God of War: Ascension: 11 Multiplayer DLC Weapons Unlocked Until Sunday

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God of War: Ascension: 11 Multiplayer DLC Weapons Unlocked Until Sunday

Champions, your incredible patience for our upcoming 1v1 “Bout of Honor” mode has not gone unnoticed, and will be fulfilled in short order this month.

This week, bring some Olympus style fireworks to the God of War: Ascension Arena with our Arsenal of the Gods Preview Extravaganza! We are unlocking our entire arsenal of available DLC weapons for a free extended preview in-game.

God of War: Ascension on PS3

Right now, jump in to God of War: Ascension Multiplayer and get a brutal hands-on test drive with 11 of our DLC weapons for free, in every Multiplayer mode. Wield the latest Titanic Hammers, Weapons of Judgment, Legendary Spears, the Blades of Artemis and Thanatos, and more. These weapons will be unlocked and ready for you the moment you jump in to customize your Warrior.

Spear of PhobosSpear of HyperionMjolnir Hammer

Mercenary BladeHammer of HephaestusHammer of Atlas

Champion's HammerChampion's BladeBlade of Thanatos

Blade of JudgmentBlade of Artemis

This free weapons preview will only last until Sunday, July 7th — get in there!

What you should know: All experience (leveling) gained per weapon will be retained if you purchase the weapon after the event. In other words, any experience you gain for a preview weapon that you did not previously own, if you purchase it after the event, the level and experience of the weapon will start where you left off after the preview event.

The official list of weapons for preview includes:

  • Spear of Phobos
  • Spear of Hyperion
  • Hammer of Atlas
  • Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Blade of Thanatos
  • Blade of Artemis
  • Mjolnir Hammer
  • Blade of Judgment
  • Mercenary Blade
  • Champions Hammer
  • Champions Blade

For more updates and the latest on our upcoming 1v1 “Bout of Honor” Mode, follow us @SonySantaMonica on Twitter or visit GodofWar.com.

God of War: Ascension: 11 Multiplayer DLC Weapons Unlocked Until Sunday

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6 Author Replies

  • Pretty cool I guess. Can you guys tell us if we’re going to get that 10x xp booster on the US Store?

    • Unfortunately, we have no plans for that on the US Store at this time, but we’ve received many requests for it. We’ll give it a 2nd thought for sure. Stay tuned.

  • How about some single player DLC? Some of us still prefer the core God of War experience.

    • We hear you. For design and lore specific reasons, we have chosen to focus our DLC efforts specifically on Multiplayer for God of War: Ascension. We have no current plans for single-player related DLC, but we understand the impassioned request. Appreciate the opinion as always.

  • Multiplayer Game of the Year, you guys did the impossible.

    • That would be an awesome recognition to even be nominated when those reward seasons roll around. Thanks for the compliment, keep playing!

  • I have been playing the multiplayer for a while but I’m still wondering when are you going to release new levels, because it gets a little bit repetitive to play the same levels over and over again.

    Keep the good work!

    • We are releasing the Whirlpool of Alecto with our next 1.09 1v1 update, we previewed it on our live stream a few weeks back. We’re also working on a fantastic large map (same size as Bog, Lab, Desert) that we’ll be releasing later this Summer.

  • The buzz of this game has pretty much died. I really hope it is selling well, so that at least it can reach LTD 3M.

    I want GOW4, for the PS4 with a SP campaign of 20 or more hours, with an epic story and badass narrative. Hopefully Deimos can be in the game too.

  • I haven’t played this in awhile, I must get back to playing this at some point.

  • Still $2.99 each in the PS Store.

    Maybe free in game?

  • Absolutely addicted to this multiplayer. I hope the player numbers are decent and the addition of MP is successful in the eyes of SMS. I want this type of MP mode to continue in the future. Haven’t been into a MP game like this since Warhawk.

    Looking forward to checking out all the new weapons. The sword seems to be the most popular because of the easy jump slice opener, but I prefer to use hammers.

    I really hope some new objective maps will be coming soon…or at all for that matter.

    This game is Brutal fun!

  • @ Aaron Kaufman. Thanks for the reply on #2. I appreciate you being forthcoming about having no plans for single player DLC, but I wish the studio would have said that before the game’s release. The DLC season pass was one of the main reasons I bought the collector’s edition. But since I have no interest in the multiplayer mode (I tried it, but multiplayer just isn’t for me), the season pass wasn’t as useful as I was hoping it would have been.

    • Apologies and fair point. I believe we did communicate that to some effect, but we can always do better.

  • @T3DV0L70L1N4 They did say they weren’t going to be making any story in the beginning. I guess you just missed it. It’s been known for long time now

  • Nope, not free through the game too. Oh well.

  • Please Release Dart for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!!! Many of us want him and many of us are upset that you guys decided to cancel his inclusion to the game. :(

    You guys have killed what could have been one of the biggest franchises of the PlayStation Nation.


  • I came here to ask about a DLC for a different game…PSASBR. I am wondering when you plan on giving us a reply about Dart, and no I don’t mean just a “We hear you” reply either. I mean something about whether or not you’ll actually consider adding him or not.


  • seganintendoubi

    Dart from the cult classic “Legend of Dragoon” has cancelled as DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, he’s a highly requested character and it makes no sense for him to be removed. Please SSM, give us Dart.


  • The multiplayer is awesome and thanks for the free preview of the weapons. I wish there were more team favor of the gods maps to play. It’s seems like there is only just the three to play on.

  • C’mon, Santa Monica, #ReleaseDart

  • We want Dart in Playstation All-Stars! It’s not fair that Zeus and Isaac (two characters barely anyone wanted) were released while Dart (and presumably Abe) were not. They wonder why Zeus and Isaac didn’t sell…they didn’t think it through at all.

  • God of War: Ascension is great and all, but another great game is being overshadowed by God of War.
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was going to have Legend of Dragoon’s Dart added as DLC, a character many will pay money for. Santa Monica, please do not ignore this fact: there are fans wanting your support for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, thus wanting to see Dart make his debut.


  • Release Dart! Release Dart! Well, I know you won’t, because you only care about money and your biggest money maker at the moment is GoW, but post anyway. I wanna kill GoW mood for a moment :)

  • Release Dart! Release Dart! I’ll pay you anything you want just do it!

  • GoW has had it’s time in the sun. Release Dart for Playstation All Stars! I hate that Playstation All Stars is being overshadowed by GoW. Please respond because I’m tired of being ignored.

  • All of them are short range? This game needs some long range weapons. Like darts! That would be interesting. GIANT DARTS! I’d love to throw huge darts at other people’s faces… That would be unique concept for a weapon. And also… DARTS!

  • Why don’t you just tell us something about PS All-Stars? We are waiting those costumes for months and still we got nothing. Plust, you cancelled one of the most requested characters, Dart, and you are still keeping your mouth shut about this whole situation. You only care about God of War Ascension and his DLC, not caring about millions of fans that are still waiting for some kind of news for All-Stars! C’mon!!


  • C’mon, Ascension sucked. It’s the weakest and most unmemorably game in the series. I appreciate Turkish language support and everthing but I have to say, it was a bad game. Stop going so hyped about it and talk about Dart already!

  • You are all focused on the multiplayer of GoW. But can you also focus on the multiplayer on Playstation All Stars? Add Dart and Abe as DLC, please! Many will buy the DLC obviously! Supporting online isn’t enough for a 2012 E3 game like All Stars!

    #ReleaseDart and #ReleaseAbe

  • Add Dart’s sword to GoW: Ascension. That will show us you actually care!

  • madmanwithabox12

    PlayStation All Stars – a game that celebrates the vast and wonderful PlayStation eco system and it’s being ignored by Sony’s own Santa Monica studio. #ReleaseDart #ReleaseEveryDamnThingYouCan

  • If Sony Santa Monica cares about their customers (and our money) consider what we say. You took the responsibility of All Stars and now you must fulfill it!

    #ReleaseDart and #ReleaseAbe

  • That’s great and all but, what about Playstation All Stars? #ReleaseDart

  • Sony Santa Monica, you’re doing a great job of supporting God of War Ascension, how about giving some love to PlayStation All-Stars fans? We’d love to see you guys finish and release Dart and Abe.

    #ReleaseDart #ReleaseAbe

  • If you wanna show us your support now, add Dart’s sword to God of War: Ascension. By doing that, you’ll get a nice new DLC for your precious GoW AND you’ll show us your support at the same time… If you have any….

  • ratchetfan73096

    Santa Monica Playstation All-Stars needs to get DLC characters that people actually want not uncalled for characters such as Zeus so please give us Dart from The Legend of Dragoon

  • Hey, so I played Ascension, enjoyed it, and got the Platinum. Even had fun playing the multiplayer for awhile.

    Now on to the real topic at hand, us fans, we really love that other game you folks helped publish. Playstation All-Stars, we’d love to see continued support for that game by releasing Dart.


  • Santa Monica ya like money?
    I got money.
    you want the money?
    I like PSASBR DLC
    see where im going here?

  • More GOW DLC? That’s cool I guess. But you know what would be even better? If you released Dart for Playstation All-Stars! Come on guys, you’ve been ignoring us for quite some time now. Don’t you care about the fans?


  • I refuse to support Sony Santa Monica anymore until they show that they’re still listening to their fans, and not false ideas. The reason that “PSASBR DLC isn’t popular” is because the last DLC was almost complete trash! Two characters no one wanted, both horribly imbalanced, and so chock-full of glitches (The majority of which have yet to be fixed) so as to be unplayable online.

    I have never been truly mad at a company before. Beforehand I was always able to see their view for the most part, yet CANCELLING ONE OF THE HIGHLY REQUESTED CHARACTERS BECAUSE OF THIS is unacceptable. I still remember seeing Dart Feld on more lists than Sir Daniel Fortesque! If you want our money, then do what we want! Unless we get a solid, completely answering response as to why Dart simply cannot be in this game, then I will continue to shake my head at Sony Santa Monica.


  • Please don’t let Dart and Abe die SSM!

    #ReleaseDart and #ReleaseAbe!

  • @36 Everything he said is true. We will not buy characters that nobody asked for and yet our punishment for that was to cancel Abe and Dart! What the hell is wrong with you SSM?!

  • @Astroking112
    Almost trash? Almost trash?!ALMOST?!

  • Ascension has had tons of DLC how about some All Stars DLC? #ReleaseDart #ReleaseAbe

  • Please Release Dart and Abe for Playstation All Stars :D

  • #ReleaseDart

  • Yeah if you want our $ SSM then release Dart and Abe for PS All Stars.

  • Never knew that Sony Santa Monica would treat their fans like how the government treats the entire population in general. Lies, chaos, denial, hunger. We are hungry for Dart and Abe SSM!

  • I’m sorry for the bad language but I’m just saddened that Dart was cancelled. ;(

  • XO WHY!!!!!

  • @44 Wow, strong comparison. And a good point too. People can be the difference between a successful company or bankruptcy. Unless Santa Monica wants to be the next THQ, support your fans and give us Dart and Abe for All Stars!

    #ReleaseDart and #ReleaseAbe

  • Spread the word out guys we can win. We need to have the same drive as Kratos to succeed! Right SSM!?

  • Sony’s been making a lot of smart moves lately listening to fans, I hope You’re listening now. adding another exclusive to sony’s list. And pleasing the RPG crowd that got ignored much of last gen, #ReleaseDart you do not realise how profitable this could be people who dont already have the game…. Are willing to buy it this means more people will buy copies of allstars. so its increasing sales and your getting tons of dlc purchases making this a good reason to #ReleaseDart

  • Hey guys love your games, especially god of War and I know your not the team that works on All Stars since there isn’t a team on all stars at SSM but please start to show some support. Finish making Dart for the fans.


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