DUST 514 Live Event: Mordu’s Challenge Starts Tomorrow

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DUST 514 Live Event: Mordu’s Challenge Starts Tomorrow

DUST 514 on PS3

Since DUST 514 launched as the first free-to-play massively multiplayer first-person shooter on PlayStation 3 in May, the battlefields of New Eden have been exploding with activity. If you haven’t jumped in and created your immortal DUST character yet, our latest in-game event is the perfect time to start your mercenary career.

On Thursday, July 11th, we are issuing Mordu’s Challenge, which throws down the gauntlet to players to rack up kills, achieve hacks and cause massive destruction to win lethal in-game gear. Are you the speedy Scout who dives in, hacks objectives, and then gets out? Or are you a Heavy-suited Forge Gunner who can blow apart installations with a few shots? No matter what your play style is, there is an objective for you to reach and earn some excellent gear.

From Thursday, July 11th until Thursday, July 18th, you can take part in any public match to show Mordu’s Legion your skills! The event offers four separate challenges to take on. Go for the goals that most suit your play style or take down all the objectives and earn a special bonus reward!

  • 100x Enemy Kills – Assault C/1-Series Dropsuit + C15-A Tactical Sniper Rifle (all equipment Caldari themed) x50
  • 100x Installations Destroyed – Logistics M/1-Series Dropsuit + BDR-8 Triage Repair Tool (all equipment is Minmatar themed) x50
  • 100x Objective Hacks – Scout G/1 Series Dropsuit + GLU-5 Tactical Assault Rifle (all equipment Gallente themed) x50
  • 100x Enemy Kill Assists – Prometheus class dropship x25
  • Achieve all of the above – Falchion class HAV + 80GJ Stabilized Neutron Blaster + HT Linear Flux Stabilizer x100

DUST 514 on PS3

In the universe of DUST 514, Mordu’s Legion is one of the oldest, most respected, and powerful mercenary outfits in existence. When the first cloned soldier, code-named Templar One, went rogue and broke away from his Amarr overlords, the Legion gave him sanctuary. Mordu’s Legion was the first to embrace the cloned soldier not merely as a weapon, but as a human being.

Yet since those early days, millions of these cloned soldiers have emerged and set up mercenary companies of their own. Faced with scores of independents who are willing and able to die and die again, the Legion’s place in the cluster is at risk. Now their eccentric founder, Muriya Mordu, has decided to issue a challenge to every cloned mercenary to prove their worth. And he’s backing up his words with weapons, dropsuits, and equipment for anyone who can show off the power of the new order.

No official entry is required for this event. Simply play DUST 514 and your statistics will be tracked and recorded. More information on this and future DUST 514 events planned for the summer can be found in the official DUST 514 July Events Developer Blog.

And don’t forget to join the conversation about Mordu’s Challenge on the PlayStation forums! DUST players who share their thoughts about the event will receive free copies of the Militia Light Damage Modifier to use in-game.

See you on the battlefield!

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  • Very cool. My PS3 is out of commission right now and probably during that entire time so a bit of a disappointment there but I look forward to more of these. Keep of the great support.

  • awww yea

  • ^ sup Copy :P

  • ^ scrubs

  • trophies in this game yet?

  • I hope the counts are visibly tracked somewhere like an achievement bar, that was my biggest complaint with the previous events, TBH.

  • Synergy Sucks XD

  • como me uno a competir mañana?

  • i dont understad… How participating in the event?


  • nice!

  • bones1156, sólo tienes que jugar y tus logros serán archivados, según dice la noticia original. De todas formas lleva una cuenta personal, yo estoy usando un cuaderno. Suerte!!

  • everybody is going to get 25 dropships hehehehe

  • Very nice, these kind of things help keep the Dust players involved.

  • Wish I could join in, each time I try to get into the game I keep being told to update and the update never goes though. always an error =\

  • Oh my sweet buttery Morgan Freeman. I’m so doing that! ALL OF IT!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

  • No Heavy suit?

  • Is there a tutorial for this game? Because that is the reason why people don’t play. But on another note this is great to see & this game will keep evolving, this is why it’s better than your typical FPS because after your 4 pieces of dlc for FPS that’s it . Where as with MMO’s they keep evolving even after your typical 4 dlc’s.

  • Cant wait to jump in on this as well as get the Corp Involved.

  • easy peasy

  • Hell YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it coming CCP!!

  • do we need to have skill in the items won to use them? like the falchion , its a top tier tank which i am not skilled to ! pls someone reply soon !

  • is this per account only or per char ?? being greedy i no , either way i’m there

  • bueno primero qe nada saludos a todos los veo a todos muy emocionados y aquien no yo mira bien soy novato pero are todo el empeño para ver su sirvo como un buen mercenario haha pero k digo esto me ayudara aser un buen mercenario como los he visto a muchos de ustedes bueno nada solo les deseo suerte y brindenme un poko de suerte para aca jejejej ..bueno saludos para todos bye paz.

  • Thank you to CCP for the triple point event and the one that starts today. Nice to see the events as it keeps things fun.. ~MrSneaky1971a

  • I am looking forward to participating in this event. Awesome prizes too. Way to go CCP, way to keep the interest peeked!

  • Will there be some way for us to keep track of our progress?

  • so many to snipe…time to dog in.

  • very nice, but when will AN OPEN MARKET be implemented so I can loot this stuff off?

  • This is going to be fun. But I don’t see any way to track your progress after each match. A cumulative counter would be nice. It could be added as a tab at the end of the battle. -mwb

  • Been waiting for this event, but there really should be a progress chart of some sort for us to view the progress. Keeping tallies doesn’t really work in the heat of the match.

  • Thats around 160,000,000 ISK in items we get for completing the challenge.Thats crazy :)

  • + JPAcuna gracias, y logros como cuales? y q premios dan?

  • I miss my Playstation so much!! =( but sadly, it’s gone. Going to get another today and hopefully hop on this! =D It’ll do until my ps4 gets here!!!!! STOKED! PS…… YOU GUYS ROCK

  • that’s great I love this game n.n … what I did not like is who will be bothering with ships all the time


    What counts as an objective hack? The a,b,c panels (I know) but do CRU/Supply/turrets/vehicles ect. count as well?

    Also do hack assists count as a hack on the panel?

    Does a counter hack count as a hack?

    If the panel you hack gets counterhacked before it flips do i still get the hack?

    I would like to be clear on these things considering we have to track our progress on a piece of paper.

  • still waiting on that vita app, and I wish I saw this before I posted my new vlog.

  • destroying 100 installations will be the hardest

  • Great way to Introduce New Players to the History of EVE/DUST 514. Rewards are Great and I enjoy the Depth and Possibilities of the Future!

  • Awesome! Something to look forward to. Sounds like a plan. ^_^

  • I mentioned before that Dust 514 was a brutally flawed game, but I have to give credit where credit is due: the most recent patch did address many issues within the game. I don’t find myself getting caught on the geometry as much, the engine seems more fluid, some diversity has been added to the environments, and instead of jumping when they are shot, players now juke from side to side, like they used to in Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2, if you remember that.

    The game is free to play, and that remains its most attractive feature. There is an addicting quality to the mindless grind of accumulating skill points, and even though it takes literally weeks of grinding out the maximum number of active skill points possible per week to achieve sufficient skill to use a top tier weapon, once you unlock it, it does feel like an accomplishment.

    Be warned: time is on the side of the veteran players, and if you are interested in playing, get going! You will never catch them, but eventually you will easily slaughter players with fewer skill points than yourself. No one said life in New Eden was easy!

  • I wish there was “100th deaths” challenge ;) OK, that’s dumb…

  • I like it, but I just have one thing to say. I may not be well accustomed to the game, but shouldn’t the assault suit go with the assault rifle and the scout suit go with the sniper rifle?

  • those challenges are acumulative?? i mean can i kill 70 with one char and 30 with an alt or do i have to do it with every char??

  • Enjoy the Challenges. Like to see SP as a reward as weapon’s reward don’t necessarily come in handy i.e. Sniper Rifle for an Assault trooper. Does anyone know how/where to find a tally of kills / assists…etc. can be found???

  • I’d like to see more activity in the waiting room prior to going to the fight. Something akin to slapping helmets or pounding chest gestures…would be fun to psych up prior to going out and getting killed…again….and again…

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