GT6 Demo Today, Download and Qualify for Nissan GT Academy 2013

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GT6 Demo Today, Download and Qualify for Nissan GT Academy 2013

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Do you have what it takes to go from couch to cockpit and join the Nissan GT Academy team? The 2013 GT Academy competition begins today at 5:00pm Pacific Time when an exclusive demo of Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 becomes available to download.

The GT6 demo will guide players through GT Academy-themed driving school challenges before unlocking the final qualifying event. Players have the potential to qualify for this year’s GT Academy, kick-starting a journey that could lead to a real-life racing career with Nissan. The demo includes the following modes on the new Silverstone track:

  • A quick tutorial that includes tips and tricks on the controls and navigating around the track
  • Four warm-up races using two Nissan cars, the LEAF and 370Z
  • Five time trials on the Silverstone track driving the Nissan 370Z, four of which take place on various sections of the track, and one being the full lap. That one full lap time becomes the entry time for GT Academy. Enter as often as you like before 3:59pm Pacific Time on July 28th.

Want more? Players who clear all five trials with greater than a bronze medal will receive a special 15 Year Anniversary bonus race event, which will appear in the demo after July 28.


The online qualification for GT Academy will lead to the 31 fastest racers being invited to the National Final events, where they will be joined by this year’s Racer X winner Armen Aghakhan, who earned his seat through the Racer X competition at E3. At the National Finals, the 32 competitors will be challenged in the game and on the track in real Nissan cars. From there, the action switches to the famous Race Camp at Silverstone, with the winner there set to potentially join the elite team of Nissan’s Nismo Athletes.

While the demo is open to all and available to play until the end of August, the GT Academy competition itself will close Sunday, July 28 at 3:59pm Pacific Time. Eligible players wishing to enter will register for the final round of the demo in-game by agreeing to the official rules of the competition. Anyone who registers and submits a qualifying time will receive free bonus content.

Fire up your PS3 and race for a chance to join the GT Academy Champions who are racing in Nissan-powered race cars in top level international motor sport, including 2012 GT Academy North America winner Steve Doherty who is competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series with the Nissan GT Academy Team RJN.

Steve Doherty 2012 Winner Photo 1

The GT6 demo is available to anyone with a Sony Entertainment Network account and access to a PS3 connected to the internet. It can be downloaded free from the PlayStation Store, with no ownership of the Gran Turismo game required. Details of how to enter GT Academy 2013 can be found on various platforms including Facebook, the official Gran Turismo site, and @GTAcademy on Twitter.

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  • Vita?

  • This is just evil the rest of the world already got it

  • nice! never played a gran turismo game before. so ill try this one!

  • 2:48 am still no demo here in California!

  • @PhantomKhiller they said 5:00 PM, not AM.

    Also, will there be any bonuses for people who can get gold medal in all the trials too?

  • Never was a fan of combining the GT demo into a contest……..

    However, I liked what GT5 did with the Nurburgring and Benz cars in Special Events, so if they plan on doing something similar with Silverstone (always fun with F1 cars in other games) then that’s something to get excited about.

  • Can’t wait to try this :)

  • I love GT but limiting the demo to stop working before GT6 comes out? Cmon, that just sad.

  • woot! GT Academy 2013 is here, i ma so excited i hope i can make it this time

  • ill look for it tonight smh

  • There was no mention of the demo on PSN at 6 am CST. I initiated a search several times just in case :)

  • in the 21st century, making an online product available should not be “scheduled” for ANY specific local time zones.

    choosing not to deliver the game and demo to each region at the same time, is a political decision…not a technical one.

    standard GMT works for me…it actually how the rest of the world wide web works.

    get on board PSN..

    second, how about releasing a list of overhauls you have made to GT6 before the game is released..In this way, loyal racers who have spent many hours recommending very specific refinments and changes to the game were in fact even listened to and considered.

    that is how a serious customer minded software company operates in the 21 century.

  • Pretty bad when they can’t even make it available to everyone! It’s not available! False Advertizing is what it is!

  • Ken Chan can we get GT5 on the PSN store?



  • Aww man. Did they screw up the gui, again? Sigh.

  • Also.. too much data reuse. Looks like GT5.

  • Polyphony and Sony better get their heads out of their butts and release the Gran Turismo 6 demo RIGHT NOW, because we are very behind and losing one (1) day of qualifying for the GT Academy 2013 Grand Finals. What you guys said is false advertising and it is not okay for us to wait. But also when you mean that it is going to be released on that particular day, you release it on that day immediately, NO EXCUSES, and NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • The most realistic Gran Turismo ever, complete with exploding left rear tires.

  • @15 and @18. I have never seen such whiners in my life. Out July 2nd means out July 2nd. Not at midnight unless otherwise specified. Out July 2nd means it will be out when the store updates which they have been getting better at updating earlier lately. Have some patience guys, re read what you posted and realize how foolish you both sound. @ 13 it is spelled advertising not “advertizing”. If you want to be taken seriously at least learn how to spell.

  • everybody needs to chill out about the demo not being out yet… they said “gt6 demo today.” that means when the store gets updated, you will have your demo… people complaining about it being false advertisement are being ignorant… did they ever advertise that it would be ready at midnight? no… and those complaining about being behind one day are ignorant and are just looking for something to complain about… the contest doesn’t even start until 8 pm and lasts almost the entire month… if you really think you need the extra few hours of practice, then i can tell you right now, you will not win… everyone needs to stop being so entitled because sony doesn’t even have to give you this opportunity… sony is who is making this happen, and you all are complaining because you’re getting the demo the same time you’d get any store update every week?

  • @dwezel

    Finally someone who gets it.

  • So rather than releasing it earlier in the day to maybe stagger the load on the network somewhat, Sony decides to wait til prime time for half the NA region to release a 1gb download that will likely be quite a popular. I think I’ll just wait til Wednesday and download it then.

  • I can not wait until the store updates today so i can play this demo and try to qualify.

  • Don’t forget to drop by the GT forum, and check out our weekly races, too!

  • I’ve played it. It’s on the UK store, but I can’t register my times on the leaderboards because I’m in a different region. I’m liking the physics, the graphics seem better than GT5 with better lighting and a sharper look to it overall. My only complaint is the AI seems to still be set in stone and follow a predetermined path and the sound is still lacking like all of the previous entries in the series.

  • YESSS! Can’t wait!

  • DecadanceFantasy

    I’ve never played a GT game before so this will be fun.
    It’s cool people might get a chance to be apart of something bigger than just a game with the contest and chance to actually race. Looks like it’d take lots of skills.
    I’m excited for the demo later today!

  • DouglasSerafim3

    Hi! The page on the psn uncharted 3 q says Brazil is Portuguese languages downloaded part due to the size. But to get the Plus does not appear in the list of download Portuguese Brazil. You know why?

  • @ DecadanceFantasy: If you’ve never played a GT game before, the learning curve is steep. This isn’t Need For Speed or Burnout, that’s for sure.

  • @nolson

    that’s what i was thinking after i saw your comment… it’s good to know there are some people out there with some common courtesy without blinding lashing out at people/companies… it’s funny we both said basically the same thing at the same time

  • Gonna give this another shot.

    Will GT6 support the Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel?

    How about Stereoscopic 3D?

    Two things that could really make this game for me. After playing GT5 in 3D I haven’t turned back to 2D for the title. To add to that I’ve been debating on getting the Driving Force GT to add more realism to that 3D experience and because of the perks it offers, IE in race adjustments. I’m just curious if GT6 will support the wheel to justify its purchase more.

  • Very nice…always wanted to try GT5 but whatever now I got a chance to try GT.Will download the demo for sure.

  • “Will GT6 support the Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel?”

    It should. I would be surprised if it didn’t.

  • Come on, can’t you support Canada for GT Academy? I’d love to participate.. This is lame.

  • If you don’t want to wait for the GT demo to pop up later, simply access the PS Store and search for GT Academy 2013. This is for the NA store. It is up for download now.

  • Is it out in the U.S. store yet?

  • This challenge is gonna be epic, I didn’t checkout last year’s challenge hopefully i can make it to check this out this time around.

  • @Evil_Ramen: Read my comment above yours. It is in the NA PS Store, just not appearing via anything but search.

  • After downloading the demo I got one of my answers. Driving Force GT is supported. Now how about Stereoscopic 3D? That’s not part of the demo but wanted info.

  • Check this out.. Just leaked.. Sony doesn’t want anyone from U.S. to win the contest. This is why GT6 is not available yet.

  • The new suspension is great and the shadow is looking alot better. Oh and the Leaf is a blast to drive!

  • More GT is always nice, but I’d really like a proper demo.

  • CommandingTiger

    Just got 1 favor to ask you.
    Please, in GT6, for the love of God, please make online sessions to last a maximum of 1 hour (or 2 hours).
    There are some races where it can take weeks to finish “some people have jobs or other things to do than to last 24 hours on a game.”

    If you don’t want your experience to be ruined, make a normal session “race” normally a max of 1 hour.
    Not More.

  • Alright, played the “demo”. I will give some real brutally honest feedback here. This game is so similar to GT5, to the extent that, it should be called GT5. There is way too much data reuse (copying) from GT5. The sounds, menus, control, etc. are all copied from GT5. It must’ve taken you a few months – at the most – to make the entire game (based from what I witnessed and played in this demo). I hope people can open their eyes wide enough to see that you’re just rebranding the GT series, which is a shame because this series deserves alot more, and don’t buy it in protest. Shame on you.

  • @herbalsticky, you’re wrong about a few big things.

    1. General data reuse is not a problem. At all. In any way. The data takes forever to generate and we want them to reuse it, as there’s no reason NOT to. The menus and sounds could use an overhaul, but the fundamental data — cars, tracks, car sounds, etc. — should be copied.

    2. More importantly, you just flatly ignore all the under-the-hood enhancements. “A few months” my ass. You have no idea what you’re talking about. They completely rewrote much of the physics models.

    That said, I was hoping for more of an improvement in a few of the graphics issues, but so far the car does feel much more natural (especially when hitting a corner at high speed).

    The UI had some overhaul, it could use more, but the big test will be whether “career” mode is better, and whether the improved physics really justifies a new purchase. I’m betting yes, but I’ve only played through the first Silverstone race in GT Academy 2013. There’s many more hours ahead of me.

  • @pudgenet
    Show me where I said that data reuse, in general, is a problem. I understand that vehicles should be copied, because frankly, the PS3 can’t do much better than it is/was – I never complained about this. And, in addition, if you would’ve read with “brain” you would see that my comments are aimed at an overall view of the “demo” of this game.
    You said I have no idea what I’m talking about, too. Someday you will understand that individual people own their opinions from actions within their experiences. What makes you feel this attack towards me is worth your negative energy?

  • TheUndertaker85

    @pudgenet: I’d count on more graphical upgrades happening a bit down the road. We still have a good couple months until the product fully launches I’d bet.

    You are right on the mark about the physics though. I can notice quite a bit more reaction from the suspension in particular. Plus things like hitting the grass to see it fly and the sounds of bouncing off other cars/the wall seems largely improved. Parts of GT5 are there but not enough to call GT6 GT5.5 or GT6 Prologue.

  • Does anyone know if the physics model in this demo is final? Liking how the suspension feels here, but I’m very disappointed that the clutch is still quite poor.

  • TheUndertaker85

    @headronefish: Probably not final but close. The only people that’d know for sure is Polyphony Digital. The full product is bound to differ from this demo.

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