Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Coming to PS3 This Holiday

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Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Coming to PS3 This Holiday

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Since completing the Ratchet & Clank Future saga (Tools of Destruction, Quest For Booty, and A Crack in Time) we’ve had a really amazing time expanding the universe of our intergalactic heroes. From creating the first four-player co-op Ratchet & Clank experience for the whole family to enjoy with All 4 One, to returning with the first all-new R&C competitive mode in Full Frontal Assault, we’ve challenged ourselves to bring new types of play to the Ratchet series.

At the same time, we love single-player Ratchet adventures. We’ve continued to generate new ideas for weapons, gadgets, and planets. It feels like the time is right to revisit Ratchet’s personal story arc.

We’re excited to announce that Ratchet and Clank are returning this year with an all new original single-player epilogue to the Future games. Under the creative direction of Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time creative director Brian Allgeier, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is a story-driven platform adventure, with the humor and heart that make the franchise so beloved.

As you can see from the trailer, Into the Nexus has a bunch of crazy new weapons and gadgets. Gravity is one of the themes of Into the Nexus: you’ll experience zero-g space, you’ll use gravity-defying new gadgets, and you’ll manipulate gravity to solve brand new Clank puzzles.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

The game will be available exclusively on PS3 this holiday, in stores and on PlayStation Network for an MSRP of $29.99. It’s our biggest downloadable Ratchet & Clank game yet, dwarfing the size of both Quest For Booty and Full Frontal Assault. We’ll be bringing you more news soon – and for exclusive preview coverage of the game be sure to check out IGN’s preview and initial thoughts.

As always, for all the latest, stay tuned to the Insomniac Twitter and Facebook page. I’ll try to answer whatever questions I can in the comments below.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on PS3

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  • Please for the love of the gaming industry, make a PS4 R&C.

  • Wow, that looks really cool, can’t wait to try this out. Wish it was coming to PS4 though.

  • YES! I really hope this game goes back to what made Ratchet & Clank so amazing on PS2 (as well as ToD and aCiT). I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing much more about this game!

  • I have GOT to get some time for these games! I’ve played a bit of the first one and really love it, just gotta get the time to finish it. Glad to hear the series is getting another installment, really hate that I missed out on the PS2 and all the great games it had to offer! So happy for HD collections I can enjoy on my PS3!

  • -Is it going to suck like A4O and FFA? I hope it’s like the previous titles. Not the recent ones.
    -And since there’s a ratchet collection out there, any chance of Tools of destruction having a trophy patch?

    • We are proud of A4O and FFA. Anytime you work on a series like this, you need time to experiment and try new stuff. We think A4O is a killer family game (and get lots of fan mail for it), and FFA had great competitive. But that said, we’ve been coming up with lots of great ideas for a classic Ratchet game in the last few years. It’s really fun to work on one again.

      -No trophy patch for TOD. It’s pretty much technically impossible at this point for a variety of reasons.

  • Why aren’t you guys releasing this on PS4? I know the install base and everything. But shouldn’t you guys try to have more exclusives for launch?

    • We have a ton of Ratchet fans on PS3 who loved the Future saga, it seemed right to bring the Epilogue to them on that platform! :-)

  • Oh this game looks freakin’ sweet! :D My PlayStation 3 will be working its butt off this holiday season!

  • That said, I’m really excited for this already. I love R&C and can honestly never have enough.

    I also hope that Sony has an exclusive R&C planned for the PS Vita, because I’d love to see some real R&C action on that wonderful hardware. I know Insomniac wouldn’t make that one though.

  • Awesome! Finally the old R&C we all know and love.

  • YES!! This is fantastic news! After A Crack In Time I was dying for another full-fledged Ratchet game! I’ll be there day uno! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for PS4! :D

  • Thank god they went back to this I hated Full Frontal Assault

  • We’d love it if we could get it on PS4 as well. You know, for those of us that pre-ordered one. We might be reaching over the moon considering the different architectures but please try to make this happen..

  • No ps4 love? All these great ps3 announcements… Can’t they ps4 them or am I going to have to wait for gaiki or however it’s spelled to work sometime in 2014

  • fun fact: If you are downloading this game via the PSN store then you guys and gals with a ps4 will be able to play on ps4 as games purchased on ps3 will carry over to ps4

  • I just hope it’s not garbage like Full Frontal Assault… :/

  • I take that back happy there still supporting ps3 but would be happier if it was ps4

  • No Vita version? :(

  • That is certainly a fun fact but is it true… Haven’t heard

  • Guys I wouldn’t get excited just yet.
    Just look at Insomniac’s recent work and the quality. Fuse, R&C:FFA, and R&C:A4O all those games were pretty bad, I was honestly hoping another company would have taken over Ratchet and Clank since Insomniac seems to be driving it to the ground.
    Hmm Sanzaru Games did pretty good with Sly 4, Sony should have given them a chance with the Ratchet and Clank IP.

    • I think the trailer speaks for itself. We’re proud of all of those games. And I think many people would say the last traditional Ratchet game we made (A Crack in Time) may be the best in the series.

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Insomniac goes into next gen siding with Microsoft yet still tries to make a quick buck off their actual fanbase with these small scale Ratchet games? Really, do you guys have any shame? If you guys made a large scale Ratchet and Clank PS4 game, I’d be supportive….. but this game is insulting.

    Good luck with that whole Microsoft partnership though, you’ll need it with the backlash the platform you sided with is getting

  • I prefer to play this on PlayStation 4. The last game I wanted to buy on PS3 was The Last of Us. I’m saving my money on the PS4. Please make this available on the PS4.

  • Can you make this for Ps4 also? I don’t care if it will be exactly the same.

  • Yay, actual Single player Ratchet game, that alone should make it better then A4O an FFA. Do wish there was a physical release of it (like a R&C Future Trilogy set with TOD,CIT, and with this rounding it out

  • PS3?! those graphics look too god to be PS3 …. this has to be PS4 …. lol oh well it looks awesome :) great work guys i might get this one …. still have to start full frontal assault

  • Congratz to IG Ratchet and Clank look both gorgeous more than ever :)

  • SMALL SCALE?! how dare you dude…. this is the best looking Rachet yet….

  • “#14. @Rocky80912 on July 10th, 2013 at 6:15 pm said:
    fun fact: If you are downloading this game via the PSN store then you guys and gals with a ps4 will be able to play on ps4 as games purchased on ps3 will carry over to ps4”
    You have no idea how games are made. Yes your account is cross platform but a game has to be made with the PS4 system. So in theory they would be porting this game from PS3 to PS4.
    I prefer a game made for PS4 from top to bottom then being ported to the PS3

  • Even though PS3 is Awesome, I would also like this on X-Box…….

  • +1 for Wang Chung.

    Aaaaand I’m old. It just happened.

  • Hey James trailer looks awesome. I am quite excited for it.

    I have some questions. Would be great if you could answer them.

    1) Will there be multiplayer?

    2) How long will the game be? 10-14 hours like TOD/ACIT/UYA? Or will it be a short game?

    3) If this is epilogue to the future series why isn’t it called “Ratchet & Clank FUTURE: Into the Nexus”

    Thanks in advance if you answer my questions.<3 So happy you are going back to the old style of R&C games. It's one of my favorite series.

    • 1. No MP, this is a single-player experience and all of our development resources have gone into that.

      2. It’s not as long as ACIT, but it’s much much larger than Q4B or FFA.

      3. The Future name wasn’t picked up by Europe to begin with, so we tried to keep it simple to streamline the title :-).

  • @28 FaryTail249
    That will never happen. Sony owns the IP, not Insomniac.

  • I’d like to also say that I’m glad that this game isn’t being ported to Vita.

    I was really looking forward to FFA on Vita earlier this year, but once I got my hands on it, I was disgusted. it was a shameful port that should not have been released at all. The textures were mixed, the framerate was atrocious, the camera wasn’t good and it just was bad.

    That being said, I do think that a Ratchet and Clank game for Vita would be phenomenal if one were to be made by Insomniac specifically focusing on making is as best as it could be for that platform.

    Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Into the Nexus!

  • Dear Sony,

  • 30 dollars and downloadable? It dwarves QFB and FFA but how does it stand up to the R&C Future games?

  • Sony pense encore à nous sur PS3. XD Merci Sony.

  • I hope it´s like tools of destruction and a crack in time, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

  • so with no backwards compatibility, i should cancel my ps4 preorder to play this??

  • While is IS about time R&C got back to yknow, not awful games, I was REALLY hoping that second picture Sony tweeted was the Rift Gate from Jak.

    I have nothing against R&C (at least not the ones before A41), but we haven’t had a Jak game in eons…

  • I am so happy about this. Thanks! :D

  • Im in. Thank you guys!!!!! ACiT is still one of my favorite PS3 games. I supported you guys through the experimental games of co-op and TD. But really happy you’re coming back home to single player.

  • Coming this holiday means that we will play the game before September? However, thank you for this new episode, I was afraid you let Ratchet & Clank for a while in order to prepare Fuse :)

  • Last game from Insomniac for our favourite Sony Consoles… Too Bad next-gen they will be working with Microsoft instead.. :(

    Looks great though..!

  • I’m both happy and a bit let down, I was hoping for Ratchet and Clank with the PS4, but I’ll probably want to get this, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good Ratchet and Clank.

  • Amazing. Glad to see that traditional Ratchet is finally back. The game looks great. I understand why you’d make it for PS3 (big install base, focus to be shifted to family-friendly titles after the PS4’s launch) but you guys should make it cross-gen. A 1080p version (I think R&C already runs at 60FPS on PS3) with better textures and all that jazz on PS4 would be fantastic.

    Also, MP?

  • So after the FFA Vita debacle, is that why this isn’t a cross-platform title for PS3 & Vita? That sucks.

  • Disappointing all that hype for something that won’t even be coming to next gen. all these current gen games are starting to annoy me.

    I understand GTA V has been in the works for years so it will be fully optimized for PS3 but why would this game not go to the PS4?

  • I’m happy we’re finally getting a proper R&C game, even if it’s only a downloadable one. All4One and Full Frontal Assault were… interesting, but not the R&C games I wanted.

    But what I would really LOVE is a full-sized R&C game for the PS4!

  • So is it a smaller game compared to a Crack in Time? I was really hoping for the PS4 title. :(

    • Yes, but it’s huge compared to Q4B and FFA, and has new planets, a bunch of new weapons and a ton of variety. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed

  • Overall this is good news in that it demonstrates the commitment that Sony has for the PS3, however, it would have been great if this was a PS4 launch titile. No offense to Knack, but can you imagine the impact a launch Ratchet and Clank game would have for the PS4?!?!?! That would have made a lot more sense.

  • Awesome!!! Don’t worry the PS4 will get its R&C fix probably in 2015.

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