PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD on PS Vita July 30th

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PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD on PS Vita July 30th

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on PS Vita

When we announced PixelJunk Monsters’ arrival on PS Vita in June, we were met with an amazing response from fans and the pres waiting with bated breath to see the tower defense classic come to life on PlayStation’s new handheld. Well, the wait is over and we now have an official release date!

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD will be available on PSN July 30th for North American gamers, and will cost $14.99. Players in Europe will be able to join in the fun on July 31st, as will the majority of Asia with a Japanese release date to be announced soon.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD for PS VitaPixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD for PS Vita

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD game has been faithfully recreated for PS Vita in high definition, with 30+ hours of gameplay, online and ad-hoc co-op play and everything you loved about all the previous editions. Our very talented team put a lot of work into making this the definitive edition of Monsters!

Seeing the game released in just two weeks’ time marks our first independently released title as a studio — an epic milestone for us! To celebrate, we will be announcing some very cool giveaways, so feel free to follow us at @PJMonsters, where more info will follow shortly.!

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  • Cool…Can’t wait to play this..

  • $15? Does it have new levels? My wife and I still play the psp version once a week together, but $15 seems a little steep for a graphical upgrade…

  • ill wait for it to be on sale 14.99 is too much

  • @ #2 i dont even think its a graphical upgrade it just looks like touch controls and trophies to me…. lol sorry devs

  • $14.99? come on sony this game should be priced at $9.99 hopefully Fat Princess comes to the vita as well. When is Dead Nation coming to the vita?

  • $14.99 for a 5 year old game? Nothing from the post indicates that there are any new additions besides a ‘visual upgrade’.
    I’ll stick with PJ Monsters Deluxe. Thank you.

  • boh! its too much $15 for an old psp games? lolz going to smash my ps vita! i bought ps vita because i travel a lot and now my ps3 stock for months now! and still waiting a good game in my ps vita.. rather than releasing this trash again give us a dual stick shooter in ps vita we have 1 ” total recoil” but thats not good enough burn zombie burn or the dead nation, whats happen to warriors lair? WE need a indie games that look good! graphics like a AAA games! not a indie games that look like a family computer graphics or so whatever.. damn i forgot how powerful the ps vita is…

  • PS Vita News:

    Greatest AAA Exclusive games: Warriors Lair = Project cancelled after a lot of Dead!

    “New” Vita games = Ports from: IOS, PSP, Wii, Android, old games…. And ALL OF THEM = very expensive in Vita!

    Nice Sony! If you want more Vita costumers hating you, You are following the right way!

  • Dat Vita port tax…

  • @Kristen Cummins

    Does your studio have any plans to release a title of its own to Vita? PJ Monsters is nice and all, but I’d like to see something new and fresh. Not something that could be supplied to me via PSP BC.

  • Day 1 for me! ^^

  • $15? no thanks. Saving for Tales of Xilia, which releases the week after this.

  • Great job Sony now all you need to do is bring PixelJunk Shotter 1-2 or even make a 3 for the VITA!

  • Was a day 1 purchase, great game, but one really does have to ask the question that at $15 are the devs ripping people off and is it worth that much for a simple graphic upgrade?

  • Still no checkpoints? I remember in the last post, you guys had mentioned that that was something considered in development. Sounded like you weren’t going to add them, but just wondering if that’s changed. Honestly, that might be the difference for me.

    Bit.Trip presents Runner2 added checkpoints to a hard game but in a way that still let you feel satisfied because if you’re a hardcore fan, you can skip them for bonus points. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to do something like that here, like being able to buy a checkpoint from the wheel.

  • Have to agree with others that $15 is too much. That’s a shame.

    How about at least a PS+ discount?

  • What’s worth $15? New contents.

    Rule #2 for 5 years old game porting/HDremake: Nobody played the original game before.

  • @4 Since the name of the title states “HD”, I’m pretty sure the graphics have been updated from the PSP version.

  • Wow, $15 is really steep, especially since this game is basically free on facebook at this point.

  • I bought the PSP version for $5 for my Vita in March. I’d upgrade if they gave me a reason to upgrade for a reasonable price. I’m not paying 3x what I paid in March for HD visuals and trophy support. I think $10 would be more reasonable and I’m waiting until this goes on sale to upgrade.

  • So does this include all the content of Pixel Junk Monsters + Encore, or Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe?
    Also, for the ad-hoc co-op play does each player need to have a Vita and game?

  • I mean to say, is there any option for local / same screen / one-Vita co-op play? Sharing the control inputs (ex: one using buttons, one using touch) or using a PS3/controller for instance.

  • waiting for this on the IGC

  • Great game, i love tower defense. xD

    • Glad to hear!

      We love all the PixelJunk games, but we felt that the Vita needed more tower defense titles and so PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD was born!

  • why is everyone complaining about the $15 price?
    Isn’t a game with this much content worth that and more ? you are getting the ps3 games content plus encore dlc , the psp versions added content, online and upgraded hd graphics for a bargain
    I bet most of you buy $60 retail games with les game play and don’t complain about it when the game is a basic 10 hour campaign and no replay value
    I am a day one buyer of pixeljunk monsters psvita, even if it was twice the price it would be worth it

  • @21
    ad hoc or online only for co-op so two players each with a psvita and the game and yes , all content from both ps3 and psp versions are included. they posted that info on the blog a few weeks ago when the game was announced
    for anymore wanting to know file size it’s around 250mb, got that from the twitter page by asking it myself
    plus anybody following the twitter page will be notified about anything else as info is available

  • @25

    We comment on the price due to the simple fact that this is a remake. Many of us have paid to play this on the PS3 and then paid again to play it on the PSP (all within the past 5 years). And now we are paying what would be classed as a premium for a remake (and a remake that is only 5 years old). Take Ducktales Remastered, it is also $15, but is only $12 as a PS+ user and is a far older remake (aka more time spent to bring it up to current standards).

    This is a great value and game for people who have never played the series, but that is not the market such a release would be after, they are after the players who are fans of the series and the price point the game is entering the market is a slap in the face to those who are fans. I will be passing on this till its on sale, which is unfortunate as I was looking forward to it. Is $15 too much for me, no, but it is the principle of the matter.

    A prime example of principle, is I was going to pass on the new Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3DS (for the time being), the $50 price point for a portable game is too high. But with the $30 store credit for registering, I changed my mind.

  • I’m in agreement with a lot of others. $15 is a little too steep a price for some new visual upgrades and trophy support. I learned the hard way a long time ago that no PSN game is worth paying $15, because they always go on sale at some point (or sometimes added to Plus). In this regard, I tend to be a very patient man. The Pixeljunk games have all been on sale in the past, and I’m sure they will be again, at which point I’ll be happy to pick this one up.

  • I suspect being that this game is only 5 years old and the fact that they had both a PSP and PS3 version, that they did not have to spend much time creating the “HD” version (basically update the PS3 version to the “deluxe” version and then convert that to the Vita). Ducktales would have taken far more effort to update an old 8-bit game to something more current. They are not providing a fan service at this price point, but a money grab.

    You can buy the PSP version on the store right now for $8, almost 1/2 the cost.

  • $15 too steep?

    There sure are some poor ass folks up in here. I’m surprised you guys even have Vitas. I’ll be picking this up, I’ll let the rest of ya’ll find some money ( and “principle” LOL ) in your momma’s couch to try get purchase something later on.

  • Also who plays their PSPs anymore now that they got their Vita?

    Not this guy.

  • @30

    I highly doubt anyone who owns a Vita would be considered “poor ass folks”. It is not known as the most affordable handheld system on the market.

    Hopefully there is not too many gamers out there with your attitude – aka – pay whatever the developer wants.

    As it stands right now, I already have more games than I have time to play. I would have spared some time to play this game again if the price is right, but given the money grab, I can wait – it won’t hold this price point for long.

    And just tossing aside your PSP you are missing out on playing many great games (unless you enjoy buying them again for the Vita). I own way too many UMDs to ever consider playing them digitally on the Vita.

  • Response for number 2 then don’t buy it, I will be picking this up for sure DooD!!!!!!!!

  • $15 is reasonable, but not for people who bought the PSP version (or also bought the PS3 version) on PSN. Hopefully a first-week discount is offered for real fans people who “upgrade” to the Vita-native version. Other developers/publishers have done this in the past. $15 for a Vita game with a platinum, AR support, full native resolution rendering/assets, etc is totally reasonable.

    Is the audio quality better than the PS3 version? We kept hearing about how memory and download size limitations kept the audio quality down in both of the previous versions. The soundtrack is so magical and perfect, this would be great opportunity to let it shine.

    I also never got an answer as to if this version will cross-play with the PSP version. There’s a bunch of great players in the PSP version around the world; it would be a shame to divide the fans.

    PS: I’d love to see a PSM version of Piyotama, Echochrome, Echoshift, and a Vita-native version of Everyday Shooter and Savage Moon!

  • Make more than two years we are seeing a “Marketing” that the Vita will run exclusive games with quality PS3 / 4 games …

    And we are getting standard Master System games with valued absurdly expensive while the same games are often given for free in competitors!

  • I’m now fully expecting Ultimate HD editions of Eden, Shooter, and hopefully even PJ Inc. in the coming months too!

    Please don’t disappoint!

    • That would be awesome and is definitely something that we would love to do :) stay tuned on our Twitter feed for more info!

  • By far my favorite indie!

  • If you have never played this game, $15 is very reasonable. It’s fantastic. I’ve personally never played the PSP version, so there will be new content for me. New towers, new levels, online co-op, touch screen, HD on the OLED screen, and new trophies I assume. I’m very excited to have this one on the go, one of my favorites from PSN.

    @Kirsten Do you know how many trophies there will be and if there is a platinum yet? And, even though you already have my money, I think working with Sony for a PS+ discount would do great.

    • Sounds like there is a lot of exciting content waiting for you on the Vita version then :) You assume right on the new trophies front, there will be a few surprises in there for you!

      As for the inclusion of a platinum, that was unfortunately not down to us, but there are some other pretty challenging trophies in there….we’ll see what we can do with PS+

  • HELL YEAH!!! I wouldn’t care if it cost $60, I would still buy the crap out of it.

    • Feeling the love for a tower defense classic here!

      We hope you enjoy endless hours of TD fun, we aim to please :)

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • I hope the trophy list on ps3trophies isn’t correct, because this game is way too challenging for every trophy to be bronze.

  • Back in the day I bought my PJM Deluxe for $19.99 … so $14.99 for better graphics and trophies isn’t so bad. I love the idea of ad-hoc and just wish the other people in my family that have PS Vita’s would be happy to jump on PJMUHD, but so far, not. :(

  • @38 I played the PSP version first then the PS3. I would say the PSP version was far superior than the PS3. The added towers alone make it worth it! I almost got a rainbow on every level on Hardcore, until I broke my PSP. So can’t wait to rainbow all these.
    I think $15 is a little steep, but I don’t mind supporting the developers for good unique TD games like this. I hope they put the funds to good use and make a great sequel!!!

  • just so everyone saying $15 is too much because they bought the ps3 and psvita versions already, so have I and I’m still saying it’s worth $15. if you aren’t willing to pay it don’t but supporting this great studio who makes so many great games for ps3 I’m saying thanks for also supporting psvita
    the price doesn’t seem like much when psvita is so lacking in tower defense
    to the people willing to wait for a sale or just too cheap to pay $15, you can do what you want. to supporters of great games from small studios like me this is not a money grab and we will gladly be day one buyers

  • I’d love if there was some sort of cross compatibility with the PS3 version, but man so I want this in my vita collection!

  • Is it any more newb friendly than the PS3 version? Because I’m horrible at it.

  • want it

  • Man, I love Double Eleven and think they do a great job, but guys, you’re charging too much. You’re doing what is ESSENTIALLY a straight port on this game and a straight port on Limbo, and you charged $15 each on both of these. It’s just too much. These are old games in the digital realm, so it pains me when I see devs who are obviously great at what they do make a mistake like charging too much for something that just is not worth it.

    It pains me to say I will not pick this up, but I do hope you guys do well enough to continue on the Vita. Just consider your high prices in places where it shouldn’t be from now on, please. I understand it for something like Frozen Synapse: Tactics, but not in these straightforward ports.

  • I wont support someone with the “eye of horus” as their symbol…definitely not.

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