Ethan: Meteor Hunter Coming Soon to PSN

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Ethan: Meteor Hunter Coming Soon to PSN

Ethan: Meteor Hunter for PS3 on PSN

Hello! We are Seaven Studio, a brand new indie studio based in Lille, north of France. We are seven former employees of Hydravision (who developed Obscure 1&2 and Alone in the Dark), which closed down back in September last year. We were part of a team working on a new project called Ethan: Meteor Hunter when Hydravision closed down, so we decided to start a new studio looking to self-fund and self-publish our own projects. We bought the Ethan IP and got to work!

About our first game, then. You are Ethan, a little rodent that was hit by meteor fragments. These fragments gave him the power to move objects around and freeze time. Add physics rules and elements with different properties and you get an exciting new 2.5D puzzle-platformer! Plus, it’s French, so how can you not love it?

Ethan can interact with the environment, burn wooden blocks, use electric charges to activate interrupters, doors or mechanisms, and hover when using air vents. There are multiple ways to solve the puzzles, which blend arcade action and reflection. Progression through levels isn’t linear – there are multiple challenges in each stage – and Ethan will get extra abilities as soon as he beats each world. We’re aiming for about 50 levels across three different worlds!

The game is easy to play but hard to master: we’ve made the game considering both gamers who just want to have a nice 20 minutes play after a hard day’s work, as well as hardcore players who want to track down every last item and take on extra hard challenges. Speedrunners should be very pleased!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter for PS3 on PSN

Ethan: Meteor Hunter will be released for PS3 in late summer 2013. To keep updated, follow us on Twitter and feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear from you! We also want you guys, the gamers, to be closer to development and give us feedback on our alpha demo we released a couple of months ago on our website. Being close to the gaming community is very important for us!

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  • This was made for the Vita.

    Any chance of a Vita version?

  • to be on*

  • Will this have Move support?

    It looks perfect for it and it sure would be nice to have a reason to charge up my Useless Move controller again.

    • Hey guys! Yes definitely considering the Vita once PC & PS3 versions are out. We don’t want to announce anything yet until we know for sure we can do something interesting. Which is why, unfortunately, we are not aiming for Move support sorry! But check out Johann Sebastian Joust of the Sportsfriends collection for your Move controller ;)

  • Looks like a great platform puzzler, once (if) this comes to Vita, I’ll snag it day one.

    Jonathan Mutton plays Soul Sacrifice, he should know it would be a great fit. :)

  • Looks fun, can’t wait for summer to be over, besides it being super hot in Seattle, there are some great games coming this fall, Ethan included.

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Are you also the guys who did the PSN game “Funky Lab Rat”? I loved that game and I hope a Funky Lab Rat 2 gets made one day even though this looks like a spiritual successor

    • Yes, you spotted us :) Hydravision did Funky Lab Rat – so this is a sort of spiritual sequel as some of us worked on Funky Lab Rat! If you enjoyed it, you should love Ethan!

  • it is a missed opportunity not to release this game on vita. so please a vita version!!!!!!!!!!1

  • looks interesting to say the least

  • That looks very interesting, but I’ll hold out for a Vita version. Not that I don’t love my PS3, but smaller games like this work far better for me on a handheld.

    • IF we do a Vita version, it’ll of course be cross-buy. So you have nothing to loose trying it on your PS3 early ;)

  • Will the instructions at least be in English?

    • Yes of course! We will support 19 different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic , Swedish , Danish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Greek and Turkish!

  • I want to want this, but I can’t imagine playing it much on my PS3. Though if it came to PS Vita, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    I just don’t really play PS3 as much, especially PSN games, as much as I do on my Vita. They’re much more fun to play on Vita.

    I know it’s not always possible to put games on Vita, but if you guys can do it then that’d be great.

  • This would be great for the Vita. The OLED screen with the touch screen functions would work great. Will wait and see with this game… Good luck with the release.

  • Kinda bit sad all the commmments here just keep on whining about a Vita version. While I would definitely love a version for the Vita (I play it much more than my PS3), the PS3 does have a much larger install base so it makes sense for the developer to release it on the PS3 first.

    I love 2.5D platformers so I will definitely check this out.

  • @TUNA-EGG I don’t see it as people “whining” about a Vita version. I think people are simply being honest with the developer about when/where/how they could see themselves playing this game (which looks brilliant, BTW…kudos to Seaven Studios). And I completely agree with them. I have a huge backlog of AAA games on my PS3 right now, including Dishonored, Hitman: Absolution, Far Cry 3, DMC, MGS: Revengence, and Injustice. There is simply no way that I would have the time to fit this PSN game into my PS3 schedule.

    Although I do also have a backlog of Vita games, there is a much better chance of me (and I assume many others) playing this game on that platform while I’m riding the bus or taking a lunch break at work. I’d gladly put down $15 for this game if/when it appears on Vita. Cross-buy is a splendid option, but I’d never play it on PS3.

  • So my previous comment was not approved by mods because I linked to a spotlight I wrote on the game? Seriously?! Was trying to support the game here, which I thought was awesome when I played the demo on PC.

    Well, search “Ethan Overclockersclub” if you want to read my Spotlight.

    PS. Chalk up another vote for a Vita version!

  • This needs Move support asap. Hey devs, make it Move compatible, its a no brainer. It would be perfect for Move. Looks fun. It would be cool if it was cross-control co-op. Stop time and the person with the Vita can move the objects around.

  • The moving blocks to make a platform to use to get to places, reminds me of using the Wizard in “Trine”.

    First thing I thought watching the video other than it reminding me of “Trine” was that this game was meant to be on the Vita. Hello, touch control for moving the blocks and what not, and using the analog sticks and buttons for platforming.

    At least put it on PS4 to remote play on Vita. Though I’m sure based on what I’ve seen in the PS forums and from my personal opinion, I’d rather see the Vita have it’s own games. So Vita version vote for me also. I don’t have a PS3, but I do have a Vita and have a PS4 preordered.

  • This looks to be a great platform ear, might check this out at some point.

  • @ xClayMeow: Useful tip for you. If you want to post a link, leave off the entire first part of the url, including the “www.” part… like you would just type “”, then your post won’t get moderated. :)

    As for Ethan: Meteor Hunter, it actually looks really fun. I’m not sure it would be worth more than $10 based off that trailer, but if the content looks to be worth the asking price when it finally releases, I could see myself supporting this with a PS3 purchase in hopes of a Vita port. Good luck, Seaven Studio.

  • Will definitely buy, also voted on greenlight

  • @AizawaYuuichi, Thanks for the tip!

  • we loved playing the original ObsCure in co-op mode on our old Xbox. would love to see an ObsCure HD in 1080p and/or 3D! (Not at all interested in the PS2 version.)

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