Serenity Plaza Comes To PlayStation Home

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Serenity Plaza Comes To PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013

Serenity Plaza arrives, Acorn Meadows Park dresses up for the 4th of July, and Rising Star Games brings Deadly Premonition content to Home. Check it all out below!

4th of July and Canada Day Extravaganza

Celebrate the 4th of July and Canada Day in Home! The classic decorations are back in Pier Park along with all new unique event rewards. Don’t forget to spend time with everyone’s’ favorite Slab-o-Meat, Ribbie the Rib and play our new puzzle Game Charcoal Champ. Can you man the grill, cook your meat to perfection and keep your guests happy? Summer has begun in Home!

Juggernaut Serenity Plaza and MiniBots Arena

Looking for a new place in Home? Check out Serenity Plaza, the new public space from Juggernaut Games. Party on the dance floor with Party Machine 9000, shop the full range of Juggernaut offerings, and collect weekly free items. If you’re looking for a challenge, jump into the MiniBots Arena to battle other players and even design your own maps! Whether you’re looking to socialize, shop, party or compete, this tranquil, futuristic city has it all.


VEEMEE updates this week’s VIP line with new Wrangler items, inverse Sneakers, and new Accidental Injuries items. Also, check out the Riding Hood and Re Rider outfits coming this week from Lockwood. These outfits include items from head to toe, and come in bundles, as well. Grab the bundle and get the Heroine Run LMO too! Be sure to head to the club and pick up these early release items.

PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013

Lockwood Breakdancing Gift Machine Rewards

Calling out to all the breakers, poppers and hip-hop dancers in PlayStation Home! Do you need to recruit more members to your b-boy crew? You got the friends, but they just don’t have the skills!
Help all your friends look just as fly as you by sending them the breakdancing pack from the Gift Machine, including iconic moves Flare, Baby Freeze, and Top Rock.

VEEMEE Acorn Meadows Park 4th of July

Get ready to celebrate under the stars as VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park becomes bathed in moonlight, ready for a spectacular 4th of July fireworks display that’s not to be missed! Available from July 3rd in PlayStation Home for a limited time only, be sure to visit the special edition of the Park to experience it for yourself.

PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013

VEEME Street Style, Cats, Animal Avatars, Billabong, Bicycles and Locomotions Updates

Phew, that was a mouth full. VEEMEE hits us with a huge update this week including Street Style tops, four new bicycles, four new locomotions, SIX new cats, five animal avatars and a cool selection of new Billabong items to wear this summer! They also have some amazing Billabong sales coming if you need to round out your summer wardrobe. Note: the sales seen below aren’t the only sales available.

PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013

Rising Star Games’ Deadly Premonition Items

If you notice some strange goings-on in PlayStation Home it can only mean one thing. Deadly Premonition’s mysterious Raincoat Killer has made it to PlayStation Home. Rising Star Games are bringing you everything you need to begin your very own reign of terror with an animated costume and the dreaded dragging axe. However if terrorizing townsfolk isn’t your thing, you can also find Greenvale’s most adorable companion, Willie the Dog.

PlayStation Home Update 7-3-2013

As always, here’s Magnus with your Virtual Item Showcase!

The 4th of July celebrations keep rolling along in Acorn Meadows. So, be sure to grab your summer outfits and head on over. If your summer wardrobe is found lacking, but sure to take advantage of one of the sale bundles from Billabong, or grab a Fairytale outfit from Lockwood for a reenactment in the park. Then, be sure to return here to the blog and let us know what you think. See you in Home!

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  • Where’s Cade!?!

  • Cade aka Glasswalls is no longer working with Playstation. We miss him.

  • Aww Thanks for thee info Mercenary.

  • Great content guys! will be a great celebration :)

  • A MiniBots Arena update AND video game content? Gonna love this week! :D

  • Dang it I had a glimmer of hope that it was Serenity from Firefly :(

    *le sigh*

  • PSHome was fun at first but till a few years ago i stopped caring about it

  • how can i get the deadly premonition costume?

  • my360broke_again

    home was cool for about 2 secs… then it took 2 hours to set up and load…. by then the 2 seconds had long since passed. every time I get curious and want to check it out agian, it takes another 2 hours to update, then it takes me 30 minutes how to figure out how to do anything….
    I really hope ps4 will actually update when we sleep and if home sticks around it will load INSTANTLY and be something cool a little smoother to interact with.

  • Cool stuff!Glad to see Serenity Plaza in NA.

  • Okay I am going to put a misunderstanding to rest finally for all those who said it now and those who will say it later and beyond.I know you think that people care about how you went to home once and never came back or the amount of times you don’t use Home or how long since you have used Home.But we don’t.If you don’t use Home then shut up about it.These articles are about people who use Home and like Home.If you don’t use it or never used it then shut up. Has anyone ever taught you that it is very rude to jump into conversations that don’t have anything to do with you? If you don’t use Home then don’t waste time writing that you don’t use it. Because we don’t care. I know you want attention and feel you are going to get it by constantly saying how much you don’t use Home but just stop okay? Find some other way to get attention.

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Hey Paul Sullivan , when will we get Furniture items to go up to 150 or 200 items per personal space ? Most of the new (Furniture ) comes as Active items , and it goes fast , most of my big Personal spaces are half way decorated because i used up all 100 items ,which are not enough , Will it take 3 years or more for you guys to up the furniture limit ? I remember when it was 50 items per personal space , took 3 years and some months to get it to 100 .

  • Cool space. I enjoy riding the rabbits! xD

  • There’s got to be a way to have PlayStation on the PS4. I believe!

  • Paul Sullivan,

    For those people who still do use home regularly please do them the favor of answering their questions. Namely How long is Home still gonna be around?

    The elephant in the room is this: if Home doesn’t make an appearance on PS4 for its supporters or if just soon entirely dissappears whatever else you say about it will be utterly meaningless. Or is the whole point to keep people buying virtual items right up until home dissapears like the WKC servers did last month.

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