Time and Eternity on PS3 Today, Demon Gaze and DanganRonpa Vita-Bound

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Time and Eternity on PS3 Today, Demon Gaze and DanganRonpa Vita-Bound

Hey, doods! David from NIS America here to talk about our upcoming RPG title Time and Eternity, published in Japan by Namco Bandai and developed by Imageepoch. Time and Eternity is available today, July 16th for retail and as a first day digital download, so I wanted to dive in and show off some of the game’s cool features and mechanics! After, we can talk about some of the game announcements we made recently at Anime Expo in LA. Let’s get to it, dood!

In Time and Eternity, you take control of a knight set to marry the red-headed and demure Princess Toki. At your wedding you’re about to seal the deal with a kiss when ninja assassins burst in and ruin everything by stabbing you! In your dying moments, your beloved Toki suddenly becomes a brash blonde named Towa who takes down all the assassins. She uses her secret time magic to return to the past to right what has been wronged and save your marriage, and you come along trapped in the body of her pet dragon, Drake. Through your time travels, you’ll cultivate your relationship with both Toki and her mysterious counterpart, Towa, get to know all of her friends, and experience the colorful citizens of the kingdom, all while dealing with the perils of trying to marry a time-traveling fiancée!

Time and Eternity for PS3

The game features a unique aesthetic that uses high definition hand-drawn 2D characters designed by the well-known artist VOFAN (Bakemonogatari). You can unlock more of his sumptuous illustrations throughout the game by making certain dialogue choices and unlocking new gallery images. One of the coolest parts of the game is that it flips the visual script with a straight-up unorthodox blending of 2D characters set in completely 3D environments! All these dimensions combine seamlessly throughout the entire game, from traveling tropical islands and haunted forests to fighting those who stand in your way – you’ll have 2D characters all up on your 3D worlds! It’s kind of like a JRPG version of the seminal classic Space Jam, if you think about it – with less rabbit and more talking dragon.

Time and Eternity for PS3Time and Eternity for PS3

During battle, you’ll fight enemies one-on-one as either Toki or Towa, dodging and attacking in real-time to keep your enemies down. This isn’t the kind of game where you can just sit back and let your attacks happen – you’ll have to stay on your toes if you want to stay alive! Build up your SP gauge by blasting away with your rifle or getting in close with knife attacks, then unleash the fury of your special skills. Each girl possesses her own unique skill tree, allowing for crazy character customization with active and passive skills that can be equipped. You can build each character any way you want. Maybe one can specialize in in-your-face physical combat and buffs while the other is a master of magic – the choice is yours! On top of all the customization, your magic skills can combine in different orders to create “Chemistry”, allowing you to cause continuous damage, immobilize the enemy, and more! If that wasn’t enough, you’ll learn different forms of time magic that will allow you to turn the tides of time in your favor!

We’re really excited about this title, and we hope you will be too! It’s an exhilarating JRPG that incorporates a fast-paced combat system and gorgeous 2D character illustrations in a 3D environment for a truly unique gaming experience. It also features an amazing soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro, the man behind the music of Streets of Rage and, more recently, Etrian Odyssey. We’ve also got some exciting DLC for the game featuring more areas to explore, more items, and more of VOFAN’s incredible artwork. Please check out Time and Eternity today, dood!

Finally, I’d like to talk about some of the announcements we made at Anime Expo 2013. We’re pretty pumped to announce that we’ll be bringing Demon Gaze exclusively for PS Vita to both North America and Europe in early 2014. We’ll also be releasing DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, exclusively for PS Vita, in early 2014 to both North America and Europe! Keep your eyes open for both those titles! You can also check out trailers for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on the PlayStation Network today!

That’s about it for the announcement train today. Thanks for your time and support (and eternity?!). I’ll catch you soon, doods!

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  • The game looks great! More info on the Vita games please!

  • Dangan Ronpa is from the same creators of Virtue’s Last Reward/Zero Escape series, def. getting it Day 1!
    Do avoid watching the anime series though since it’s bound to spoil it (even though it has Roronoa Zoro’s VA as one of the characters).

    At any rate can’t wait for Dangan it’s already my most hyped for game of 2014 X3

    • Hi there Todoh789,

      I’m glad you’re excited for DanganRonpa! Seems like a lot of people are really pumped for this title, so we’re happy to be bringing it Stateside for everyone!


  • I’ve played the JP version and I know for sure Toki Towa is a bad game. It’s easily one of the worst games this generation. While I’m not excited for an English release I’m most definitely excited for your Vita announcements.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on both of them. Of course the rest of the games coming out this year by NISA are something I’m excited for as well.

  • I’ve seen a lot about Time & Eternity being extremely awful. Even from watching gameplay videos I’m not even positive that the game looks all that interesting. What made NIS America decide on localizing it?

  • Would Time and Eternity go digital like you guys did with Mugen Souls? Right when I was getting ready to order from NISA it sold out (which is a good thing but damn did I miss an opportunity). Can’t wait for more info on The Guided Fate Parado though.

    • Hey EddyC__,

      Yes! Time and Eternity will be available on PSN once the Store updates, so you can pick up a digital copy. Enjoy!

  • My physical copy of Time and Eternity was shipped today and I can’t wait to play. I love you guys at NIS! Glad to see you bringing some of your flavor to the the Vita. What I have seen of the Vita titles interests me and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more info on those titles. Thanks for bringing all these wonderful games to the west!

  • So Disgaea 4 was just announced for the Vita a few days ago, you’ve already got a post up on the blog now, why not just announce it for the US in a reply to this post and save some time? ;)

    • Hey Gorvi,

      I wish, dood! Unfortunately, we don’t have any news on Disgaea 4.

      Have a good one!


  • Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.

  • Too many games that I want to play this year.

  • Time and Eternity does have a digital ver. on EU PSN, so US PSN could get it as well.

  • @EddyC__

    “July 16th for retail and as a first day digital download”


    I would wait until a price drop as i still have many games on both my PS3 and Wii i need to beat, The game looks interesting from the visuals, The gameplay looks a bit like BRS The Game, I don’t care about reviews, I do my own research of a game instead of deciding by a review

  • This is a horribly made combat system, i mean cmon what is that?? so picture’s in a picture background fighting another picture enemy? woah…..I’ve Been a HARDCORE RPG/MMORPG/JRPG Fan Since i was like 10 year’s old, i’ve been playing awesome Game’s like the “Tale’s Of” serie’s and MANY of NIS’s Game’s example Ar Tonelico 1, 2, and Qoga and wow this is a terribly created game, i mean sure the anime in it look’s Awesome, but the combat……Seriously???? return that *Thing* back to the video game factory and redo your combat system, cause i’m 100% sure that game will get 0 sale’s lookin like that, Sorry NIS i have support for you guy’s, hell i wished you made a Ar tonelico 4 actually xDDD, but this? No……..Just no this is the trash that’s gonna kill the hype for upcoming RPG/JRPG’s for everyone =/, sorry to be so negative but those are my true feeling’s on the game, and i sincerely hope you fix this Traffic Accident of a game. Still have support for your other upcoming game’s though! ^^ Go NIS! =)

  • Pre-ordered Time and Eternity from the NIS Store. Got the Premium Edition or whatever like I do for all NISA games. :)

    Hopefully I’ll have time to play it though. Been really busy lately. :(

  • #12 It would be awesome to see a Ar Tonelico Collection on Vita or PS3

  • Got a shipping confirmation for my Limited Edition on Saturday. Hoping it gets here soon!

    And thanks for bringing over more Vita games! Hoping you guys will localize some more of Compile Heart’s stuff (Monster Monpiece, Hyperdimension Neptunia Idol PP).

  • Is there a demo for T&E? From everything I see and hear about this game, added in to the fact that I’m not crazy about most of the stuff NIS brings over, I wouldn’t just throw money at this game. But I would be open to trying a demo at least.

  • 1. What’s up with not shipping out my Limited Edition on time? It’s not slated to arrive for me until Thursday the 18th.
    2. Are we going to see its DLC and/or avatars today as well?

  • Waiting for new info on The Witch and the Hundred Knights. I assume it’s no longer going to hit America this year?

  • @15 I’ll add HN Re;birth and the game about everybody’s favorite tsundre (Noire) to that list.

  • 39% on metacritic with 15 reviews and voted ‘Worst game of 2012’ in japan according to an article at Kotaku.

    Why would anyone in their right mind waste $50 on this when Tales of Xilia comes out in just 3 weeks?

  • Tales of Xillia the same day as Dragon’s Crown? MAN! Now the chances of me getting Time and Eternity dropped into the negative percentages.

  • @21 i don’t know when Dragons Crown comes out but Tales of Xilia is released August 6th.

  • Time and eternity challenged a new concept of RPG; all their battles are just like anime. That could just worked if only the system is better, but as we can see, it turned out to be boring

  • @20 (Ryumoau) ONE OF the worst. Not THE worst.

    And to answer your question….me. LE is already shipping out so I will not cancel or return it. At least I also get a poster and a sticker of whats-her-name from Disgaea instead of Prinny.

    Also my Xillia CE is all paid off and ready to go anyway.

  • Same day. I always knew Dragon’s Crown was Aug. 6th. Xillia, I didn’t realize would be out next month…

  • Oh, will the danganronpa be the one that contains Danganronpa and Danganronpa2 or just the first one?

    Great game. They even make an anime for the first game. (Of which I strongly recommend not watching if youre planning to get the game)

    • Howdy geassuser87,

      We’ll be releasing DanganRonpa 1. As of right now, we have no news on a release of DanganRonpa 2, but we’ll definitely let everyone know about any changes in the future!



  • @24 i’m sorry Tjoeb123. i don’t mean to insult you. i guess i get too worked up over how greedy and repulsive Nisa has become recently with releasing so many broken or terrible jrpgs over here without any regard about their quality.
    It makes Nisa look bad releasing these awful games and its sad to see them trick people into thinking they are good.

  • Really excited for Danganronpa and Demon Gaze! Thanks NIS for releasing this games on America!

    Already preordered my CE of Disgaea D2 too =D

  • Awww yisss, Dangan Ronpa!

  • I can vouch for David in regards of Time & Eternity, been playing it for the review for the past few days and it is a great and interesting game. Lot’s of jokes and humor and the gameplay feels right there. Specially recommended for those who enjoyed Black Rock Shooter.

    • Hey there Dark-Zero1687,

      Glad you’re enjoying the game, dood! The combat is similar to Black Rock Shooter, which I enjoyed playing a ton.

      Have a good one!


  • @Ryumoau
    Some people, Myself included don’t give a crap about Tales(I hate the recent ones, The old ones were better)

    I can agree that Time and Eternity isn’t good, Which is why i’m getting it when it’s price dropped, I don’t care about Dragon’s Crown either

    I liked most of the NISA published games, This one might be bad, But every critically claimed to be good games and “must play” by reviewers i ended up hating them, Xenoblade is one of the only exceptions, And ones they call bad (Neptunia series, Mugen Souls) i ended up loving them

  • Thank you, NIS, for continually localizing these awesome JRPGs!
    Just continue to show your love for the US and I’ll continue to buy every game I can from you. :)

    • Hey likeanobody,

      Thanks for all the love, dood! We’ll keep on localizing new and unique games for the West, because that’s what we’re here for! And we’re always looking forward to hearing suggestions for more titles to bring over.

      Keep on truckin’!


  • PrimeroIncognito

    Hee hee… look at little Ryumoau trying to salvage his one and only friendship… a “PSN friend” to boot… heh… so embarrassing.

    You see, Tjoeb123? You see why nobody likes this clown? He never has a clue what he’s talking about, simultaneously acting like a jackass while exposing his ignorance. And it never stops… Kid needs his ass kicked. Bad.

  • i love how David completely ignores all negative posts about the game. lol

  • @26 Danganronpa Reload basically will only include the first episode for NA they are testing if the title will be bought enough to warrent translating the 2nd episode

  • This game is pretty bad but still a brilliant move by NIS America. Weeaboos will still eat this game right up because they see the nice Japanese art and the fact the main characters are women. Along with the dating sim elements, you have all the ingredients to cheer up a lonely weeaboo. rofl.

  • @36 lol thats harsh

  • YOFAN? Sure. Yuzo Koshiro? O-kay! The game itself? I’m very wary…

    I’ve ordered every Hyperdimension Neptunia game’s Limited Edition straight from the NISA Store (BTW: mega-thanks for free shipping!), and I’ve ordered Time and Eternity’s, but while I still have all my HN discs (despite how maligned the first game is in its gameplay), this one will go straight to auction for me. Glad to see a digital release, but I’ll be holding off ’til later to give it any try.

    If there was only some way to buy just the extras, and/or, in the case of dual releases at retail and digital, an option for a redemption code instead (ATLUS knows my 3DS boxes are bereft of actual games; why carry game paks when you can upgrade your memory stick!).

    So, Disgaea 4 for Vita? Hm… Still haven’t pushed far into the PS3 version. But, hey, at least I can hold off on DLC-diving, is Disgaea 3’s anything to go by (need to get a Vita before my Plus subscription runs out!).

  • very happy with demon gaze and danganrompa for ps vita i will buy the two for sure =) and also i will look for this time and eternity, and please nis america localize disgaea 4 return and criminal girls invitation for ps vita the last at least on psn and keep up the good work =)

    • Hi xenosaga200,

      It’s good to hear you’re looking forward to these titles! As for Disgaea 4 and Criminal Girls Invitation, we don’t have any news on localizing those titles. If that changes, we’ll definitely let you know!

      Have a good night, dood!


  • @36

    …You pretty much read my mind when I saw those screens as I was downloading the 2 trailers for my Vita.

  • It is funny how this blog post almost became a
    “I don’t like this game so you shouldn’t like it too”

  • Thanks for the update, David! Love you all @ NISA, you guys are the best!

  • Great to see more original PS Vita games coming out, keep it up!!!!!!!

  • Danganronpa is definitely gonna be ace :)

    thank you NIS for bringing tons of Vita games!

  • Hello NIS I was just curious why you chose T&E to localize. It got really terrible reviews in Japan and its getting equally bad reviews here in the west. Seems like there are a lot of better titles out there to choose from and just wanted to know why you bothered with this game.

  • Looking forward to DanganRonpa and Demon Gaze thanks for always localizing games I want NISA!

  • @34 Why would any sane person engage a fool that can’t even spell Xillia when he’s promoting it over this game, lol. What’s even more pathetic is that you’re on a thread posting multiple times about a game you don’t like. If a game isn’t for you, you move on, simple as that. You’d have to be a real loser to spend all that time bashing a game instead of spending that time gaming or doing something more productive.

    Actually, looking at his profile info, it all makes sense:

    Male, 25, and bi! ^_^

  • *ignores things*

    Thank you NIS America for bringing Time and Eternity over with a spiffy Collector’s Edition! Looking forward to making my own mind up on the game. I was someone who bought Last Rebellion at $60 launch day and still enjoyed the game, despite it’s many flaws.

    And thank you for bringing Demon Gaze. I asked on facebook and twitter, but never got a response. Will Demon Gaze release at retail? Or is it just too soon to know?

    Don’t know anything about DanganRonpa, but will check it out and see what it’s about before I decide on if I’ll pick it up.

    • How’s it going, Elvick_?

      I’m happy you’re liking the Limited Edition! The poster looks pretty sweet, dood.

      As for Demon Gaze, at this time we don’t have any information about it being sold at retail, but as we get closer to the release date we’ll definitely let people know.

      Thanks a ton!


  • @ SliK6SiK

    Funny how more people are finally starting to see how much of a troll Ryumoau is. It really is annoying how he is always posting about how much a game sucks. Seriously? You think it sucks so much, then why the hell do you care about it?

    They really need to have some sort of voting system in place here like on Reddit. That way posts by people like him would get downvoted to hell and hidden(hidden posts mean hell of people downvoted them).

    Its pretty pathetic, I see him always posting on here, must spend his entire day just waiting to post on a PS blog update.

    If that’s not pathetic, I don’t know what is.

  • Playing Time and Eternity right now. Loving what I’m playing so far! This is actually my very first NIS game, I’m definitely looking forward to what you guys have in store for Vita and beyond :)

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