Ray’s the Dead is Brought to Life on PS4

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Ray’s the Dead is Brought to Life on PS4
Ray's the Dead on PS4

This is Chris from Ragtag Studio, a small indie game developer out of Chicago. We are giving life to a new game called Ray’s the Dead! Ray’s the Dead is an action adventure game where you are the leader of a zombie army. We are excited to announce that Ray’s the Dead will be available as a downloadable title on PlayStation 4!

Ray’s the Dead stars Raymond La Morte, a newly resurrected zombie on a quest to find out how he was killed, who killed him, and most curiously, why is there a strange light bulb sticking out of his head? In this ‘80s-inspired romp, you’ll get to experience the two unique stories of Ray intertwined by fate. As you terrorize American suburbia with your zombie army, you’ll also uncover playable memories from Ray’s life. You’ll be able to experience the events that led to his untimely demise first hand!

Sounds cool, but how does it play? A bolt of lightning activates the bulb lodged into Ray’s brain, giving him the power to convert and command the recently deceased into zombie minions! One by one you add to your numbers by pulling zombies out of their graves, or converting fallen foes. You can then use your new buddies to accomplish a variety of different goals, including overcoming obstacles, navigating the environment, and solving puzzles. If you’re a fan of Pikmin or Overlord, you will feel right at home.

Ray's the Dead on PS4

Ray's the Dead on PS4Ray's the Dead on PS4

The land of the living is a tough place to be if you’re a zombie. It’s full of angry people that just want to make you more dead. They’re armed and dangerous, so you’ll have to use your zombies to do what zombies do best: command them to jump out from the dark forest, crash through windows, and come streaming out of buildings to surprise and overwhelm the enemy. On your quest you’ll meet new types of zombies with the unique abilities you’ll need to accomplish your goals. For every human type you meet, there is a corresponding zombie waiting to be added to your army. You’ll have to use all of your brains to figure out which zombie is right for each challenge that Ray will face on his epic journey!

Ray's the Dead on PS4

Ray’s the Dead has been a labor of love for the three of us at Ragtag, and we are thrilled out of our brains to be bringing it to PS4. With Sony’s focus on releasing games that deliver unique and refreshing experiences, PS4 became the natural choice for our game.

We hope you are as excited about Ray’s the Dead coming to life as we are! Please stay tuned over the coming months as we reveal more exciting information about the game. For now, I’ll see you in the comments!

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