Get Ready for Independence Day in PlayStation Home

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Get Ready for Independence Day in PlayStation Home

There’s a lot of great new content to share with you all, so let’s not delay and jump right in!


VEEMEE updates their x7 selection this week with new Street Style items, Bicycles and Domestic Cats, as well as a few other nifty locomotions.

4th of July Comes to Home!

Fire up the grill because summer is here! Just head to Pier Park to experience the 4th of July in Home in all its glory. Ride the Ferris Wheel, earn brand new rewards from this classic space, play our brand new minigame Charcoal Champ, and even introduce yourself to the Grand Marshal – Ribbie the Rib.

SCEA’s Charcoal Champ

Join Ribbie the Rib for the Independence holiday, and grill up some fun in this new minigame. It’s a scenario we’ve all been a part of: you’re in charge of the grill at your backyard BBQ; can you cook everything to perfection while keeping your impatient guests happy? This original time-based puzzle game combines your love for gaming and BBQ and we’re very excited for you to play it. There are plenty of prizes to earn, including Ribbie himself. You can even purchase a guitar and amp which playsthe songs from this game’s custom blues inspired soundtrack recorded by SCEA’s own Jeremiah Wallace.

PlayStation Home Update 6-26-2013

VEEMEE MiniPlanes, InVerse Sneakers and Wrangler updates

Chocks away, throttle up and take to the skies with these Mini Plane locomotions from VEEMEE. Or strut your stuff with the new inVerse Sneakers from VEEMEE. Step forward with these Classic Low Top Sneakers in ten bold styles for both men and women. Wrangler however has all the answers as the Chambray Shirt and Leela Tank release this week.

VEEMEE Updates Acorn Park

VEEMEE is proud to announce the first update to Acorn Meadows Park. Now you can take to the skies and get a bird’s-eye view with one of three remote controlled planes. Or, for those of you looking for a more tranquil way of passing the time try visiting out picnic hamper vendor on the main walkway. If you don’t have the appetite for a full picnic you could always pick up some candy floss or a pretzel to snack on and wander over to the Dog Park Activity Course.

Evil Tree Studios’ Warrior’s Way

Decorate your personal space win the style of the samurai with Evil Tree Studios’ Warrior’s Way furniture. These ancient Japanese themed items are perfect for your dojo, and come in a bundles!

Hellfire Retro Flyers

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a flying saucer!? Hover through your favorite spaces with the new Mysterious U.F.O. Retro Flyers from Hellfire Games! Boost your speed to 150% in six aerodynamic finishes: Crimson, Azure, Jade, Shadow, Pink, and Golden. Check out the Retro Flyers series in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.
PlayStation Home Update 6-26-2013

nDreams Retro Outfits

Are you a Hero or a Villain? The Retro Knight Outfits from nDreams allow you to choose which side you belong to. These old school game inspired outfits are sold at various levels in order for you to choose which one suits you best. The Ultimate version of each outfit comes with a custom retro run animation as well as a retro emote.
PlayStation Home Update 6-26-2013

Lockwood Icelandic Companions and High Heels

Lockwood has teamed up with the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd) to support them in protecting Icelandic nature and landscapes. We’ll be donating $1 for every purchase of the Icelandic Animal Pack directly to them. Then, to compliment your overflowing clothing collection, get the Strutting Heels Ultimate Value Pack including a selection of heels, leg warmers, over-knee boots and high heels strut LMO.

PlayStation Home Update 6-26-2013PlayStation Home Update 6-26-2013

Konami Maru Companion

Be sure to pick one of Konami’s Maru companions this week!

Astro Gaming Headsets

Check out the store for the new headsets from Astro Gaming. Get yourself a set of A40s or A50s, each in come in two different styles. Both styles are bundled per headset type.

With the 4th of July update, including the Charcoal Champ minigame, and the Acorn Meadows update there is a ton of new content to check out this week. So jump in Home and take a good look at it all. Then, be sure to return here to the blog and let us know what you think. See you in Home!

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