Total Recoil Sets its Sights on PS Vita

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Total Recoil Sets its Sights on PS Vita

Atten-tion recruits! This is an intel report from Si at indie developer Eiconic Games in the UK. We’re glad to report that Total Recoil is making its way to PS Vita on July 9. Download it and enjoy an explosion of arcade shoot ‘em up action.

There are only two rules in Total Recoil…

  1. Shoot everything that moves!
  2. Shoot everything that doesn’t!

It all started when I was “busy” (with my feet up) playing Call of Duty on PS3, thinking to myself “These shoot-em-ups have come a long way since the old arcade games.” So this started me wondering how a modern game would look on an arcade cabinet. It would be top-down, the characters would have large heads, there would be wave after wave of baddies with flamethrowers, huge tanks and attack copters – and this is what you get with Total Recoil.

Total Recoil on PS VitaTotal Recoil on PS Vita

But developing on the PS Vita is better than an arcade machine and gives us more control than mobile and tablet games – we’ve made use of all the PS Vita’s controls. You use the left stick to move, the right stick to shoot and strafe. When you fire a missile you can trace its path around the screen using the rear touch pad. When your killstreak bonus grants you an air attack, you can pilot your plane using the front touch screen.

Total Recoil on PS VitaTotal Recoil on PS Vita

Think this all sounds simple? That’s right soldier – but only until you graduate boot camp! Before you earn your stripes we’ll guarantee you’ll get shot at, fried, blown up and electrocuted.

The biggest decision might be your choice of weapon. Will it be the laser-sighted assault rifle? The “slice ‘n’ run” chaingun? The “boil-their-brains” flamethrower? The “stinging” hornet cannon? The “gut-busting” grenade launcher? The “shoot-whilst hiding-round-corners” missile launcher? Or the “make-like-a-storm” electrifying tesla gun?

Total Recoil on PS VitaTotal Recoil on PS Vita

Being an independent studio means we can make the game we’d like to play and add as many cool features that we can think of. In fact we had so many ideas it was a struggle to get them all into the game in the time we had. We have had great support all the way and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped. We couldn’t have made Total Recoil for PS Vita without Shahid and Spencer at SCEE – you’ve been outstanding marines!

As well as great gameplay and cool 3D animation, we were lucky to be able to use the talents of legendary voice-over artist Tom Clarke Hill. You’ll have heard his work even if you don’t recognize the name – Tom has been the voice of Tony the Tiger for many years. He’s grrrrrrrreat!

Check out the game on Facebook for more behind the scenes details and updates. Move out!

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5 Author Replies

  • another mobile game?
    …..why! whyyyy!!!!

  • It looks like this game can be fun for many people.

    Off-topic: I guess it is nice to see small developers support the handheld; but still, I would like some big games from the VITA.

  • Looks fun. How many stages are there?

    @1: Shoo.

    • There are 40 campaign stages in total, plus 3 endless survivor stages, so plenty to keep you busy!

  • MarcusGearsofWar

    looks like some more fun thropies

  • nice to see small devs making stuff for the Vita

  • There’s a difference between mobile and portable.

    This looks fun, let’s hope the price is right.

  • dual stick shooter sucks when playing in a cellphone, vita controls all the way!

  • I agree with @3
    Shoo @1.

    These games are to fill the market of what can be played on the Vita.. there’s actually a huge list of good games coming on the mobile.. and whenever they use the Vita controls, they shine very brightly…

    See: rymdkapsel

    This game looks fun, btw. Good job on the small devs’ part

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself – the Vita *by far* the best way to play Total Recoil, it feels like it’s found its rightful home with the Vita’s dual sticks (and the rear touch pad works great too, once you get the hang of it!).

  • Wait.. ok, so this is going to be a game like Men Room Mayhem or Machinarium, right? It’s not in the mobile section.
    Why did that even get brought up?? >_>

    Ok, probably gonna pick this up.

    What kind of trophy support can we expect to see? :)

  • Looks hella fun

    Question for Simon: will there be a platinum trophy?

    • Great question, soldier!

      I’m sorry to report that as it’s technically* a smaller scope game we couldn’t include a platinum trophy this time.

      There’s still plenty of other trophies to grab though! (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 13 Bronze)

      * – I say ‘technically’ as it’s still chock full of content!

  • It’s look good for Vita BUT VITA need a better and the top games for it. Why not bring more games from ps3 to vita or ps4 games to Vita. Whenever most wanted games all on Vita that times Sony will win DS device.

  • OUTSTANDING !!!!! Hahahaha. This game looks hella fun. 1day purchase. My Vita Runs Hot… (R&C Reference)….

  • This actually looks really cool. I look forward to buying it. Thanks for the Vita support.

    However, Sony you have GOT TO announce new AAA games for Vita after Killzone and Tearaway. E3 was a horrid showing for Vita and nothing at all has been shown. Where is AC Rising Phoenix? or dates for FFX/X2? Those seems to be the only AAAs in the pipeline past October and I hope thats not true. Having Indies is great! However, people do not buy a $250 handheld for just Indies. You have to support it with compelling titles for it to sell

    • Hey no problem, glad to support the Vita!

      And yeah, come on Sony let’s see some more AAA titles! Seriously though, we love Sony for giving us indies a chance to shine on their platforms, and it’s great to have support from the ones that really matter – the players themselves ;)

  • Is it free? It’s free on Android and iOS.

  • Unfortunately my ps vita has been useful only to emulate psone games.

  • #14 Who knows.
    Limbo is only going to cost $4.99 on the iOS and android.

  • Dear Sony,

    If you guys intend on bringing us IOS and Android game to our vita.. At least bring some of the bigger games also such as( Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, N.O.V.A series and Modern Combat games).. Get in contact with those Dev also if you guys are so pro Indie.

    On to the topic. this game looks super fun can’t wait..

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks.

  • Looks cool, guys. Will pick it up for sure. Ignore the people complaining about bigger games. I want them too, but this blog post is not the right spot to complain about it. Congrats on getting your game to the Vita.

  • Does this game have multiplayer?

  • Awesome, Velocity Ultra comes out next week, and now I’ve got Total Recoil to look forward to the week after that. July is already shaping up to be an awesome month, and we haven’t even gotten the PS+ monthly outlook yet.

    Thanks for bringing this cool looking twin-stick shooter to the Vita. Looks like you guys had fun making it. :)

  • Oh this is totally my type of game. Can’t wait to play it. Art looks gorgeous btw.

  • Awesome game. day1 buy ;-)

  • Awe yeeeeaaaaah this looks way cool!!!!!!!

  • Not at all am I trying to be a jerk but…these should not count as vita games it’s a mobile game I can get for free on my ipad.. Really hoping the 100+ games Sony promised the vita does not consist of games like these (no offense I will download on my ipad) this was supposed to be a handheld system for hardcore gamers as well hence the awesome graphic capabilities I hope there are a good amount of solid AAA titles over the horizon for my beloved vita ya feel me…..

  • Ai meant on the horizon lol and I’m downloading this game now on the pad

  • Cool. Looks like a modern throwback to Commando and Ikari Warriors. Love be a good top down shooter.

  • Is there a multiplayer mode anyways it looks fun I gonna download on day 1 but Sony we need bigger titles for vita what will happen after killzone mercenary and tearaway?

  • At least the price is right.

    Will be looking at more gameplay in the future.

  • Wuhhooooooooo! Twin stick shooter for ps vita! At last …… Been waiting for years! such a good game endless mode here i come!

  • Looks like fun as long as they keep the price down

  • Nice work… its like old expendables game :D I love it… keep going and make something like this soon again :)

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