PS Mobile: Chillingo Games Coming to PSM, Starting with Feed Me Oil

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PS Mobile: Chillingo Games Coming to PSM, Starting with Feed Me Oil

Today, Chillingo is delighted to announce that we are partnering with PlayStation to bring some of our very best titles to the PlayStation Mobile platform, starting with the wildly popular Feed Me Oil.

Chillingo is proud to have published some of the best (and most loved!) games that Indie developers have had to offer over the last decade, and we are extremely excited to bring these experiences to PlayStation Mobile. This partnership gives millions of PlayStation gamers access to great Chillingo titles on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Android devices.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing some of our other popular games: Little Acorns, iBomber Defense, and Roll in the Hole.

Feed Me Oil

$1.49, launching June 26th
PlayStation Mobile: Feed Me Oil

PlayStation Mobile: Feed Me OilPlayStation Mobile: Feed Me Oil

Both press and players alike universally adore Feed Me Oil. It’s simple, yet deceptively challenging, gameplay made it a benchmark for physics puzzlers and we’re extremely pleased to be able to bring it to PlayStation Mobile.

iBomber Defense

$2.79, launching on July 10th

PlayStation Mobile: iBomber Defense

PlayStation Mobile: iBomber DefensePlayStation Mobile: iBomber Defense

Few franchises have been as successful as the iBomber series on mobile. With millions of fans around the world, we’re glad to be bringing the explosive action of iBomber Defense to PlayStation Mobile gamers.

Roll in the Hole

$1.49, launching on July 24th

PlayStation Mobile: Roll in the Hole

PlayStation Mobile: Roll in the HolePlayStation Mobile: Roll in the Hole

We’re proud to publish such a huge variety of games at Chillingo, and Roll in the Hole is a great example of that. Part platformer, part cutesy puzzle game, Roll in the Hole became an instant favorite for both casual and core gamers alike.

Little Acorns

$1.49, launching on August 7th

PlayStation Mobile: Little Acorns

PlayStation Mobile: Little AcornsPlayStation Mobile: Little Acorns

Gameplay above anything else, that’s the philosophy of Little Acorns; a charming platformer that puts classic gameplay first on the agenda. It helps that it also has incredibly cute visuals, varied enemy and level design, and tons to unlock mixed in for good measure.

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store. Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone or tablet can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store. Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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  • Get to work on that 64/128 GB stick and the 100 app restriction!

  • Contre Jour? :)

  • Did I say I want “The Quest” ? Chillingo published the old school epic full conteninent might and magic style first person wRPG…. Bring us that game and I will buy day 1!

    The quest , please!

  • Don’t get why I’d pay for PS Mobile apps when I have a thousand iOS apps I didn’t pay a cent for. I’ll stick to native Vita games.

  • Wow…Chillingo has published so many games since 2010…………..
    Hopefully they port Knight’s Rush/Quest of Knights Onrush.
    Only game I’m interested in.

  • I agree with 1. We need bigger cards and this 100 icon thing has to go!

  • Chillingo?! That’s awesome guys. Hopefully this is the start of more big mobile publishers coming onto PS Mobile.

  • iBomber Defense is an incredible tower defence game for anyone who is yet to play it.

    It seems that my top3 tower defence games are coming to the Vita. :)

  • Can you guys bring Masters of the Universe and Orc: Vengeance to the Vita. Those games would really benefit from a D-Pad ad Analog Stick controls

  • Trophies, thats all i need to support Psmobile games.

  • @xClayMeow – that’s your prerogative. as for me, i’m really starting to enjoy PSM and i can run it on my phone as well as my vita. (i don’t use iOS).

  • I agree 100% with #1 and #6. I want a reasonably priced 128 GB memory card stat. I’m at the point where I am starting to slow down my purchases, because I don’t like to delete games from my card.

    As for Chillingo, I’m really happy about this. I hope lots of other mobile developers follow suit.

  • These games are like 20 megabytes each, why would you need a 64/128 gig card for them?

    Heck, my Vita has an 8 gig card and 7.5 gigs free. All the Vita gets anymore is indie games that aren’t very big.

  • DiscoJer:

    I’m with him, I’d love a 64 gig card… Though, not really for these games. I’m constantly deleting things off my 32 gig card because I need to pull down another PSP or PSVita native title. At some point in the future once I’ve finished some of my games I’ll have to go through and see if there’s anything good that I deleted and forgot about. :(

    I don’t imagine them slowing down on adding new titles though.

  • Hi there Ed

    Is Feed Me Oil due to hit PSM for EU gamers as well today? A bunch of new PSM games hit the EU store early this morning/late last night, but no Feed Me Oil..??

    I already have the iPhone and iPad versions anyway, but I’d love to play thought it again in all it’s OLED glory!

  • While I’m logged on here at the NA blog, can I just put in a small request for a few of my favourite Chillingo games that I would love to have on my Vita? Here goes:

    Anomaly Warzone Earth
    Contre Jour
    DrawRace 2
    Fancy Pants Adventures
    Knight’s Rush
    Storm in a Teacup
    Swords & Soldiers

    Whether due to physical buttons, dual analogue sticks, or rear touch, I genuinely think each of the above would be *even* better Vita!!

  • Hey guys,

    My name’s Dan and I’m the games PR fella at Chillingo. Here to answer your questions.

    @Aces73High – FMO is due out in Europe soon. It won’t be out today but watch the space as it will be there as soon as possible. As far as your list of games goes, there’s some great choices there. We’ve nothing to announce on those yet but again don’t rule anything out.

    Delighted to see the support for us in the comments, we’re looking forward to bringing some great games to the platform.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch


  • Is this the same Chillingo that brought us Pixel People? I was just thinking last weekend what it would be like to play PP on vita.

  • +1 on the vote for bigger ( cheaper please ) cards. I keep a list of all the games I haven’t downloaded because of space, and I’m around 30 games atm.

  • Finally some coverage for PlayStation Mobile. Keep it up PS Blog.

  • #17

  • To anwer number 10, the closest thing we’ll see as far as trophies will be for minis games that will get trophy support.

  • I’d love to see Contre Jour on PSM, but I’d *love* to see a proper sequel to Cogs come to Vita natively and use both the front and rear touch.

    While Cogs inside of Home was okay, I would’ve been doing backflips for a Move-enabled Cogs and Zen Bound on PS3. Bring them both to Vita native with front+rear touch controls and we’ll call it even ;)

    I really enjoyed Anomaly: Warzone Earth on PS3; looking forward to more high-end iPad experiences coming to PS3 with better graphics and sound assets. Will gladly buy iPad ports whose assets are bumped and include PS3-native improvements like 3D and/or Move.

    PS: How about a proper North American release for Flight Control HD on PS3?

  • He-Man?

  • I’d love to see these Chillingo published games on Ps Mobile:

    Cut The Rope series
    Contre Jour
    Puzzle Craft
    Fancy Pants Adventure
    Infinity Field ( please !)
    Rocket Riot
    Collision Effect
    Rinth Island
    Anomaly Warzone
    ORC: Vengeance
    Commando Jack
    Dream Track Nation
    Rope Rescue
    Coco Loco
    Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure
    The Act
    Rock Runners
    Air Mail
    Bridgy Jones
    Toki Tori
    Storm in a Teacup
    Super Crossfire !!!
    Incredible Jack
    One Tap Hero
    Cling Thing
    Non Flying Soldiers

  • Looking forward to these games at a great price!

  • I can’t install anymore apps!!! Please remove the 100 app limit! I would greatly appreciate it.

    A 64GB/128GB Vita memory card would be nice as well. :)

  • Rovio and Gameloft please. Please give them native support.

    Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
    Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

    All of the Square Enix iOS games.

  • Guys please make PSM available in more countries. I want to buy some of those games, but i can’t.

  • Feed Me Oil is a phenomenal game, well-worth $1.49 on any platform. Good to see some of these developers Chillingo publishes for get more attention!

  • Ok guys, not cool. Brieng’em to European store please.

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