Dragon Fantasy Book II Comes to E3

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Dragon Fantasy Book II Comes to E3

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PSN

Since we announced Dragon Fantasy Book II on the Playstation.Blog back in August, we’ve had a very, very busy year. Our little 16-bit RPG that could has grown into quite a beefy project! Most of the game is now complete, with big chunks of the game tuned and fully playable. We’ve got some big ol’ bosses in there ready to stomp on people. We’ve beefed the engine up quite a bit from the SNES-like roots we were originally targeting, using way more layers, sprites, and rotation and scaling effects than that console was ever capable of. We’ve travelled to two PAXes and a GDC, showing the game to everyone we could – and losing our voices several times in the process. And we even spent a good chunk of time and brought Dragon Fantasy Book I over to PSN as well, thanks pretty much entirely to the comments on this blog!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PSN

Most recently, we’ve added area-of-effect attacks to Book II. Getting attacked by a cluster of rowdy rock monsters is now no big deal when you can hit all of them at once with a well-placed spin attack! Many magic spells have AoE effects as well, such as Freezios, which now freezes all the enemies in a straight line between you and your target. And you’ll need all of those attacks, because while Book I never had more than 3 monsters in a battle, Book II has no limit. We’ve got battles where you face a dozen or more enemies at once! And just for good measure, many enemies can also perform AoE attacks on your teammates. So get ready, because the battles in Book II can get totally crazy!

We’re really excited to get a chance to show the new AoE and swarming enemies to you guys for the first time at E3 this year, where we’ll be showing the game in Sony’s booth. We’ve all been to E3 over a dozen times, and this is the 7th for Muteki Corporation, but it’s the first time we’ve ever been an exhibitor, so many, many thanks to Sony for inviting us to show Dragon Fantasy Book II! We can’t wait to get this game in front of more people.

And for the all-necessary plugs, if you want to keep up to date even more on the game, follow us on twitter @mutekicorp or Like Us on Facebook.

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