The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out Today

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out Today

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If you were poking around online yesterday, chances are you might have seen our LATE BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT from Telltale Games that The Walking Dead: 400 Days is officially headed to PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3…. TODAY!

This special DLC episode features five short stories set during the first 400 Days of the undead apocalypse, giving you a unique perspective on the world seen in Season One of the series. 400 Days will also take into consideration the choices made during your play-through of the first five episodes, effecting certain aspects of your play through of the DLC. On top of that, the choices you make in 400 Days will also have an effect on the upcoming Season Two of the series, coming later this Fall!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Out Today

If you’ve never played the series, we also have some more great news… Starting today, The Walking Dead: Episode One – A New Day will be FREE FOR DOWNLOAD on PlayStation Network for a limited time! This is especially good news if you’re interested in checking out this latest episode, since you’ll need to at least have Episode One of the series on your hard drive in order to purchase The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC for just $4.99 USD. We don’t necessarily recommend playing 400 Days before playing all of Season One, but it’s not required as it features an entirely new cast of characters separate from Lee & Clementine’s story.

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That’s probably enough babbling from me over here, but we’re thrilled to launch the episode today on the PlayStation Store, so check it out and let us know what you think! Also, the PS Vita version of The Walking Dead: Season One, including the 400 Days DLC, is looking on track for release sometime next month in August, and we’ll have more news and more details on that bundle very soon! Until then, if you’re a PlayStation 3 user, enjoy the episode and we’ll be tracking the choices made by the community all month long, so swing on into Red’s Diner today where the most difficult decision you’ll have to make WON’T just involve what’s on the menu…. trust us.

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11 Author Replies

  • Going to download it later today and then plow through all five episodes and then the dlc. Will the Vita versions be cross buy or do we got to buy them separate?

  • Wow i reeeeaaaaallllyyyy hope the store update is early today. early of course meaning before 10 PM


  • Price? Also when can we expect season 2? :)

  • Clementineeeee!!!!!!

  • Nevermind, I saw $4.99. :p

  • The game is full of decissions but the most important for me, it’s getting the DLC, so I made that decission already.Thank you so much TellTale this is gonna be awesome to play :)

  • How long are these stories compared to the episodes from “Season One?”

    With five short stories for $5, it seems likely all five together are closer to the length of a single episode – which would be pretty darn short. Doesn’t seem realistic to hope each story is the length of an episode, either. So…any clues about how much we’d get for $5?

    • Depending on how fast you are, the whole of 400 Days is about the same length as a regular episode.

  • @Feistfan

    That’s why it’s DLC and 4.99

  • Cross Buy? Cross Saves? Cross Trophies? For when the Vita version is out that is much like R&C: FFA

  • Now to just wait for the store update to go live.

  • So happy to own the US version of The Walking Dead, so I don’t have to wait for EU to get the DLC.

  • Urgh, can I be bothered reinstalling TWD for this?


  • You finally wrote a post about it.
    Now I gotta download the game again.

  • Here I was, all set to spend my last $5 in the Store Wallet on Mortal Kombat… now I’m not.

  • what time does the network update? or is it just random?

  • ‘Inverted-Y Axis’ setting yet…??

  • When does the store update?

  • Sweeet! This was unexpected, but I’ll definitely be picking it up today. For those who haven’t tried Walking Dead yet, now you have no excuse not to, episode 1 is free! Thanks Telltale!

  • I’m so happy i think i’m gonna cry …

  • @aro52

    I know, right! Almost prevented me from playing the game entirely!

  • Question: Is this not included if you purchased the season pass for season 1? Just wondering. I plan on purchasing this even if it isn’t.

    • The season pass was just for the original 5 episodes in Season 1, so 400 Days is a separate thing. Hope you enjoy the DLC!

  • Yay! More emotional trauma maybe ._.

  • so has the psn store been updated yet?

  • I’d still like to know if the PS3 version of The Walking Dead will be Cross-Buy when the Vita version comes out.
    I own the retail disc version, but I am considering buying the digital version if it will allow me to download the Vita version as well.

  • I loved the walking dead first season. The atmosphere was great and the character development was the best i’ve seen in any game, even the recent overhyped Last of Us and Bioshock. Clem and Lee’s relationship puts Ellie and Joel to shame.

    I can’t wait to play this new episode. Shocked its coming out so soon, considering it was just announced at E3.

  • @ centwood32: I’m pretty sure if it was included in the Season Pass, they would have said so. But then you’ve got the common sense of “it’s not part of Season One”, so, no… it’s not included in the Season Pass. It’s a separate purchase of $4.99, as was said in the post.

    Will be buying this and playing through it as soon as the store updates. Lucky for me, I never deleted TWD:S1 after finishing it, so I save time not having to redownload all 3.2GB of it, or at least episode 1. Thanks for the DLC, TTG!

  • @vladiator011

    you dont have to wait until the ps store updates, if you start up the walking dead then go to downloads, it will already be there to buy.

  • OMG i wanna buy the DLC ASAP!!!!

  • FALSE. its not in the walking dead downloads. yet.

  • I wasn’t thrilled with Season 1 but I will probably give this a try

  • I bought the season pass instead of every episode…. It’s gonna be free since I bought a season pass, or will I have to pay the $5?

  • Game is out now peoples

  • you have to pay 5 dollars for it and you can download it from the walking dead game in the download content

  • anybody know why is their a disk version download? that doesn’t make sense

  • Oh hell yea.

  • ok disk version is for if you have the walking dead game on disk instead of digital

  • plz give us news on the walking dead PS vita!!

  • Will the walking dead for PS Vita have a new trophy list? because if so i’ll pick that up in a heartbeat. if not ill just get 400 days dlc eventually for ps3.

  • This should be available for the Vita… Right now!! But I understand it takes time

  • I haven’t even played the 1st season yet LOL, but thrilled to see the new Dlc & upcoming season 2 on it’s way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So if I buy all of Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC on PS3, will I have to buy it again for PS Vita?

  • It’s out now. Just checked. At this point, though, you have to search for it in the Store.

  • Also want to know about being a cross-buy with Vita if I got the reason pass on PS3.

  • i deleted all episodes off my hard drive couple months ago, i know i only have to have the first episode installed, but will my choices still carry over or do we have to have all episodes installed for that?

    • You just need the first episode installed. As long as you kept your save file, your Season 1 choices will be good to go!

  • For anyone interested, most of the new content seems to be up on the store. I just grabbed BF3 for free, 400 Days, Velocity Ultra and the new Pinball Arcade DLC.

  • Excellentas always, Telltale….now when are you gonna make another Sam & Max? Kinda miss them…and their antics.

  • What if you had the disc but you sold it? Can you play the DLC?

  • Yay, so getting this today! And can’t wait to double dip when it’s on Vita next month!

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