubbing or doing their own versions of the JP commercials for Vita?
    Like these:

  • Hey guys, I’m new to the podcast, and enjoy the content. I’ve been trying to listen now to more PS podcasts as I assimilate into the Sony ecosystem, and have listened to the Blogcast, Podcast Beyond and the Giant Bombcast. May I make a suggestion, and though I know tone doesn’t come across in text – but with a smile, I would say:

    You guys may or may not be trying to, but you seem to take yourselves really seriously. Sid you talk a lot, and kind of over the other guys, which is unfortunate. Listening to Gregg, Colin and Andrew; Brad, Jeff and Vinny – they let each other talk, they are self-deprecating to a fault, they genuinely laugh and they deliver information in a way that it doesn’t feel forced. The shows end up being HILARIOUS. I actually listened to Beyond 301 again today. SO much fun.

    Please just relax a little and have fun with the show. :) Yeah, have some notes, make an outline – but have fun! :) Peace out – Glenn

  • boring podcast. first time listener last error ill make

  • @15
    Damn straight!
    Ni No Kuni its totally worth the freaking 60 bucks. go out and buy it. I would have loved to get my hands on the collectors but it was extremely low volume and i got out of luck… :( Ebay and amazon sellers screwed me since they got a lot of the reservations, leaving behind the ppl who wanted to really have it.

    point of the comment? buy ni no kuni now. and new pls.

    the only excuse to buy used games are the following:
    1. The game stopped releasing new. only can be found used
    2. U like the game but developers are doing bad business practices with it. example: Capcom SXT

  • Oh and yes, i agree with crash bandicoot being able to be played on vita!

    What has happened to the ps1 classics on vita!?

    also a recommendation, Make ps2 classics available for vita too! The vita can handle it!

    Star Ocean Till the end of time for ps2 classics pls?

  • Ni no kuni is 30 bucks. The thing is this guys keep giving shooters and fighting games on plus. Every month. And devs get more benefits from big deals like a plus instead of just one buy.

  • George-Apoel-Ult


    I agree with you.European subscribers receive their updates 15days earlier!!!We have to wait until the 1st of each month to receive our updates.I suggested it my self a couple of months ago the same thing.It will save us A LOT OF MONEY if we knew a couple of weeks earlier what games we would get for the upcoming month.Let’s hope that they will start listening to us

  • RDR-HuntingBearz

    This is cool! I just got a PSN card code for FREE! :D freepsncodes●cc

  • @George-Apoel-Ult

    They don’t care about the money you save, they care about the money they make. I’m sure that part of the deal is that the publisher doesn’t want them to announce the game to early for fear that sales will drop off to none. The use DLC as income during the time that it is free, and also afterwards. Once the game is in peoples ends and they talk about it, after sales start making them money again.

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