Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls – The Origins

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Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls – The Origins

Hi everyone, today we’re excited to unveil the first of our four part Making Of series for upcoming PS3 title BEYOND: Two Souls.

Hear from writer/director David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream, as well as lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, about how the project came about and what it was like to be involved.

We’ll have the second part of the series next week that’ll allow you an insight into what to expect when playing the game. Also, in case you missed the reveal of our Special Edition steelbook artwork when it was revealed in Europe a few weeks ago, below is the final steelbook which will encase the Special Edition you get when you pre-order at GameStop.


Only a few months now, October 8th can’t come soon enough!

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  • I really need to place down my pre-order for this game already.

  • @1 Same. That is an awesome Steelbook btw.

    Based off of a lot of previews and the E3 demo….please, PLEASE fix the gameplay or it will all be for nothing.

    • Quantic Dream will of course still be working on optimizing the gameplay and implementing feedback we hear from gamers and media alike right up until launch. Definitely keep an eye out on preview coverage closer to launch once media start getting more extended hands-on time.

  • I pre-ordered @ GS long ago, so nice to know I’ll get the steelbook!

  • im so happy i finally played and beat heavy rain earlier this year. im so much more excited for this game and cant wait to play it. will definately be preordering soon, love the steelbook.

  • I can’t wait to play this game. I’ll do my pre-order sometime this week.

    Thanks QD!

  • Love the steelbook art! I think it would also make a great poster.

  • I cannot stop hinting pr-order

  • I like this steelbook but I have pass on it coz i hate Gamestop.

  • I cannot stop hitting pr-order

  • The game looks better everytime I see it. Great work Quantic Dream, can’t wait to see more about this game.

  • Will you get the steelbook case from gamestop the same day you preorder it.
    Or wil you get it when the game comes out on Oct. 8?

  • Sony’s on a roll, great Release Date as well.

  • All I can say is I totally Love Quantic Dream. A very well developed team. I became a fan since heavy rain. Been wanting more of heavy rain. maybe a sequel in the future? One can only dream. But You can be dang nab sure I paid off my pre-order for this game. My hats off to the entire developer staff, team and voice actors. You guys do such great work. It is well worth the wait for the time you put into developing such great quality work in my book. Maybe try to do a Fahrenheit 2 one day. I hope one day if I am ever in Paris. I could take a tour of the stuidos and meet the brains behind the dream of the developer studio’s. Till then I will be waiting for Beyond Two Souls to be in my hands soon. Ahhh You guys Always get a 11 out of 10 from me. Keep up the great work.

  • looking good guys, i already pre-ordered mine can’t wait till october

  • The trailer shown during E3 completely destroyed my excitement for this game, I really hope it bounces back because I loved Heavy Rain

    • Keep in mind the trailer at E3 was centered around a very particular scene of the game used to reveal Jodie’s CIA ties. The game spans 15+ years of Jodie’s life, so everything you’ve seen prior to E3 is still included, and the overall story arc won’t disappoint.

  • How limited are the steelbook case?

    • We tried to plan for enough of them to cover everyone who pre-orders. So far it seems like everyone who pre-orders the game will be fine, but we’ll keep you posted closer to launch if it looks like supplies are running out.

  • CIA ties? I guess it’s not even safe to read blog comment replies from people tied to the developer if I hope to completely avoid spoilers. Sticking to a media black out for this game sure is tough. lol

  • I’m sure best buy, future shop will have em cases. I still prefer the original artwork though.

    October… No pre-order for me. I gots too many PS4 games ordered. Oops

  • I just cant wait for this game….I was already Sold but the gameplay at E3 sold me even more…I love the different places we will be going….I hope Beyond is as great as Heavy Rain which without doubt is one of the best games ever made….I started to dislike Ellen Page after what she said about Ellie and ND…but whatever I’ll buy the game anyway.I’m eager to see if Beyond will have an amazing story-telling like Heavy Rain.

    Also these behind the scenes videos are great and very welcome please keep bringing them.

  • I haven’t pre-ordered this yet (well I rarely do that, but have considered the option now). I am waiting for the info what subtitles are supported in the EU and by which regions. If UK version has this time Finnish subtitles, I could finally pre-order that (I read UK Heavy Rain was lacking language features; even French audio).

  • Gorgeous steelbook case. I’m loving all these swansong PS3 games. They really are all shaping up to be true masterworks. From Beyond to GT6, GTA5, FFXHd, the list goes on. These games all deserve amazing steelbooks because they’re games I would never trade in and just keep forever.

    And Sony, I REALLY hope you guys reconsider bringing the steelbook case for GT6 over to America instead of only in Europe. GT6 is amazing and “complete” and it’s not right that I want that steelbook so badly and you just aren’t allowing me to get it. PLEASE change the preorder option a bit in America so we can pay like $10 extra to get the steelbook case for GT6. I’d gladly pay extra to get it.

  • @19
    No reason to be angry with Ellen Page. Most of what she said was in jest, and was taken out of context by the media (as they always do) to get hits on their hack-“journalist” websites.

  • Is this steelbook case at gamestop going to be The case we only get with the Special Edition? I only ask cause I love the other case too.

    • I’ll track down an answer to this and try to post a little later today.

    • Confirmed late last night – the Special Edition is going to all be packed into the steelbook case, so no you will not receive the standard jewel case alongside the steelbook.

  • Now this is what i’m most excited for this will be most awesome.

  • I am kind of hoping the military training “I’m a soldier” parts shown at E3 are really just a small part of the game and that she’s going to turn around and supernaturally turn against the military for what they put her through. Because I’m so sick of military shooters. I buy games like this to get AWAY from them.

    • I can definitely confirm this game is not a run-of-the-mill military shooter. Don’t worry, this game is every bit as unique as Heavy Rain was.

  • @Derek Osgood

    Thanks I hope to get an answer as soon as possible.

  • Any word on if we’ll get a cool Collector’s Edition statue? I really loved The Last of Us’ Post Pandemic Edition and was hoping for some sort of comparable item for this release.

  • In the last year or so, I’ve been picking up more and more titles from Amazon than my local GameStop, however this beauty is defiantly worth the price of gas/tax =p. Also I don’t know if this is the right place to bring it up, but GameSpot came out with a story in late April that implied the game would be 10 hours long (it was picked up by other media outlets shortly thereafter). I have no idea where this even comes from, as there is no quote from David Cage or anyone else at QD, but I know a fair amount of people who cancelled their pre-orders after reading this. Even in one pass, which will likely *not* be the only full playthrough one does, I have a very hard time believing this 10 hour rumor. Am I just in denial?

  • Why in Mexico we dint have this version?! The 30min extras we are they!??? That sucks really i want this edition :(

  • Witch-Burn-Buffy

    Will this game be Day 1 Digital?

  • starscreamerx31

    Amazing work guys. Im really pumped for this game. Its a def day 1 buy for me!!

  • Looking forward to this game with anticipation! Just know its going to do well and have a great plot.

    The previews have definitely piqued my interest, I am interested to know more about the characters and setting. You know you have a good game in your hands when you have people willing to buy it as soon as its out.

  • @Derek Osgood

    Derek did you find out for me about the Steel case?

  • Oh, the steelbook edition! I got the last of us on that, and now, I want ALL my ps3 titles in Steelbook!

  • I had this Pre-ordered from Store.Sony and they canceled my order!

    “Dear Valued Customer,
    We regret to inform you that due to a pricing error on Sony’s website, your order for PS3 Beyond Two Souls will be cancelled.
    Please accept this $5 eCoupon good towards the re-purchase of this game.”

  • Sweet mercy that Steelbook is gorgeous! All future pre-order release should have these casing! So beautiful and it’ll look even more better as it ages. Love it!

  • @34

    LOL I hear ya! I have the steelbook for Ni No Kuni, MGSRising, and Last of Us so far. Now this beauty is going to be added to the collection! They feel so nice to the touch! More steelbooks!!!

  • @Gooddaysfall

    Hey I checked Gamestop and you’ll get the case as a pre-order bonus. There is no standard edition, well unless if they run out of these steelbook case. But you better hurry before they’re all gone! Go now!!

  • Gosh I got too excited and went double positive with “even more better”!! Let’s just change that whole thing to “it’ll look epic as heck when your grandchildren have no idea what they are as most of their games will be digital copies (or so I assume that’s what the future of gaming is leaning to).

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this game, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a masterpiece. Next gen may be around the corner but the PS3 is going out with a bang, great job Sony!

  • @ idn86i

    I just want to have both cases….From what I heard is that the Steelbook case is just a bonus and your game comes packaged in the Standard case with all the extra stuff that the Special Edition gives you. I just couldn’t get a straight answer through Gamestop when I called they just told me “We don’t know anything about this” I just need a answer from someone already.

  • @Gooddaysfall, I’m a preorder junkie, and the way I’m interpreting the information that’s been presented is that all GameStop preorders are upgraded to the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition consists of special steelbook case and 30 minutes of extra content. This means that the disc comes in the steelbook, and there is no standard case. In the case (no pun intended) of Ni No Kuni and Dead Island: Riptide, it was mentioned that a free Steelbook was the preorder bonus for each of these games. However, the preorder bonus for Beyond is an upgrade to the Limited Edition, which consists of special packaging (Steelbook) instead of the regular.

  • @Gooddaysfall, which is quite upsetting news for me, as I love Steelbooks, but I like having all my games displayed on my shelf, and I don’t display Steelbooks out of fear of them being scratched/shelfworn. So I’ll have to go out of my way to buy a regular Beyond case to display on my shelf and store my Steelbook away.

  • Can’t wait for it , but any news about being released Digital Day 1 ? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease and thank you.

  • That steel book case is sick

  • Ellie!? Is that you?

  • Who agrees this game should be on PS4 and PS4 games can be also on PS3?

  • hey everyone, make sure you come over to Lvl Cap Interactive’s youtube page and check out all the unbiased reviews.

  • Probably going to be another rated R game that I am going to have to pass…*sigh* WHYYY

  • I’m really excited for Beyond, however, the media previews on the E3 demo are really concerning. I am all for in depth/emotional story telling but the gameplay has to be there as well. I am really hopeful that Quantic Dream will pull the gameplay together prior to the release of the title.

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