Uncharted 3: Ancient Multiplayer DLC

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Uncharted 3: Ancient Multiplayer DLC

It’s nearly the summer solstice and we’re going to bring the cycle to a close on a happy, historical note. Our final themed DLC drop includes items for our Ancient theme. These will be available via the in-game store or the PlayStation Store over the coming week globally! Purchase the Ancient theme bundle to get the exclusive Egyptian Mask for Chloe.

Uncharted 3 on PS3

We will be cycling tournament prizes as the year rolls along but now the Ancient theme Tournament rewards can be earned. On the Bronze and Silver tiers, you can earn the Circuit Gun and Circuit Shirt as Tournament rewards. If you reach the gold tier you can unlock the cool looking Sully Tengu mask. The Raptor Mask for Drake and Dive Helmet for Talbot are achieved by reaching Platinum status. Buy tickets to enter into the weekly Tournament and earn access to those items to show off your multiplayer skills.

Check out UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play FAQ for answers to your questions about UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play.

We look forward to playing with you more online in the coming months. No promises but we’re going to regroup and see what else might be possible to add to the multiplayer as well.

See you online!

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  • That’s all nice and stuff, but I NEED Naughty Dogs new PS4 game! The Last of Us is amazing, I was hoping to find some Easter eggs for the next ND game, but no luck.

  • How about adding some rare treasure weekends please?

  • pshh new mask for chloe -_- what about elena?!

  • This is great but what happened to the new mesh maps that we were supposed to get.

    • We’re working out what we can make. We have some very cool surprises yet in store but it’s going to take awhile to get it all sorted out.

  • Hi, Im waiting the Uncharted 3 Brazilian Language Pack to start playing… can anyone from sony give me a reply? I can play in english, but my family is brazilian and we all would enjoy the game if you give us the language pack, since it exist already, why not to… Also, this is not my request alone, i’ve heard from friends and blogs that too are waiting as well. If this is not the right place to ask, recomend me one. By the way, thanks for the awesome games from plus, and discounts, Im still enjoying Tomb Raider and Playstation All Star Battle Royalle! Thanks again, and sorry for the trouble…

  • Awesome that you guys are still supporting the game. Just wanted to say that. I also wanted to say The Last of Us is AMAZING. The employees at Naughty Dog did a incredible job and I can’t wait to see what DLC comes to The Last of Us and of course I can’t wait to see what you guy have planned with the PS4.

  • Will we ever see another rare drop weekend? Since you guys are abandoning the U3 MP and moving on to TLoU MP, at least give us some rare treasure events (increase the chances way more too!).

  • Yes! We plan to have more in coming weeks.

  • Absolutely nothing interesting going on with Uncharted 3.
    How about fixing the gameplay and make it a bit like Uncharted 2 ?
    The aim is infinetly worse than in U2 and this game needs an update, not more DLC.
    (Unless its new idea DLC). This is just stack upon stack of weird items that have usually no value whatsoever.

    The guns in this game are way too few and most of them are really hard to use, i have prestiged once and have been playing for at least 60+ hours and i still cant get used to the controls, servers can be extremely laggy and its alot of the same weapons with different abilities.

    The fun is in the DLC’s though, way better levels and better abilities for the weapons, yet extremely hard to maneuver, compared to U2 and i hope this game will actually turn for the better.

  • Talking to yourself again, Eric? *(He isn’t talking to himself, he’s talking to me)* Shut up Vorlord! Anyways, sorry about my friend here, he’s being weird! Congrats on the success with The Last of Us! As always, you guys know how to put up presentation for the game and more, even since the 1st Uncharted! So aside from victories for now, I have a MP question regarding The Last of Us. Will you guys be having a webpage for Multiplayer stats on Naughtydog.com, or will you be making a separate site for the game? Either way, I cannot wait to see what’s to come with this game in the coming months ahead! Thanks again ND and Eric for this amazing game!! :)

  • I’ve got the digital version

  • Will there ever be more coop adventures? The competitive matches are fun, but the coops are my favorite!

    Also, The Last of Us is so good I can’t even describe how much I love it (I haven’t even finished it yet thanks to working)!!

  • Please, PLEASE! This BETTER NOT include more trophies!! I’m already pissed by the outrageous number of impossible multiplayer DLC trophies that were added a few months ago that dropped my game percentage to 51%!

  • ehh im getting a little tired of this game :(

    thanks for the support though!

  • Why another DLC? if The Last Of Us is now available in the PSN store, and Uncharted is getting a little bored, thats why I bought The Last Of Us

  • People start wandering around the post pandemic world and Drake is still hanging around selling some decoration stuff. I love to see Drake back to the good old days, not more DLC items!

  • Would it be possible to change the LAB in UC 2 ?……please !!!!!….or better yet, make it like Objectives & and make it a random VOTE……PLEASE !!!!

  • I’m really upset by the fact Naughty Dog has chosen to create more coop DLC, There are a lot of us who like coop better! The one reason The Last Of Us is not at par with Uncharted is there is no coop in the online play. This is the reason I play very little online with The Last Of Us!

  • Where is the Uncharted 3 Brazilian Language pack to download? in the description of the plus uncharted 3 says that in addition to Spanish and French, the Portuguese have. But it has nothing!
    Sorry for my bad english, i use de google translate to post this

  • I made a comment before that said Naughty Dog has “chosen” to create more coop, when it should have read “not chosen” to create more coop. Sorry for the confusion.

  • I would like to know when the glitched trophies for The Last of Us are getting fixed?

    I collect all artifacts, no trophy???

    I collect all comics, no trophy???

    I collect all training manuals, I get a trophy.

    I collect all Firefly pendants, I get a trophy.

    I collect all collectibles, no trophy???

    I open all shiv doors, no trophy???

    I beat the game on Hard my first run-through, and no trophy???

    What is going on here?

  • @1 yea i was hoping to atleast see a teaser of U4 but i am guessing it will be E3 next year before we see that one oh well we have The Last of Us and new stuff for Uncharted 3 and Watchdogs coming this fall very exciting time to be a playstation gamer

  • hi…

    i wanted to play the multiplayer of Uncharted 3 so i only downloaded the 4.6GB mutiplayer free to play basic pack from the 40GB free version currently available on PS+.

    but after syncing level data, the multiplayer freezes on the message of the day screen EVERYTIME….the current message is about April being the month against animal cruelty….which doesnt even make sense because it isnt even april…

    so i wanted to know, do i have to download the whole 40Gb package for the multiplayer to work or is there any other fix for this issue?


  • Hey Eric,

    there is no bundle for these new masks in european psn stores, which means there’s no way to get that egyptian mask.

    Any info on that?

  • The Uncharted trilogy was epic. I was just blown by The Last of Us. What an absolute masterpiece!

  • Uncharted 4: The Return of Drake only on the PlayStation® 4 .

  • I Want the Portuguese-Brazil Language Pack for digital version too

  • Can We get a mask of someone that was in Crash Bandicoot Or Jack Goggles that was put in the Last Of Us

  • I would like to see joel or someone from last of us in Uncharted

  • Eric — I’m still trying to get ONE GAME with the DLC I’ve already bought. I installed the Drake’s Deception Map Pack, turned on the DLC option, and have played countless hours of DM, TDM, and co-op — but have yet to even see a DLC map come up for a vote. Help?

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