Runner2: Who Says You Can’t Buy Friends?

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Runner2: Who Says You Can’t Buy Friends?
Runner2: Raz
Runner2: Quote
Runner2: Josef
Runner2: Dr. Fetus
Runner2: Spelunky

After the launch of Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, many of our fans asked us if we had any sort of plans for DLC. As you can imagine, we were thrilled to see that people wanted the game’s experience to extend beyond when the final credits rolled. Quite honestly, it’s one of the best compliments a developer can receive.

While brainstorming possible ideas for extra content, we came up with the idea of releasing a pack of characters plucked from other video games. It was a neat enough concept, but the success of it depended upon the awesomeness of the characters we ended up including in the bundle.

This required a lot of brainstorming on our end — including some crazy ideas we had that didn’t quite work out — but in the end we feel as though we assembled the most amazing crew of characters to ever grace a single video game. We might be biased in our saying so, however.

In any case, the DLC in question is known as the Good Friends Character Pack, and it introduces Raz (Psychonauts), Quote (Cave Story), Josef (Machinarium), Dr. Fetus (Super Meat Boy), Spelunky Guy (Spelunky), and Invisible CommanderVideo as playable characters in Runner2.

This, to us, was the perfect assortment of characters to include in our game. We’re friends with all the developers in real life, so it stands to reason that our characters could be Good Friends, too.

Although it may sound like an easy enough to task to release new playable characters for a game, it was actually quite a bit of work on our part. We recreated each of the characters from scratch, and the end result was crisp, awesome-looking 3D models of each and every one of them.

We also made an effort to provide each character with the traits and abilities that their fans would expect of them. Dr. Fetus, for example, uses Bandage Girl as a shield.

Now that we’ve provided you with a bit of the backstory, here are some quick details about the Good Friends Character Pack:

  • It will run you $3
  • It should be in your hands very soon UPDATE: It hits PlayStation Store today, July 16th!
  • No new levels are included (sorry!)
  • It will indeed be available for the Vita version when it ships
  • We created awesome backstory videos for each character, narrated by the one and only Charles Martinet
  • We’re currently discussing in the office what a burger with pizza for buns would taste like

That last bullet point was irrelevant, but it felt important enough to share. Anyhow, let us know if you have any questions in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer them for you!

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21 Author Replies

  • This is good dlc support for this game, can’t wait till it comes out for PS Vita quickly.

  • $3 for 5 characters!? Sweet deal! I’ll pick this up day1 for sure. Can’t wait! Thank youu

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Runner2 is a great game.

  • is the pizza topping side up or are the toppings touching the burger?

  • What happened to Atlas from Portal 2 and the Invisible Commander Video? They were included in the same DLC on the PC version of Runner 2, and considering they both cost the same amount of money, it feels like a slap in the face to not get all of the characters, despite paying the same price.

    • Invisible CommanderVideo will be included! As for Atlas, we originally had the fun idea of offering him as a playable character on every platform. However, as we drew closer to release, we realized that wasn’t quite feasible.

  • Why does Steam get an exclusive character?

    At least give PS an exclusive character too, team up with Sony to get Sackboy or something.

    Feels lame to not get at least the same amount of characters as other platforms are.

    • At the start, we were planning on offering Atlas on every platform. It didn’t quite work out in the end, however.

  • I’ve played this at E3, and I loved it. It was challenging, yet fun. Is this game cross buy? Also it would be cool to add Sackboy as a character down the road. Some of the 1st party characters would really be cool.

    • Glad you liked it! There will be no cross-buy, sadly, but we wanted there to be! Some no-fun business-y things got in the way.

  • Is there a set release date for the Vita version yet? I’m really looking forward to playing it, as well as maybe trying out Quote from this DLC!

  • No Pitfall! Harry character? :(

  • $3, pizza bun burger, Spelunky is involved…SOLD!

    • If done right, I really think a pizza bun burger could be fantastic. Also, deadly.

      And Spelunky Guy is rad! We’re very excited that he’s in our game.

  • Vita version ? Not yet ? Wheeeeen… i have no wish to play it on PS3, but i am dying to play it on Vita

    • The Vita version is still en route! We’re shooting for a late Summer/early Fall release. It will be worth the wait, promise!

  • thesmellycatjazz

    Did they ever fix the audio lag in the PS3 port of Psychonauts?

  • This is great, but where’s my vita version??1! :D:DD:

    • We’re shooting for a late Summer/early Fall release! It looks REALLY good on that screen, too. Be excited!!

  • im looking forward this game on the PS Vita ..then i shall cough up the money for the character skins. Also why not add new levels? just seems kinda lazy on your end. :/ And probably a new mode..where its more of a OPTION to run rather than AUTOMATICALLY RUNNING…its been awhile since I’ve played a nice 2D/3D platformer on the Vita , well besides that game is AMAZING! Hope to see a part 2 really soon with some new modes as a wrestling mode or something :p

    • Not laziness! We’re a small developer with a few projects on our lap, and so a new level pack would be very tough to find time for currently. New characters, however, were a possibility!


  • No Vita release date yet? I haven’t bought the PS3 version because I’m waiting for the Vita one…

  • These guys would have made a much better Playstaion Battle Royale game!

  • This DLC should be included with the Vita version at no extra cost once it ships, to make up for the wait. I’m dying to play this game on my handheld! Could play it right now on PC or PS3, but I’m waiting. Hopefully, not for too long!

  • DLC looks neat and I’ll buy it along with the Vita version, for which I anxiously await! Can you give us an ETA?

    • Sure can! We’re shooting for late Summer/early Fall :) It’s going to be a great version of the game.

  • Man, I wish you guys would talk about the Vita version. We still know next to nothing and have no media of the Vita version. We don’t know if there’s anything extra in it, or anything.

    • Sorry for the silence! We showed it off at E3, and I’ll see what I can do about sharing some screens with everyone!

      As for the contents, it will be a straight port of the original. The DLC will also be available for it.

      And have we mentioned how great it looks on the Vita screen? It’s *awesome*

  • A burger with pizza for buns would be a meat calzone. You can go to a pizza shop and reach the conclusion on if it tastes good or not. Then you will have time to finish up that Vita version I am waiting for. :-)

    • Given that your name is “FriedConsole,” I’m inclined to trust your food expertise.

      And we’re hard at work on the Vita version! We’re hoping to include pizza bun burger support, but we need to do some focus testing before we’re sure as to whether or not the world is ready for something so incredible.

  • BTW the original Runner totally justified my Wii purchase.

  • Uh oh, “late summer early fall?” Whatever the reason for the delay on the Vita version, you’re leaving money on the table, interest has “passed-peak.” Personally, I’m a little impatient and this waiting is starting to disappoint me. I’m tired of keeping money in my PSN wallet aside for it when it could go towards good games that are here and now.

    Crack the whip over there and get it up on PSN already :P

  • can you Guys Please add Video Upload to PS VITA’S FACEBOOK APP PLEASE!!!!!!

  • If only my friends were as cool as Commander Videos…

  • Very glad I bought this game. Great level design and music.

  • Where do the “Friends” live…because I’m not seeing them after buying/downloading the DLC anywhere. :(

  • Will we eventually get the original Bit.Trip games on PS3/4 and/or Vita?

    What technical issues prevented the Steam-only character from being in the DLC? Poly count, RAM limitations, or…?

    No cross-buy is okay, but will there be a discount on the Vita versions for people who bought the PS3 version already? Other developers and publishers have done this a few times already.

    Did you guys make the character model for Raz, or did Double Fine create it?

    Any plans to include Deathspank, Sam & Max, or other characters in future DLC?

  • i WAS going to buy this game…. until i saw there will be a Vita version coming out soon… This is perfect for the Vita :D

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