Dragon Fantasy Book II Comes to E3

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Dragon Fantasy Book II Comes to E3

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PSN

Since we announced Dragon Fantasy Book II on the Playstation.Blog back in August, we’ve had a very, very busy year. Our little 16-bit RPG that could has grown into quite a beefy project! Most of the game is now complete, with big chunks of the game tuned and fully playable. We’ve got some big ol’ bosses in there ready to stomp on people. We’ve beefed the engine up quite a bit from the SNES-like roots we were originally targeting, using way more layers, sprites, and rotation and scaling effects than that console was ever capable of. We’ve travelled to two PAXes and a GDC, showing the game to everyone we could – and losing our voices several times in the process. And we even spent a good chunk of time and brought Dragon Fantasy Book I over to PSN as well, thanks pretty much entirely to the comments on this blog!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PSN

Most recently, we’ve added area-of-effect attacks to Book II. Getting attacked by a cluster of rowdy rock monsters is now no big deal when you can hit all of them at once with a well-placed spin attack! Many magic spells have AoE effects as well, such as Freezios, which now freezes all the enemies in a straight line between you and your target. And you’ll need all of those attacks, because while Book I never had more than 3 monsters in a battle, Book II has no limit. We’ve got battles where you face a dozen or more enemies at once! And just for good measure, many enemies can also perform AoE attacks on your teammates. So get ready, because the battles in Book II can get totally crazy!

We’re really excited to get a chance to show the new AoE and swarming enemies to you guys for the first time at E3 this year, where we’ll be showing the game in Sony’s booth. We’ve all been to E3 over a dozen times, and this is the 7th for Muteki Corporation, but it’s the first time we’ve ever been an exhibitor, so many, many thanks to Sony for inviting us to show Dragon Fantasy Book II! We can’t wait to get this game in front of more people.

And for the all-necessary plugs, if you want to keep up to date even more on the game, follow us on twitter @mutekicorp or Like Us on Facebook.

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  • Can’t wait! E3 stuff looked great.

  • The first Dragon Fantasy was great, does your save from the first game carry over in any way? Do you guys have a release window?

    • There’s no plans currently to do anything with save data from the first game (especially the way each chapter had its own save slot). As for a release window, we’re aiming for a late-Summer launch.

  • I enjoyed Book I a lot and got every trophy, this one looks even better!

  • Book I was a surprise hit for me, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It was really fun! Will definitely check out Book II.

  • Hi Bryan, I wanted to ask why there’s no activity/news here in the UK for Dragon Fantasy??!! This very post isn’t even on the EU Blog, and as you know, where’s still waiting for Book I, much less Book II.

    I have to admit that I’m really rather disappointed.


    • Worry not, we’re progressing towards a release of Book I for the SCEE regions (Europe, Australia, etc.). Now that E3 is behind us that should be progressing much quicker :)

      The plan is for Book I to come out as quickly as we can, and for Book II to launch same-day (or as close to same-day as is possible) for both SCEA and SCEE.

  • Looks a lot like Chrono Trigger. I like this :D


  • I’m very much enjoying Book I.

  • Got 100% of the trophies for Book 1 and enjoyed it. Can’t wait for this one!

  • Ah! Boy so much bit games to choose well I guess
    I catch this one

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  • I played Book I to completion and had a lot of fun with the story along the way. Looking forward to Book II !!

  • My nipples are tingling with excitement.

  • Loved Book I, and I’m really looking forward to Book II. :D

  • So battles have gone from Dragon Quest to Chrono Trigger. Well, so long as there’s no “use your smartphone to nuke” feature, haha.

    All the matter of humor and rowdy battles aside (love the idea of the visual, both actual and imagined, of a concentrated ice stalagmite wave), please — PLEASE — allow music to resume from where it was cut off. Drove me nuts in Book I, hearing the first few notes of the area music because of the battles interrupting it. But, when I finally stood around, at least one song did awkwardly loop, so maybe that would’ve gotten to me, too. I think the polish is what will make or break my reception to this game. I liked Book I, but even with the added work, there were a few rough edges that I can’t tear my focus away from (probably BECAUSE I liked so much else about it, that anything marring that is jarring).

    • We’re going with an entirely new audio system for Book II, because the looping (and lack-there-of) issues drove us crazy too!

  • Also: “coalesce”. Lovin’ it! Fancy words that don’t sound pretentious. Smarmy, maaaybe, but not pretentious.

  • @pablofsi08 Just keep your PS3, i know it’s taking space and it’s more convenient to allow it to be played on PS4, also think the sells of PS3 digital Games would even be better with PS4 support but i guess they have their Reasons not to do so (like the reasons they can’t allow some Crash into PSASRB, PLEASE SONY PLEASE!)

  • I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!! Absolutely love Book I, I kid you not. I lost my data on it one time and trophies even bugged out, but I said “screw it, I’m having enough fun” and continued on and played it again in order to get the particular trophy. I am really devoting my lunch money to this, I can starve at work while I play this game on break! Huzzah!

  • nice!

  • I would love to see this on plus, I bought the first game the day it came out!

  • I see Dragon Fantasy Book II for PS Vita but not PSN what gives, why not put them out at the same time.(sorry if came off rude)

  • Neoprime666: If I recall correctly, that’s just a trailer video for Book II. The game isn’t out yet :)

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