Conversations with Creators: Blacklight: Retribution

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Conversations with Creators: Blacklight: Retribution
Conversations with Creators: Blacklight: Retribution

Greetings PlayStation Blog. The last couple months have been amazing for Zombie Studios, and bringing Blacklight: Retribution to the PlayStation 4 makes it even more exciting. Before E3 we were contacted by Sony representatives who wanted to come to our offices and interview us for Conversations with Creators. After getting answers to a few questions and learning about the other groups involved, we were thrilled and humbled to be included.

If you’ve been following our progress then you know we’ve had an awesome first half of the year (especially with our new coffee machine). You know that we’d been working to get Blacklight: Retribution ready for E3 and, after attending and having thousands of people play it, we’re happy to report all those long nights were worth it.

We still remember when our PlayStation 4 development kits arrived and the excitement it created within the office. Being involved with a platform launch is a special badge of honor, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Our goal with Blacklight: Retribution is to make the best free-to-play first person shooter, and the PlayStation 4 is allowing us to do just that.

As we get closer to launch, keep your eyes out for future updates about Blacklight: Retribution on the PlayStation.Blog, and for the latest news on Blacklight: Retribution and Daylight, be sure to check out our Zombie Studios page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you never miss an update.

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  • It sounds like they want to make Team Fortress 2.

  • ^ This guy has no idea.

    Collin, Why weren’t you in the video talking about how hard your job is dealing with the fans?

    Must play BLRPS4! All power to Hypnotoad! I just woke up!

    Also, You have got to start mentioning HRV. Make like a whole big deal about it.

    • I love talking with fans! Events like PAX or meetups are awesome. PAX East we had a group of fans wearing our shirts and it was really cool.
      We will start talking about HRV :)

  • This looks fun. And the best part is the barrier of entry is non-existent since it’s free to play. Might as well check it out and who knows, this could be my new favorite game.


  • Why would I buy a $400 brand new next-generation console to play this when I could be playing Battlefield 4 instead?

    Sure it’s free-to-play, but why does it deserve my time? Planetside 2 has me interested because it features up to 2000 players ingame. Is there something in this blacklight game I missed?

    • We think both Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 are excellent games and we are excited to play them as well. We feel that Blacklight: Retribution is a very strong game for fans looking fans of fast paced multiplayer FPS. You can customize your weapon and player in countless ways and have tons of game modes.
      Not everyone can buy every game and we feel we have a great game that everyone can start playing for free.

  • Holy moly Collin Moore from Sucker Punch!? We miss you in the forums :(.

  • This game sure as hell has MUCH better shooting mechanics than PlanetSide 2. The weapon customization is also leaps and bounds ahead. Many prefer tight, focused shooters as opposed to haphazard, chaotic ones.

  • @Nick930930

    You’re under the impression that a game needs a ton of players just to be good. if having more players is the only reason to get your attention you have a very narrow mind for what makes a game fun.

  • The question is, is it a launch title?!!

  • really looking forward to play this on PS4, i have old PC that can’t run it so PS4 is my chance

  • Anything free to me automatically gets 5 stars on the blog!

  • This is very good thus far, I have to check this out possibly.

  • I was really happy when a PS4 version was announced. Loved playing Blacklight on PC but the game didn’t have controller support.

    Now I can play it with the PS4’s new DualShock :D.

  • pretty mediocre shooter. also a little pay 2 win. only a wee bit though

  • how will the upgrades for your weapon work.. will you have to buy certain things or if you play enough will you eventually earn points to get upgrades? will there be exclusive items to people who pay for them? i am all for free to play games but really there is no such thing as free and i understand that in some way you have to make money on your product to pay the people who worked on it. but the game does looks awesome and fun. you guys did a great job on what i seen so far.

  • Epic, I can’t wait to get my PS4 and dive into this game!

    p.s. This game looks nothing like TF2.

  • This game is going to need Plus to play it?.

  • Gerritzen is handsome.

  • I love this game (Steam) and can’t wait to try it when i get my PS4

  • Where’s Anthony Gallegos?

  • This game looks alright but I don’t like the fact that it’s labeled Free to Play. Whenever a game is labeld that then eventaully you’ll limit to what you have until you have to pay for the full experience.

    • Almost all of our items can be bought with game currency that you get after each around. Meaning almost everything can be accessed for free.

  • Amazing idea making this free to play. I am tired of paying 60 dollars for shooters now, so I’ll definitely be playing this. I loved the original Blacklight.

  • the have a blacklight game already on psn for 5 dollars, and they have a free to play one on steam, this game is nothing like team fortress, to me anyways, if this one is anything like the steam game its worth paying for and the fact that is free to play is awesome, i will be preordering my ps4 this saturday, i was wondering tho if planetside 2 will be different on ps4 than on pc

  • Heard nothing but good things about this game. Really hope it’s a launch title.

  • Really like the customization on this, and as a F2P…outstanding.

    Also, Daylight is looking hella good, gonna get that day 1.

    • We think the customization is pretty amazing! The math is insane of how much you can change.

      Thanks on Daylight as well. Lots of exciting things going on at Zombie Studios!

  • Will this have onslaught mode?

  • hey, i was told that free to play games won’t require me to own PLUS. is that true? because if it is, that would be AWESOME!

  • If any of you Havent played this game, go play it on the PC. It’s an amazing f2p shooter. SCrew COD, and Battlefield, you get a VERY comparable and competent multiplayer shooter for literally nothing. It’s challenging and rewarding and definitely not pay to win

  • Thanks Zombie for bringing my favorite competitive multiplayer game to the ps4. I think its great we have are going to have loads of quality games like this to keep us busy for FREE when the ps4 is released, and I’m sure its going to run a lot better on my ps4 than my PC haha.

  • Absolutely loved this game on PC! Its going to be awesome to play it on PS4! Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Will this look any better graphically, being on the PS4? I run it mostly maxed on PC (fix that DX9/DX11 bug plz) and it leaves something to be desired after a while. The experience is only going to be more jarring going from this to a next get shooter if it looks the same as the PC version.

  • I enjoyed it on PC, but my laptop does not run it well. Looking forward to playing it on PS4.

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