Madmunki’s Spunland Arrives in PlayStation Home

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Madmunki’s Spunland Arrives in PlayStation Home

Today sees the arrival of Madmunki’s Spunland public space in Home. You’re also now able to pick up versatile pinafore dressed from Lockwood or original fashions from adidas.

Of course there’s even more to enjoy, so let’s hop in and see what’s new!

Madmunki’s Spunland

Take a trip to Spunland, a living world of colorful weirdness. Plant spun seeds, then see them grow in the Spun Harvest which follows a Spun Storm. Summon a Spun Storm by dancing to create Spun Clouds. Collect Spun Fruit during the Spun Harvest to get Spun Seeds. Catch the Rabbit Spunners created by the dying Spun Plants during the Spun Storm to get big Spun Points. But how do you get the Spun Atom’s floating in the sky, and what’s with the grazing toilet Spunner?


DigitalM adidas Originals

Check out the brand new adidas Originals items for your Playstation Home Avatar. Upgrade your style with a broad selection of hats, shirts, hoodies, shorts and shoes and let everyone know that you are ready to go all in!


Lockwood’s Pinafore Dress

Got a formal event to attend? Perhaps you are going to a casual gathering with all your friends? Whatever the occasion, Lockwood shows you different ways to style the delightful and versatile pinafore dress! Dress it up or dress it down, give your friends the perfect summer staple for their wardrobe – all exclusive to the Lockwood Gift Machine. Choose from lavish emerald green, flirty floral, to cool-toned white. Give your friends a brand new color (or five) today!

Casino All Game Tier Reward

The Casino’s next All Game Tier Reward is now available for everyone to win! All you have to do is level up to Tier 7 in every single game and you’ll be rewarded with the Playing Card Outfit. The guys will get to be the ace of spades, and the girls get to be the ace of hearts. Harness the power of lady luck and these outfits can be yours in no time!


X7 VIP Update

X7 members enjoy a large update this week. Check out the VIP club for VEEMEE inVerse Sneakers, Street Style fashions, and Wrangler clothing. Be sure to also pick up your Atom Republic K-pop Crazy bundle and the free Glowy Necklace. There are also new frames from Evil Tree and retro beach wear from Lockwood.

Lockwood Animated Hi-Tops

Some things never get old, and when they do, they’re really just crying out for a re-imagining! Lockwood have revisited some oldies (but goodies) and jazzed them up for summer 2013! Animated hi-tops are back, but this time they’re only for the ladies. With this funky footwear, sassy ladies can sport the look of urban cool and still be comfortable 24/7. Exciting colors like stand-out red and slick black are just some of the styles these shoes come in – they’re also available in a value pack, so you can get them all without breaking the bank!


VEEMEE Street Styles, MyBathroom and Billabong Updates

VEEMEE also releases their latest batch of Street Styles to the wider public this week. You can also pick up the MyBathroom furniture to finish out your personal space. As well as some sweet Billabong wear just in time for summer. VEEMEE also updates their 3D printer this week, so be sure to check up on yours!

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Codeglue’s LMO Update

Codeglue brings a variety of items to Home this week! For Home’s locomotion lovers, there will be a steampunk pogostick to hop around on and a bunch balloons which make you swim in the air! For the female user there is a new series of denim leggings. Last but not least, you can now become a true viking, with full body costumes of Gunnar, Eirik, Sigrid and Brynhild!


nDreams Clocks

nDreams releases three new clocks, that are also available in a bundle.

Granzella Baseball Update

Granzella updates their Baseball line this week, so be sure to check out the store for these seasonal outfit pieces!

This week’s update has some very unique offerings, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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