Stealth Inc Sneaking Into E3 With Even More Levels

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Stealth Inc Sneaking Into E3 With Even More Levels

Good day, PlayStation fans! It’s the Curve team here, bringing you news about Stealth Inc, the stealth-puzzle-platformer for PS3 and Vita that means to exterminate you at any cost. Taking control of one of PTi Industries’ many cloned test subjects, it’s your job to hack, leap and lurk your way through an enormous test facility, with only an assortment of disgruntled, laser-wielding security drones for company.

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With its focus on hiding in the shadows, Stealth Inc allows you to experience stealth in its purest form, away from pesky distractions like “weapons” and “armor”. Now brought to you in crisp, shiny HD, an innocent, defenceless clone being bisected by a laser has never looked so good.

The Curve office is hard at work gearing up for Stealth Inc’s release, but it seems that we’re missing a couple of our game designers! Curve inmates Sam and Hamish have snuck away to E3, where they’ll be showing off their handiwork to the gaming world from the PlayStation booth. Look out for Stealth Inc (and Sam and Hamish’s gurning faces) in this year’s E3 coverage!

Stealth Inc 3

Meanwhile, we‘d like to hint at some new and exciting revelations. Firstly – this is less of a hint, more of a straight-up declaration, to be honest – we’re delighted to announce that The Teleporter Chambers, a Stealth Inc level pack containing 20 new levels, will be available on release day. This level pack, which puts a radical spin on Stealth Inc’s gameplay, gives the amazing teleporter equipment its time in the limelight and will make you think more strategically to beat its mind-bending puzzles.

Stealth Inc 2

Secondly, we’re planning to release not one, but TWO new DLC level packs for Stealth Inc, both of which will be debuting exclusively on PS3 and Vita later this year. We’re looking forward to telling you all about them, so keep an eye on our blog if you’d like to hear more, and let us know if you’ve got any questions about the game!

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