Bid for Greatness Opens, Own a Piece of PlayStation History

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Bid for Greatness Opens, Own a Piece of PlayStation History

Bid for Greatness - PlayStation

Update: Before we grant rewards through our Bid for Greatness program, we authenticate the eligibility and Trophy count of all potential winning bidders, and if we believe that any potential winner did not comply with the terms and conditions of the program or that the potential winner’s trophies were not properly earned, we will disqualify that individual and award the item to the next highest, eligible bidder.

You know that Greatness Awaits, but did you know that you can bid on it? Today sees the launch of, a one-of-a-kind auction house showcasing ultra-rare PlayStation memorabilia seen in PlayStation’s Greatness Awaits brand film during E3. If you win a bid, you’ll be the owner of an exclusive, real-life piece of PlayStation history.

Here’s how it works: You’ll log into using your PSN ID. The site will tally all of your hard-earned Gold Trophies, and you’ll use them to bid on 15 unique items (don’t worry, you’ll keep the actual Trophies associated with your PSN ID). You’ll bid on the items you want using Gold Trophies and skip the ones you don’t. Each day will see a new item go up for bid for just 24 hours, so be sure to check back often!

Of course, you’ll want to think strategically. Spend all your Gold Trophies in one shot to try and score your dream item, or split your proceeds and go for several? The choice is yours. And the best part is, if you’re short on Gold Trophies you can earn some on your PS3 and PS Vita then come back to bid again.

Bid For Greatness runs until July 30th, and a new item will open (and close!) each day at 1:00pm Pacific Time. See below for a full list of all the epic loot. What are you going for?

Day Winner Item Game
Day 1 (7/16) robg691 Black Hand Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 2 (7/17) EDICIUS17 Infected “Clicker” Costume The Last of Us
Day 3 (7/18) ARCHCHIMAIRA End Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 4 (7/19) MIKEKEESE Dragonborn Dagger The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 5 (7/22) ROUGHDAWG4 Witch Doctor Mojo Diablo III
Day 6 (7/23) SHARKSFAN24 Crane Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 7 (7/24) ROUGHDAWG4 Witch Doctor Cursed Skull Diablo III
Day 8 (7/25) M-EASY Delsin Rowe’s Outfit inFAMOUS: Second Son
Day 9 (7/26) CAUCHY-SCHWARZ Dragonborn Shield The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 10 (7/29) PRINCE_AZRAK Captain Kenway’s Cutlass Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Day 11 (7/30) BALLIN404 Dragonborn Sword The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 12 (7/31) DERDEUTSCHER Dragonborn Stalhrim Mace The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 13 (8/1) SHOE478 Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb Diablo III
Day 14 (8/2) HAKOOM Helghast Sniper Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 15 (8/5) ANDREW52286 Captain Kenway’s Outfit Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

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    using trophies for a chance to win is genius.

    nom, nom, nom all those golds up!!

  • Oh man this is cool. Totally gonna try for some of those Killzone items.


  • I’m getting an error when I log in. It says I’m not eligible to bid due to my location, but I live in North America and I have Canadian PSN account.

  • I’m quite sure my small amount of trophies won’t be enough to win anythings. lol

  • Very very cool. I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to physically get something out of the trophies I earned. I wish this was done more often. I just wish I had more than my measly 95 gold trophies…

  • I’m getting a location error message too. Cannot bid.

  • This is a sweet promotion. I’m glad my efforts of trophy hunting finally serve a purpose hahahaha!

    @cubbielovr 95 gold trophies isn’t “measly”, that’s a pretty good amount. Be proud of your trophy collecting skills!

  • Amazing promotion! I’ve wanted my trophies to earn physical items for a long time now. Keep it up PlayStation!

  • Getting an error message that I can’t bid because of my region – however my account knows I live in Canada.

  • I have the same problem has number 4. I can’t login even tho I have a NA acoount (canada). i want to bid, please fix this

  • This is beyond cool, I don’t think i’ll be able to get anything with my 283 golds seeing as the first item has 300 on it already. I applaud whoever though of this program seeing as most of those items will sit in a prop warehouse or i someones office, now regular folk like us can wield greatness.

  • @poodude and other Canadians,
    The rules page says it’s only available for those in USA. :(

  • I would like this if I was eligible to bid.

    Getting the error that, as a Canadian, I cannot bid due to my location.

    Wish the region restrictions were made clear first thing in the post so I didn’t get excited and look through the site before I found out I couldn’t participate.

  • Really cool. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that clicker costume, or Captain Kenway’s outfits from ACIV. I always try to get my hands on items such as these. A few years ago, I got Master Bra’tac’s sword and cape from Stargate SG-1, and a friend of mine has an original hand phaser prop from Star Trek: TNG! The only trouble is that I only have 48 gold trophies, which is probably not nearly enough.

  • I thought I was going to be pretty set on this with having 38 platinums which made me think I’d have a lot of gold, but I only have 157 gold and that means I probably wouldn’t win anything (and I’d love to win either the the Infected Clicker costume for my wife for Halloween or the Witch Doctor or Helghast Sniper for myself). You should do these more often and have different levels for each trophy rank.

    Bronze = Games and Accessories.
    Silver = Limited Edition Games and/or special bundles
    Gold = Consoles
    Platinum = Props like these

    Just a thought.

  • @8 95 is measly when the first item up for auction (black hand outfit) is already going for over 300. I know i’m getting nothing out of my 40. so sad cause I would kill for that Edward Kenway outfit and cutlass.

  • An actual use for trophies? Very interesting.

  • Hi, first of all, this is a really nice promo. congrats, but i´m unable no enter the auctions. im from cancun, Mexico and when i try to log in, a message appears, telling me im not eligeble for this promo because im not a resident form a north america region country (Canada; US, Mexico)

  • Interesting =)

  • I live in Canada, Toronto, Ontario to be exact but is says due to my location i can`t bid even though it says Canada is eligible

  • YAAAY for US only contests. :/

  • Very cool promo, but I don’t think my 100 Gold Trophies will be winning anything. :/

  • wish it was more of a raffle thing where you get chances to with with every gold trophy. It’s a great concept but you’re killing the little guy. Thanks nonetheless

  • Very nice although I don’t have high hopes with only 200-ish golds.

    But good luck to everyone. :P

  • Really cool idea. Sadly my 54 gold trophies probably won’t be good enough to win a bid. Maybe I can earn 500 more before the month is over?

  • Shut up and take my trophies!

  • Why only North America??


    I have 128 gold trophies

  • damn im still in the 20s I dont do a whole lot of gaming these days but this is tight. I will have to talk about this on my Gaming on a Budget with Playstation vlog

  • Question: If you bid all your trophies on an item, but you are outbid, can you use those trophies to bid on another item, or are you out of luck?

    Also, it seems like these items are going to be outbid pretty quickly. I have 86 gold trophies, and the first item is already at over 300. And I thought I wasted too much time hunting trophies…

  • TheFlyingToaster

    This looks amazing, It’s just a shame that people with hacked trophies and/or people that account share to get trophies will be the likely winners… unless I’m missing something.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    What I like most about this is that all the whiny little turds (for example, Ryumoau) can’t claim that Sony’s supposed “greed” is the reason for their lack of success here. They’ll only have their own gaming incompetence to blame! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • Good thing Hakoom doesn’t live in the US!!

    2262 Gold trophies. @_@

  • Great idea, to reward the hard core, long-time Playstation gamers. I think it’s neat even though I’ll never have enough to qualify.

  • I’m lower-middle class with golds : (

  • I hope Sony at least cares enough to distinguish between users who earned their trophies legitimately versus those who hacked their trophies using custom firmware. If not, forget even trying because people who hacked their trophies will get all the prizes.

  • It’s telling me that all of North America can bit (US, Canada and Mexico) but it’s not letting me sign in! I live in Canada!

  • I’m also Canadian, and getting “We are sorry but, you are not eligible to participate based on your location. Bidding is only available to users in North American territories (USA, Canada, Mexico).” I have 438 gold trophies, not sure if I’d have a chance when news of the site spreads though.


    First item is at 462 Gold trophies and counting…

  • When I try to log in, I get this message:

    We are sorry but, you are not eligible to participate based on your location. Bidding is only available to users in North American territories (USA, Canada, Mexico).

    I live in Canada so according to this message, I should be able to participate. I hope it gets fixed as I got 561 gold trophies right now…

  • Same problem as the rest of the Canadians “We are sorry but, you are not eligible to participate based on your location. Bidding is only available to users in North American territories (USA, Canada, Mexico).” NOT COOL

  • Damn site thinks I’m not in an eligible zone, even though I am :(

  • unholyrevenger72

    So basically 15 Frat houses are going to win these as the Frat shares a single account and have like 100+Platinums….

  • @cmdluke hahaha it’s now up to 462 o_o

    I’m starting to think I don’t stand a chance…..

    @BloodiedWraith That would be an awesome idea, +1 from me.

  • i guess being in canada with all this gold means nothing haha

  • Haha, when I first heard about this, I looked around the site I was on, and easily figured out that my 247 gold trophies wasn’t going to be enough to win anything… seems I was correct.

  • No love for Canada Playstation?

  • @24 You have the exact right idea…this should have been like a raffle, with gold trophies being tickets. Otherwise, Sony is really just teasing most of us.

    They might as well have just let the top 20 users pick the item of their choice–in order, based on their trophy counts–and left us all out of it.

  • I think it’s nice that we could finally use our trophies to score some really cool stuff and I hope to see other programs that utilizes it in the future. I worked my butt off to get 71 gold trophies, it was no easy feat but it’s measly compared to other psn users. The current bid for the Black Hand Outfit is up to 462 and will likely to exceed that by the time the auction closes. I think the majority of us don’t even stand a chance of winning but kudos to the gamers who do and I wish them luck.

  • I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! This is the kind of idea I would have brought to the table as an employee of Sony. This promotion gives real world weight to the virtual world gaming trophies. This encourages people to play more, (which in turn earns Sony more money) and then gives us tangible rewards based on our participation!! LOVE IT Kudos to whomever came up with/approved this idea. MORE PLEASE LIKE THIS.

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