Virtual E3 PlayStation Booth Is Open in PlayStation Home

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Virtual E3 PlayStation Booth Is Open in PlayStation Home

It’s time for a new PlayStation Home Update. But before we get into all of that, let’s talk about the E3 Virtual Booth. If you haven’t already seen, the E3 Virtual Booth in PlayStation Home is live! Be sure to head there now and check out all of the cool content available.

Be sure to stop by and see these titles in the Virtual E3 Booth:

  • Activision Inc.
  • Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
  • Iron Galaxy Studios
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Supergiant Games
  • Telltale Games
  • Ubisoft
  • Zombie Studios

While you’re there, some of the Rewards you can earn include an exclusive early invite to the Killzone: Mercenary beta, 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial, two PlayStation Mobile games playable on Vita and PlayStation Certified Devices (Rymdkapsel and Haunt the House) and 30-Day Music Unlimited Trial! There are other voucher codes to pick up (see below), so be sure to stop by the booth today!

  • Destiny – Dynamic Theme
  • The Last of Us – Dynamic Theme
  • Killzone Mercenary – Beta Access Voucher Code

On the content side of things, we’ve been noticing that the days are getting warmer. So we’ve updated with summer clothes from Granzella, to keep yourselves cool. And to be sure that you’re out and about in the sun, VEEMEE have added Classic Scooters and included the appropriate gear. Finally, if you need to get into shape, be sure to pick up the Yoga Poses from Konami. There’s plenty more, so read on below!

PlayStation Home Update 6-12-2013

Lockwood Venue

Lockwood has developed another stunning personal space for all of Home’s fashion-conscious citizens. Be sure to grab this and the available customization packs. If you can’t decide on a customization pack, grab the bundle!

x7 Update

Head by x7 and pick up Street Style clothes and Ugly Animals from VEEMEE!

VEEMEE Classic Scooters

VEEMEE delivers with Classic Scooters, they made sure that you’ll stay safe with helmets and jackets, as well.

VEEMEE Timepieces

To make sure that you’re riding your Classic Scooter on time, VEEMEE is also offering an array of clocks for your apartment, also available in a bundle

VEEMEE Wrangler and Street Style

To top it all off, VEEMEE will be sure that you’re stylish after you arrive with a new selection of tops and pants in their Wrangler and Street Style sets.

PlayStation Home Update 6-12-2013

LOOT Forsaken Planet LMOs

Be sure to check out the LMOs created by LOOT from their Forsaken Planet game. Also available in a bundle.

Hellfire Retro Flyers

Hellfire brings you jetpacks this week. Available in many colors from Jade to Pink. Or grab the bundle and get them all!

Evil Tree Wonderland Poster Pack

Spruce up your apartment with one of four new posters from Evil Tree Studios. If you can’t pick, grab the bundle.

Konami Animations

Choose from seven new animation packs from Konami. Yoga Poses, Anime Dances and Hand Stands are all available.

PlayStation Home Update 6-12-2013PlayStation Home Update 6-12-2013

Granzella Summer Firework Yukata

Since Summer is upon us, be sure to grab your traditional summer yukata from Granzella.

Granzella Swim Suits 2013

For a less traditional look, pick up Granzella’s new swim suits for men and women in a variety of colors.

I’m pretty excited about this update, and we hope that you are too. Keep in mind that not all content is listed in this post, so be sure to check the store in Home, and check the Home Forums for more information. We’d love to read what you think, though. So, be sure to hop into the comments and let us know! Also, apologies in advance, I’m in LA for E3, and I won’t be able to easily reply to your comments. I will be reading them, though, and I’ll see you next week!

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3 Author Replies

  • I was just going on home when this posted.. Serendipitous it seems. Just gotta visit all the screens & I’m just about wrapped up..

    • That’s great timing Bill! I wanted to hop in here and reply quickly, because I won’t be able to give this post as much attention as I want. I’m on the show floor at E3 and keeping up will be difficult.

      I will try to drop in though, when I get the chance.

  • Any update on the vouchers not working?

  • i dont know why but i went to pshome for the last of us and i could not get the code to load i quit pshome and when i went back all my stuff i had unlock was gone so i asked a friend if he got the codes and no one i know can get the codes of the ps+ or the Themes. i pre-ordered the last of us on psn i was hoping to have a Dynamic Theme to go with the game T_T

  • I’ve completed about half the quests now and only half the codes worked:

    Destiny Theme – worked!
    PS Mobile Games – worked!

    Music Unlimited Trial – didn’t work!
    30-day PlayStation Plus – didn’t work!

    Gonna, try to finish up the rest tonight or tomorrow, but it’d be nice knowing the remaining codes will actually work once I earn them. :)

  • All my codes seemed to work except the KZ Mercenary beta voucher. I assume we have to use it once the beta is actually open in August?

  • PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

  • I did the majority of the PS Home virtual E3 activities and got the voucher code download failure each time. I know I wasn’t the only one… I don’t know the logistics behind this, but will those who received this error be able to still get their codes?

  • I got all my codes yesterday, all worked but the ones for MU and PS+. is there a fix for this or will they not work because i have tried MU before and am currently a PS+ member? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Calent,

      Unfortunately if you are already a Music Unlimited subscriber or a PlayStation+ member the trials will not stack on your current subscription.

      Also, the Music Unlimited code will only work if you are a first time subscriber.

  • Hey, Paul, I tried 3 times to get the last quest, view all screens, but it wouldn’t pop. Why? I can’t have missed anything and yes, I looked at all screens for each booth.

  • @6 – pablofsi08

    They will never add direct backwards compatibility to the PS4. If they did, it would be 2006 all over again with a $600 price tag. Same reason they removed PS2 B/C from the PS3 in the first place.

    As for PS+ being mandatory for online play (*excluding* most MMOs and F2P games, unless the 3rd party publisher is brainless) . . . I welcome this change. Gone will be the days of being able to say “you get what you pay for; no complaining” whenever PSN is flaky. Plus, unless they stop the Instant Game Collection or jack the price up too high, who on earth wouldn’t sign up?

    As for supporting current digital games, I’m holding out hope they do the right thing and transfer everyone’s digital game rights to Gaikai for free (and maybe a nominal fee to transfer disc-based games, like VUDU does with DVDs) and we can stream them

    It’s not perfect, but this would also solve the B/C issue. Also holding out hope they provide much of the PS1 & PS2 back catalog for free on Gaikai to PS+ members . . . but that’s just a wishlist thing, lol.

  • My code for the Destiny theme didn’t work. It said it had already been redeemed (although it didn’t show up in my download list). Didn’t try MU or PS+ but everything else was fine.

  • paul will home be on ps4? alot of us are dying for an answer

  • How long will the E3 booth and all of these quests be active in Playstation Home? Hopefully I have the weekend to complete this all…

  • Will PlayStation HOME be coming to PS4?

  • how do I get the Beyond theme for having preregistered?

  • I’m struggling like made to ‘visit the all the E3 Kiosks’ I gone to all of those on the map and watched their slide shows but can’t seem to get past that task – what’s going on?

  • will we ever see any Kingdom Hearts related items on home. would love to have some keyblades and maybee destiny islands as a personal space.

  • i’m having an issue with two of the voucher codes that I had received from the PlayStation Home 2013 E3 event, in which when I enter them – they seem to be invalid or already used codes, which is not true. How can I get this issue fixed?

  • Ok. Edit: Since I’m already a PS+ subscriber, I cannot ‘stack’ the code onto my subscription? Being that the subscription will end in about 6 days, will I be able to use it then?

  • nvm finally found where to get my voucher for Beyond, have to say as someone that doesn’t use Home often this has been a bit confusing plus having connection issues

  • shadowdragon2007

    Is Home coming on to the PS4 and will it be free to use to non-PS Plus Memebers

  • I did all the quests and i never got the vouchers, it was stuck on “voucher loading” Grrrrr

  • Help me guys! i get my Killzone Mercenary – Beta Access Voucher Code but dont found.. i try redeem the code on my PS3 and PSVita but say “The code its invalid”. I need you help please

  • @lisatsunami Hey did you also check the PS4 Kiosk, I know I missed that one for a while, it’s right next to the Quest Kiosk :)

  • Also if anyone’s wondering, you need a Credit Card to use the Free 30 days of PS+ :\ I tried to get one on a EU account lol..

  • Please!!!

    Anyone with a KZ Mercenary code and without a Ps Vita could please send it to me?

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!

    I really want it and I dont have a Ps3


    I’d really apreciate it *-*

  • @ 26 StevenBezarius – Better be quick because first come first served!

    Killzone Mercenaries beta code

  • @lisatsunami I am also having trouble getting all the screens viewed. The Playstation Mobile video keeps showing me Diablo III instead. I think that’s why I can’t get it.

  • I Already completed every quest on the Playstation Virtual e3 booth but the thing i don’t like is that if you want to get the PS+ free 30 day membership or the Music Unlimited they ask you that you need to register your credit card information first. I don’t have a credit card so i lose those 2 codes this is stupid….

  • #6- pablofsi08 , More as likely the smartest comment i read on psblog , as for the Virtual e3, why is this being reposed ? but i did receive my codes , when pshome actually WORKED ! but i still don’t recommend anyone to go. A waste of Virtual time , id tell ya . Got my ps pluse code , used it and was very unimpressed, still don’t get the hype, last, i still hope pshome will not revive for ps4, a horribly slow feature .

  • I was really disappointed with the virtual e3 booth this year. Nothing but a couple of screenshots for each game? I can get way more information here on the blog.

    @ #10 oycomics — Well put, regarding all your comments.

  • I have the same issue as @ robtw007 in # 28. When I try to see the PlayStation Mobile video, it shows me the one for Diablo III, and I cannot seem to unlock the “See all screens in every kiosk” achievement. Any Help with this? I tried to clear the cache and reload Home again, but didn’t worked.

  • will playstation home be on ps4?

  • That was a cool little scavenger hunt; lots of fun!

  • Great question StormTimber; I’m also very curious about how Home will translate into the PS4 experience.

  • Nice to see Home mentioned and E3! It’s just too bad and Lazy on Sony’s part to say hey Home fans PS4 will Support Home… But NO! They said Not one Word about Playstation Home on PS4!

    Been on Home for over 4 Plus years now! And i for one as a Home fan/user can not support PS4 if Home is not also available to us on it.

    I know Home has always been FREE to use on PS3 and we now know that playing Online with PS4 is not Gonna be FREE so that might be the real reason why Home is not on PS4 PS4 doesn’t support FREE Online anything…

    What a Shame! I was really hoping that Home at some point would continue on PS4…. Sadly it looks like our Home is about to end….


  • Everything worked great, the only thing missing is the Beyond Dynamic theme. I did the pre-register process and I came back on the booth’s open day but nothing.

  • Yeah I got the Last of Us dynamic theme from the E3 “treasure” hunt but I can’t seem to find it now. I go to my download history and see it’s there so I redownload it again. It says “installing” but then when I go to my Themes in the settings, it’s not there. Help?

  • Never mind. I got it to work now :)

  • <— Ah, so here's why I couldn't use the PS+ code, and I tried out Unlimited way back when it first came out. Didn't see any fine print actually in Home though, would have been less confusing, but *shrug* I still had fun.

    Finished the rest of the quests last night and the rest of the codes worked great (beside KZ Mercenary since it won't work yet); loving the Destiny theme!

    That hoverboard is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. Now that I can finally traverse Home faster so I might visit more often than twice are year! lol

  • did you guys fix the problem that occurred when you left the scene your quest got reset or do we have to start over again?

  • Think of All the money people will save if they don’t have Ps Home anymore. I love ps Home But I think its time to let go.

  • PS Home is awesome. I really hope they implement it into PS4.

  • How long is this event going on, and about how long does it take to complete and get the codes?

  • Very Interesting

  • @Garrison Right

  • @ 27 DoTheKiller91

    Thanks!!! I’ll Be trying till the day after at 11:58 pm till it works!

    and again Thanks you made my day ;)

  • I hope an official statement will be made on the next update about the PS Home on the PS4, just a simple yes or no will do, please.

  • Did some of the E3 booth quests just to get the Destiny Dynamic Theme. Write code down and quit PSHome after another quest or two. Go to PSStore and Redeem the code. “Invalid code or expire” What the heck?
    So I leave it a day incase it hasnt activated on your end.. but today its giving me the same message.
    Seems alot of people are having the same problem… and seems pretty hit and miss. Can we get this fixed because I want that theme!! :(

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