The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

Before we get started: PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD! Yes!

Don’t miss this in-depth interview with PS4 system architect Mark Cerny, conducted by our European counterpart Fred Dutton. Gran Turismo 6’s pre-order bonuses got an official reveal, we looked back on year one of PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection, and Ready at Dawn revealed new details about The Order: 1886.

I’ve had a very 80’s week, starting with the release of Hotline Miami on PS3 and PS Vita (ten bucks nets you both versions!). I just finished the game for the first time, and… I’m confused. If anyone wants to point me toward an explanation of the ending, I’d appreciate it (no spoilers in the comments though, please).

Speaking of PS Vita: Muramasa Rebirth, the revamped new version of the acclaimed side-scrolling classic, is out now as well. With Hotline finished, this one’s up next.

I was recently introduced to the music of Kavinsky, whose track “Nightcall” features on 2011’s 80’s-inspired Drive, and that’s made it into my regular driving playlist. A full-trilogy marathon of Back to the Future rounded out my 80’s week, and now I’m ready to return to the present, and indeed the future when PS4 is released later this year (got your pre-order in yet?)

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Hotline Miami, Muramasa Rebirth
  • I’m watching: Back to the Future (Trilogy marathon!)
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 079, Jamiroquai, Kavinsky

What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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  • I know this is probably way too early to ask but will Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate have a Day 1 Pre-order on PSN? If u can’t answer, that’s fine.

  • Playing: Sleeping Dogs, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath (Vita)

    Watching: Wilfred and “John Dies at The End”

    Reading: Joyland- Stephen King

    Listening: The Shods: Tippy

  • We want BF3 like EU gets it. We also want to get all content at once at the beginning of each month like EU always gets it, not 4 updates – 1 per week like we always get it. Why is that anyway? You probably just want to give us more time to buy some games so you can put it after for free/discount to PS+, smart. Also we want to know what we are going to get at least a week before, like EU always gets it and not 1 day before an actual update.

    Why are you treating us worse?
    That’s just sad Sony.

  • @3 Speak for yourself. I have no interest in FPS games, and I am quite sure that there is more then one person who feels that way. Most people who wanted that game have had close to a year to buy it. Don’t act as if just because you want it everyone else does too. Keep giving us a variety of games, please, Sony. Just less fighters. That would be nice.

  • Playing: black ops 2 (double xp) and mlb the show 13 on vita

    Listening:Billy Talent

    Watching: Red Sox, and Top Shot

    Reading: nothing special

    Eating: Texas style pulled pork

  • Seriously getting tired of these people whining about the differences of PS+ Europe. . .

  • Playing: The Last of Us in New Game + (what an incredible game!) and Hotline Miami.

    Reading: La Casa de los Espíritus by Isabel Allende.

    Watching: Disney’s The Black Cauldron.

    Listening: Far too many records by The Kinks.

  • Playing: Uncharted 3

    Watching: BET Awards

  • Motor Bike got 1 out of 10 Reviews. i personaly would give it a 5 out of 10. owell

  • Playing: SaintsRow the third ,Fifa13
    Reading: The Hunger games Catching Fire.
    Watching: Brazil VS spain. :( (Spain is losing)
    Listening: Muh..

  • I’m playing: DJ Max Technika Tune, DJ Hero 2 (finally got the platinum, yay!), Zero Escape: VLR

    I’m watching: Clannad

    I’m listening to: PS Blogcast ep. 79

  • Been playing a metric ton of Hotline Miami this week. It was great on PC, but it’s just perfect on Vita! I love it so dang much!

  • Been playing: Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina’s DLC), Dead or Alive 5, SSF4 AE, & Saints Row: The Third. Haven’t started Muramasa Rebirth yet since i’ve been hooked onto Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Thank you PS+).

    Been watching: CEO 2013 over on TwitchTv.

    Listening to: Anything i’m recommended.

  • Playing: the Last of Us (epic-ness from Naughty Dogg,”natch)

    Watching: Archer: season three,poor Archer gets boned out of a second marriage to “Robo” Katya(watch it and you’ll understand)

    Reading:blog’s and forum posts

    Listening to: Delerium, “cause i’m feeling the need to get all ethereal and what not.

    Eating:whatever dry snacks my daughter hasn’t scavenged before i got to it yet,damn she moves quick.

  • Playing: Grid 2, Warriors Orochi 3, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge and No More Heroes: Red Zone (SO MANY GAMES!!)

    Watching: Space Brothers/ Attack On Titan/ The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou

    Reading: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (For the second time! I love it!)

    Listening to: Sakura Saori

    Waiting for: Dynasty Warriors 8 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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