PlayStation Mobile Update: This Week’s New Games and Updates

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PlayStation Mobile Update: This Week’s New Games and Updates

Each Tuesday night, PlayStation Mobile updates with new games, apps and updates to your favorite PSM titles. Pickbox and Duelist Calculator released last night, along with five updates to existing PlayStation Mobile titles like Minesweeper and Snake.


Pickbox by Stinky Badger Games

Free for Demo, $2.29 for full game

Pickbox features over 80 nonogram puzzles, 14 unlockable awards, and many hours of addictive puzzle fun! Download the trial now for unrestricted access to 24 free puzzles. All saved data can be carried over to the full version!


Duelist Calculator by Akio Ogata


This is Duelist Calculator of the Duelist, by the Duelist, for the Duelist. It can easily and simply calculate life points of 2 players for your favorite dueling card games. It also can roll the dice and toss a coin for when you need a bit of randomness.

Bike Rider DX

Start to pedal and you’ll never want to stop this bracing jump ‘n bike action! Enjoy a refreshing new kind of jump ‘n run action, riding bumpy roads, crossing deep valleys and jumping over walls on your bike. Challenge stages all over the globe in the “WORLD TOUR” mode or see how far you can go in the endless “GRAND PRIX” mode.

Feed Me Oil

When hunger strikes, strike oil! Welcome to a weird and wonderful place where the land is literally alive — and it’s starving! Your job is to get the oil from the broken pipe to the mouths of the strange creatures. It won’t be easy though, as you’ll need to use all sorts of fun tools, as well as your brains, to solve the puzzles.


In Floribund match flowers and skulls to get the best score. Play in two puzzle modes. Race against time in ‘Time Trial Mode’ where skulls with flowers in their eyes are worth extra points! Take it slow in ‘Infinity Mode’ and make your moves carefully.


Survive as long as possible, and obtain the highest score!

Sea Run

Sea Run is an Endless Runner game in a retro 4 color style. Jump and use your umbrella to avoid all the obstacles on the beach. Collect the coins for points and lollies to control your speed. Can you run forever?


A fun addictive game. Fly through an asteroid field, and find as many glowing pylons as you can. Before you are killed.

Cytus Lambda

Exclusively on PlayStation Mobile, the most awesome music game Cytus Lambda

  • Whole new chapter Prologue LIVE, represents 10 exclusive songs to play now
  • Upon one-time purchase of the full version, future updates of chapters totally free of charge
  • 70+ songs and 140+ variations, including many from famous composers around the world
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art style
  • Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types of notes
  • Different display modes allow player-friendly previewing of notes
  • Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback for taps
  • More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges
  • Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM ‘N BASS and many more
  • store_icon240-mono
    Mononoke Slashdown

    Ultimate Ninja action game! Superb KILLING Pleasure
    Cuts all devils!
    Now, presented by FK DIGITAL, It’s now in PlayStation Mobile fair and square and shocking to your eyes!
    Riding among thousands of enemies, killing at leisure, easy to start, joy for all ages!
    Amazing graphics and audio in an awesome traditional Japanese style!
    We Bring you to another world where you crush the devils fast like thunder strikes!
    Bosses of all kinds await you at the end of each chapter!
    Creatively designed chapters worthy of playing again and again!
    Strengthen yourself with magnificent ninja skills and weapons!
    GO now! Go and explore the art of the Ninja, and you will find no limit there.

    PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia ZL smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

    Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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    4 Author Replies

    • SlyCooperFan100

      I think Duelist Calculator deserves all the money. This is the perfect app for the Vita. :D

    • More apps please

    • How about a good hockey and pinball game.

    • It’s so nice to see a post highlighting these games again. I’m a huge Vita user and even I forget these are there sometimes. I need to check some of these out.

      Any news at all on expanding the number of Android devices that can access PSM games? Like, say, the Galaxy S4? ;)

      • I do know that the team is always looking for new devices that can host the platform. Also, we’re looking to have this update be a weekly thing, so that people can always stay up to date on the PS Mobile offerings!

    • Hi guys, I made Picbox, thanks for featuring it!

      At the moment there is a bug preventing you from unlocking the full game that didn’t show up in testing. However I am now working on a fix and hope to have it in review by the end of the day.

      Trust me, no one is more frustrated then me. :(

    • Hey Liam — do you have any plans on adding any more puzzles to Picbox, post release? I’ll be grabbing the full version when the fix is in, but 80 puzzles won’t last forever (unfortunately). It seems like a perfect opportunity to have puzzle packs, if the platform supports it.

    • Good morning, Paul Sullivan

      I wonder if the game The Last Guardian which was announced in 2009, will actually be released or not, for a long time do not have a confirmation whether it will actually come out!
      Please answer!
      Thank you!

    • Glad there is finally a post for PSM games, only took 9months though. But why are you including games from last week’s publish?

      In the future, I think it would be best to tell us all the games that got patched since PSM has the worst patching process I have ever seen. I literally had to delete 2 games that got patches this week, as just opening them was not triggering the update.

      • kassatsu,

        We posted last weeks to get people caught up a bit. Going forward it will be the current week’s releases.

        For updates we debated that, and elected to leave them off this time. Thanks for that feedback though!

    • @#4 yeah if they expanded the android devices that would be great….i’d love to play this games on the s4 since there are times when i can’t go out with my vita (like the family reunions)

    • @ChetReckless Hey, thanks for the interest! Yeah, puzzle packs were the plan, depending on how well it does. Just hope this bug doesn’t put to many people off.

    • WOah waoh waowh asldkajsflakj

      Just add trophy support.. even if all bronzes and the best medal we can earn is a silver! ;)

      I’m grabbing Cytus for sure! Best Rhythm game I’ve played on a mobile device! :)
      I love me some Cytus! The mononoke thing looks cool as well!


      :) Thanks, bai.

    • A lot of good games getting on ps mobile. :) Its great that Square Enix is getting the games on the service, but you guys definitely need to get Kairosoft and Gameloft et al on board though.

      Any news on the Tokyo Jungle ps mobile game?

    • @StinkyBadger your game is a lot of fun and I hope it does really well in the PSM store. I look forward to the puzzle packs.

    • There have been some awesome PS Mobile games (and a lot of junk).

      Top Favorites in order:

      1. Switch Galaxy
      2. Rebel
      3. Rock Boshers DX
      4. Cubixx
      5. Super Skull Smash GO!
      6. Surge
      7. Haunt the House
      8. Life of Pixle
      9. Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe
      10. Gun Commando

    • Forgot Super Crate Box which should be #3.

    • @jcthomas00 Thanks mate! =)

    • Is the Tokyo Jungle on PSM the same one on the PS3 other than the camera being top down?

      Or is it a different game?

      It’s just that I don’t think Tokyo Jungle will run on PSM unless it’s Vita native.

    • Until PSM offers a bunch of free games, it’ll never compete with iOS.

      This is why iOS is far superior for mobile games:

    • ThreeLeggedFreak

      You promised trophy integration last year. Where is it?

    • Any idea when we can expect trophies and other PS support for PS Mobile as was promises when it debuted? I have zero interest in PS Mobile games until there is at least trophy support – I’d love to see you guys come through on that initial promise

    • ThreeLeggedFreak

      No trophies no buy.

    • Sony i think if you want to have the upper hand against other mobile games then i think you guys need to add trophy, leaderboards, psn support to psmobile games. im jumping in as soon as i see trophy, psn support.

    • Yes, trophy support is definitely needed. Hell, I don’t even care if it’s separate from the regular PS Trophies. But that’s certainly another advantage iOS has with GameCenter achievements.

    • ThreeLeggedFreak

      How come you can’t find ps mobile games on Yet ANOTHER oversight by Sony.

    • Paul could you at least let us know in the comments what the games are that got patched.

      So far I know the following games were patched:

      Sword of Rapier

    • :) Lovely. You’re a good one to count on for a reply on these blogs Paul.

      You’re a good man.

    • Good to see some consistent support for PS Mobile, finally.

      I think it’d be nice if you guys could get some footage of each game, to put up too.

    • are only sony phones gonna support this? I have to root my phone to get psm on it and I dont wanna..

    • Glad to see PS Mobile updates. Any chance we will see these apps come to PS+?

    • Woohoo! It’s great that SCEA finally acknowledges that PS Mobile exists! I realize you guys don’t like the Vita much, but still, it is a Sony gaming product.

      It would be very helpful if you could post about updates of titles. Right now the only way to know is by following the developer of a given game.

      It would also be very helpful if you used screenshots of gameplay, not the level selection screen. Pickbox is apparently like the famous and popular game Picross, but a quick glance at that screenshot, you wouldn’t know it, since it’s the level selection screen.

    • Does Sony USA have any knowledge (or influence) on bringing Chaos Rings from Square-Enix to North America? It was just announced for Playstation Mobile – Japan only. It would be nice to see this game come our way as well.

      Also, there are people who use Blackberry products and the new OS10 phones (e.g., Z10) is more than capable of handling Playstation Mobile games. Considering that some major studios already are releasing games for Blackberry and making a hefty profit doing so, it would be nice to see Playstation Mobile expand to that platform.

    • Hey StinkyBadger, I hope the problems are solved easily and quickly, I love picross and I’m going to buy the full version once it’s available.

    • So no word about the promised trophy support then? You guys just gonna ignore us and continue not commenting on the issue for months more? I dont see why, it’d be so much easier to market and sell them. And more games sold equals for Devs wanting to release games on the platform. Sony wins all around

    • I like my vita but hate sony’s judgment call. 32gb memory card at 90$ class 4 good in the year 2006 technology costing 3 times more than the competition and 5 times more than it cost to make them. bad call :( I refuse to buy 1 but in turn don’t have the memory for to many psn purchases do u see where this is going? how much I spend on Nintendo’s store is mid boggling cuz the memory is cheap enough :) I might have to dump my vita all together due to hidden cost :( sad that it will fail that much quicker if something isn’t done :( what ever u make for psn vita sales now triple that if the memory was more affordable :) the 1 in charge of marketing should’ve been smart enough to point that out. I hope the ps4 don’t have so many hidden cost as well ill keep track to see if I should cancle my pre order. been a playstation fan since day 1 of the ps1 so yeah I have spent plenty of money on sony but I wont pay un reasonable amounts :(

    • Why are all the trophy questions ignored? I just don’t want these games since we were promised trophy support and haven’t even heard about it since last year.
      I bought several, but I stopped when I realized you are not even going to say whether or not it’s coming now.

    • PicBox has been taken down from the Store. Might want to update the post.

    • This is very cool. I am a indie game developer.

      My mobile game “Greedy Ducks” is going to be featured in the Indie Prize showcase at Casual Connect in San Fran this July. I have a 2nd title ready for word jumbles in the form of a crossword puzzle. I always wanted to get on board with the Sony PlayStation platform.

      If I wanted to port my iOS/Android game to PSM can I adapt it to play on PS Vita? Or is PSM only for playstation certified Android devices? I wasn’t entirely clear on the differences between mobile and vita. Like is vita support merely for Apps? All I read was that the SDK was in C#. I use the Unity3D Pro Engine.


    • RedHotRidingHood

      If the PSM team has a chance please look at Oceanhorn. The developers expressed an interest in making a version for the Vita last year and I would hope that could be arranged.

    • Will Trophies come to playstation mobile someday?

    • Hi guys, as mentioned above, I’ve had Sony take down Picbox until I can get a patch released. Sony has confirmed that the problem is with the SDK, but have given me a way to work around it. Hopefully I’ll have the game back up ASAP.

      As for trophies in PSM, I’d love to see it, and whilst Picbox doesn’t have trophies, I have implemented my own ‘awards’ in the game. They unlock much like a trophy, and can be viewed from the main menu. If you want to see how they work feel free to download the free trial once it’s back up. :)

    • @Tomoprime

      That is a better question for the Dev Forums:

      But in the mean time, PSM runs on both Vita and Android devices that are PlayStation Certified. There is no difference, other than the Vita having physical buttons.

      It does not use the Google Play Store, you have to side load the PlayStation Mobile store on Android. As for Unity… support for PSM won’t be coming for a while, but it is in the works.

    • It’s sad that so many people are willing to pass on good games because they don’t have a set of arbitrary rewards.

    • ManjoumeThunder

      It’s good to see more content come to PSM in general, though I’m still wondering if we’ll still get those LBP or God of War titles when it was Playstation Suite, or even a game that uses the camera like Invisimals.

    • PrimeroIncognito

      Mando44646 on July 3rd, 2013 at 10:14 am said: “I have zero interest in PS Mobile games until there is at least trophy support”

      Which translates to: “I have zero interest in games, period.”

      So, now the question is, why are you even here?

    • @saintaqua

      I agree, they have talked about trophies coming to playstation mobile, but they have not released a date of when the trophies will come out. I have been waiting for a while to see when they will release trophies support for playstation mobile. I hope they release the trophies support soon.

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