Pickles in your Pocket: Bringing Runner2 to PS Vita

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Pickles in your Pocket: Bringing Runner2 to PS Vita

Adapting a console game for a mobile platform is no walk in the Welcome Park. The reasons for this are numerous, but it ultimately boils down to an issue of faithfulness. We can’t speak for other developers – though we imagine they would agree – but we wanted our game, BIT.TRIP Presents…Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, to feel the same on the Vita as it does on the rest of its platforms. Furthermore, we wanted to provide players everywhere with the chance to carry Unkle Dill around wherever they go. Though we’ve not yet finished our development of the Vita version, we’re confident we’ve succeeded on both fronts.

For those unaware, Runner2 is a 2D platformer featuring vibrant worlds, unique characters, challenging (and rewarding!) gameplay, and the vocal stylings of Charles Martinet. From the early planning stages to the finished product, our goal was to create a game that made people happy. If it just so happens that you’re someone who likes to be happy, chances are good you’ll enjoy it immensely.

Runner2 on PS Vita

Now, with the elevator pitch out of the way, here’s some insight into why we’re bringing the game to Vita, and why we think you’re going to love it:

I don’t think it’s going to rock the boat any if I say that the video game industry is in a strange place at the moment. Not bad, mind you – just strange. If you’ll allow the pun, one could argue the industry is diving headfirst into Uncharted territory (Sony said they’d pay us $50,000 if we mentioned a PS3 game in this post). One of the most prominent changes is that of player choice. Where once you could count the amount of modern gaming platforms on a single hand, it would now take both hands, both feet, and possibly an additional appendage gained through surgery. From a developer perspective, that’s pretty exciting. We can release our games on a bunch of platforms, and then brag about it to our parents.

Runner2 on PS Vita

This is where the Vita comes in. We’re excited to bring Runner2 to the platform because A) we want as many people as possible to play our game, and B) we want those people to have a choice about where they play it. We’re a busy species, and not everyone has time to play games from the comfort of their home. Some have no choice but to play on the bus; others must resort to playing on the toilet at work. The more synergistic of us likely play on the toilet on the bus, but that’s a story for another day.

To summarize, players can expect Runner2 on the Vita to be a delightful port of the original. Actually, “delightful” sounds a little antiquated. How about this: Runner2 on the Vita will be super tubular.

If you have any questions about Runner2 or its forthcoming Vita release (we’re planning to release it sometime between mid-July and mid-August), let us know in the comments! We will also field any and all questions about cool stuff like Bigfoot and marbled polecats.

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  • I must assume its not cross buy…….So i will wait for the Vita Version

    • Your guess is correct. We wanted it to be, but due to a few BUSINESS-Y THINGS, we weren’t able to make it happen!

      With that said, the Vita version will be all sorts of awesome.

  • Finally a trailer! It’s about time we got wind of when the Vita version would be out. Been waiting for this.

  • islankleinknecht

    I got to play the demo for this on the PS3. Can’t say I was really wowed by it when compared to the original Bit Trip Runner. But then again, the original Bit Trip Runner also started out pretty simple before getting better. Can’t wait to try it out on the Vita.

    • Thanks for checking out the demo! As for the game itself, it most definitely becomes more elaborate (and difficult!) as you progress. There’s also a harder difficulty level, in case you’re a masochist.

  • Please announce it as a cross-buy title!

  • this game looks pretty sweet. (i like how they mentioned the 50,000 for mentioning ps3 version, which they did)

    however, i heard about this game, but never really caught my attention, now it has, and i might pick it up when it comes out.

  • Been waiting for this version to play the game.

    Any chance we’ll see other Bit.Trip games in the future on PlayStation in general? (but especially Vita)

  • OMG, this looks SUPER HECTIC……When and how much ?

  • Tried the demo & was close to buying it, but this is the the version i’ve been waiting for.

    Now i can shove it on peoples faces & brag about it :p

    • Awwww yeah! We love it when people shove our games in people’s faces!

      And just to be clear, we claim no responsibility for any faces harmed in the process.

  • Cross buy!? if so, im getting this on ps3 now.

  • I loved the visual simplicity of the first game as it really let the musical creation-as-you-play aspect shine through.

    I hope that hasn’t been overshadowed by the fancy new graphics. If you could, I’d really love to see a video of one of the later levels to see how “musical” it gets because the current level is a bit…mundane.

    Also, can you discuss controls? Buttons, touch, choice of which, or both?

    • XCLAYMEOW! Your username makes me picture a cat made out of Play-Doh.

      There are lots of Let’s Plays of the game on YouTube. Here’s a video of someone playing one of the later worlds in the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4K3PmAKZjU

      Long story short, the new visual style has in no way replaced the rhythm-based gameplay of the original! It’s the same style of gameplay, and the music is still just as aurally pleasing.

      As for controls, it will be physical buttons! We haven’t discussed the implementation of touch controls as an optional play style, but it isn’t out of the question.

  • I too am waiting for tis game to be released on the VITA..games like these are a must have for the VITA..because i can either play it at home after my HEAT lose to the SPURS by 36 points (SMH) and when i take my 30 minute POOPS..lol OR i can play it on my 1 1/2 hour ride to work on the bus…this game would kill so much of my time :) Also it would be really cool if you guys would make a game called WALKER..where the player can WALK to thier destination..Its probably just me but this game LOOKS AMAZING and would be great if we can take our own time to finish a level rather than just RUNNING THROUGH IT..but thats just MHO! :)

  • Well they haven’t said if it is cross-buy or not so just wait till it’s announced. But cross-buy, cross save would be nice, glad to see more games for PS Vita!!!!!!!!!

  • I have held off buying this on Steam or PS3 because I want it on my Vita…I just sad when my friends show off their Runner 2 achievements on various other platforms. Please hurry to my arms Runner 2!

    To the people asking if it will be cross buy, I don’t think that would be possible, as Gaijin is self-publishing the Vita version while Arksys published the PSN one.

    • Your patience will be rewarded! The Vita version will be just as good as its console/PC counterparts, and it looks super good on DAT OLED SCREEN.

  • Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games here! Dant Rambo is at E3, but will be back tomorrow when he will do his best to throw some comment responses directly at your FACES right here on this very blog!

  • That game looks great just like Little Big Planet….. Wheres my 50k ?

  • Is the game 60fps? Native resolution? Is the footage in the trailer at the top of the page from the Vita version, or console/pc like the screenshots?

    • That’s the plan!

      As for the trailer, that’s footage from the console/PC versions, but the Vita version looks AWESOME.

  • Price? Because this is a day one for me.

  • Looks good. Any chance of any other bit.trip games coming to vita?

  • Outstanding! I was so hoping this was coming to Vita.

  • I’ve been waiting for the Vita version ever since it was announced as I think it’s the best device to play a game like this. First day buy, no doubt.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Awesome game. Worth every penny. I bought the PS3 version on day one and didn’t play anything else until I completed it.

    Good luck with your Vita version, Gaijin Games. I hope it’s successful.

    • How kind of you! We’re very happy with how it’s coming along, and hope that all you Vita owners like it.

  • Got on steam and Wii U.. Might have to buy another copy D:

  • Vita vita vita vita will survive.

  • Nope.

  • I’ve been a fan of Gaijin Games for a while now! Glad I picked up Runner2 on steam! Now the only thing that would make me pick up this game on the Vita would be some bonus goodies or extra missions!

    Or to completely seal the deal, why not have a concept art gallery, option to download the OST onto the Vita device or even a Platinum Trophy?

    If Plants vs Zombies could get a Platinum Trophy for the Vita version, Why not Runner2? :D

  • @Dant Rambo,

    I’m a trophy hunter! Put a platinum trophy in and I’ll confirm that its a day 1 buy for me and 14 other people I know.


  • I love BIT TRIP and Commander Video so much, my Playstation ID is after CV himself! (the previous 85 were taken*)

    Also have bought every version of Runner2 this far. Two copies of Complete. Saga and every version currently available on the cloudy service related to heated water (where I’m still awaiting Fate and Flux). Vita will be no exception!

    Moaaarr games from Gaijin Games, moooaaaarrr!

    *I may or may not be joking

  • Does this game has cross-save? It would be awesome. It wouldnt mind me buying it twice if it had cross-save. Thanks

  • Was going to buy this on PC, but I will get any multiplatform game on Vita whenever possible. Thanks Bit.Trip!!! More people need to be like you and develop for this platform.

  • We certainly can xD I also got Saga, Complete and 4 of the downloadable ones.

  • @Dant Ranbo

    Yes! I loved Bit.Trip Beat for the Wii and wanted to play the other games, but kinda forgot about them after getting a bunch of games for my ps3. I would definitely re buy Beat and maybe the other games for my vita too if they came to it. I would like to buy Runner 2 for my vita so here’s hoping I have enough money when it comes out :)

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