Watch_Dogs E3 Walkthough Demo

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Watch_Dogs E3 Walkthough Demo
Watch_Dogs E3 Walkthough Demo

In this most recent Watch_Dogs gameplay demo, we witnessed the wide variety of tools that Aiden has in his arsenal, all expressed through gameplay.

Whether it be by driving in a stealthily way to try and evade assailants, by assisting a friend in escaping a sticky situation, or by blacking out parts of the city to give him tactical advantage, we were able to see all the agency we’ll have while exploring the great city of Chicago.

Now, we’ve seen how Aiden lends a helping hand to a friend, but who’s helping him? Who’s helping you, the player, when the odds seemed to have been tipped against you? That’s where it becomes interesting. There’s yet another layer of connectivity that will be available to you in Watch_Dogs: Co-op on mobile devices. When you’re calling for help, you are sending a request to friends who are connected to the Watch_Dogs universe through their mobile devices. When that request is accepted, a co-op experience starts and the goal for the two players is to survive from the police by escaping their pursuit. This is just another way Watch_Dogs brings you the full, hyper-connected experience.

We’ll have even more exciting news for you very soon, but for now, you can follow the latest Watch_Dogs updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  • nice :D

  • I pre-ordered Watch Dogs along with my PS4 on Tuesday. Gonna be a great holiday season for gaming.

  • PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

  • looks grate looks like a must buy

  • From one Schmidt to another, this game looks amazing.

  • Of what we’ve seen so far, Watch_Dogs is by far my most anticipated game for this new console generation; I already have it pre-ordered along with my PS4. It’s looking incredible.

  • The gameplay was great,the end with the blackout thing was amazing and it was very nice to see the gameplay on Sony’s conference thank you ubi…I really like the concept of watch dogs…its pretty neat and looks like we’ll have plenty of fun with the hacking stuff and the game is good no doubt about it but…the game is utterly overrated….anyway I’ll be buying.

  • I pre-order PS4+Watch Dogs+The Division. :)

  • @pablofsi08

    Keep your PS3! I’m not getting rid of mine until I don’t want to play PS3 games anymore which is pretty much after The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls…

    Play Watch_Dogs on PS3 and add this good game to your PS3 COLLECTION that would for your PS3! Because this blogpost is about Watch_Dogs!

    You don’t want to pay to play than fine, don’t get a PS4 but OMG change your default square avatar! AAAHHH! You have PS + anyway! There are free ones and more free ones with PS + and there are Watch_Dogs avatars for 50 cents each which you won’t pay for but this is about WATCH_DOGS which I am going to get on PS4!!!

    I’m really bored but BYYEE!


  • This game is sooooo epic!!!

  • @3: You know it’s funny how you’ll use your ps plus to get the free games, or buy the discounted ones, but once you hear that you’ll also be using it to play online it’s a sudden turn off….. come on man that’s a weak statement.

  • gangstaaa

  • Will you be able to control the cameras on the Vita or do you need a Tablet/Smartphone?

  • 1. You do realize that once PS4 comes out only 10% of the people playing PS3 online will stay playing PS3 online don’t you? I don’t have the certain % and it may vary but it will greatly affect PS3’s online, you can’t question that. That means many games with few people playing them will suddenly be deserts and others with an average number will suddenly become a turn off because of not enough players.

    2. Instead of talking back to users you as a user should realize, and even within the boundaries of fanboyism, it is much better to add all of the PS3’s value to the PS4 with all it’s games. That would constitute it into an absolutely amazing platform and that’s what we all imagined of it… but no. Greed had to take the lead. How about instead of talking back you support those that will lose their PS3’s games on PSN accounts with this making the PS4 demolish it’s competitors?

  • Damn this game is going to be hot? any word on the benefits of waiting out for the ps4 version of this game?

  • @14 You can’t get hung up on older games multiplayers they all have expiration dates eventually regardless of changing consoles. Your point about them not being being able to respect your game collection is being taking into regard. They are looking into ways to perform retro compatibility such as a hardware extension or even the possibility of Gaikai may give us access to are previously owned PS3 games. (Though the last part is still not explained 100% and is only hypothetical)

    As for the multiplayer requiring plus it will not be all and can be decided on a “By developer” basis. Sony will ofcourse require it to ensure a better network infrastructure but they also said all the Free to Play games coming to the PS4 will not require Playstation Plus to play , neither will monthly subscribed games such as Final Fantasy 14.

    It’s not about greed it’s about being able to provide the best service possible.

  • this looks trully amazing!

  • Looks fantastic ! Take my money :D
    Very original. I really like the “fighter hacker” atmosphere hehe.


    I prefer a good system, solid and fast. To play ps3 games you just need to turn on your ps3 right ?
    Unfortunately ps3 has a complex programing with cell processor blablabla. I think there is 0% of chance of retrocompability with the new ps4 system based com pc programing.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ pablofsi08

    I promise you… you’re not going to change anything.

    Snap out of it.

  • Watch dog look beautiful.

  • All this infraestructure does is pit player against player, once that’s done the biggest traffic is handled by players themselves, not through their servers. And they should have a solid one by 2014 and sustain it without us having to pay for it. I mean do you pay for your ISP’s network sustainability? No and the PS4 network only requires servers, not fiber optic lines. Much lesser scale.

  • Not to mention that if you are expecting games with a lot of delay get better with a ‘more solid infraestructure’ you are dead wrong. All Sony does is set servers to connect to, which have no impact in ping times. And lag spikes are 95% of the time the player’s fault.

  • Oh, Just keep your PS3 already.

    Haven’t you see the design of the PS4, it’s flat.
    You might as well place your PS4 and PS3 on top of it.

    Unless you want to play both, then don’t, because
    1-You’ll need another TV,
    2-You might overheat the PS4.

    Regardless, just keep it on your PS3, buy Diablo 3 on PS3.

    B/C is hard to make as hardware, they might end up making one down the road when they stop selling PS3s, PS3 are still selling and gives the opportunity for new players to come and play. Do you want another 600$ console? It would give some games to start with, but like I said, keep your PS3, it comes to the same.

    Maybe you would for 500$, but even then, if your PS4 breaks for any reason, the charge for the repair will be higher because of that additional hardware.

    It’s like Xbox One’s TV, it drove it to 500$ with the kinect. And you’ll have to compromise valuable HDD for either gaming or TV, my 500Gb DVR got 50% full after 2 weeks. so there….
    I know, I tough at first it was a good idea for the PS4, given that it can upgrade HDD.
    Just wanted a way to keep my shows, but I have my Sony DVD recorder that does that and DVDs are wayy cheaper than HDDs. 100 DVD x 5Gb for 20$? Enought said.

  • As for the PS4 to overheat, it’s got ventilation from all sides, I’m pretty sure it’ll stay cool.
    Well, it will always be cool, it’s a PlayStation. ; )

  • Agree, Online Multiplayer should be free, other options are extra.
    PC gaming is free since dial-up, and continues to be. So don’t underestimate them.
    You might have won against the Xbox One, but there’s a ton of gamers on PC as well, so, give them a reason to come to PlayStation.

  • They in fact must have a PS3 emulation through software under development already. They just want to shove their chinese scam down our throats so we pay $1000 worth PS3 games again to play with 3, 5, 10 or 20 frames of delay games for which you shouldn’t need to be connected to internet to play, because you know, your PSN account is one only and all details from it will be kept except the thing that makes them earn money. It’s about $$$ and more $ for all these mega enterprises at the crude expense of their own reputation and customers’ satisfaction.

  • At 6:23 on the screen in Aiden’s front “well done”….ha that was very cool…if we will be able to talk with the other player in that will be not just very innovative but amazing as well.I noticed that in the E3 conference gameplay as well.

  • HIGHLY looking forward to this game. Ubisoft is really onto something here. Can’t wait to hear more about how tablets/smartphones work with the experience!

  • Nice Video Love it :) Need That Game.

  • … i had to watch it again today :p lol

  • This is easily a day one buy. Can’t wait to get my PS4 and play this game!

  • This game is just gorgeous…o_O
    Pre- ordered with my new sleek PS4:P

    i personally think Sony has so many things up their did anybody realize we actually only got to see the PS4 at the press conference? i mean you’d figure there would have been some leaks but Sony did an amazing job at keeping the lid on… so if they kept the lid on something as huge as the PS4 design what else do they have int heir bag of tricks:) I’m so amped for this Gen of Sony gaming…

    i need more PSN friends …does anyone know what the friend limit is on PS4?

  • Cant wait to play on ps4!

  • can you get watch dogs to the ps3?

  • The game looks so interesting and i hope I ll be the first own who can play it on the PS4.

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