Award-Winning Adventure Proteus Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

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Award-Winning Adventure Proteus Coming to PS3 & PS Vita

Proteus on PS3 and PS Vita

The team here at Curve takes great pleasure in announcing that Ed Key and David Kanaga’s award winning PC indie game, Proteus, will be arriving on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this autumn.

A lot of games get called ‘unique’, but we think there’s honestly nothing quite like Proteus. It’s a game all about exploration, mystery, color and sound. Played in first person and set on an uninhabited island, it’s all about getting immersed in a dreamlike world.

Everything in Proteus is procedurally generated, which means the game is different each time you play. The game plays through all four seasons before the end, and it’s nearly impossible to see everything in the game with one play through.

Proteus on PS3 and PS Vita

Proteus on PS3 and PS VitaProteus on PS3 and PS Vita

The music and sounds in the game are what really make it special though, and everything you encounter as you explore has its own musical signature, so just like the island, the music changes depending on where you choose to go.

Here at Curve we’ve been working with Ed to make the PS Vita and PS3 versions even better than the original, and over the next few months we’re going to have more information on how we’re using the power of PS3 and PS Vita to bring the absolute best Proteus experience to you guys.

We’ve already had Proteus up on the big screens here in the office, and it’s looking like nothing PlayStation has ever seen before, so if you’re into games that try something a little different, keep an eye on us over the coming months!

For now though, we can tell you that Proteus will be a Cross Buy game, and game designer Ed Key will be available in the comments to answer any questions you might have about the game.

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  • Can we have at least a release window? So many indie games have been announced for Vita but don’t even have release windows, the list is like a page long at 10pt font.

  • Retro coolness. I can dig it! My 7 year old loves him some retro style games and graphics too. He’s pretty awesome. :D

  • Have this installed on Steam. Still gotta dig into it (so many backlogs for so many system, it’s hard pinning down what I wanna tackle, aside from blowing time in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and PlayStation Home).

  • Price?

  • looks awesome cant wait to play :D

  • I love indie games with niche appeal, but after watching a few gameplay videos, I’m struggling to see what the actual gameplay is, other than wandering around and observing things. What kinds of compelling things are there to observe? Is there any type of story arch at all?

  • Woah, cool! Gotta love Curve Studios. You guys are awesome.

  • intriguing

  • This looks awesome to me, I have been wanting some devs to make some game solely about the concept of exploration, and discovery. Im sure some wont be able to appreciate something like this, but im beyond happy with Sonys indie love. Indies are doing so many cool things with games, and its cool to get some stuff without guns, or swords, or cars, or death. Thanks for supporting the Vita guys :)

  • Yes! Loved this game on PC. Can’t wait.

  • I’ve played this on my PC. It’s really interesting, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I love these quirky indie games, and I think they show that killing is not the only way of interacting with a virtual world. I lost myself wandering around in Proteus, and really liked it. But there’s no action, shooting, puzzle solving or even objectives.

    Having said that, I’ll certainly buy it to play on my Vita. One thing I can’t really imagine is how on earth will they put trophies in a game that has no objectives.

  • I have this on PC, but I really need to buy it on PS3. It’s so unique and interesting!

  • Thanks for bringing spiffy games to PlayStation, Curve Studios!

    Hope there are more to come.

  • Great looking forward to it, i know this is great and unique but it needs to be priced right due to the scope of this game., i think 7.99 would be a fair price. if you want to see more Giantbomb does a great quick look of it on their site.

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

  • What an interesting concept. I’m looking forward to the game’s release on Vita! :)

  • There a goal? Like you need to find 3 treasures or something? Place three runes to activate some sort of distress beacon? Sorta wanting to see that goal there..

  • Or an Achievement board like in Minecraft?

  • Copy of post I made on the EU Blogs Proteus article:

    Wow, I’m over the moon to learn that Proteus is headed to Vita. I love my indie games (and cult oddities), so the more awesome PC and console indies to make their way to Vita, the better. Curve have a great track record and I have every faith that they’ll do a sterling job with Proteus. Ditto Stealth Inc. for that matter!

    Rob, if you’re listening buddy, please, for all that is holy, find a way to work with Capybara/Superbrothers and bring their utterly sublime PC/Mac and iOS point & click masterpiece, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to Vita. This wonderfully gorgeous adventure – that has one of the best soundtracks in all of gaming (yes, Jim Guthrie’s score really is *that* good) – is one of my personal top 10 games ever, and although I already have it on PC and iOS, I’d pay handsomely for the chance to finally play it on my beloved Vita too!


  • This looks like it’d be perfect for my Vita. Interesting concept.

  • I am always ready to try new concepts

  • This game I’m not sure about, but there are more PS Vita variety of games coming soon.

  • This game looks pretty cool. I’m glad creative games like these are gracing the vita. Would like to know when it’s being released though

  • Sounds great

  • I’ve got this on PC already, and while I’ve only played it twice, for about a total of 30 minutes, it was an immensely satisfying experience. So serene and beautiful, and the music and sound effects were queued up with in-game environments and creatures really well.
    I agree with swissmr. If you can price this at a max of $7.99, I’ll definitely pick it up Day One. This is one game that is very simply “pick up and play”.

  • Very excited.

  • I’m very interested for this. I love this kind of experiences and I think my wife would like to play it too, which is a plus.

  • Hyped for vita version. Thanks.

  • Seems like an interesting game hopefully a demo is planned.

  • i have a question for all of you guys is minecraft on ps3 really gonna come out and if if you know reply please i will thank you all i know is that if they do it will be releaset on augest 2013 sorry for my bad spelling and please relpy please

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