PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD Coming to PS Vita

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PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD Coming to PS Vita

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on PS Vita

Double Eleven, Ltd been entrusted with the keys to the kingdom for classic series such as LittleBigPlanet and Limbo. For us, PixelJunk Monsters sits alongside those hallowed classics. In designing PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD for PS Vita, we wanted to take the fabulous PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and make it an even better experience. We worked closely with Q-Games to get it right, and then chose the name “Ultimate HD” at the end of development. We hope that’s what we have created!

We’ve been big fans of Monsters and the other PixelJunk games for some time; the sharp, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay had us hooked. Monsters is one of those games that is super casual, but incredibly difficult at the same time: a quality which made us – and many others – keep coming back for more. The tower defense premise is very familiar, but Monsters’ effortless execution sets it apart from other games in the genre. We realized that if Monsters were remade today, it would still stand out amongst other games in the genre.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on PS Vita

So we set out to make the definitive version of PixelJunk Monsters for PS Vita owners. Monsters Ultimate HD has more than 30 hours of gameplay set across story and challenge levels. All of the graphics have been remastered for the PS Vita’s high-resolution screen, and we added touchscreen input to provide more control of Tikiman. Ultimate HD includes the Encore expansion, as well as all the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition last seen on PSP.

If you’ve never played PixelJunk Monsters, here’s a quick primer. As Tikiman, you must protect your helpless babies from waves of incoming monsters. You’ll build weapon towers in the right places and at the right times in order to kill enemy monsters. You can grab coins and gems from fallen monsters to spend on building more towers, upgrading existing towers, or research towards powerful new towers. Monsters come thicker and faster as the waves advance, keeping the challenge consistent throughout.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on PS Vita

When we first began planning Ultimate HD with the guys at Q-Games, our ideas spun off in many different directions. Initially, we considered opening Pandora’s Box by tweaking the gameplay, doing things like (gasp!) introducing checkpoints in between attack waves. Why? Because we wanted to reduce the game’s legendary difficulty that, at times, made us want to rage quit by hurling our PS Vita across the development room (it’s carpeted, don’t worry).

But after we discussed our ideas with Q-Games, and tried out a few potential solutions, it became clear that the sense of pride you gained in “rainbowing” (perfectly completing) a level would become somewhat less satisfying. In Monsters, you earn your rainbows and that’s it. So we agreed that our ultimate edition would stay focused on remaking the visuals for Vita’s awesome OLED screen, introducing touchscreen controls that complimented the gameplay, and compiling everything featured in the PS3 and PSP versions. We also designed the Trophies to be an extra treat for those wanting even more challenge: Our best in-house players have taken three days solid to complete the game on the hardcore setting!

When you work with a studio like Q-Games, you don’t work with “IP” or a “brand” – you work with people that put their heart and soul into making the game. Remaking PixelJunk Monsters meant enhancing a cleverly crafted tower defense game while retaining its purity — and adding a fresh helping of Double Eleven enhancements to PS for Vita fans!

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  • Glad to see Vita getting more Tower Defense love! Between this and Fieldrunners 2, I think the genre is well covered. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Thanks for the kind words! The Vita certainly needed some TD love!

      Fieldrunners does pretty sweet too and it’s now on my list :)

  • Big fan of the PSP version. Is there going to be any new levels or other content in the Vita version or is it just going to be a visual upgrade with touch controls and trophies?

    • There’s a ton of finely tuned content already out there in the PJM Universe, so we decided to bring it all together and not introduce anything else for the Ultimate Edition. We’ve done a few tweaks as well that will become evident later on :) Your right in that the big upgrades are on visuals, touch and of course trophies!

  • Awesomesauce! Will coop be making a return?

  • Will it be any easier? I’m beyond horrible at the original on PS3. I love it, but hit a huge wall in what I could do since I couldn’t win for poo. xP

    • Without saying too much, certain tweaks we have made give you a little more feedback – doesn’t necessarily make the game easier but could make you a better player :)

  • Sweet! Can’t wait!

  • Awesome news! I’ve never gotten very far in the game despite owning both the PS3 and PSP versions. Maybe third time’s the charm? When is this coming out?

    • Thanks! I think it’s worth going for the trifecta! :) It’ll be out this summer, and not an english summer because then that means it may never come out!

  • Awesome and I’ll get it although the PSP version was too hard.

    • Thanks! Some of our added magic means that you get a bit more feedback, without giving too much away just yet! It might not make the game easier, but it could make it easier for you to become a better player :)

  • ill get that!

  • I am glad to hear that checkpoint feature wasn’t implemented and that the difficulty remains intact. Can’t wait to fall in love with PJ Monsters all over again on my Vita. There will be dancing, plenty of dancing.

  • Kind of bummed you didn’t include the option for the checkpoints as at least a lower difficulty mode or something, or by just giving players the option to forfeit the rainbow by using a checkpoint (not permanently, of course–just for that attempt).

    I loved the original, but eventually, like everyone else, I hit a wall where the levels became too hard and the only way I would’ve been able to keep going would be either to devote my whole life to figuring it out or just look it up on YouTube and replicate the strategy.

  • This is great, men. But… will you bring all the Pixel Junk collection to PS Vita? Please? PLEASE!? XD

  • Wow, this (among other announcements) is making me seriously consider a Vita now.

    One of the things I absolutely loved about the PS3 version was the couch co-op. What sort of cooperative play will be available for this edition?

    • Awesome! Vita is essential gear to me, glad we are making you consider it :)

      Co-op is just as you remember, but with an extra feature to be announced!

  • This has a lot of details on development- but offers little on specifics. Will there be coop? multiplayer local or on PSN? What kinds of levels from the previous games are being ported? Are there new levels?

    So many questions need answers!

    • Lots of details and no specifics? Sounds like we have achieved true marketeer status! :)

      Indeed lots of questions! The full download on PJM’s specs will come out in the coming weeks, so please bear with us. We just wanted to let everyone know it was coming at this stage :) Hopefully I’ve answered some of your questions with previous comments!

  • Yesss, will love playing this on the Vita. Perfect fit for the handheld.

  • Perfect, I need this NOW!!!


    Does it have a platinum this time :D

    • No plat I’m afraid, that’s unforunately wasn’t down to us! We do have some pretty challenging trophies in there though :)

  • Selling Online pass for Resistance Burning skies. Add me on psn

  • Will this be PSN only or can I buy it on a card? (I’d prefer the latter)

    • Appreciate the question, it’s going to be PSN. Certainly not ruling out a card later on down the line!

  • Didn’t really care for Pixeljunk Monsters. Have the PSP version on my Vita. What I would really like to see is the Pixeljunk Shooters or Sidescroller come to the Vita, that would be awesome

    • Fair enough! We also like the Shooters and Sidescroller! So far, we’ve gotten to make what we like so let’s see! :)

  • Yes! I can touch Tikkiman!

    I love PJM on PS3 and PSP and the PSP one on my PS Vita too. Ultimate HD is a dream come true!

  • I love the psp game but I have already played it to death in my vita, please add new levels don’t be lazy the game deserves it. I respect developers that create new content and you can do it

  • Love me some TD games! =) Definitely can’t wait to get this game for my Vita.

  • dude i love PJ Monsters! my bro-in-law & i played the crap outta that game on my ps3

  • It took way too long for this to happen. Really excited to see what I’m hoping is the first of many PixelJunk titles on the Vita!

  • zOMG You’ve made my dreams come true. I still play Deluxe for PSP on Vita to this day. Please tell me there will be online! I’ve got a friend who was always jealous of my PS3 because of this game, and he has a Vita, so to be able to play with him would be EPIC!!


    • Glad to hear that we’ve made your dreams come true, that’s what we aim for! Co-op will be making a return, but with an extra feature that will be announced at a later date :)

  • Cool, I love TD games! I have never played the original Monsters so this will be a great experience trying it out for the first time on my Vita. Thanks for taking the time to give Vita some love!

    Has anyone tried Full Frontal Assault on the Vita? How is it?

    • Awesome! Well you’ve picked a good time to give it a try for the first time, we aimed to make it the definitive edition and the Vita deserved to be graced with this classic, with HD graphics to make it that bit better, we hope you enjoy it!

  • I am a huge, huge fan of PJM. Have it, as well as Encore, on the PS3 and PJMD on the Vita (via the PSP release). I’ve played them both to death. If there is actual new content here, namely a new island and/or new levels, I’m in. No questions asked, day 1 purchase.

    If this is just a rerelease of the previous levels with a new name then it’s a disappointment and a pass. Please don’t just make this a Vita-fied rehash of a 3 and 5 year old game.

    • Excellent, stay tuned for the summer release date to make sure you don’t miss that day 1 purchase! More details will be released in the coming weeks :)

  • New levels would be a godsend.

    Still PJM is fine by me.

  • Oh hell yeah!

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • Would like to see Shooter and Eden next

  • I’m glad you developers seem to pride yourself in making an unnecessarly difficult game by removing modern conveniences like checkpoints or difficulty options.
    But i’m not spending my hard earned dollars on games like that, especially when there are better Vita titles in the horizon that actually give their consumers options without frustrating them with poor game design choices.

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

  • Even though I’d never earn it, i hope there’s a platinum trophy!

    • No platinum trophy this time I’m afraid, that said there are lots of other challenging trophies for you to earn!

  • I’d really like the checkpoints or, even better, an easier difficulty setting (as an option, of course). I suck at this game, and could never pass that damned bridge level on the PS3. As a result, I never played it again…and probably won’t buy the Vita version, because I’d only get frustrated again. And I love the idea of the game and its gameplay, but the difficulty is just too much for me.

  • If there is Co-Op, I will buy a Vita for my wife!

    • In that case, you better get shopping! You have time to wrap it up really nicely too in time for the release :)

  • I can’t believe so many are saying the ps3 and psp versions were too hard to beat , maybe I’m just better at tower defense than I thought? Compared to a really hard game like savage moon pixeljunk monsters is a kids game ( savage moon is still awesome even if it’s unbelievably difficult ) I rainbowed every level on both earlier games and got most of the ps3 trophies so I can’t wait to buy the psvita game and do it again

    anything extra planned for people who have the ps3 game already? avatars ? a custom theme ? a discount? maybe a bonus exclusive tower?

  • I’ve waiting for more Monsters for a very long time. Please tell me there are new levels. I’ve adored PixelJunk Monsters since the first, but I’ve played them to death. I, like many other fans will be seriously disappointed if we can’t get at least 1 new island in the game. The game and we deserve it!

  • psp version supports online co op, i hope the vita does as well.

    • Thanks for your comment, co op is included, but finer details will be revealed nearer to release :)

  • Loved this game, glad it’s getting more content and released on the Vita

  • I love the Pixel Junk series. <3 Q Games.

    Double Eleven is handling this port. They co-created Little Big Planet Vita, did the flawless Limbo port for Vita, and were also working on a really cool looking visual re-imagining of Frozen Synapse for Vita called Frozen Synapse Tactics.

    This will be an excellent game. I hope it sells like crazy so we can get Pixel Junk Shooter 1 & 2 + Sidescroller too. OMG I would die if it came out as a trilogy with a physical release, on a single game card.

    • Wow, thank you! We are flattered by your support and glad that you’re excited for the release! We hope it sells like crazy too…that is a great idea, we would love to work on those!

  • I have Monsters Deluxe for PSP on my Vita, and I can say it scratches the itch, but I have wished for a high-res version and here we have it. I respect the decision to not make the game easier, however, there are parts of the island, I still have never seen after years. One thing that can help is co-op.

    It’s weird that the PSP game actually allows co-op over the net, while its big brother on the PS3 does not. I never have understood why PixelJunk games are limited to couch co-op only. These days, online co-op is practically the rule, and with people of various age ranges playing games, schedules may not always permit visiting a friends house to do co-op on Monsters. Couch co-op is great to have, but online co-op lets me play with my friends scattered around the country or abroad.

    PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD really needs online co-op.

  • @42 akibake

    I’m the same way with Puzzle Quest on PSP. II’ve owned it on 4 different platforms, and I love the game, but I would love to have the sharp, colorful and crisp 16:9 version, with the proper map & sprite scaling + battle screen layout, that I’m more familiar with.

    Puzzle Quest HD!

  • Oh man, I was so excited for new PixelJunk Monsters news and it’s VITA news?

    I mean, great for Vita, but a lot of us are still wanting a SEQUEL.

  • Here, take my money now!! :-)

    Did I miss it tho…when is this coming out?

    • Gladly ;) Nope you didn’t miss it, it’s set for a summer release, the date is still to be revealed!

  • Great Game.

    Already beat it though ;(

  • Excellent!!! (in Mr. Burns voice)

  • Great!! This was hands down my favorite PSP game. I’m so glad you guys are adding all the towers from Psp version. I hope you still can do multiplayer like Psp also. Day one purchase for sure!!!!

  • My husband and I bought our PS3 just to play PixelJunk Eden. Then we got addicted to Monsters and played it until we got 100% of the trophies. Now we have the PSP version on our Vita and literally started playing it a few weeks ago.

    Couple of questions:
    1) Will the online co-op cross-play with players on the PSP version? We were pleasantly surprised at how many people are still online playing the PSP version!

    2) Any chance of three-way co-op play?

    3) Will the audio quality get a bump from the PSP/PS3 versions? It was a fantastic soundtrack, which we ended up buying separately, but maybe the Vita’s 512MB of RAM will allow for 320kbit/sec Ogg or AAC?

    4) Any use of rear touch or Near?

    5) Touchscreen controls would make it ideal for creating and sharing custom levels! Being able to place trees on the map, trace the path of the enemies, etc. Is a PlayCreateShare add-on going to be offered?

    PS: The VectorTD mini was really fun, but *still* won’t transfer to the Vita. Also, we’ve been playing the PSP version of Savage Moon — it would be great to see a Vita-native version of that game as well!

    PPS: We’d love to see a 3D sequel to Eden on PS3/4 where you can swing *into* the layers in the background!

    • Wow, great that you have so many questions!

      With regards to your co op questions, there will be co op, but the finer details will be revealed later :)

      As for the other details, specifics will be revealed in the coming weeks, I know we’re being super vague, but it will be worth the wait!!

      P.S. regarding your Eden comment, there is so much we would love to do with the PixelJunk games series!

  • I won all the trophies on pixeljunk monsters, very addictive and joyful game.

    Bring on pixeljunk monsters 2 for ps3 and vita

    • Congrats, yeah I agree, it is so addictive, many an hour has been spent playing this game over at Double Eleven HQ! Enjoy playing the Ultimate HD version on the Vita :)

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