Pinball Heroes: Complete Available for PS Vita Today

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Pinball Heroes: Complete Available for PS Vita Today

We at San Diego Studio are happy to announce that a PSP classic is returning for your PS Vita. Pinball Heroes: Complete is available today for your PS Vita on PlayStation Store and no high score is safe!

This new release includes all of the original tables that are built around your PlayStation favorites. Whether you are hunting for treasure in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, causing havoc in PAIN, chasing the perfect game in High Velocity Bowling, keeping the princess fed in Fat Princess, competing in futuristic racing action in WipEout HD, enjoying the mix of creativity and speed in ModNation Racers, lining up that perfect shot in Hot Shots Golf, or proving you’re the best in Motorstorm, gamers of all backgrounds and skills will be able to find a table that suits their style of play.

Pinball Heroes: Complete on PS VitaPinball Heroes: Complete on PS Vita

What fun is getting a high score if you can’t share it? In Pinball Heroes: Complete, you can post your high scores to the leaderboards and compare them against friends and the rest of the online community. With Leaderboard Challenge, you can select any high score from a leaderboard and challenge it directly. Scores are displayed on a per ball basis so you can see if you’re keeping pace with the score you are chasing. Completely dominate a Leaderboard Challenge by defeating the score of each ball!

Online Tournaments are also new to Pinball Heroes: Complete. Set up the rules, number of players, number of tables, and type of table. If mano y mano is more your style, you can challenge a friend to a Head to Head online match.

Pinball Heroes: Complete on PS Vita

Speaking of sharing, you can now post your scores and accomplishments to Twitter or Facebook. Go ahead and tell your buddy from 4th grade who you haven’t talked to in years what a pinball wizard you are!

All of these features, plus touch controls and a whole lot more. Everyone here at San Diego Studio would like to thank you for your support and we all hope you’ll have a great time with Pinball Heroes: Complete. See you on the leaderboards!

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4 Author Replies

  • this is nice and all but how about adding wheel to wheel online wifi multiplayer to modnation racers road trip? or how about bringing lbp karting to the vita?

  • I’m kind of weary of buying something from San Diego studio on Vita after the disrespect you exhibited towards Cita fans with Modnation Racers Road Trip. That game was a travesty and never got patched or anything.

    That being said, the price on this game is right so I may pick it up.

  • @1: Give up on online for Road Trip. May as well ask for trophies for Heavenly Sword.

  • @2: oh please. Aside from no online (lame), the game is way funner than the original on PS3.

  • While I love pinball games, I can’t do that top-down view, where the camera follows the ball.. It’s too hard to see where it’s going.

    • I get that. You can play in landscape or portrait mode. In portrait, you get the full view of the table, which is probably more your style. That’s the way many of us prefer to play it actually.

  • @2 yeap im with Elvis on this one, aside from no online Road Trip is a better game than ModNation ps3, better handling of the cars, faster loading times(still a bit long though) easier to create stuff.

  • So… this is a Vita game? And not just the PSP game released with all tables?

  • So… what is the exact price? And is this a full featured Vita game? You know with trophies, native Vita screen resolution and upscaled textures/graphics?

    • Hey RH, the price is $5.99 for the 8 tables. Yes, it’s a Vita native game, with trophies, touch, and the new online modes (challenges, tournaments, head-to-head).

  • It is a VITA GAME or a PSP game?

    Until then… Pinball Arcade is not working … Your Costumers are tired to read the same answers: “we are working on it… after E3… ”


  • I Bought Pinball Heroes Years Ago For My PSPGo. Now, I Have A Vita And I Am Wondering… If I Bought This Game (With All Its Tables) Once Before For My PSPGo, Can I Now Play It On My Vita And Not Have To Buy It Again?

    Let Me Know! Peace Love And Pinball…

  • @Stranger_Eddie It’s a Vita game because it comes with trophies this time.

    @BAEZE_L No, because this is a different game. It’s Vita native, unlike the previous game, and comes with trophies and online leaderboards.

  • @BAEZE_L, I forgot to mention that you can still play your previous game on the Vita. You can transfer it over to the Vita from the PS3. You can’t DL it straight from the Vita PSN.

  • Looks interesting. Though Drake and Modnation sound like the only interesting tables. You guys should have added newer (and older) PS franchises. Like Sly or Last of Us or Jak and Daxter or Killzone, or Gravity Rush, etc

  • I’d love to see a LittleBigPlanet pinball.

  • DouglasSerafim3

    Hi! The page on the psn uncharted 3 q says Brazil is Portuguese languages downloaded part due to the size. But to get the Plus does not appear in the list of download Portuguese Brazil. You know why?

  • R.I.P Ps vita :(

  • I also own the complete set (from PSP.) Do I have to buy these tables again?

  • I owned these games on PSP and they were a blast. Will buy again. Favorites was Hot Shots Golf and the bowling one. Can’t wait!!!

    You guys should do another basketball game for Vita. Loved the PSP NBA game.

  • The video says $6 for all of them. Looks like a native Vita game with leaderboard support.

  • These tables were rather average on the PSP and they don’t appear to be upgraded in any way other than multiplayer and a few tiny perks.

    How about this… I will buy this as soon as you let us play our Crash Bandicoot 1-3 on the Vita. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

  • If you want to add something that has already been made, to my Vita,why not

    Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, or Castle Crashers.

    I am sure there are quite a few others, but these should be “no brainers”.

    Of course adding something for no cost to people who already paid, now that would take a good business decision to keep loyal customers.

    But who needs those.

  • Maybe Fat Princess, Fistful of Cake.
    Since it was just advertised, bought, and regretably not researched, to see if it transfered to Vita.


  • This seems okay but if there will not be trophies for this, I’ll have to pass.

  • @tusunami there are trophies.

  • It’s up now, guys, and there’s a demo.

  • How can I say no to pinball? :D

  • @16 The PS Vita isn’t dead you dummy. Your just a hater than doesn’t like pinball heroes games. I pity you, this looks cool and you know it.

  • It’s pretty lame some of you guys won’t play a good game if there are no trophies. How did anyone manage to play a PS1, PS2, or PSP. Oh the horror!

    (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻

  • @ willster98 If we already played it on PSP (and still can), why would we play it again on PSVita if there are no trophies to gain?

  • @ Frodobald what about online leaderboards and the new Challenge mode?? They didn’t just add trophies.

  • Since portable systems can be rotated, and pinball doesn’t need but three buttons (maybe five, if there’s bumping), does either version allow one to play a table with a vertical screen?

  • @TJF588 I played the demo, and yes, there is a vertical ‘Portrait’ mode.

  • Sold, and I don’t even have my Vita on me. I loved the first one (it’s even on my Vita)

    Can you ask the higher ups why after a sixth update, the “new” PSN store STILL doesn’t support RemotePlay, and STILL asks for your password to download FREE content?

  • @Techni – just use the web store. It works way better than the store on the PS3. Then all you have to do is go to your Download List on the PS3 store.


  • Aw, so this is considered the complete set, there’s no plans on revisiting it with more downloadable tables? Pinball Heroes was a great little app, I’d like to have seen more tables someday (I’d also love to have had other a la carte games like it on PSN based on classic PlayStation characters, the Heroes series could have been a fun line of minigames.) Well worth the $6 for these eight tables, in any case.

  • I get a weird glitch when typing my name for the leaderboards. Like some GUI element is Z-fighting with the keyboard

  • Im enjoying this game, but I feel I cant play to my optimal abilities. Holding the vita vertically means its awkward to use the buttons but i dont like using touch controls. Holding it horizontally means I can use the triggers, but the screen moves with the ball and its impossible to plan ahead. Can you PLEASE add an option to zoom out while keeping the Vita horizontal?

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