E3 2013: Indie Awards Round-Up

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E3 2013: Indie Awards Round-Up

This year’s E3 was a great show for gamers around the world with so many incredible games announced across the industry. It was an amazing experience to be on stage at the press conference to once again reaffirm our commitment to gamers to bring them the most innovative, creative game experiences and make a statement to indie developers around the world that we truly are passionate about their games and support them across the PlayStation ecosystem.

It is truly humbling to work with such talented developers and publishers that can dream up and create games that we all just can’t seem to get enough of. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I joined Sony because I love video games, and I hope that passion shows. The response has been overwhelming, and so many of the titles that I was honored to introduce at E3 have turned the heads of fans and critics alike.

Each year, reporters at leading game enthusiast publications contribute to the E3 Game Critics Awards to select the titles they believe will shape the future of this industry. I want to congratulate some of our publishing partners for their recent nominations: Destiny, Watch_Dogs, Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and The Elder Scrolls Online. In a sea of big-budget games from major publishers, several of our indies have also shined, receiving acclaim for their titles. In fact, all the Best Downloadable category nominees of the E3 Game Critics Awards will be available on PlayStation platforms when they launch.

Across the industry, we’re seeing media and fans fall in love with these indies, the same way we did when we first laid eyes their games. We featured the nine indie titles on stage at our press conference and had more than 30 indie games on the show floor at E3, which shows just how much we believe and love these creative, fun and innovative experiences. Clearly reporters agreed, as many titles received awards and recognition across various categories, only some of which are listed below. Congratulations to the mastermind developers behind the games! You all made this happen!

Outlast on PS4
Transistor on PS4
Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4
Dragon Fantasy Book II on PSN

Outlast (Red Barrels)

Transistor (Supergiant Games)

Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Young Horses Inc)

Divekick (Iron Galaxy Studios)

Contrast (Compulsion Games)

Dragon Fantasy Book II (Muteki Corporation)

  • Best Vita Game (nominee) – IGN

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  • Respect.

  • That’s an awesome list of awards for all of those.

  • Cant wait for Octodad xD

  • Yes, Adam, your love of games, indie devs and your job really was apparent. You and Yoshida-san should appear together all the time.

  • Indie games are Great for Vita owners, and would be fine at discounted prices.
    Like they did with Escape Plan,
    but compared to the hardware power the PS4 has?

    I know for a fact,
    I will not be considering a PS4 than for anything less, then the rendering increase for the online capability, and allowing better performance.

    ….That is if the additional graphics, are not decreasing it.
    And of course the huge problems, with hackers and mods completely ruining most games, that should already have safeguards, to ensure good and fair matches.

    I love a few of the Indie titles, and think they are a great addition.
    But lets keep the price in perspective over the hardware, and online functions.

  • I must say Indie games are very popular, a lot of games that are creative as ever. Indie Developers are brilliant!!!!!!!!

  • I’m just loving all this Indie.

  • DiiiiiveKick!

  • Hey Adam, hows about Sony work with Supergiant on bringing Bastion to PSN. Be a sweet PS3 and Vita cross buy.

  • No love for hohokum and doki doki universe and stick it to the man? Sad.

  • Keep up the indie support Sony!

  • Hngh, looking forward to Dragon Fantasy. Despite all the rough edges of the first, it’s endearing. Keeping an eye on Contrast via Kickstarter and/or Steam Greenlight, too, and I wear around a fancy Octodad T-shirt (orange goes well in a mostly dark wardrobe). Transistor will, off course, keep attention, too. (Bring Bastion to PSN!)

  • I can’t wait to try Don’t Starve and Outlast on PS4!

  • congratulations to all

  • Indie stage at E3 during Sony conference was my favorite, respect goes to Sony for the exposure and good job to the Indie devs they showed some really interesting games

  • Wonderful I can only support this initiative, since I’m looking to get into the dev world myself.
    I’ve heard about the superb partnerships Sony is taking with educational institutes in the US, UK and Europe.

  • i need to ask something why on ps3 and ps vita japan gets a reader app for ps vita and more free games and on ps3 the ps home has more rewards and space comes 1st there its not fair

  • I need Dragon Fantasy Book 2 so bad.

  • i love ps4

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