PlayStation Blogcast 080: Into the Nethers

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PlayStation Blogcast 080: Into the Nethers
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We’re back from our bicentennial break, and we’ve got Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Creative Director Brian Allgeier and Community Lead James Stevenson from Insomniac Games to tell us all about this classic return to form. Plus: I go on for entirely too long about the multiplayer mode in The Last of Us, we share all the new releases for July 16 in North America, share new listener PSN Gems and more!

Stuff We Talked About

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Sid, Why its sony charging for Online gaming on the ps4? I dont like that
    Im a ps+ and it wont affect me but to a lot of customers out there it will. Im talking for those ppl. really not kool to pull a microsoft.

    Sid, Why sony didnt hold FFvs13 (15 now) exclusivity knowing that it was a way too important game to let the competition get their hands on it. SONY HAD exclusivity on it. what happened?


  • btw sid, the vita browser its not running flash yet? if it is running flash, why so limited on the browser. liberate the browser, the vita its more than capable of using a full browser expirience! thanks.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Great to see James and Brian on the blogcast!

  • @DarkOne_PR Yeah I think we would all prefer online gaming to be free, but if Sony HAS to implement a premium service for online gaming I think we should be glad it’s PS Plus- a service that’s excellent within itself, and (in my opinion) worth way more than what they’re currently charging for it.

    Although in other news Capcom v. SNK 2 next week!!

  • You guys are kidding, right? I’ve been paying for XBox Live so long (so my kids can watch Netflix on the 360) that paying out some $ to give Sony the opportunity to beef up their own network feels fantastic. I don’t even have my PS4 yet and I’ve already subscribed to Plus and bought network cards and everything. You guys get free games for both the PS3 and Vita for $4 a month? Are you aware of how good you have it? Look at your contribution as “Sony and Cerny working on making PSN as great as the PS4” and maybe you’ll sleep better at night. I’m literally chomping at the bit here waiting to play on Sony hardware again. It’s been a while since my PS2! Heck, now I might look at an Xperia phone.. Enjoy the podcast guys, keep up the good work.

  • Keep up the amazing work Playstation Team. Feels great to see the team I’ve been backing for years undeniably back in 1st place.

  • @ 1

    Once gamers realise the value of PS Plus, they won’t mind. Sony’s spending to improve their service therefore they require additional income, which will be PS Plus.

    For your 2nd question, simply, Microsoft has a big wallet lol. FF 15 is my anticipated game period, just to know it still exists and have it debut at a Sony’s conference should be enough for any FF fan. Keep an eye out for TGS, we may still get exclusive “content”.

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna


    Exactly, most people don’t see it like that though. I also didn’t like Xbox Live that much though.

  • (CAUTION)Hey Everybody enable the auto save in the options before you play Xcom! other wise you can lose everything!(CAUTION)

    Please make a vita version!
    Please add a very easy mode

  • Nice build Sid, I`m running the same kind of thing so far, only have 12 loadout points right now.

    Collector 1
    First-Aid Training 2
    Reviver 3
    Marathon Runner 1

    The key is to heal and revive teammates as much as possible and as you said upgrading that revolver early game.

    Almost done my first Firefly campaign, two weeks to go.

  • hmmm I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t recall hearing you guys mention Kickbeat in this episode, yet it’s listed in the “Stuff We Talked About” section. Did I just miss it or something?
    Oh and good episode like always guys. Keep it up!

  • 131 platinums now. The last of us is amazing.

  • I actually found Survivor a little easier than Supply Run specially for a beginner. Mainly because more things carry over in Supply Run, so if you are not doing well then the ship might sink quickly. But, in survivor you have a fresh start each round and you can learn from your mistakes/switch strategies.

    Overall, it was a little unforgiving at first but after spending some good hours, I enjoy it and appreciate how unique it is in comparison to your standard run of the mill MP.

  • everyone defending play to pay online its not really helping. those are anti consumer practices and should be demolished. The guy talking about how xbox its worst…. its bc u have let them be like that.
    If i buy a game, I expect to have the full game for the 60 bucks and not 75% of the game and then if i have PS+ i can unlock the other 25 %. thats not the way it should be.

    Now i understand that they need to do money. well ps+ its worthy of 50$ and it alone its an awesome service. but hindering the games in order to get ppl to PS+ its not the way to do it.

    I say make special features only for ps+. Cross chat, cloud service all that stuff leave it to plus but the content of the games must be kept whole when i buy it. Sony come to ur senses. Im a PS fan and proud to be one. but im one who thinks and one that when I see something bad from the company im loyal I say it upfront.

  • Pay to play online*

    Edit button for ps Blog pls.

    Also a reply button would be nice.

  • @14 I definitely see a lot of things the same way you do.

    That said, there’s also other sides to the coin. For one, the addition of paid online access is paying for service rendered. Sony has been flipping the bill for 6+ years of people accessing their servers for free. So it’s not really that they suddenly want to rip off consumers, but rather that they are finally getting paid for what they are providing. This (hopefully) will mean better service provided. Nothing in life is free. Sony in the end isn’t tricking anyone. They came up front and said what they are providing. Consumers must choose at that point if they want it or not.

    If that is you making your choice, I won’t fault you for it. Just helping clarify.

  • TheUltimateToday

    Welcome Back.

  • @14/15

    I hear you, but I can’t expect tolls (or the XM Radio) to be free because I paid for my car, or my cell phone or cable service to be free because I bought my phone outright or bought a TV. Eventually the sweetheart pricing goes away. :( I bought a console, true – but without any/much profit there is less $ to value-add with. In Sony’s case, it seems like they are really trying to value-add you guys/us to death – with free games, no Plus requirement to watch Netflix (Hulu too?) and you will hopefully get a vibrant and secure network/community to grow out of it.The old folks (oh crud I’m outing myself) always say you get what you pay for. In this case, hopefully the price of a Happy Meal a month gets us a nice network upgrade.

    Looking forward to gaming with you all whenever this thing comes out!

  • I just finished listening, another very good show this week guys. Of course, it helps when an email I send in is read. :)

    So here’s a show suggestion: how about an indie spotlight show for the Vita? There’s a ton of great indie games coming to the Vita over the next 6 months, why not do a nice big segment and talk about each for a bit? 1001 Spikes, Cloudberry Kingdom, Frozen Synapse Tactics, Lone Survivor, Spelunky, Starlight Inception, Stealth Inc, Terarria, The Binding of Isaac – Rebirth, TxK, there’s a lot of great stuff coming, I’d love to hear more.

    • Nice idea, thanks. We usually talk about them as they come out, but we’ll consider doing a round-up.

  • @DarkOne_PR,

    The consumer by now has to realize that inflation has effected every market. What used to be a half gallon of ice cream is now 1.75 quarts. That 32 ounce box of cereal is now 27 ounces. They want to raise the price, the consumer balks, so they lower the amount of content. The same has happened to video games. What used to be a full length game is now shorter and full of DLC. This way the retail price is seen as $60, and some see the DLC as optional. A way of people getting the same price they are used to, and if you want to pay more you can.

    Online costs $$$, it was never going to be good if it remained free. Players now have to subsidize the online cost, better through a PS+ subscription that is optional then through $70 games.

  • While paying for online MP DOES blow, It is balanced off by how great of a service PS Plus is and hopefully a lot more people will have it now. You can still use things like Netflix or play F2P games without needing to pay. As long as you can share a PS Plus subscription with other users in your PS4 then it is fine by me.

  • Oh also if you guys have played the 400 Days DLC, Nick could cosplay as Wyatt :P

  • I have a pivotal question or concern

    This years summer sale. Sadly when I compare Sony’s sale with that of Microsoft’s for the past to weeks or more recently Steams sale which started yesterday. The quality or quantity of the games Sony had to offer doesn’t compare. Steam alone had way more games for sale in one day than Sony had for 2 weeks.

    I as a Sony fanboy would like to know why?

    How can Microsoft and Steam get a discount on Bioshock Infinite for example but we couldn’t.

    Be open and honest with us do we not spend enough on psn was the staff not as aggressive when pursuing sale content what exactly caused this huge GRAND CANYON sized disparity.

  • Ohh, a new PS1 game… I suspect it probably won’t be one that’s on my list though.

    Here’s the 5 PS1 games I still don’t have on PSN that I have physical discs of: Disruptor, Brave Fencer Musashi, Legend of Legaia, Lunar 2, Megaman Legends 2.

    Of course, one of those may have slipped past me, but afaik we’re still waiting on those 5.

  • I’ve been putting off jogging until the podcast came out. My cardiovascular system is glad to see you are back.

  • Farm Fresh cast!

  • I usually hate Multiplayer trophys But it was fun for The 40 hours is took to achieve TLoU plat trophy #29

  • So Elaine finally come to Soul Sacrifice next week :)

  • any ideas on spelunky release dates? definetly do a review about it as soon as it comes out! thanks :)

  • I only have to platinums; one for The Walking Dead, which is impossible not to get, and another one for Soul Sacrifice.

  • If you have a Vita and you still haven’t bought Velocity Ultra, you clearly suffer from some form of mental illness. Please seek help!

    Despite a few minor concerns, I can’t wait for Into the Nexus.

  • Great blogcast this week guys! I especially liked the talk about Volition and the Saints Row games. I’m a big fan of them. They really are an underrated developer. I hope you guys can interview them sometime. I love Saints Row 2 but 3 is the best one in my opinon. So much to do, and I love pretty much everything about that game. Not too psyched about Saints Row IV, but I read recently they are gonna go in a different direction with the next one, which I hope is back to the original concept of being a gang. Not celebrities, or the president lol

    Anyway I think I’ll still pick up Saints Row IV and just try and have fun with it.

    Keep up the great work guys
    Hope to hear more Volition/Saints Row talk in the future

  • @16: Well said! The online MP I think will be that much better now that we have to pay for it. All I’ve heard for years is how much better microsoft’s server is because of having to pay for it. So I see nothing but good coming from this. People just need to see the bigger picture. Going from free to having to pay does suck, but try and see the good that will come of it.

  • Great show guys. I think you really hit the right balance of games, banter and movies this week. Keep up the good work.

  • wooooo Capcom vs SNK 2 coming tuesday and Bittrip Runner 2 is coming to vita! Thanks guys!

  • I don’t understand why anyone is complaining about paying for online services on the PS4? They left it optional for players such as myself who virtually never use multiplayer games to opt out if they wish. You are getting PS Plus, (which I will gladly keep paying for) with hundreds of dollars worth of free games for you to enjoy. Likewise Sony’s online services will be spruced up for the PS4, as well as Gaikai coming out next year. If you look at the competition, Xbox One is 100 dollars more and you must pay an additional, almost mandatory fee for Xbox Live (the only way to really enjoy an Xbox is through their multiplayer games). No free games with this service like Sony provides with PS Plus. That 100 to 150 bucks you will save for going with PS4 (if you choose not to pay for online/PS Plus), will leave plenty of cash for 2-3 more launch titles, another controller, whatever you please. Sony kills Microsoft with these savings, plus giving you free games via PS Plus.

  • This is kind of a out of the way question, but do you guys plan to make every single PSOne game available to download in some point in time (including Japanese Imports)?

  • Why isnt the ps4 able to play the ps3 games?? This is a bad thing I have always played playstation products and put down Xbox but now im seriously considering switching to xbox. Someone at corp office needs to figure out something if anyone agrees please let me know.

  • @38 it can’t play ps3 games because it is built on an entirely different chip design. it is like asking why your tape deck doesn’t play CDs, kind of in reverse… They both play games (or music) but they run them in very different ways so the square tape doesn’t fit in the round disc hole.
    Xbox will be worse, mind you, because sony is already working to address this with their streaming service

  • People want Crash to be put on the PSVita store front.

    Because it should be… SCEE did much better at putting Classics on PSVita.

    Get it together. It’s been an unacceptable amount of time.

  • I enjoyed this episode of the blogcast, especially the R&C: Into the Nexus interview. I was actually playing Jak II on my vita while listening to the whole thing.

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