PlayStation Mobile in Full Force at E3 This Year

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PlayStation Mobile in Full Force at E3 This Year

This year we had some fun and exciting PlayStation Mobile games at our E3 booth in Los Angeles, as well as in the virtual booth within PlayStation Home on your PlayStation 3.

Also, we have been listening to our PlayStation Mobile community and we are pleased to say that your DualShock 3 can now be used to play some of your favorite PlayStation Mobile games on select PlayStation Certified devices. In fact, Haunt the House: Terrortown and Switch Galaxy were both playable with a DualShock 3 in our booth at E3. We are updating our device list with a small controller icon to show you which devices are compatible with the DualShock 3.

The PlayStation Mobile games at E3 this year were some of our best and most recent titles. If you want to download any of the eight games that are available now, you can easily find them in the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store on PlayStation Vita. Owners of PlayStation Certified devices such as the Sony Mobile Communications’ Xperia Z smartphone can download them through the PlayStation Store, which is part of the PlayStation Mobile for Android app.

You can also find these games featured on the main page of the PlayStation store.

PlayStation Mobile games available now

Chimpact by Yippee! Entertainment ($3.99)

In Chimpact, players help a little monkey bounce around and collect items like bananas and diamonds through a variety of levels to make it home safely. Each level is made up of smaller segments that intertwine with each other making for an interactive and addictive game. Chimpact is a simple, yet challenging new age platforming game reminiscent of similar games from the 16-bit era.

Rymdkapsel by Grapefrukt Games ($4.99)

In Rymdkapsel, players take command of a space station and its minions. Carefully plan your expansions to the space station and manage your resources to explore the galaxy.

Switch Galaxy
Switch Galaxy by Atomicom Ltd. ($2.49)

Switch Galaxy is a futuristic survival racing game based off its parent game, Switch. The game features a level structure, lots of pick-ups, power-ups, new enemies and upgraded graphics and has two modes: original Switch Survival Mode where players have one life to get as far as they can and Mission Mode where players travel from one side of the Galaxy to the other in the fastest time possible. In Mission Mode, players are called on to find Tantallum, a metal that can only be collected at very high speeds. Players must deliver this to Dakur Technology’s secret research base, where they will earn a jump drive to win gold trophies with.

Passing Time
Passing Time by Honeyslug ($2.49)

Get ready for kick off in Passing Time, the quirkiest and most original soccer game ever! Pass the ball and burn the opposition with the amazing fireball, prove your passing skills by mastering the slow moving rock ball and show off your one touch skills with the explosive bomb ball! Customize and upgrade your team, create your own kit and kick it to the competition in 5 different game modes including leagues, set pieces and an expansive challenge mode.

Haunt the House
Haunt the House by SFB Games ($3.49)

In Haunt the House: Terrortown, players float around as a ghost, who hides in an abandoned clock tower by day and haunts the town by night. Possess any and all objects seen and use these objects to frighten any unsuspecting humans nearby. In this side scrolling action puzzle game, the aim is to scare every townsman and townswoman out of town and reclaim what has been lost before sunrise returns.

Dungeon Bandit
Dungeon Bandit by Rocking Pocket Games ($4.29)

Dungeon Bandit is a huge 2D dungeon crawler game. Explore a fantasy world full of castles, tombs, pyramids, arenas, mazes and forests. Dungeon Bandit features fully interactive environments with puzzles, and large levels with secret areas.

Super Brain Eat 3
Super Brain Eat 3 by Thomas Hopper ($0.49)

Guide your little brain friend ‘Gutsy’ to eat all of the hearts and brains in Super Brain Eat 3. Avoid deadly traps and terrible jelly monsters. Eat portions to make you invincible or even give you the power to spit deadly magic.

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle by SCEI ($5.99)

“No Heroes Allowed,” the PSP game popular for its unique world and original game system has come to PlayStation Mobile as “Yu-Nama: The Puzzle” and has been rearranged to be more accessible whilst retaining its characteristic pixelated art, RPG elements, classic sounds and scattering of wit.

Upcoming PlayStation Mobile demo games

Hermit Crab in Space by Golden Ruby Games

PlayStation Mobile Game Jam Winner
Hermit Crab in Space pits one lost crab against a hostile galaxy, forcing the player to fight their way home in an ever changing, improvised ship scavenged from the refuse around them. Using the salvaged parts of his enemies’ spacecrafts, the player slowly builds his ship for protection. Reinforce your ship with shields, cannons, power tiles, ramming tiles, and more–and discover new powers and strategies by combining them in different ways.

Ten by Eight by Action Button Entertainment

In Ten By Eight, players match groups of tiles by chaining up multiple groups with wildcard stars and attempt to find the longest paths possible. This is a puzzle game strong enough for a brain surgeon, yet PH-balanced for a rocket scientist.

Sully: A Very Serious RPG by Breadbros Games

Sully: A Very Serious RPG is a JRPG-style game made by some plucky Americans trying to bring back the “lighthearted romp” to an increasingly serious genre. Join Crystal and Darin as they deal with their last summer together before going to different colleges, and the adventures they have trying to make sense of growing up in a JRPG world.

Gunhouse by Necrosoft Games

Load your guns! Rain death from above! Protect your valuable orphans! Defeat giant, improbable bosses! That’s Gunhouse. Necrosoft Games’ debut title is part puzzle, part active tower defense, as you make big combos, to stock your guns, to launch a hail of bullets and special attacks at the enemies who would like nothing better than to consume your delicious orphan friends. With a unique art style, music by Fez composer Disasterpeace, and code and design by an collective of indie game weirdos, Gunhouse will stay true to our company motto; “stupid games for jerks like us.” Are *you* a jerk like us?

WW2: Hills of Glory by Advanced Mobile Applications (AMA) Ltd.

These are serious times! The enemy is launching a major offensive and we must stand our ground, whatever it takes. This is suicide, but you are the army’s best bet. There are only three of you left to defend the hill, and they are more than a thousand. The enemy is gathering a growing number of hotshots determined to destroy you. It is time to teach them the meaning of war!

Crystallon by Team Dozen Eyes

Crystallon is a touch-controlled match-3 game where players are challenged to create isometric cubes out of floating pieces. Pieces have different qualities: Color, pattern, animation, and sound. In order to successfully create a group, the three pieces must be all the same or all different for each quality. Pieces also have a fixed orientation: Left, Right and Top. You can only use one of each orientation per matched set. When pieces are successfully combined, they create cubes. Cubes may also be combined together into sets of three for extra points. You can advance to the next level only when there are no remaining possible sets in the current level.

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  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Trophies for PSM games?

  • i love mobile games. these posts are great. i love to see whats coming up.

  • looks good will check out some of them.

  • When are you expanding the service to more countries?

    Psn leaderboards…When?

    Trophy support?

  • What about other devices!? Like Samsung Galaxy’s? At E3 there was so much talk about PS4 connecting to our mobile devices but if you keep limiting on what devices PlayStation Mobile can be installed on, how can we interact with the PS4 with such limited installs!

  • PSA: ‘Rymdkapsel’ is awesome!

  • PSMobile games need trophy support and wider device support before it can get popular!

  • Chimpact is fiercely boring but beautiful. I was hoping for a real platformer and got yet another slingshot game.

    Rymdkapsel is awesome but could really use some randomization to keep the experience fresh on multiple playthroughs. Still definitely worth buying. Started playing it while I was on a beach vacation and found myself spending every moment off the beach engrossed in Rymdkapsel.

    Passing Time is incredible. There’s no “but” here; it’s just incredible. Buy it.

    Haunt The House is gorgeous but has no challenge whatsoever, is really short and has no replay value beyond checking out how gorgeous it is.

    I don’t know about the others. I love PlayStation Mobile. So many awesome games on that service and they’re so cheap. I use my Vita mostly for that now.

  • Please, please extend the service to way more countries. It’s been one year. The number of countries with PSM is absurdly low. This should be your TOP priority.

    Also, +1 for trophy support.


  • Trophy support, leaderboards, online play support and im there.

  • Does this mean that I can now play them on my PS3? I have an iPhone and no Vita…

  • Trophies and I’ll actually look to buy some. Until trophy support, I have no interest..

  • DON’T UPDATE! System!

  • Hey everyone, don’t update the system to v4.45 just yet!
    Some consoles are starting up without the XMB and there’s no way to fix it for now.

  • I could have sworn Trophy support was confirmed for PSM games a long time ago. Where is it? Even if games are only allowed a small amount of trophies, I think trophy support would be huge for PSM games.

  • I only don’t need trophy support, as long as the games are fun. We do, however, need more games, more content, less outrageous prices for mobile games. There’s a few good games on there (last I checked), and others I’d be interested in for the right price.

  • why can’t ps mobile get those free to play games like the mobile games on android or iOS

  • I would wager the trophy support would increase usage 200-300% for PSM games.

  • Yu-Nama going up in price was stupid. Not sure what you guys were thinking doing that.

    Anyhoo, you should really promote PS Mobile better. At the very least on here. You rarely ever talk about them. Hopefully this post isn’t just a one time thing.

    PS Mobile should get it’s own weekly updates, like Music/Movie Unlimited and the regular PS Store updates get. At the very least.

  • soundandvision77

    I agree with #20 – why can’t PS Mobile games be released on Tuesdays with the full PS store update, and be included in the list of games coming out every week? I don’t understand why they aren’t treated like small Vita games with full trophy support and have the same promotion behind them. There also shouldn’t be a different tab in the Vita store to find them. Just a different heading in the game list like PSP games, PS1 classics, Minis, etc.

    It really makes it hard to buy these games on impulse if you have to actively go look for them. And if they compete with other smaller PSN games for my time, but also don’t have trophies, it’s a hard sell. Trophies shouldn’t be the deciding factor on buying a game, but let’s face it – this generation has made trophies and achievements an important part of gaming, and that means playing a game with trophies is “making progress” in your overall gamer level. Without trophies, you’re just playing the game to “have fun”. Yikes, what a thought, but it’s the new normal!

  • How about a good hockey game or pinball

  • I was kinda curious in that Sully rpg game and Yu Nama, but i’m not spending $6 on a mobile game with no trophy support put to it. Thats ridiculous.

  • I had just about 0 interest in the mobile area of the store, but now you’ve caught my attention. I agree that a regular feature should be added. Maybe I don’t need to drop $15 or more for a great on-the-go play experience.

  • ” why can’t PS Mobile games be released on Tuesdays”

    In fact they are released on Tuedays… every Tueday at 7pm PDT. The reasoning from what I can tell is that it is handled at a global level. All regions get the games at the same time in 1 update.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ ryumoau

    Liar. Even if those games cost $2 and had platinum trophies, you still wouldn’t buy them. Because you hate indies, remember? Or were you lying when you said that? Either way, you’re a wretched liar.

    Also don’t lie and say you’re interested in these games if all it takes to turn you away is a lack of achievement points. You’re not interested at all. Your facade is so transparent, it’s embarrassing.

    Anyone who ranks trophies ahead of the game itself is not really a gamer, period. Your main interest here is seeking praise, and unfortunately, since praise is easy to come by in video game form, you got off the train here. But, you’re not one of us.

  • @26

    I can’t say I agree with you very often, but you pretty much nailed it with that comment. Amen to that.

  • How is no one saying when will x device be supported. I have been wanting to use PSm for awhile but I have a galaxy nexus! no support. why cant it support it? its a good device should be able to handle it.

  • Super Stickman golf on PSM!!

  • Trophies. Then we can talk.

    Still, I think this is a good idea. Just give them equal treatment and I’ll buy more.

  • i hope they make a PSM app for all android users! i love my nexus and would never give it up, so i would like a PSM app to use all the features of the ps4…


    Please extend PSM to more devices; there are very few compatible outside of the Xperia line, and even fewer “current” phones. My Xperia Play is broken, and I now have a Nexus 4. I won’t buy an Xperia phone just to play PSM games, but I sure would buy a lot of the games if it were available on my phone.


  • Who has Sony smartphones? I live in Korea where everybody has Samsung, LG, and iPhones. Please make standard IOS and Android apps. Drop the whole Playstation Certified Device thing. Open this up for everybody. Cater to the Candy Crush crowd. Fire up the trophies and you’ll make lots of money with these games.

  • The expansion of PlayStation! Wonder if Kindle would be able to support PSM. Gotta research!

  • That sounds great!

  • Please expand the number countries supported. More countries will mean more developers and more games.

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